The Shave Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Okay, this is nothing but sex. Not interested in character development? Here you go. Don’t care about the story? Not much here! All happened in the first episode.

If you haven’t read the first episode – go and do so. It’s hot. But I don’t think you won’t be able to follow along if you haven’t.

This is hard fucking, and a fair bit of it, and not much else. It also no longer has anything to do with shaving.

Chapter 2: Payment

I pulled out of her and stepped back, letting her drop her foot off the edge of the sink and turn around.

I pointed at the now full condom on my still-hard cock. “Change this.”

Breathing slightly faster than I was, she palmed a condom out of the cabinet above the sink without needing to look, dropped to her knees, pulled the old one off, licked me thoroughly clean without actually fellating me, and then primly rolled the new one on with her fingers.

I raised my eyebrows when she looked up at me from under hers, still on her knees, and hauled her to her feet. I grabbed the rope, pulled her wrists behind her and looped a couple of turns of rope about them. “Lead me to the bedroom,” I said, slapping her arse hard after palming the packet of Viagra out of the cabinet.

She squealed, neighed, did a prancing hop and trotted off down the corridor. I followed her, wondering if I would find a selection of whips in her bedroom.

I did find a four-poster steel bed with sturdy and very useful-looking scroll-work at both ends, and a long side-table. There were straps on each corner of the bed, and the side-table held more condoms, a long vibrator, a butt-plug and a strap-on and, yes, a riding crop and even a cat-o-nine-tails as well as two tubes of lube – one of them “warming”. I noticed all of them without comment – yet.

I unwrapped her wrists. “On the bed, on your back, hold onto the headboard and spread your legs,” I said.

She saucily did so, not hiding a grin, and as she settled herself into place said “Are you going to tie me to the bed, then?” There was far too much glee in her voice as she said that.

“No,” I said, without getting on the bed myself. “You are not allowed to move. That’s the only rule until I change it. You have to hold on and you can’t move your feet. This is called discipline.”

Her face changed, abruptly. “That’s not fair!”

“Tough,” I said easily. “That’s the rule – you can not move, or I stop. Now …” I picked up the strap-on from the table. “If you won the bet and got to fuck me – were you going to use this?”

She bit her lip. “Maybe?” she said, drawing the word out.

“Hmmm.” I picked up the butt-plug and dropped it next to her hips as I knelt on the mattress and knee-walked over to where she lay in the middle. I run my hands appreciatively over her hard legs and belly, then without warning flicked the ring through her clit, making her gasp and arch up. I looked quickly to her feet, in time to see her left leg spasm off the bed. I quickly withdrew my hand.

“What was the rule?” I asked, sternly.

“I’m not allowed to move,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Good!” I plunged two fingers inside her while looking at her feet. She was even wetter and the only resistance I encountered was from her tightness. She hissed, arched her back, but her legs went rigid and didn’t move.

“Good!” I said, approvingly. Then I pushed the butt-plug into her pussy, twisting it. She made a gurgling sound, jaw clenched and legs so rigid they nearly vibrated. I left the plug in and sat and watched her until she relaxed.

“You utter bastard,” she gasped out. “If you’re going to fuck my arse, at least stick the vibrator in me.”

“Oh, I’ve never seen the fascination with arses,” I said casually, pulling the plug out of her pussy with a popping sound, nearly catching her unawares. “But the opportunity here was too good to pass up. I just wanted to make sure this was lubed.”

The way she was lying made access to her arse difficult, but I managed to push the plug inside her. She squealed, nearly thrashed once but kept her ankles in place with a visible effort of will and lay with jaw clenched, breathing heavily through her nose and the tendons in her wrists nearly vibrating. I could barely see her knuckles in the lighting in the room, but they looked white.

I pulled myself up and threw my leg over her so I was straddling her without touching, my hands beside her shoulders and my feet either side of hers, my body in a straight line above her.

My cock, still hard and still dressed, was not quite touching her. I could tell, from the way she was trembling, that she was very conscious of this fact.

I jerked my hips a few times, making the latex-covered head of my cock bounce off her pierced clit. She stifled a gasp.

I moved up and down, trailing my head just over her lips a few times, slowly and lightly, until she was vibrating like a bowstring from the building demands of her body to move against me.

