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I will never forget the night in question; a day spent working in the garden had not only worked up a sweat but the seemingly endless number of hot young women passing by my house in the glorious sunshine had my hormones raging.My wife had left a few years before; her reasoning that work was more important than not only me but also our daughter Vanessa. Nessie, a pet name I had given her as a child that had followed her into blossoming womanhood, was a young woman who had always been a daddy’s girl and didn’t bat an eyelid when her mother had left. She had recently turned sixteen and was already well on the way to becoming a stunning young woman. With straight jet black hair, hazel eyes and a pout to her lips that would entice any man she was also filling out nicely in the body department, although a curvy size 14 she carried it well and I knew from our shopping trips that her bra size had changed again to a very healthy 36d.Shaking my head to discourage such thinking I made my way to the shower to scrub off the days grime and sweat, turning the spray to hot, I stripped and took the time to check myself out in the mirror. I am not the biggest guy in the world but my body was hard from days in the garden and the demanding job that kept a roof over our heads, my dark brown hair was showing the first touches of grey and my blue eyes showed little sign of my 35 years on this earth. My greying stubble though had me thinking that I would be having a shave in the shower.I stepped into the shower, enjoying the feeling of the hot spray istanbul travesti coarsing over my skin and taking with it the filth of my days work, I ducked my head under the spray and reached for the shampoo, squirting a huge dollop onto my hand before proceeding to run it through my hair, letting the suds run over my body. My hands were working the suds into my body as again my thoughts drifted to the firm young bodies that had been parading past my garden most of the day. My cock started growing to its full 7 inches as I lathered it up, slowly stroking as I imagined what some of those nubile young bodies would look like in all their naked glory, as I felt my balls start to tighten I was shocked to discover that my mind flashed an image of Nessie naked slowly stripping as I came in torrents into the spray. I was shaking as I tried to cast the image from my mind and finish my shower. Never before had such thoughts crossed my mind.That night Nessie came home from her day out and as usual dropped he bag in the lounge before plonking down on to the sofa and firing up the laptop.”Hey princess, how did your day go then,” I asked?”Was good dad,” she replied, “Emma and Steph brought me to watch that new horror movie and it scared the life clean out of me.”At that the earplugs went in and she was lost in her music and social networks that had been taking up most of her days off from school. With a chuckle to myself I fired up the telly and proceeded to lose myself in my own way of relaxation. Time passed istanbul travestileri and soon it was time for bed.”You want to finish that up princess,” I asked?”Sure thing dad, just finishing off this game,” she repliedIn a moment the laptop was switched off and she came over to give me her usual goodnight hug and kiss before heading up the stairs to her room. I locked up and made sure everything was switched off before making my way to my own room, I stripped to my shorts and was soon under the covers.Just as I was drifting off with thoughts of young women ready to invade my dreams a knock came to the door”Umm dad,” a timid looking Nessie said, “I’m kinda scared after that movie today, would it be ok if I stayed here tonight?”My first thought was to say no but then on reflection I thought to myself that although she was a beautiful young woman that she was also my daughter. Nothing would happen and I would help banish any thoughts of ghosts and monsters from her mind.”Sure princess,” I replied “Hop on in.”With that my little girl tiptoed across the floor in pyjama bottoms and a tight fitting t-shirt and jumped under the cover next to me.”Thanks dad your a star,” she said as she curled up under the covers, “G’nite.””G’nite princess,” I replied as I kissed her forehead and settled down myself to get some shuteye.The sound of her breathing shallowing and deepening beside me soon had relaxed and slipping off into dreamland myself. I don’t know how long we had been asleep when a moan disturbed travesti istanbul me enough to awake, still half asleep I looked over to make sure Nessie was still asleep when another small groan escaped her lips. Thinking she must be having a bad dream I was just about to wake her when I felt a hand sliding over my lap, a small hand seeking out the growing erection that was now starting to tent my shorts. My breath froze as the hand circled my hardening cock through my shorts, slowly feeling the outline as another groan escaped her lips.I didn’t know what to do, should I wake her and hope that she didn’t realise what she was doing? Or should I just lay still and hope that the dream would soon pass? With my mind in a dilemma I chose the latter, I steadied my breathing and lay back to enjoy the feeling of anothers hand on my cock. It had been a while since I had felt anothers touch and even though this was my daughter I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it.Her breathing shifted again and a small groan escaped her lips and I came fully awake as I realized what her other hand was doing. In that instant I knew that she was masturbating in her sleep! And it was my cock that was getting her off! By now I was so horny I couldn’t have stopped her even if I had wanted to. In fact my thoughts had turned to playing it out to see just how far this would go. Feigning sleep I let my left hand creep towards her body on my right, tensing for her to wake as my fingers first brushed her side. Hearing no change in her breathing I got a little braver and let my hand work over her tight t-shirt and got my first feel of her breast straining against the material, my thumb reaching the nub of her rockhard nipple pressing against the material.”Mmmmm,” she groaned in her sleep as she carried on stroking my cock and my thumb circled her nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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