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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
the new kid

Chapter 35

“He”s so little,” Aidan said as he held his baby brother for the first time. He and Jaden were finally allowed to see their mom and the new babies and they were nervous, but excited.

“Oh mom, you did good,” Jaden said gazing down at his little sister.

Yes, Mrs. Reynolds had done it again, but this time the twins were not identical, and they were blessed with both a boy and a girl.

“Hey,” I helped,” Mr. Reynolds said proudly.

“Yeah, dad, way to go. Now you guys won”t be lonely when me and A go off to college.”

“We”ll still miss our boys,” Mrs. Reynolds said looking sad.

“Aww…mom, it”s not like you won”t ever see us, we”ll come back to visit every chance we get, right A?”

“Of course, and bring our BF”s,” he giggled, “plus we”ll be coming back to see these cuties, “he said swapping bundles of joy with his brother.

“Christine and Christopher, perfect names, mom and dad. Just don”t call both of em” Chris or there might be a lot of confusion,” he chuckled.

“I”m thinking Chrissy, and Chris,” Mr. Reynolds said, that should avoid any confusion.

“They look a lot alike, but I think Christopher looks more like dad, and Christine looks more like mom. I guess that makes sense,” Jaden said looking thoughtful, “Oh man, this is so cool. I can”t wait to post their pics on FaceBook.”

“Well, I guess it”s okay while they”re still little, but I don”t want them exposed to the public once they get older. There are too many weirdos out there looking for kids to exploit,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Yeah, sure, we got it dad. But let”s face it, it”s not like the twins are a secret. It was all over the local news last night, but they did a good job of reporting it.”

“Yes, I saw it,” Mrs. Reynolds said smiling, “our babies are famous even before they leave the hospital.”

“Well, we should let you get some rest dear,” Mr. Reynolds said ringing for the nurse.

“Oh, I”m not that tired. Let me have my babies,” she said reaching out her arms, then cuddling them on each side of her, she sighed contentedly, “what a wonderful gift God has given us,” she said tearfully.

“Yeah, mom…they”re the best present any family could ever get,” Aidan said kissing his mom on the forehead, “get some rest mom. We”ll have everything ready when you come home tomorrow with the twins. Man, I can”t wait to get these two cuties home.”

“You might not say that a few days from now after they keep everyone up all night,” Mr. Reynolds warned, “Newborns are a handful. That”s why I”m taking off a couple weeks to help your mom. Fortunately our company has maternity benefits for husbands as well as wives.”

“That”s cool dad, and we”ll help,” Jaden offered, giving his dad a side armed hug, “Congrats dad. Way to go,” he chuckled.

After kissing the twins goodbye, the boys left their parents to visit and enjoy their new siblings, and headed out to the waiting area. Jeremy and Dee were there, and when they saw the two they jumped up and greeted them.

“Well, are they as cute as you guys?” Dee teased.

“Cuter,” Jaden assured her, “Tomorrow you guys can come to the house and see for yourselves.”

“Yeah, they”re something all right,” Aidan said proudly, as if he”d had something to do with their being born, “I”m just sorry mom and dad waited so long to have more kids, we”ll be going away to college soon and we”ll miss out on watching them grow up.”

“They”ll still need their big bros,” Jeremy assured them, “and you can come visit them and maybe even have them visit you guys when you have places of your own.”

“Yeah, well…we”re ready to go if you guys are. Thanks again for the ride. I know dad wants to be with mom as much as possible.”

“Hey, no problem. So you guys are gonna be home alone for a while tonight?” Dee said raising and eyebrow.

“No, our friends are invited to join us, think you guys can make it?” Jaden said looking mischievous. “Jason is bringing Zak and Jimmy over later, but him and Tommy are spending the night at Tommy”s house.  And who knows where Isaac and Greg are? They go out almost every night.”

“Well, we could stay for a while,” Jeremy said looking at Dee, but Dee has to be home by 11.”

“Then come on over. We can order pizza and have some fun,” Aidan said grinning, “I”m sure you two can find some place to get some alone time.”

“Thanks bro, you guys are the best,” Jeremy said opening the car door for Dee.

At the twins” house Jeremy called his folks to tell them where he”d be, and Dee called her mom. Everything was set, and when Jimmy and Zak arrived around 6 they ordered pizza then sat around watching a movie while they waited for it..

They ate pizza and drank sodas while they finished watching the movie, then shut off the TV and just sat around listening to music and talking.

“I can”t believe your mom had twins again,” Dee chuckled, “Let me see the pics you took of them again.”

“Hold on, let me get my tablet and I can upload the pics and we can see them better.”

After Aidan had the pics uploaded he passed the tablet around and everyone oohed and ahed as they viewed the pictures of the newest members of the Reynolds clan.

“They”re so small,” Zak said wrinkling up his nose, “Are you guys gonna help change diapers and stuff,” he asked making a face.

“Sure, why not? We”ll help mom anyway we can,” Aidan assured  him, “Well, I will anyway, I can”t speak for J.”

“Well, I might do the pee pee diapers, but not the poopy ones. A can have those,” he chuckled.

“Thanks, well there will be more pee pee ones than poopy ones I guess.”

“I”m available to babysit anytime they need me,” Dee volunteered, “I love babies. I can”t wait to have one of my own.”

“Oooo, hear that Jeremy?” Jaden teaseed.

“We”ve discussed it,” Jeremy said calmly, “and if we stay together and get married we both want to have at least two kids.”

“I hope you guys do, cause you will have some really pretty babies,” Zak said, then blushed.

“Why thank you Zak, that”s sweet,” Dee said leaning in and kissing his cheek.

“Too bad Zak and Aidan can”t have kids, think how cute they”d be?” Jaden teased.

“Well, we might,” Zak said, then quickly added, “I mean we might adopt or something…if we stay together I mean.”

“I hope we”ll always be together,” Aidan said sincerely.

“You guys were made for each other,” Jeremy observed, “In fact I think all of us in this room have found our other half. Right Jimmy?” 

