The Secret Life of Simon and Debbie

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There had been many times when I had tried to catch a glimpse of her naked, or even in her underwear, that is why I spent so at her house. She thought I was there to hang out with John, my cousin, and I am sure if she knew the real truth she would blow the proverbial gasket. The thing was that although she was my aunt I had always fantasized about her and, on many occasions, I had even lay on my bed stroking my cock dreaming of the things that I would like to do to her.

Deborah was her name but since I turned eighteen, two years earlier, she insisted that I dropped the word aunt and just called her Debbie. For someone that was forty-five, and had given birth to three children, her figure was stunning. She had 36D tits, I knew that because I had seen one of her bras in the wash basket once, and wore size fourteen clothes. Yet due to her height, and she was a couple of inches taller than my five feet nine, she had virtually no fat on her. Mind you that was probably because she spent at least three hours a day at the gym.

Sometimes I wondered how her and my mum could have been sisters, you would never believe it if you saw them together, they were total opposites. While Debbie did everything to keep herself in shape my mum did as little as possible. The two of them had been single since my dad and Debbie’s husband, my uncle, were killed in a car crash three years earlier and out of the two of them it was Debbie that was more likely to find someone else. I just hoped rather selfishly, that she didn’t.

I had decided to go around again, as mum was off on one, and had been for the last couple of hours, and I knew that Debbie wouldn’t mind. I think she liked to have the male company, since her two eldest lads had left home, and there was just her and her daughter, my cousin, living there. She was alone most of the days as her daughter worked in a bank and, because I worked nights, I would go round for the company and to get away from mum’s bad, everybody hates me, attitude. Besides when I was there she always used to find me little jobs to do because her sons were, as she put it, as much use as a handbrake on a canoe.

As I walked in, I never did knock, she called out to me from upstairs.

“Glad you have turned up I need help getting this bed out, a new one is due in a couple of hours.”

“Okay let me take my coat off and I’ll be up.” I called back.

Hanging my coat on the banister I went upstairs and saw that she had got the mattress out of the room, but was struggling with the base.

“Right then Debbie let’s get this thing out of here.”

“I’m glad you turned up I phoned my boys and they said they were too busy, as usual.”

“Nothing new there then.” I said laughing.

“I know I wish they were a quarter as helpful as you are.”

The bed was on old style one, with a big thick base, but eventually we managed to get it down the stairs and out the front door.

“Just leave it there I’ll get the council to come and fetch it sometime this week.”

We went back into the house and I sat on the sofa while Debbie went into the kitchen.

“Do you fancy a coffee or would you prefer a beer, you deserve one.”

“I best have coffee it’s too early for the other.” I replied.

“Go on have a beer one isn’t going to hurt.”

“Okay then just one and then, if you want, I’ll wait and help you with the new bed when it gets here.” I told her.

Debbie came back in the room with two beers, handed me mine, and sat on the chair opposite me. Glancing at her occasionally, making sure she didn’t catch me, I saw her t-shirt was sticking to her thanks to sweat brought on by the exertions of moving the bed. As she leant back in the leather armchair, and stretched, I noticed that her nipples were jutting through the thin material of her t-shirt, her dark areola clearly visible and I realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

After all the years that I had lusted for just a sight of her she was now sitting just six feet away from me, her nipples standing proudly, oblivious to the twitching of my cock in my trousers. Averting my eyes before my twitching became a full blown erection I took a large swig from my beer and looked out of the window.

“Do you know what time the new bed is supposed to be here?” I asked, trying to think of anything but her erect nipples.

“They said anytime between two and ataşehir escort bayan three o’clock.” She replied.

“So knowing the way delivery times work that could be between four and five then.” I laughed.

Debbie laughed with me and I turned back to look at her, taking another large mouthful from my beer. My eyes were instantly drawn to her tits and I was relieved to see that her nipples were no longer trying to break out of her top, although the dark outline was still clearly visible. We sat there quietly, neither of us knowing what to talk about, drinking our beer when Debbie switched on the TV.

“We might as well see what’s on to kill some time Simon.” She said to me.

“I suppose it will be nothing but chat shows that seems to be the daytime schedule nowadays.” I replied.

After flicking through and finding nothing she fancied Debbie switched the set off again.

“You were right as usual how about some music?”

I had never heard Debbie listen to music, and hadn’t got a clue what she liked, but thinking of her age I assumed that she would prefer music from the seventies, eighties and nineties. As Debbie turned the stereo on I was surprised to hear dance music come booming out of the speakers.

“Hope it’s not too loud for you.” She shouted making sure I could hear her.

“No it’s just about right I’m just surprised you like this type of music.”

“Why are you surprised should I like older music more suited to my age?” She replied, smiling, and giving a little wink.

“I guess I thought you would yes, that or soppy romantic stuff.”

“I hate romantic shit how can you dance to that?” She laughed and started to grind her body in time with the music.

