The Secret Life of Artists

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Older woman and younger man, both in the arts, and use their creativity in a most erotic form of foreplay and sex. Hope you enjoy!

Breakfast on the deck that overlooked my backyard was my favorite time of day. After moving to Florida twenty years ago, I never tired of the outdoors and year round outdoor living. Family and friends still couldn’t believe I’d ever leave Pennsylvania.

I couldn’t go on with my life there without my husband. He was only thirty and we had plans. A lot of life to finish yet. After his death I just could not stay and wallow in those constant memories.

The coffee steamed in the morning air, and I pulled my robe tighter around my nude body. I didn’t mind it cool because I knew heat was coming. Leaves were wet from the fog, and the beads of water on the banana leaves glittered under the rising sun. The scent of jasmine was heavy in the damp morning air. That there was no breeze was rare as we usually had constant coastal breezes. We will enjoy them later though, once the day heats up.

I had created a little oasis of my backyard. Neighbors surrounded me, but I had designed it that I had total privacy without using fencing. The foliage was thick enough to obscure their view, yet they enjoyed my tropical border on their side.

Gaudy bright painted buntings gorged themselves on the feeders and I never tired of watching them. Mockingbirds were the morning vocal entertainment.

I didn’t want to take up too much of my haven with a large pool, so I opted for a small aqua glass tiled pool. Big enough for exercising and afternoon cool offs. I loved water exercises and kept in shape playing tennis and occasional rounds of golf with some neighborhood women. Yoga after breakfast always started my day.

The sun was warm on my skin after the coolness of the fog. I pinned my hair up and rolled out my yoga mat to began my series of poses. I loved the freedom of no clothes when I was outdoors.

Dragging a trailer full of my belongings from Pennsylvania to Florida was a huge step of independence for me. It became easier as I found the perfect house and location for my art studio. The workmen had it gutted and rebuilt more quickly than I thought, so I didn’t have long in the local motel.

The entire length of the side of my house was glass and housed my art studio. The private entrance allowed me to have shows and private buyers in without invading my private space.

They argued that this house configuration would not be best for resale value, but since I intended to live my life here, I really didn’t care. I had decided early in life to be childfree, so I had no concerns about grown children arguing over their inheritance.

After a quick shower, I slipped into my favorite painting outfit. Bib overalls and nothing. I loved the freedom and no constriction of clothing when I painted as well. Granted, the bib over my 36C knockers and side open to below my waist left little to the imagination, there was no one here anyhow. I kept them on a hook by my studio door so I could get ready to paint at my whim.

I’d started working with large, five foot by five foot canvases, but they were fairly difficult for me to stretch. Holding the canvas taut and stapling proved to be a challenge, but I did get a few done ahead.

The paint flowed with my brain and it seemed like only a few minutes and I was losing my daylight, when it fact it’d been hours. I did a few stretches and went to the kitchen to feed my starving self. The knock on the door came at the same time my brain registered I still had my overalls on. Too late because the full view door hides nothing. I peeked and it was my neighbors son. Fortunately he’s plenty old enough that I don’t have to worry about being the neighborhood perv.

Nonchalantly I opened the door, trying not to lean either way so the bib covering my tits wouldn’t move.

“Hey Mike! Long time no see, how’s college,” I asked, motioning for him to come in.

I’m not sure how he could talk because once he spotted the open side of my overalls, he couldn’t take it his eyes off. “Great Mrs M! I’m home on break.”

“Nice. I was just making a sandwich, would you like one?” I was contemplating whether I should act as though I’m fully dressed and continue on, or to run and really get dressed. Which at this point seemed a little silly.

“Sure,” he mumbled, still pretty well locked on to the side of my bib. I’m sure he was willing the straps to break.

“So,” I said trying to divert his attention, “what brings you by?”

“Huh? OH! Yes, well you know I’m wanting to be a photographer and I know you’re an artist and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on breaking into the arts.”

He’s finally regained his composure and helped me take drinks and food out to the deck. I carefully sat down, trying to watch so the bib didn’t gape open. Mission accomplished. Although he still had a full view of my side boob nearly to the nipple.

“First thing I’d say, is believe in yourself because Escort Küçükköy you are going to have to market yourself.” We went on to discuss various ways he could start his photography business.

“Your yard is like a tropical island,” he said.