“Yeah,” Jimmy said. He hadn”t said much since he”d arrived, but lately that wasn”t  anything unusual. Jimmy was often quiet and reserved these days, he had a lot on his mind, but he wasn”t sure how to address the issues with Jaden quite yet.

“We”ve passed the bully test, and the girl test, so yeah…I think we can last,” Jaden said pulling Jimmy against him and kissing him on the lips.

“Oh, wow…get a room?” Aidan teased.

“Later maybe,” Jaden said, wiggling his eyebrows comically.

Dee and Jeremy were looking at each other with starry eyes and Aidan chuckled, “Or maybe it”s Dee and Jeremy who need to get a room. Why don”t you two go check out our room. We”ve made a few changes since you were last here.”

“Oh, well…we might,” Jeremy said grinning.

“Yes, and I want to see the nursery too,” Dee said, standing and taking Jeremy”s hand.

When they were gone Jaden looked at Aidan and smiled, “Wonder which bed they”ll use.”

“Doesn”t matter, they”ll keep it neat,” Aidan chuckled.

“Seeing those two pawing at each other has made me a little horny,” Jaden said leaning in to kiss Jimmy again, and pretty soon Aidan and Zak were kissing as well.

Upstairs, Jeremy and Dee headed to the twin”s room after checking out the nursery. Of course Dee was more interested in the nursery, but Jeremy had to admit it was pretty cool to think about having kids some day.

“Mmm…I love you so much,” Jeremy said once they were inside and the door closed, “Let me show you just how much,” he said as he began kissing her deeply. Then moving down, he nuzzled her neck before finally tugging at her shirt, and as she lifted her arms he removed it and tossed it on the bed.

She returned the favor and soon the two stood topless in the middle of the room. Without speaking they began to undress each other and when they were down to their underwear, Jeremy guided her to the nearest bed, and as luck turned out it was Jaden”s bed they finally lay down on. 

The underwear came off next, then the kissing and rubbing together turned serious. Soon Jeremy was between Dee”s legs, licking and kissing her girl parts as she moaned and gasped, achieving several orgasms at his talented mouth.

“My turn,” she gasped as she pulled Jeremy up and kissed him, then pushing him down beside her she began to kiss and lick her way down from his neck to the sparse wiry pubic hair just above his hard cock.

Even as many times as Dee had seen it, and tasted it, and felt it inside her, she was still impressed by the size and hardness of Jeremy”s cock. She loved his scent, and his taste, and she wasted no time going down on him. Jeremy moaned lowly as he stared down at the beautiful girl bringing him such pleasure, and his heart was filled with such love for her. No one had ever made him feel so loved, so needed, or so good as this little shorty.

“Mmmm…lick my nuts honey,” he moaned, and Dee was happy to comply. This was another part of Jeremy that she loved and worshiped. Those two perfectly symmetrical orbs that held her future children. She couldn”t wait to make a baby with this stud of a man, and the birth of the twins had only confirmed her desire to be a mother.

“Oh yeah, like that. You want to take it in your mouth, or do you want me inside you? I have a condom in my pocket.”

“Inside me,” she said sliding off the bed and retrieving the condom. Expertly she rolled it onto Jeremy”s slick pole, then straddled him and lowered her slim body, impaling herself on his hardness.

“Oh, yessss,” he hissed, “You feel so good baby girl,” Jeremy cooed as he reached for her.

Dee threw her head back and panted as she bounced up and down on Jeremy”s hard cock, and orgasmed again just from the pressure of his hardness against her clit. 

“Oh, oh, oh,” she cried out, “Baby I love you so much. I can”t wait till we can lose these condoms and I can feel you inside me for real.”

“Me too baby, but for now this is the next best thing. Ummm…yeah, like that,” he said taking her slender waist in his hands and guiding her up and down, literally lifting her and driving her down on his erection. “OH, OH, OH…here it goesssssss,” he moaned as he began to fire off a three day load.

When Jeremy was finally spent he pulled Dee down to him and kissed her wetly for a long time. His cock never went soft the whole time they were kissing, and when Dee finally freed herself from it, she pulled off the condom and went down on him again.

“OH, yeah…I guess I can…ummm, you really know how to make me feel good,” he gasped.

Dee worked her magic on Jeremy”s cock, and didn”t give up until she got a taste of his exotic boy juice. There wasn”t much this time, but what was there was sweet and delicious, and Dee gobbled it down greedily before licking him clean and laying down beside him.

“Hmmm….that was good baby,” Jeremy purred, “when I”ve rested I”ll give you another orgasm or two.”

“I”m fine sweety, I came twice while you were making love to me. You”re such a stud,” she said patting him gently, “Until I met you I never knew what it meant to be a woman, or how good a man could make me feel. I just, I love you so much,” she said as tears stung her eyes.

“Back at ya” babe. You rock my world,” Jeremy said pulling her close and nuzzling the side of her face.

They lay there snuggling for a long time, but eventually they got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little, then got dressed. When they returned to the living room the lights were out and the two couples were laying around naked looking sated and happy.

“Oops, want us to come back?” Jeremy chuckled.

“Naw, we”re done. I”m exhausted in fact,” Jaden said, “Jimmy was a tiger tonight.”

“Rorrrr,” Jimmy growled, “it”s easy to get worked up when your BF is a complete and total stud, not to mention a rock star.”

“Takes a stud to know one,” Jaden said leaning in to kiss Jimmy.

“Anyone besides me hungry after all that?” Zak asked looking around at the others.

“Yeah, I”m starved. Pizza”s all gone, but I bet we can find something to eat,” Aidan said hopping up and finding his shorts and slipping them on, not bothering with underwear.

The others followed his lead, and soon the four underwear clad boys, and Dee and Jeremy, who were fully dressed, were foraging for snacks in the kitchen. Zak found a package of deli turkey and one of ham, and started making sandwiches for everyone while Aidan dragged out a couple bags of chips and some cookies. Meanwhile Jaden and Jeremy were passing out drinks to everyone, and soon they had their snack in hand and were back in the family room in front of the huge flat screen TV there.