I sat, transfixed, as my aunt moved better than a lot of the girls I saw out in the clubs at weekends. Her tits bounced freely underneath her t-shirt as she walked over to me.

“Get up then and show me what you’ve got.” She said dragging me off the sofa.

“I can’t move as well as you Debbie.” I laughed as I started to move my body awkwardly.

“Well I shall have to teach you then.”

Debbie continued to bounce around the front room like a demented teenager as I struggled to keep up with her. All the days she had spent at the gym had certainly helped her, as she seemed to be able to go on forever, while I was shattered after ten minutes.

“Come on don’t be a party pooper.” She shouted laughing her head before she turned around and wiggled her ass at me.

“You win I can’t keep up with you.” I told her and flopped back on to the sofa. “Besides I best save some energy for this bed if it ever gets here.”

“Good idea let me get us another beer.” Debbie said as she waltzed into the kitchen.

While Debbie was in the kitchen I heard the sound of a horn and, turning to look out of the window, saw that the delivery van was outside.

“Hey Debbie I think your new bed is here.” I called to her.

“They’re early what if I wasn’t here.” She called back.

I got off the sofa and went to the door as one of the men walked down the path with a clipboard in his hand.

“Hi we have a new bed for this address, a Mrs….” He started to say.

“Yes that’s right she is my aunt.” I interrupted.

The delivery man turned and nodded to his mate, who got out and opened the back. Helping them with the packages we had the bed on Debbie’s front lawn in ten minutes and, after signing for her, I started to bring everything in. Debbie went upstairs and, as I took the packages up to her, she started unpacking them. Once I had dragged the mattress to the top of the stairs I went into her room and saw Debbie on her knees, busy reading the instructions.

“Good job you stayed it would have took me all day to this alone.” She said.

“Come on then let’s get on with it soon have it done.”

The two of us started screwing bits together, occasionally falling over each other to get the next bit, and eventually we had finished. Standing back we both admired the finished article, a beautiful dark wood four poster bed, before Debbie went to the wardrobe and took out an armful of carrier bags.

“A new bed needs new bedding.” She said to me tipping the bags upside down.

“I suppose you’re right there but why such a big bed.”

“You never know what the future holds do you?” She escort kadıöy said.

Opening the packets we soon had sheets and pillows on the bed, there was just the duvet to do. Grabbing it between us we started to stuff it into the cover and shook it so it was all level. Debbie swung it onto the bed, half of it missing, and went to pull it off to try again. As she did I tried to grab it to level it and, not expecting her to pull it, fell onto bed as she did. Bursting out laughing Debbie looked at me.

“Hey that’s my bed I’m supposed to try it out first.” She said through her laughter.

“Well I can tell you it’s nice and soft.” I said getting up.

Trying again Debbie managed to get the duvet fairly straight and, as she reached over to smooth it down, I grabbed her arm and pulled her so she fell onto the bed.

“I told you it was soft.” I said bursting out laughing.

“You cheeky little sod.” She shouted at me as she picked up a pillow and swung it at my head.

“I see it’s going to be like that is it.” I responded picking up the other pillow and catching her on the side of the head.

As I connected Debbie jumped up fast and swung again, the force more than I was expecting, and I staggered back. I looked as she sat up laughing and pounced forward with the pillow in my hand, pinning her to the bed, and caught her once on either side of the head. I underestimated Debbie’s strength and she bucked her hips, flipping me off her before she jumped on top of me and pinned my arms to the bed.

Looking down at me Debbie let go of my arms, smiled and without warning, began to tickle me. I hadn’t been tickled for years and I started to thrash wildly, laughing, and trying to flip her off me. She clenched her thighs together, trying her hardest to stay on, but eventually she fell to the side. As she did her t-shirt rode up and I caught a glimpse of the curve of her tits as they poked out. My cock started to stiffen again and, letting my guard down for a second, Debbie pounced again. She raised the pillow above her head and, expecting it to come crashing down on my face I closed my eyes. However it wasn’t the pillow that I was expecting that I felt, but Debbie’s soft lips brushing against mine. I opened my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and saw the look of shock on her face.

“Sorry about that I don’t know what came over me.” She said starting to get off me.

Not thinking about it I wrapped my arms around the back of her neck and pulled her head back down to me.

“You don’t have to be sorry Debbie.” I told her and lightly kissed her lips back.

“We can’t you’re my sister’s son, my nephew.” She said but didn’t try to pull away.

“It’s okay Debbie no-one will ever know.” I told her pulling her close to me and holding her tight.

My cock was pressing against the fabric of my trousers as Debbie just lay on top of me. She must have been able to feel it but she didn’t say anything, she just held me tighter.

“I haven’t been with anyone since your uncle died and I just forgot who you were for a second.” She told me and started to sob gently in my arms.