“Thanks! I put a lot of work into it, but it was all worth it.”

“Do you paint outdoors ever?”

“I have, but mostly use my studio. I don’t like to drag all my supplies out plus a big canvas. And the wind….”

“Yeah yeah, I can see that.”

“Hey one of these days before you go back to school, would you like to help me stretch some canvas? They’re so big it’s tough for me to get them tight.”

“Sure! Anytime! Just let me know. I’m not working this break. I want to get as much shooting in as I can. I’m looking for some studio space to rent. Would you know of anything available?”

“I don’t, sorry,” I said sincerely, then thought… .should I or shouldn’t I? Without giving myself time to answer I said, “But my art studio is huge and can be divided off by a wall partition. If that’d be something you’d be interested in?”

He had a handsome face, adult but with a youthful charm. Overgrown thick brown hair and chocolate brown eyes gave him that boyish look. I was tall so he must be a little less than six foot. I wouldn’t mind having this eye candy around for awhile, I thought.

“I think that might work but can I see the space?”

I led him through the house into the studio space. “This partition pulls closed so you can have complete privacy. Unfortunately the windows have no covering so you’ll just have natural light. Maybe that won’t work for you.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem really. If I need darkness to shoot I can do it after sunset. If that’d be okay with you.”

“Sure. I’ll give you a key to the studio so you can come and go as you like.”

“Wow, that’d be great! I really appreciate this. I’ll be able to really get some stuff done for my portfolio.” This is going to work out great, I thought. The company will be nice for me.

In came some lighting and a few pieces of furniture the next day while I was painting. Once I got into my zen thing, I didn’t notice much.

He peeked around the corner and said quietly, “Knock knock.”

“C’mon in! I’m not one of those kind of arteeests,” I said exaggerating it. I noticed that he was distracted by my bib overalls again. “I hope seeing this old lady like this isn’t a problem,” I said smiling and indicating my attire.

“OLD?” He laughed. “Hardly old!” He smiled. “You are hot for your age and I don’t even consider your age. If it doesn’t bother you that you might arouse me,” he said, blushing. “I’m more than good with it.”

“I’m 51 and if I can arouse someone your age, I’m thrilled,” I said laughing. “So that’s that. I shall continue to paint comfortably, and you can look all you want. How’s that?!”

“YEP!” And with permission, he made a show of looking right into my overalls and we both laughed.

He went back to his studio and I continued to paint. Him telling me that I aroused me was a bit of a turn on for me as well. He’d come back around the wall again.

“By the way, I was planning on doing some nudes for my portfolio, would that bother you if I brought models in?”

I laughed. “I haven’t for awhile, but often had models in to pose nude. So no, I’m quite alright with it.” I could tell he was getting more used to my attire, but caught him glancing down to take a peek. He grinned at getting caught and disappeared into his studio. Yes, I think I’m going to enjoy his company, I thought.

The next morning he showed up with coffee. “You know I’m now yours forever,” I said laughing. “Coffee is the they key to my heart!”

“So now I know the secret!” We laughed. “Hey I was wondering if you had an hour or two today sometime to help me. I want to set up the lighting in the studio and need a model.”

“Sure, I have nothing pressing. Just say the word.” I was ready to paint but didn’t have my zen on yet.


He had his studio nicely laid out with furniture in each corner with a specific shot in mind. One corner was a navy wing back chair, which I suspect would be for portraits. Another corner had various height stools, for family shots. The center held a single bed frame with the two mattresses. There were a number of drop down backgrounds that hung from the ceiling behind and a stack of fabric on the floor to cover the bed.

“Looking good, Mike! Very professional!”

“Thank you. Means a lot,” he said blushing.

“Okay where do you want me.”

“How about the chair first.” He went about adjusting lights and taking some test shots. Checking them out on his laptop he was able to adjust the light heads immediately. “You’re very photogenic,” he said quietly.

“Really? I hadn’t thought that of myself.” He smiled warmly. I felt myself relaxing. Until then not realizing I was tense.

“Okay, can you move to one of the stools? They’ll Mecidiyeköy escort be moved by the size of the family but I can at last get my lighting close.”

I did and moved to the various heights of stools until he was satisfied. The only thing left was the bed so I moved over to that, waiting to see if he was going to use a background or cover.