Eventually the boys got dressed, and just in time, for Mr. Reynolds arrived soon after. He took one look at the group and smiled.

“How was mom and the babies?” Aidan asked jumping up to greet him.

“Your mom slept some, but she was sort of hyper, so I stayed till she was tired enough to sleep soundly. The last time I saw the twins they were being spoiled by two of the nursery workers,” he chuckled.

“Great dad. You look tired,” Jaden observed.

“I am, but it”s a good tired. Well, you kids have fun, I”m going to take a quick shower and hit the hay. We”ll be picking your mother and the twins up around 10 tomorrow.”

“Night dad, we were just heading up ourselves.”

“We really need to go,” Jeremy said, “Dee has to be home by 11. Congratulations on the twins Mr. Reynolds,” Jeremy said offering his fist to bump, “Way to go,” he added grinning, man to man.

“Thanks son,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“I told the twins, anytime you need a sitter let me know. I love babies,” Dee said giving Mr. Reynolds a quick hug.

“That sounds great, I know we can trust you, and at some point we are going to want to get away from the little monsters,” he teased.

“Dad!” Aidan scolded, “they”re just babies, not monsters.”

“I was referring to you two,” he laughed, “but seriously, thanks for the offer. I”m sure we will be taking you up on it at some point. Once the new wears off of them.”

Mr. Reynolds went on up after everyone wished him a goodnight, and around ten thirty Jeremy and Dee excused themselves, and after hugs all around they left for Dee”s house. 

“This was nice,” Aidan said cuddling up to Zak after everyone else was gone, “it”s been a while since we had this much privacy. I”m glad Dee and Jeremy got some alone time. I know it”s tough on them sometimes.”

“Yeah, did you see the grin on Jeremy”s face,” Jaden laughed, “I bet he hit that thing twice.”

“From the sounds coming from our room, I”d say you were right,” Aidan said grinning, “but of course we were making some sounds of our own.”

“Yeah, just like old times,” Jimmy said, but somehow the words came out flat and lifeless, as if they held no real conviction.

“Wait till later,” Jaden said, not picking up on Jimmy”s tone, “Little boy, I”m gonna take your love and I”m gonna wear it out, ” he sang, giggling all the while

“Oh boy!” Jimmy said, sounding more enthusiastic than he did before, “Sounds like fun.”

“I don”t know about you guys, but I”m ready to put it to bed,” Aidan said yawning.

“Yeah, me too,” Zak said catching Aidan”s contagious yawn.

“Okay, we”ll be up in a minute,” Jaden said pulling Jimmy into him.

Aidan wondered what was up with Jimmy, and if Jaden was going to talk to him about his recent behavior. 

“Come on Zak, let”s take a quick shower before we head to bed.”

When the two were gone Jaden looked at Jimmy and thought about how to best begin. He loved Jimmy a lot, but lately he hadn”t seemed like his old self, and Jaden was worried. Was it something he”d done?  he wondered, or was there a problem at home. It wasn”t even anything specific he could put his finger on, he just knew Jimmy wasn”t his usual self, and he hoped he could find out why, and help him through it.

“Hey Jimmy,” Jaden said rubbing Jimmy”s leg affectionately, “I wanted to talk to you before we joined the others.”

“Oh, uh…okay, what about?”

“Well,” Jaden sighed, “It seems like lately something has been bothering you. You just don”t seem the same as before. It”s not just me that”s noticed either, everyone”s been asking me what”s up with you, but I don”t have a clue babe. I”m not picking at you, I just worry about you and I want to help if I can. All of us do.”

“I”m fine,” Jimmy insisted, “Everything is fine. I didn”t know I was acting any different.”

“It”s nothing too obvious, but because we”re so close I”ve noticed that you don”t seem quite the same as before. istanbul travesti I love you and worry about you, and if there”s anything I can do to help…”

Jimmy sighed, “I don”t know, it”s just that lately I”ve begun to wonder why you would want to be with someone like me. I feel like I”m just hanging on to you and that I might be dragging you down. I”m not talented, and I don”t have anything to offer you, not like Zak, he”s so smart and so cute, not to mention talented, and he”s part of the band now…”

So that was what was bothering him. Was he jealous of Zak, or was he just feeling insecure? Well, Jaden knew what to do about that.

“Jimmy,” Jaden said taking his hand, “I love you for who you are. You may not be musically talented, but you”re smart, and funny, and fun to be with, and as far as cute, Jimmy you are a real fox.”

“But, you could do so much better. Look at all those cute boys who scream your name at every concert.”

Jaden laughed, “Jimmy, do you know what I”m thinking as those boys are going crazy out there? I”m thinking I can”t wait to get back to you and show you how much you mean to me.”

“Seriously? You”re never tempted to…you know, get with one of them?”

“At first, maybe a little. I”ll be honest. It”s very flattering to know someone likes you that way, but I”m not willing to give up what I have with you for a few minutes of fun. The truth is, I”ve changed a lot since I met you. It used to be just about getting my jollies, and I didn”t want any commitment. Then I met you, and eventually I fell in love with you, and well, the rest is history. So, you don”t ever have to worry about me fooling around with those other boys. I think we both learned a lesson when you got with that girl. It took almost falling apart to find out we belonged together, and I”m not going to let you go ever again. I hope you feel the same way too, cause if you ever decided you didn”t want to be with me, well…that would be the saddest day of my life.”

“Really?” Jimmy said perking up.

Tears stung both their eyes, and when Jaden pulled Jimmy into a hug he began quietly sobbing.

“Shhhh…it”s okay. I love you and I”m not going anywhere,” Jaden cooed.

“I…I love you too. I just didn”t want to…to hold you back,” Jimmy sniffed.

“Hold me back? You”re what keeps me going. No matter what I have to go through out there on stage or in the recording studio, I know I have you when I get home, and that”s about the best feeling in the world.”

“Thanks, I love you so much,” Jimmy sniffed.

“I love you too, forever and always.”

