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the shrink -pt1i couldnt sleep the night before. the shrink and its patient. its a very strange conection, always been , always will be. she said i was very edgy and full of more anxiety than usual and she simplified it; it was all cause “i had decided to open up to her more than i ever did before. even though i hadnt even realised that, yet”.she looked pretier than ever in her tight pants revealing a cute ass,and in a more smiling mood.most of the times i avoid to look at her face cause whenever i do i lose my concentration and i sounded like a broken record or an infant. it was so clear that she realised that and enjoyed it very much, many times i had caught myself trying unsucesfully to avoid eye contact, the follow up of the c***dish talk and her shiny eyes would usually check my hands that started to create shapes in ther air, far away from the table and any position of tranquility. that day was no exception.did i had to accept all that was cleary coming? after a few typical questions did she clearly showed more than enough, even for a young and inocent-something that i wasnt a long time now- or it was all because of the bad sleep i had the night before and my brain was fighting with me making my hands and feet sweaty and cold without any reason?so, we talked about your medication and all your health issues. is there something else that needs to be discussed?i tried to pin my line of sight directly in her eyes, but with such poor effort that i doubted if i was gona be strong that day and able to open up my true self to her.her silence was a good sign. i got her atention, eventhough i güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri havent spoken yet about my main issue, the only chapter in that days agenda.-i need to talk about something important. its not easy and it helps that i know you cant reproduce anything of these outside this office.-its about some dreams i have at nights,its hapening some time nowdreams? what kind of dreams? we have talked a lot about dreams the past months, and we said its nothing in them less normal than daylight life itself, or something unnatural to scare you or harm you.-i know, its not a nightmare, or a prophets talk,or anything to do with my past lives or just my youths bad experiences…its about… well now that i think of it again it sounds weird.-well, let it flow.-last night i saw you, in my dream. you know,…. as a woman.the table inbetween us was covering by thick material the revolution in my pants. now i have started, things could only get easier, thats what i told to myself, but i knew that wasnt true.- its not uncommon to for a patient to see his doctor in a erotic way. i guess the reason you saw me at your dream was that, that something was stuck in your head from the last time we met, 2 weeks ago. isnt that true?-i…i think words didnt come easy! what a fool i was, and the cool way she talked about it actually it made it harder for me to express what i only started to reveal.she took a cigarette and started looking for a lighter. never i had seen her to smoke infront of me. probably smoking infront of a patient was a sign of losing what she got, the perabet güvenilir mi upper hand, to the akwardness of the was me and who else?-im not so sure, im so bad in remembering details of any dreams of previous nights, maybe i should had taken notes. it helps when you have a lousy memory like me!-we have time!she scrathed her forehead, a sign that she was trying hard to look absolutely calm and normal.she was curious as a doctor but i was geting signals she was mostly a woman dying to get the whole story, and she would love to hear it even if she stayed another hour and had to cancel the 12 oclock apointment!-i remember a few things, that you were not wearing much cloths. your undies were almost covering a dolphin you hat on your left cheek..she jumped up and extinguished her cigarette in the asstray.- i know very well there is not a single pic of me on the tell me this john, jow the hell you know about a dolphin?i sounded sincere and i was. infact i never guessed that there was the tiniest chance all the things i saw in my fogy dream to be proven as reality.- i dont know, dont ask me that, i dont know.i only remember the sexual heat radiating from your flesh around the tatoo and geting inside my brain , like a junky under his dope, or like i was under a spell. and the yellow undies.for one moment i felt like you were at the beach, sunbathing, but thepieces are so deep inside a mist, sinking and sinking.-Melissa, tell everyone the scheduell will go back a little. and dont let anyone to break inside through this door or you are tipobet fired, and without being payed. is that clear?now john, tell me what else you remember,and how you learned about my tatoo?not from the beachm thats for sure cause i never swim naked.i felt sadly that what was suposed to be an erotic dream, was only going to be wet soon from the doctors sweat in the agony to solve the mystery of the dolphin.-s…sorry doctor but i opened my heart and private dreams here. what reaction is that? and how i even know that there is a dolhin on your ass, just cause you say so?she looked at me with almost an angry look. then she said really angry-alright, stop guessing and playing such c***dish games. is this the same dolphin you saw last night? i was only hoping to make my dick happy by hearing some hot comments on my dreams details and then to run at home and play with myself till i shoot a thick load for her.i was hoping to hear how brave of me it was to open up and talk about my sexuality to a hot girl that was a scientist and off limits.but this was more than what i had ever dreamed.-look at it.pls dont make me say it again, and i wont do it again for any reason, so this is your only chance.her pants were down on the floor, and i realised i always wanted to see that part of her body, every time she was walking, leading me into her office.i felt like a doctor, this time i had the upper hand.her eyes were looking at my much helpfull and sane would it be to pretend i hadnt seen what she already have noticed, and posibbly admired? and my eyes were just a meter from her half naked body.- i cant see any dolphin, unless you intend to slide the undies a bit so i can have a closer and more precise look.slowly my hands , as they couldnt resist the magnetism and her pure sexuall energy, found a place to rest.-let me check,i dont feel anything but some warm flesh.(TO BE CONTINUED)

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