He spread out black velvet. He swallowed hard and said, “Could you lie down?” I laid on my side with my head propped on my hand.

“Like this?” It was then I realized the bib on my overalls had slipped a bit to the side and Mike now had an unobstructed view of one plump breast. I also realized the rise on the front of his shorts. I chose to ignore it all and gave no indication I noticed his tantalizing erection. I was older than him but not dead, I thought to myself, almost laughing out loud.

“Yes, that’s perfect.” I knew it would be.

He took quite a number of shots, adjusting me as well as backdrops and various lighting. “I hope you’re not getting tired,” he said.

“Not at all,” I said. “I know you want to shoot nudes here. Would it be better if I was nude so you could set everything up the way you want.”

His eyes nearly bugged out, but he quickly replied, “That would be perfect! If you don’t mind that is!”

I stood up, slid the straps off my shoulder and let my paint spattered overalls puddle around my feet, and laid back on the bed.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Uh yeah. Sure,” his voice gravelly. “You’re really beautiful Mrs M.”

“Since I’m naked and you’re hard, why don’t you call me Cassandra or anything close?” I smiled.

“Cassie?” I nodded and smiled.

He began arranging things in earnest now that he had a live model. Luscious red silk pillows appeared. “Could you hold them in front of you.” I did with a teasing smile, a couple of blasts of light when the studio lights fired. I moved a bit more provocatively. They fired off again.

“Is this what you want?” I asked.

“Yeah! Don’t stop. You look so sexy, Cassie,” his voice low.

“Mmmmm, thank you,” I purred seductively.

I had fun with it. I came up with poses that were kittenish and pretty mild, but as I got into it, more raunchy. He started giving me some encouragement and direction.

“Oh yeah, that’s so fucking sexy, Cassie, keep going….. Arch your back a little… Yes!…. Flip your hair over your breasts… Oh my god yes that’s beautiful…. Shoulder back… Yessssss your breasts are so hot… so big… your nipples look like chocolate kisses.” I tweaked them harder and longer and heard his moan. “Yesss I want to get some close ups… squeeze those big breasts together…. yeah yeah that’s it.”

I pressed them together, perfect for titty fucking because they were the perfect size for a hot cock to slide through. I was got myself so turned on I couldn’t quit touching my body.

All I wanted to do was put my hand between my legs, rub my dripping pussy and cum. He leaned over the bed adjusting the cover and his bulging hard on was right in front of me. I wanted to grab him, pull him down and ride him to a screaming orgasm. The camera kept clicking and the lights flashed constantly. I could hear his hard breathing as he worked, as he got more turned on too.

He cleared his throat. “I was thinking it will be dark soon and we could wait a little and shoot with the studio dark and hot lights.”

‘That’s a great idea. I’m going to go get us something to drink.” When I stood up I didn’t know if I should put my overalls back on, which seemed silly, or just go nude. I opted for the latter.

I brought some raspberry lemonade I’d made fresh this morning. What Mike didn’t know was that I downed a large glass of wine in the kitchen. Just to relax I thought, then laughed to myself. Right.

He was gone when I got back and I noticed on his return he no longer had an erection. Whether he took care of himself or not, I couldn’t guess. Interesting fantasy though.

We talked a bit while the sun went down and the studio went shadowy. He changed the bed cover from black velvet to midnight blue velvet with a matching background. This time it surrounded three sides of the bed, almost a cocoon. Very intimate. I was feeling pretty mellow with the swiftly consumed glass of wine.

“What do you want me to do? How far can I go?”

He blinked and took a moment. “As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing you can do that would be too much. I know I’ve gotten some great shots of you and I’m learning a lot. I won’t stifle either one of us. It seems we have a pretty good thing going,” he said, smiling.

And I don’t want to take it too far this early, I thought. I’m not even sure where I’m going with this thing. He’s to young for me. Certainly I’m too old for him to be interested.

The rest of the shoot went pretty much the same. I didn’t push any unspecified boundaries and he didn’t encourage. Maybe I need someone my own age to play with. It had been ages Merter escort bayan since I’d been out with anyone. Mainly because no one ever quite clicks with me.

I was up early, had breakfast and was in the studio painting early. I lost a day of painting yesterday and I had an upcoming show I had to prepare for. My creativity takes a dive if I’m pressured or stressed.