“Forever is a long time,” Jimmy said grinning as he wiped tears from his eyes, “but I can live with that if you can.”

“Definitely, now let”s go to bed and I”ll show you just how much I love you,” he said suggestively.

“Yeah, I like that idea.”


The new twins and Mrs. Reynolds came home the next day, and when they walked in the front door Mrs. Reynolds was surprised to see a big banner across the living room wall that said, Welcome Home Mom, Chris, and Chrissy.

“Oh, you boys have been busy,” she laughed, “that”s so nice. Thank you guys,” she said giving each of them a peck on the cheek. 

The boys followed their mom and dad upstairs to the nursery where they deposited the twins in identical cribs, the same cribs that had once held Jaden and Aidan.

“Are these really the same cribs we slept in?” Jaden asked, looking them over.

“Yes, I carefully packed them away, hoping that someday we might need them again, and well…that day has come,” Mr. Reynolds said happily, “They were quality pieces of furniture and they have held up well, even to the abuse you two put them through,” he added laughing.

“Well, they didn”t really sleep in them that long,” Mrs. Reynolds reminded him, “Once Jaden figured out how to climb out he taught Aidan and we moved them to day beds.”

“Ha, even as a baby I was the leader,” Jaden teased, poking Aidan playfully.

“Yes, and that was only the beginning,” Mrs. Reynolds chuckled, “but look at you now, two responsible young men who have turned out to be decent and loving persons.”

“Yeah, well…you helped us get there, mom and dad,” Aidan said smiling, “no kid ever had parents as cool as you and dad, and Chris and Chrissy are two lucky kids.”

“Thank you son,” Mr. Reynolds said snaking an arm around both boys” shoulders, “Despite being a bit mischievous when you were younger, you were never bad kids, and it has been a pleasure watching you grow up. We will miss your antics around here when you move on, but we will always be there for you, no matter what.”

“Awww…dad, you”re making us cry,” Jaden sniffled, “Ease up on the mushy stuff, okay?” he laughed.

“Why don”t you boys go on downstairs and your dad and I will try to get the twins down for a nap? I could use one myself,”  their mom said looking tired.

“Sure mom, and don”t worry about dinner, we got that covered,” Aidan said looking at his brother and father and winking.

“Oh, what are you up to?” she wondered.

“You”ll see, enjoy your nap, and don”t worry if the twins wake up, we”ll see if we can keep them happy till you wake up.”

Instead of going downstairs the two boys went to their room which was just next door, and connected by the bathroom they would eventually share with the new twins. Closing the door behind him, Jaden went over to his bed and sat down. Aidan noticed his somber mood and sat down beside him and put an arm around him.

“Hey bro, what”s up?”

Jaden knew it was useless to deny his feelings, for being as close as they were, they could literally feel each others emotions.

“Well, I was just thinking, about our lives, growing up here, all the fun we had, and I”m not sure I”m ready for all that to end.”

“Well, we still have a year till we graduate, and if we change our minds about going away to college, we can go to the Community college here or something.”

“You”d do that, just for me?”

Aidan smiled and bumped heads with his twin, “Bro, I would follow you to the ends of the Earth and back, you should know that by now.”

“Well, like you said, we have some time to figure things out. I just feel like…well, like we”re being replaced by this year”s newer, improved models.”

Aidan laughed, “Mom and dad aren”t replacing us. They just have so much love to share that it wouldn”t be fair to waste all of it. I mean we knew they wanted another kid all along, they just wanted to make sure our future was secure first, and now that we have all that money banked for college the timing is perfect.” 

“I know, and I”m gonna love those two squirts as much as they do. I”m just being silly, but after having that talk with Jimmy and finding out how insecure he was, I guess I been looking at my relationships with everyone a lot differently. Bro, have I ever told you just how much you mean to me?” Jaden said tearing up.

“Well, sure…lots of times,” Aidan said soothingly.

“No, I mean have I ever really just bared my soul and told you that you mean more to me than life itself? If I ever lost you, I”d go nuts. When you had that brain tumor, I nearly lost it a couple of times. I was so worried. That was the worst time ever for me.”

“Wasn”t too good for me either,” Aidan chuckled, “but I understand what you mean. I would have gone nuts if it had been you.”

“I mean I know we say we”ll always be close and stuff,” Jaden continued,  “but what if you decide you want to move to Timbuktu and I”m stuck here?

“First of all, I”d never go anywhere with a stupid name like that,” he chuckled, trying to alleviate some of Jaden”s concerns, “but if I did, you”d better be packed and ready to go when I am.”

Jaden sniffed, “But what about Zak, and Jimmy for that matter? Our lives include them now. What if they ever decide we shouldn”t be so close?”

“They won”t. Zak loves you like a brother, and I”m sure Jimmy feels the same way about me. What”s really going on here Jaden? I”ve never seen you act this way?”

“I don”t know. I can”t explain it. I think maybe life is catching up with me, and I think maybe it”s going too fast.”

“Actually that makes perfect sense to me, but to someone else it might sound like a riddle,” Aidan giggled.

“Yeah, I figured if anyone could understand it would be you.”

“Life is getting more complicated, but as long as we have each other and our friends, we”ll be fine. Now, come on, we have some preparing to do before the others arrive.”


When Mrs. Reynolds had recovered from her nap and the twins were fed, her  husband suggested she might want to take a bubble bath and soak. “I”ll watch the twins dear, just enjoy your bath, and when you”re done why don”t you put on the pretty blue dress I bought you, the one that can be adjusted to fit?”

“Oh, are we expecting company?” she asked grinning.

“Well, maybe,” he tittered, “don”t want to spoil the boys” surprise.”

“All right, I”ll go take a bubble bath then. And if there was to be company, what time should I be ready?”

“Oh, you have lots of time dear, enjoy your bubble bath.”

Around six, just as Mrs. Reynolds was finishing dressing she heard the doorbell and she smiled. Then hearing the clumping of running feet up the stairs she opened the door to her bedroom just in time to see Aidan headed her way.