I stopped, Maltepe Sınırsız Escort with my head just at the base of her lips, kept it lightly there while I lowered my hips, and pushed into her just enough to start separating her.

Then I stopped.

I heard a groan she couldn’t stifle.

I stayed there, holding myself perfectly still, just the fleshy head of my cock parting her lips slightly, until she broke first and whimpered “Oh, fucking hell, just fuck me already!”

“You don’t sound very sincere,” I said with mock concern in my voice. “Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Fuck me!” She screamed. “Fucking fuck me! Stick your fat fucking cock so fucking far up I can suck your balls! Drill me harder than …”

I slammed into her so hard our hips met with a clap. I had spread enough of her moisture around her lips so there was no resistance except her hard clenching around me, and I had enough strength behind my hips to push straight through that.

Her eyes flew open and a guttural sound of pure lust came out of her mouth, but she didn’t move because her entire body went rigid.

I pulled out, until I was only just barely in her, and slammed back in again, bruisingly hard. She shuddered as I pulled out, and went rigid again as I slammed back in.

I did it again, pulling out slowly and then impaling her as fast as I could. Her mouth was open, only inarticulate grunts coming out of her every time our hips met violently.

I kept going, slowly out and hard in, as her eyes rolled up in her head and she began making pre-orgasmic grunts, until the first violent twitch of her entire body broke through her self-control.

I stopped right at her entrance, and stayed there again, not moving.

“Oh fuck, don’t fucking stop,” she said, her voice dripping tears of helpless, desperate need.

“What’s the one rule?” I asked sternly.

“Don’t move,” she groaned, almost crying for real.

“And yet you moved. How should I punish you?”

“FUCK ME HARDER!” she yelled, despairingly, too far gone in lust to dissemble.

“Okay,” I said, quietly. Her eyes flew open at that, half demanding and half suddenly worried.

“Wrap your legs around me and hold on,” I ordered.

Her thighs slammed into my waist and her ankles kicked me in the small of my back and she squeezed me so tight it hurt, but I didn’t say anything. I had always loved the silky, warm feeling of a woman’s inner thighs about my waist, and if she was going to squeeze me too hard, I would just find another way to punish her.

Without pulling out of her, I pulled each leg up until I was kneeling next to her ribcage, then I pushed my torso up until I could pull each leg forwards and get my feet on the bed.

Then I grabbed onto the tall iron frame at the head of the bed to brace myself and, relying on her to hold her clamped to me, I easily pushed up, lifting her hips off the bed until only her shoulders were supporting her, as she yelped in surprise and spasmed about me as her entire body held onto me even harder.

“Don’t let go,” I said evenly as she stared at me open-mouthed, before I used just my hips to pull as far out of her as I could in that position and slam violently back in again.

She gasped again, and I felt her legs as well as her cunt spasm, but she held on and didn’t move.

I drilled her again, and again. Then, confident of my balance, I took one hand off the headboard, reached down and sharply tweaked each pierced nipple. She shrieked and spasmed about me harder, beginning to move back. I didn’t remind her about the rule, this time.

By shifting my feet slightly, I could lean my head against the headboard top rail and take my other hand off. That went straight to the ring through her clit, seizing it and beginning a steady twisting action from side to side. Her hips jerked even harder and her cunt was clamped about me so hard it was an effort to push all the way through.

I kept her clit ring steady in one place as I twisted it, so the jerking of her hips jerked it every time. I kept steadily ramming into her, not pulling out slowly this time and not able to slam into her as hard as I had been while lying on her, but still with had, sharp slaps.

She began a long, low wailing “Ohhhhhhhh…” That slowly rose in pitch. She was unbelievably tight about my cock and the pressure inside me was excruciating but the position was too strange for me to cum, just yet.

Her cry rose steadily as I kept twisting her clit and alternated between hard, cruel tweaking of her nipples, one after the other.

When she came, her scream nearly hurt my ears. She spasmed so hard I thought she might rupture my cock, and jerked violently against me for what seemed like several full, long minutes before she went suddenly limp and fell off me, pulling off my cock with a wet, sucking sound as her legs flopped onto the bed. I let go of her clit just in time.