“Debbie don’t worry I understand, maybe the beer and the laugh we have had is contributing to the way we are feeling.” I said quietly into her ear.

“What do you mean the way we are feeling?” She asked between sobs.

Instead of answering her I lifted her head and kissed her again, gently at first, on the lips. We both knew we shouldn’t but suddenly we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer. Our tongues were darting in and out of each other’s mouths, and we were grabbing at each other’s clothes. Debbie sat up and I eased her t-shirt over her head, finally freeing the tits that I had dreamed of, and wanked myself over, so many times when I had been alone in my room. Raising my head slightly, straining my neck, I flicked my tongue against her nipples causing them to stiffen instantly before I took each of them in my mouth in turn. Debbie sighed lightly as I nipped her gently with my teeth, before she pushed me back down onto the bed.

Easing her way down the bed Debbie gripped the waistband and slid my trousers and boxer shorts down together, my erect cock slapping against my skin as it was freed. Wrapping her long, slender fingers around my shaft she started to stroke me slowly, occasionally flicking her tongue over the maltepe escort end, making me twitch. I watched as my aunt wanked my cock expertly before she lowered her head and took my full length in her soft mouth, the warmth feeling so good on my cock. Debbie started to bob her head up and down occasionally stopping to run her tongue along the full length of me, before taking all of me right to the back of her throat.

As Debbie sucked my cock I ran my fingers through her soft hair and whispered her name. She almost took me to the point of no return more than once but, seeming to know, she always stopped just in time. Eventually she let my cock fall from her mouth, got off the bed, and slid her jeans and panties down over her hips. She stood in front of me totally naked, her pussy covered by a small amount of black hair, and I reached out to her. She took hold of my hand and I pulled her onto the bed. Debbie lay back, letting her legs hang over the edge, and I eased myself off the bed and knelt in between them.

Easing her legs apart I gently opened her pussy with my fingers and lowered my head, breathing in the smell from her pussy, before flicking my tongue against her. Debbie gasped and spread her legs even further apart as my tongue danced over her forbidden opening. She began to massage her tits as I finally pushed my tongue into her, tasting her already wet pussy, causing her to moan loudly. I worked my tongue around her, flicking at her clit, desperate for her to cum and fill my mouth with her sweet juices.

Her body started to buck wildly as she started to orgasm and, wrapping her legs tightly behind my neck, she ground her pussy against my probing tongue. My tongue worked faster against her and she screamed out, grabbing my hair as she did, and I felt her juices running into my mouth. I continued to lap at her greedily, struggling to breathe as she held me even tighter, as more of her sweetness ran over my tongue.

“Fuck me Simon let me feel your cock inside me please.” She begged breathlessly.

I stopped licking and sucking at her pussy and lifted her legs onto the bed before climbing on top of her. Debbie ripped my top over my head as I held myself above her, my cock pointing directly at her soaking pussy. I gently lowered my body down onto her as my cock nuzzled against her pussy, sliding easily into her wetness.

Debbie pushed her tongue into my mouth as she wrapped her legs around my back, holding me against her. I began to move rhythmically against her, my cock going in and out of her pussy, Debbie moaning loudly with each thrust as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body.

“Fuck me hard Simon fill my pussy with your cum.” She screamed.

“I’m not going to be long Debbie.” I told her as I fucked her pussy harder and deeper with each thrust.

“That doesn’t matter just fill my aching pussy for me please.”

I held back as long as I could but, with a final thrust, I felt cum explode from the end of my cock deep into Debbie’s pussy. My cock twitched violently as jets of my hot fluid pumped into her, Debbie screaming in ecstasy with each twitch, until I was completely drained.

Collapsing on top of her, sweat pouring off both of our bodies, we just lay there in each other’s arms. I could feel Debbie’s heart pounding against my chest and I rolled off her slowly, my cock now softening, and lay next to her.

Debbie turned to look at me, tears welling in her eyes again, and smiled.

“I’m sorry Simon I should never have let you do that.” She told me as a single tear fell from her eye and rolled down her cheek.

“It’s okay Debbie I was just as guilty as you I could have said no.” I told her pulling her closer to me.

We lay entwined in each other’s arms, Debbie still sobbing gently, as I held her tight. Unsure what to say I lay quietly and it was Debbie who finally broke the silence.

“I think you better go Sadie will be home soon and I don’t want anyone to catch us like this.” She told me.

Sadie was my cousin and Debbie was right, if she found out there would be hell to play. She had made no secret of the fact that she wanted to have sex with me, more than once, and I had to tell her that being related meant we could never go there yet here I was lying in her mother’s new bed naked.

“Okay I will then but are you going to be alright?” I asked her.

“I’ll be fine come round at about eight she is going out tonight and we can talk about what happens next.”

“What do you mean what happens next?” I asked unsure what she was trying to tell me.

“Just be here at eight Simon.” She said kissing me passionately on the lips.

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