“Mom, can you come downstairs? We need your help with something.”

“Oh, okay,” she said going along with the ruse.

At first she”d begun to think she had misunderstood what was going on, but when they finally reached the family room suddenly a mob of people appeared from the kitchen and shouted Congratulations.

She looked around and was delighted to see all the boys from the band, Jimmy, Jason, Greg, and Dee, as well as all the parents, except Henry who was still in California, but who had sent a nice gift and a card.

For the first time she noticed the food laid out on the counters buffet style, and she understood what the boys had said about not worrying about dinner.

“Oh, sweetheart, the twins are so precious,” Dee”s mom said giving Mrs. Reynolds a hug, “makes me wish I had another one, but I guess I”ll just have to wait for Jeremy and Dee to give me a grandchild,” she added chuckling.

“Not anytime soon, I hope,” Mrs. Wilson said grinning, “at least not until the wedding.”

“Moms!” Dee said including both women, “I haven”t even graduated high school, this isn”t the 50″s, women can have careers these days,” she scolded playfully, “But I have to admit, just one look at these little cuties has made me anxious.”

“Plenty of time for that,” Mr. Wilson said, “those are some fine looking babies though,” he chuckled.

Everyone was in agreement that the twins were about the cutest babies anyone had ever seen, and after dinner they were passed around and spoiled rotten all evening. Zak and Jason”s mom was more subdued than the others, but it was obvious from the look in her eyes that she wouldn”t have minded having a cute baby of her own to love.

Mel kept watching her with a smile on his face, and he wondered if the time was right to bring up having a child of their own. He loved the boys with all his heart, but they were growing up fast, and it would be nice to have someone to carry on the family legacy.

Besides the ton of food the guests provided (enough for several days), they had brought gifts as well, stuffed animals, diapers, and other things newborns might need or enjoy. The get-together was a complete success, but Mrs. Reynolds grew tired after a while and the twins needed feeding, so she excused herself to take care of them, and the others took the hint and finally decided to call it a night.

When everyone was gone Jaden and Aidan helped their father clean up the mess and put away the leftover food as they talked.

“Boys, I can”t tell you how happy you made your mother by inviting our friends over. She was feeling a little blue despite having two new babies to love, and this really perked her up.”

“It was nothing dad, all the kids were begging to see the babies, and so we just decided why not include the parents? And get some free food out of the deal,” Jaden chuckled.

“Well, it was very creative and exactly what your mom needed. Well, if you boys can finish this up I”m going to go check on the new mother and see how things are going.”

“Sure dad, we got this,” Aidan said grabbing some Tuperware out of the cabinet. Go change a diaper or something,” he teased.

“You know, this might sound ridiculous, but changing a baby”s diaper is sort of an honor for me.”

“How”s that dad?” Jaden said, expecting his father to turn his words into a joke.

“Well, here you have this little person, so small and so perfect, but almost helpless and dependent upon someone for everything, and to be that person is sort of an honor. It”s very humbling, and it creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. I remember changing both you boys, and when one went the other went,” he chuckled, “number two, too…It was like you coordinated it.”

“I probably led the way,” Jaden laughed, “Okay, A, lets make some stink.”

Aidan joined him and they had a good laugh  about that as his dad finally turned to go upstairs. “Oh boys…thank you so much for being such good kids. You”re a real blessing,” he said, his voice choked with emotion, then he was gone, leaving the two boys to stare after him and deal with their own emotions.


The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and a year flew by. The boys had cut one more CD of all new songs, and though it hadn”t been quite the hit that there second CD  had been, it did well both in CD sales and digital sales. At the boys” insistence there was no tour this time, and eventually they became a studio band, making only the occasional appearance, just to keep their name in front of the public.

Isaac and Greg graduated and went off to college, and instead of replacing Isaac in the band, the boys worked around him, further evolving their style and music. None of the boys expected the band to last more than another year at best, since everyone would be going off to college, each of them understanding that a good education was necessary to succeed no matter what career they chose.

With the money from the CD sales and tours, both of the twins now sported new matching white Mustang convertibles. Their parents were concerned at first about the boys having sports cars, but at least they hadn”t opted for the 5.0 model, and even though the insurance was expensive, the boys gladly paid their share when their dad had added them to the family policy.

Jason still drove the car Zak had bought him, and Zak bought himself a Mini Cooper, which everyone thought was very cool. Jimmy was the only one without wheels, and though Jaden had offered to buy him a car, he had refused, saying that he already felt bad enough about not contributing anything to the relationship and Jaden didn”t press him.

Jaden worried about what would happen when it was time to go off to college. Jimmy”s folks didn”t have enough money to pay full tuition at any good college, and his only option at present was to work part time, live at home, and go to the local community college. 

Jaden fretted over the problem for a while before finally approaching Jimmy about it, and he chose his words carefully when he finally spoke to him.

“Hi babe,” he said giving Jimmy a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek as he slid into the front seat of Jaden”s Mustang. 

The car still had that new car smell, and Jaden babied the car and kept it spotlessly clean, inside and outside. Music played through the powerful stereo system, but Jaden had the volume low so they could talk as they drove away. They were headed out to dinner and then a movie, just the two of them, and both were looking forward to the evening.

“I”m surprised Aidan and Zak didn”t beg to go along,” Jimmy chuckled.

Jaden shrugged, “I guess they have plans of their own,” he said, but the truth was he had planned this evening with just the two on purpose.

Instead of fast food, Jaden drove them to a nice Mexican restaurant, and as they waited to be seated Jimmy looked around and whistled, “Wow, nice place. It looks expensive.”

Uh oh, Jaden thought, here we go again. “Oh, its not that expensive, but its really good food. My mom and dad come here a lot, or at least they used to before the twins came along,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess they don”t go out much now, do they?”

“Well, they still do occasionally. Dee babysits sometimes, and of course me and A watch the brats for free,” he added the last with a grin, “but we don”t mind. They”re gonna be just as wild as we were, I tell ya”. And believe it or not, Chrissy seems to be the one in charge.”