She lay looking stunned, breathing hard and with her eyes Maltepe Suriyeli Escort half-closed and only whites showing. I dropped back to my knees and slid up so my hips were just above her face, and lowered my shaved balls towards her mouth.

She began suckling them as if by instinct, still lost in the glow of orgasm, mouthing them but slowly waking up and sucking with more intent, pulling the other one into her mouth and suckling on it, rolling it around with her tongue and her lips, then opening wide and taking in both as her hand reached up to grab my shaft, pump it a few times than pull the condom off impatiently.

I was going to roll off her but she squeezed my cock harder, holding me in place, and pushed me away from her until she could get my head in her mouth.

She wrapped her finger and thumb around my base and used her other hand to hold her head up as she held me in place and pushed herself all the way over me until her lips met her fingers.

I was so hard, for so long, and so painfully sensitive after cumming once already that it only took her a few strokes, sucking hard enough for her cheeks to cave in every time she pulled back, to drive me right back to the edge again.

I shuddered, trying to hold it in. She dropped her head back to the bed, opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to tickle the underside of my head.

I looked down at her and she locked her eyes on mine as I jerked again and came, hard, sending spurt after milky-white spurt straight into her wide-open mouth. She didn’t let a drop miss and she didn’t let a drop escape.

When I had finished, shuddering to a stop, she closed her mouth, swallowed very deliberately, then opened again and sucked my head clean, using one hand to hold my balls so I couldn’t pull back as her lips and tongue roamed over my suddenly painfully sensitive head.

She licked her lips. “There’d better be more of that in there,” she said.

I pushed myself away from the bed frame, lifting one leg over her, and felt between her legs. A small patch of the sheet was sopping wet.

“There’d better be more in there,” I said. “You’re going to need it.”

She gave me a defiantly challenging look, then said “We’d better refill, then. There’s beer in the kitchen.”

She rolled onto her feet on the bed, stepped over me and walked naked out of the room, calmly snatching the packet of Viagra off the bedside table on the way past.

I followed her, my cock now hanging limply between my legs, and when I walked into the kitchen she handed me a cold bottle and a little blue pill, swallowing one herself.

“Pity we have to wait for that to take effect,” she said with mocking challenge in her voice.

For answer, I pushed her back against one of the benches and pushed two fingers straight into her, my thumb pressing into her clit. I put my other hand around her throat as she gasped, and squeezed just a little.

“Hands on the bench,” I said as she reached for my balls. “Don’t forget: I’m fucking you.”

She obeyed, with a pout that made me squeeze slightly harder as I began fucking her slowly with my fingers, not moving my thumb from her clit. She shivered, and then she gasped and twitched a little, then understanding dawned as her pussy and her clit began tingling and burning.

I forestalled any complaint by using my hand around her neck to lift her, my other hand encouraging her onto tiptoes. She was breathing through her mouth, her hands gripping the bench top, her hips trying to squirm away from my hand, which just made me fuck her harder. I started rubbing my thumb over her clit at the same time, which meant pushing her piercing up and down. She closed her eyes and whimpered, sensations warring on her face.

The movements of her hips became more demanding. I waited, watching her intently, until I felt the first violent jerking, then squeezed hard enough to cut off her air. Her eyes flew open and her mouth gaped wide for a second before her hips jumped against my hand as she came, and I let go completely.

She shuddered, collapsing into me hard enough to head-butt my shoulder, and she grabbed my arms to keep her up while my fingers were still inside her.

“You cunt,” she said shakily. “That was my warming lube. Ooh, fuck, that still burns! Fuuuuuck!”

She pressed her pussy into my leg, and felt the beginnings of another erection against her leg, which was probably caused more by her reactions than, yet, the drug.

She grabbed her beer bottle and was going to jam it either against or in her pussy when I seized her hand and stopped her.

“Oh no,” I said, mildly. “Only I get to say what goes in there.”

“Well fuck you, get harder already,” she said, raggedly, squirming and grinding her pussy hard into my upper thigh.

I didn’t need any further encouragement.

“I’m guessing you’ve got condoms in here somewhere, as well,” I said.

She reached up and began clawing at a cupboard.