I heard Mike in his studio for a brief time today but that was it. The heat was pretty intense yesterday in his studio. It was best that we had a cool down time. Probably more me that needed a cool down time.

I got into my zen painting mode and the day flew by.

I was up early for tennis. My regular partner had pulled a muscle and was out of commission for a bit, so I was glad she was back.

“So tell me about this new boarder!”

I loved Jeannie, but she doesn’t listen. “I didn’t say he was living with me, just using part of my studio. He’s a photography student and needs to work on his portfolio. Not like I can’t spare the space,” I said. I only used the complete space when I had gallery showings.

“So he’s young eh,” she mused.

“Yeah, he is. College student,” I replied, ignoring her insinuations. “He’s not interested in an old lady like me.”

“Yeah, you old. You can run rings around thirty-somethings and I’d put your body up against twenty-somethings any day. You’ve taken care of yourself, Cass, and it’s obvious.” And with that she proceeded to whip my ass in tennis.

“Mike, when you get some time can you help me stretch some more of these large canvases?” We’d both been busy on our own projects and hadn’t talked in awhile.

“Absolutely! How about now?”

I’d showered and changed into my painting overalls after tennis, so I was ready. “Sure thing.”

The stretcher bars were prepared since I had them special made for the size. I rolled the canvas out across the floor. I noticed Mike looking at my heavy swaying breasts as I bent over to unroll the canvas. The loose fitting bib easily gaped each time I’d move. I’ll admit, I liked his attentions and probably took more time bending over to adjust than needed. I hoped he was tantalized by the show.

He stood looking down at the canvas. “So how do you do it, cover yourself in paint and roll around?” he asked, laughing at his funny.

“I haven’t but it has been done,” I said, amused when he was surprised how right he was.

“Wow,” he mumbled, obviously contemplating that. “But you haven’t done it yourself?”

“Nope. Never. Do you want to try it?” I asked. He looked up surprised and I thought he’d turn me down flat.

“Yeah, I think I would.”

“I have non toxic paints and you’ll have to be naked of course. I’ll apply the paint and direct your movements.”

“Okay! Sounds like fun!” In a flash he was naked, his dick unashamedly at attention. “Seeing you like that does it to me.” He shrugged. I smiled and enjoyed his enticing show.

Vivid color paints filled trays and pots. I added a roller or brush to each. “This paint will eventually dry on your skin but will be easy to wash off. It’s non toxic, so no worries.” I had to take a moment to decide the how’s and try to ignore the temptation of his hard cock waving in my face. “I think the best way will be for me to paint you and you can lay on the canvas. From there I’ll direct your movements. Does that work for you?” He nodded eagerly.

I stood in front of him with a roller of royal blue and a brush loaded with yellow. “Ready?!” He grinned and nodded and I started stroking and rolling the paint on, starting with his chest and arms. The lower I worked the heavier his breathing and I knew the brushes were like light caresses on his skin. The action of the roller on his skin was even more arousing.

I knelt before him, his cock literally throbbing in front of me. I rolled the fronts of his legs starting at the top of his feet and working up. His thighs were well muscled and I stroked various colors using muscle structure. I contemplated how much to cover but as I got to the top of his thighs, I ran the small roller lightly down his rock hard cock. He gasped, but didn’t flinch.

“You okay?” I asked, knowing.

“Oh yeah.”

“I think you should just carefully lay face down on the canvas and I’ll guide your body. Sort of like you’re a paint brush I guess,” I laughed.

I thought I heard a soft moan when I dabbed paint on his balls with the soft brush. They would be touching the canvas, so I had to do it, I thought. Right?

He lay spread eagle, already bits of paint smeared on the white canvas. I was loving what was happening already. I started moving his arms. I held the back of his thighs and slid his legs in the paint.

“Okay now can you just squirm your body around to move the paint on the canvas?” He did and it looked fantastic already. Surprisingly so. He rolled a bit and rocked his pelvis into the canvas while the muscles in his delicious ass squeezed hard. It was my turn to catch my breath.

I had him roll on his side to apply more paint. He propped his head on his hand watching. He moaned a little louder when I started stroking on the paint near his cock.

“You know this is really erotic,” he said quietly.

“I noticed. And that’s just fine I think. Do you?” I loved exciting him.

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