“I guess that”s true with most mixed couples, the girl always leads the way.”

“Reynolds!” a girl in a black vest, white shirt, and a black skirt called to them. She was smiling flirtatiously, but her looks and charm were lost on the boys.

“That”s us,” Jaden said taking Jimmy”s hand unashamedly.

The waitress seemed unphased by their show of affection, and was pleasant as she showed them to their table. Once seated she took their drink orders and promised to return with chips, salsa, and queso. 

“It smells good in here,” Jimmy said looking around, “and it”s busy. It must be good.”

The waitress returned then with their drinks and the appetizer and then rushed off, promising to return to take their kadıköy travesti order.

“What”s good?” Jimmy asked looking at the menu.

“I like the sampler, but the fajitas are good too. Why don”t we order the fajitas to share and then something else to go with it?”

“Oh, okay, the enchilada plate looks good,” Jimmy said looking up.

“Yeah, they are…I think I”ll get the taco platter, we can share the tacos too. There are too many for one person.”

When the waitress returned, Jaden rattled off the order, and the waitress rushed off with their order, leaving the two to enjoy their chips and dips. 

“Mmmm…these chips are really good. Fresh and crunchy.”

“Yeah, they make their own, in fact they make everything here. Nothing is frozen or packaged.”

“This is nice,” Jimmy said, “thanks for suggesting this.”

“You”re welcome babe. Its nice to have a night out with just us two for a change.”

“Yeah, well…it won”t be long till you”ll be going off to college and I guess all that will end,” Jimmy sighed.

Since Jimmy had opened the can of worms first, Jaden decided to continue along that line.

“You know, I been wanting to talk to you about that.”

“Yeah, well…I understand if you want to break up and find someone else once you get there,” Jimmy said dropping his eyes to the table.

“Jimmy, look at me,”  Jaden said softly, “I don”t want anyone else. What I want is you there with me, wherever I go.”

“I can”t afford to go to college, and I”m not letting you pay for it,” he insisted.

“Who says you can”t afford it? What if you got a student loan or something? Your grades are good, and the fact that your folks can”t afford to pay for college makes it easier to get a student loan.”

“I guess I could talk to the school counselor about it,” he conceded.

“Yeah, I bet he can tell you exactly what you need to do,” Jaden said perking up. What Jimmy didn”t know was that once he and Jimmy finished college he planned on marrying the boy, and then the student loan would become their student loan, and he would pay it off all at once.

“Good, cause I don”t want to leave town without you. Aidan has Zak, and I need my Jimmy with me,” he said smiling.

Jimmy managed a smile, “No promises, but I”ll try.”

Suddenly a thought hit Jaden that caused him to frown. What if Jimmy didn”t want to be with him? What if he was trying to force things and it wasn”t what Jimmy wanted at all?

“Jimmy, you”re not having second thoughts about us are you?”

“What? Why would you ask that?” Jimmy said looking confused.

“I mean I just assumed that you wanted to be with me as much as I want to be with you, but maybe I”m trying too hard or something.”

“No, it”s not that,” Jimmy sighed, “I just want to contribute to the relationship and not be a mooch. I want us to be equal, that”s all.”

“We are, the money is for both of us. Why can”t you just let me take care of you?” Jaden said, but as soon as the words left his mouth he knew they were all wrong.

“Because I”m not a pet you can keep around and take care of. I want to make my own way and do my share. That”s the only way this thing will work. If you can”t understand that, then maybe we don”t belong together.”

“I”m sorry, I didn”t mean…”

They were interrupted by the waitress then who had a large tray filled with hot plates of food. She gave them an apologetic look when she realized she had interrupted something important, and quickly placed the food on the table and left.

When she was gone Jaden situated his plate and toyed with his food before speaking.

“Let”s just enjoy our dinner and we”ll discuss this later, okay?”

“Yeah, fine,” Jimmy said. Despite being upset he was hungry and the food smelled great.

Lifting the lid of the container that held the tortillas Jaden handed one to Jimmy and took one for himself. After loading it up with sauteed beef, and onions, and peppers, then dousing it with salsa, he rolled it up and took a bite.

“Mmmm…so good,” Jaden said, “try one.”

The food seemed to soothe Jimmy”s hurt feelings and soon the two were laughing and having a good time, despite the fact that they knew that later there would be some serious discussion taking place.

Later in the car, Jaden retracted the top and they drove around with the radio blasting as they collected their thoughts. Jaden had no particular destination in mind, but when they got close to the river he decided to park in one of the lots there and continue their talk.

“This is nice, “Jaden said as they sat there watching the joggers go by and enjoying the cool night air.

“Yeah, nice,” Jimmy muttered, “sorry if I sounded bitchy earlier.”

“You didn”t. I know I said the wrong thing back there in the restaurant, but I”m just so afraid of losing you and I want to do everything I can to prevent that.”

Jimmy sighed, “I don”t want to lose you either, and we”ll figure out some way to make it work. I”ll see about that student loan on Monday. If that doesn”t work then I”ll figure out something else.”

“You know, there”s one thing that you might consider, I mean if you can”t get a regular student loan.”

“What”s that?” Jimmy said, afraid to hear the answer.

“Borrow the money from me at zero interest, then when you”re done with school and have a good job you can pay it back slowly.”

“I don”t know, that sounds almost like you giving me the money, cause I know you”d never expect me to pay it back.”

“If we”re married by then, then there would be no need to pay it back. A married couple doesn”t have separate money. Everything is shared equally.”

“So then we”re right back to me not doing my share,” Jimmy huffed.

“How do you figure that? When we”re married, if we”re married, we”ll pool our resources and pay the bills and we”ll both be doing our part.”

“You”re confusing me,” Jimmy laughed, “IF we get married, I don”t want to start out by getting a free ride. No, if I can”t get a student loan then I”ll have to think of something else.”

Jaden sighed, “Okay, but I bet you can qualify for the loan, and then we”ll have nothing else to worry about.”

“Yeah, hopefully.”