“You really are Maltepe İranlı Escort insatiably dirty, aren’t you,” I said admiringly as I fished out an open box. “Go on, put one on.”

She didn’t drop to her knees this time, she just ripped the packet shakily but expertly open with her teeth and reached down to roll it down me.

She tried pushing it straight inside her, but I pulled out of her grip and pushed her firmly over towards the table, facing away from me. I pushed her down and she reached out to grab the other side, pushing her hips back at me.

I only realised at that moment that she hadn’t taken the butt plug out – it was still there, firmly planted inside her.

She was incredibly tight again, and moaned desperately as I pushed forwards. She bucked back at me, wriggling her arse against my belly when I reached my hilt.

She held on to the other side of the table and tried to push back at me, but I gripped her hips as hard as I could and took my sweet time slowly sliding in and out of her. Her cunt was gripping me so tight I thought she’d pull the condom off, but she was so wet there was no friction at all.

She was begging for it in a ragged voice when she suddenly came again, with almost no warning, jerking violently a couple of times.

When she slumped back onto the table again, she went right back to “Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me …”

I leaned forwards and grabbed her around her rib cage. She was so small and light I could pick her up easily, pull her back against my chest and use one arm around her to easily hold her against me while still buried hilt-deep inside her pussy.

She let out a deep, shuddering groan.

I turned and walked carefully back to the bedroom, idly playing with the ring through one nipple with the hand that wasn’t holding her up. She began moaning when I started twisting the metal gently, and gasped with every step I took.

There were a lot of steps before we got back to the bed.

I dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed, climbed on after her and flipped her over onto her back. She wrapped her legs around me with a surprising, sudden burst of strength and grabbed at me with her hands.

I pushed my arms down my sides, inside her legs, hooked my elbows around her knees and pushed them away from me.

She could have held on, but she relented, and I pushed back, folding her knees right back, her hips rotated sharply off the bed, giving me easy access to push inside her again.

I held myself just above her, my arms spread wide to hold her legs and holding me up with some difficulty, and began pounding her as hard as I could again.

Her desperate moans turned to gleeful, ecstatics shouts of “YES! YES! YES! YES!”

She used her own arms to hook inside her knees and pull her legs back even further than I was bending her. I don’t think I’ve ever before fucked anyone that flexible.

I shifted position slightly to give my arms a break, aware that sweat was dripping off my nose and I was breathing like a steam train.

“Not slowing down, are you?” she taunted. “I expect a lot more OH FUCK YES!”

I almost used my whole body weight to slam into her. It was like she was sucking me inside. Her head rolled backwards as she gasped out “Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder! Oh, fuck, fucking bruise me!”

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t already.

“You are fucking insatiable, aren’t you?” I managed to get out.


I was close to passing out from exertion, my cock numb from all the stimulation, when she seemed to convulse again, clenching around me harder than I thought possible in this position, and screamed “OH, DEAR GOD YESSSSS!”

It was enough to make me cum, in a violent spasm that almost hurt and left me collapsed on top of her.

“Oh, that’s better,” she said happily as I lay on top of her with my face burning.

I felt her hips shift as she unhooked her legs, and wrapped them around me again.

“I hope you’re not tired,” she breathed into my ear before slowly exploring it with her tongue. “I expect a lot more of that.”

“Does anything slow you down?” I managed to get out.

“Haven’t found it yet!”

“So the warming lube has worn off, then.”

I felt, rather than heard, the change in her expression before she said “Must have done,” a bit too casually.

“Right,” I said, beginning to roll sideways towards the table.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” She seized me between her legs, surprisingly strong for someone so small and slender, and her hands dived for my chest.

Unfortunately for her, my arms were in a better position and, although she was fast, slippery and surprisingly skilled, she didn’t have the strength to stop me pinning her arms with one hand before she could grab my nipple rings.

“Now,” I said eventually, when she had stopped, for a moment, trying to buck me off and was lying underneath me with both her wrists held above her head by one of my hands. “It seems I have found your weakness.”

I rolled off her just enough to get one hand to a nipple and tweak it cruelly.

She shrieked, then tried to twist out sideways. I let her go, because she wasn’t in a position to get her other leg out from underneath me, and then I seized the ring through her clitoris.

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