“Now, how about we put the top up, lock up the car, and go for a walk?”

“Sounds good,” Jimmy said perking up, “I need to walk off some of that food, which by the way, was delicious.”

“Yeah, me too. I don”t wanna get fat,” Jaden laughed.

“Not much chance of that,” Jimmy chuckled, “I”m the one who was a fat pig when you met me.”

“I never really thought of you that way, not even when we were enemies,” Jaden said as they headed out to the jogging trail, “I think even then I was attracted to you on some level that I can”t explain.”

“Why do you think I was always torturing you?” Jimmy laughed, “It was just a way of getting your attention, even though it was negative attention, it was something.”

“We were both misunderstood back then I guess,” Jaden said reaching for Jimmy”s hand and taking it in his. 

There were very few joggers that late at night, and those they encountered didn”t seem put off by two teenage boys strolling hand in hand in the moonlight.

“I”m sorry if I”m…difficult sometimes,” Jimmy said, feeling the need to apologize once again.

“Hey, I can be pretty difficult too, but the important thing is…that we can talk things out and share our feelings. I don”t want to run your life babe, I just want to be part of it…a big part of it.”

“I know, and I love you for trying so hard. You”re right about one thing, we do need to stay together when we graduate and I”ve been thinking about that. Even if I don”t get the student loan I could move to the same town as the University and maybe get a job there, and we could share an apartment or something.”

“That”s a good backup plan, but I hope we can figure out some way to get you into school with me. That”s what I really want to happen.”

They walked on a couple more miles, and soon the conversation turned to more pleasant things and by the time they got back to the car the unpleasantness of earlier was forgotten.

On Monday Jimmy made an appointment to talk with the student counselor the next day. He had talked to his folks about his decision to seek a student loan and they agreed to co-sign the loan if needed. Jimmy knew his folks didn”t really have the money to repay a loan, nor was their credit that good, but he was pleased that they were behind him on this.

On Tuesday Jimmy met with the counselor at 3:30 and they went over his grades and his SAT scores, and she seemed to think that Jimmy might have a chance at a scholarship. She agreed to do some research and get back with him in a few days, and when Jimmy left he was ecstatic.

“A scholarship?” Jaden said grinning, “Yeah, I never thought of that. Your grades are good and you”re certainly deserving.”

“Yeah, well…even if I don”t qualify for a full scholarship, there are a lot of partial ones, and if I get one of those I could work part time to supplement it.”

“When will you know something?” Dee asked from the other side of the lunch table.

“Mrs. Stewart said she would let me know by Friday.”

“Great, we”re all rooting for you,” Jeremy said, “We just gotta keep the gang together. Everyone else is all set, we just need to get you hooked up.”

The others were aware of Jimmy”s objections to having Jaden pay for his education, and privately Jeremy had offered to loan him the money himself, but Jimmy had politely refused him as well. Dee knew it was a sore subject for him, but she didn”t completely understand his objection since she had accepted Jeremy”s offer to pay for her tuition. She was sure she and Jeremy would be married as soon as they graduated college and then what was his would be hers, and what was hers would be his.

On Friday Jimmy was paged to Mrs. Stewart”s office during second period class and he was on pins and needles as he made his way there. Surely she wouldn”t pull him out of class to give him bad news, he reasoned, but then maybe this was the only time she had to talk to him.

“Sit down Jimmy,” the petite red-haired woman said smiling warmly, “I won”t keep you waiting any longer. I have some very good news for you. I have found a grant for you that won”t even have to be paid back. It”s actually through a local business and they are always looking for deserving students like yourself. The grant will pay tuition, room and board, and there is even a modest sum for food and other necessities. If you can find a part time job to supplement it, I think you will do just fine.”

“I…I can”t believe it,” Jimmy said near tears, “Thank you so much, you have no idea how important this is to me. My boyfriend will be going off to college next year and I was so afraid I”d be left behind.”

“Oh, do I know your boyfriend?” Mrs. Stewart teased. Everyone on the faculty knew of the twins and their other halves.

“Uh, I think so…Jaden Reynolds,” Jimmy said looking confused.

“I knew that, I was teasing,” Mrs. Stewart said, “Well, now you won”t have to worry. I assume you two are planning on sharing an apartment there.”

“Yes, so that will help with the living expenses. I”m so excited. What do I have to do?”

“I have some forms for you to fill out, some will require your parents” signatures, but they shouldn”t take long to complete. When you have them completed just drop them off at my office and I”ll see that they get to the proper place. Now, do you have any more questions for me?” she said folding her hands on the desk and giving him a warm smile.

“No ma”am, thank you again. You can”t believe how happy you have made me, and Jaden for that matter,” he chuckled.

“Well, helping young men like yourself achieve their goals is what makes this job so worthwhile for me, but you did most of the work. Your grades, and your attitude and desire to learn are what earned you the scholarship.”

“I”ll do my best. I won”t let you down,” he said offering his hand. 

Mrs. Stewart took his hand then placed her other hand atop their entwined hands and patted them, “Good luck James, I”m sure you will make everyone proud. Now, you had better get back to class,” she said pulling her hand away and standing.

She walked Jimmy to the door and once again he thanked her and returned to class. A few of his classmates gave him a curious look, but from the look on his face it was obvious he had been given good news, and not bad.

At lunch Jimmy decided to play a joke on Jaden and the others. They were already seated when he walked in, and he quickly grabbed a tray and went through the line before joining them. Trying to keep a somber look on his face, he sat down heavily and sighed dramatically.

Jaden gave him a questioning look and waited, but when he didn”t speak after a few minutes, Jaden decided to start things rolling.

“Um, I heard them page you to Mrs. Stewart”s office this morning, any news?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy mumbled, his head down as he stared at his lunch.

“What did she say?” Jaden asked softly.”

“Well, not much really,” Jimmy said, suppressing a grin, “Except that…well, she found this…um, grant and it will pay for my tuition and housing and stuff…and I don”t even have to pay it back,” he added looking up and grinning widely.

“You dog, you were teasing us,” Jaden said clapping Jimmy on the back, “So it”s a done deal then?”

“I just have to fill out the paper work, but Mrs. Stewart says I”ve already been approved.”

“Oh Jimmy, that”s wonderful,” Dee said hopping up to hug his neck and kiss his cheek, “Now we can keep the whole gang together. Isaac and Greg are already there, and they can show us the ropes when we get there.”

“Yeah, maybe we can even keep the group together,” Aidan said looking thoughtful,  “I mean we could perform locally for college events and stuff, maybe even do a live CD.”

Jaden laughed, “I”m up for it if the others are.”

“Yeah, that would be cool,” Zak said enthusiastically, “And we can make lots more money, and when we get out of college we can buy our own business or something.”

“Or…keep making music,” Aidan said grinning.

“As long as we get our education first, then we”ll have something to fall back on when the boy band thing dies,” Jeremy said shaking his head.

“Hey, let”s all go out tonight and celebrate,” Jaden suggested, my treat.

“We”re in, where should we go?” Jeremy said, speaking for Dee as well.

“How about Pizza Planet, we can hit the arcade and maybe play some miniature golf.”

“Perfect, and we can all go back to my house if you guys want. My folks won”t care, and we can party into the night.”

“I might even be able to stay over,” Dee said grinning, “Since the twins came along our rents have eased up on us considerably. It”s like they”re hoping we”ll make a baby for them,” she laughed.

“Okay, so how about we meet at Pizza Planet at 6:30? Is that good with you two?”

“Yeah, no problem. We”ll be there.”

The night was a complete success, and by the time the gang got to Jeremy”s house they were ready for some more personal one on one fun. Jeremy”s folks greeted them as they arrived, then left them to their own devices and went on to bed.

The gang headed down to the game room, and while the twins and their boyfriends played pool, Jeremy and Dee sat quietly on the couch holding hands. Soon they were kissing and making out, and Jaden poked Aidan and giggled.

“That baby is getting closer and closer to being conceived every day,” he chuckled.

“Well, it”s not like they can”t afford a baby, if they can just figure out some way to keep up their studies after staying up all night with a bawling baby,” Aidan added.

“We can hear you guys,” Jeremy said accusingly, “We”re not ready to make a baby, but we do like practicing every chance we get.”

“Feel free to practice all you want,” Jaden laughed, “We don”t mind.”

“You wish,” Jeremy joked, “you just want to see my fine body at work.”

“Well, Dee”s body is pretty fine too,” Jaden replied seriously, “so yeah, I think it would be fun to watch.”

“Tell you what, later we”ll turn out all the lights and while you guys do your thing, me and Dee will do ours. You can”t see us, but you can hear us,” he laughed.

“Works for me.”

Eventually they got thirsty and Jeremy fished drinks out of the fridge and passed them out. The boys had grown tired of pool and had joined Jeremy and Dee, and the group was watching a movie, and chatting when the action was slow.

“Just think, a year from now we”ll be college students, out on our own, in the real world.” Aidan said sighing.

“Yeah, scary stuff,” Jaden offered, “But at least I”ll have you guys nearby to help me through the rough spots.”

The others wondered what Jaden meant. Was he having second thoughts about going away to school? Was he afraid he”d be homesick and miss his family?

“It”s not like we”re going to school in another state or anything, it”s a two hour drive and we can come home on the weekends if we want to,” Jeremy reminded him.

“Yeah, I know, but…it”s still sort of scary, exciting too, but scary.”

“You”ll have Jimmy with you, and Zak and I will be close by.”

“Do you realize that when we go away to school and get separate apartments that it will be the first time we”ve been apart since you were in the hospital?” Jaden said, unable to stop himself from unloading all his fears on the gang.

“What if we got a house or something and all lived together?” Zak said, offering a simple solution to the problem.

Jaden looked at Zak with affection for his kindness,  and then at Aidan to see what bakırköy travesti his reaction might me to such a suggestion.

“That”s actually not a bad idea,” Aidan said looking thoughtful, “If we found a nice two bedroom or three bedroom house, or even an apartment we could share the expenses and rides, and not only save a ton of money, but it”d be just like old times.”

“We could ask Isaac and Greg what the rentals are like there. I heard that it”s best to rent in the summer before fall classes start cause a lot of kids move back home between terms.”

“Good idea, and if we needed to we could rent it early and leave it empty till we start the term.”

“Yeah, we could drive up there and party,” Jimmy suggested.

“That”s true. Well Zak, sounds like your idea was a good one. I”ll call Isaac tomorrow and see what he can find out.”

The rest of the evening was uneventful and when it was time to sleep the boys pulled out the air mattresses and arranged them side by side, except for Dee and Jeremy who put theirs on the back side of the couch.

“Aww, spoil sports,” Jaden teased, “afraid we”ll want to join in?”

“I”m not sharing,” Jeremy said stubbornly, “You guys had your chance, and now she”s all mine.”

“You guys sound like I”m a piece of property,” Dee laughed, “but I do have to agree, I do belong to this good looking stud here now,” she said taking Jeremy arm in hers.

“Okay, okay…we got it. Well, goodnight you two, and don”t forget the raincoat,” Jaden chuckled.

“Always keep one handy,” Jeremy laughed.

When the lights were out the couples proceeded to do what couples did, and soon the air was filled with the sounds and smells of love. Jimmy seemed especially snuggly that night and Jaden was glad for it, because he still had some misgivings about leaving home for college.

They slept till almost noon the next day and then went out for burgers before they separated and went home. The twins dropped off their baes and then headed home to check on the twins, and when they got there they were surprised to see a rental car in the driveway.

“Who do you suppose that belongs to?” Aidan said climbing out of his car.

“Henry maybe?” Jaden guessed.

“Yeah, probably. Let”s go see.”

As soon as they were in the door they were greeted with the happy sounds of the twins as they squealed with pleasure at the back of the house.

“Henry,” Aidan said when he finally got close enough to see the source of the twins” pleasure.

“Hi guys, just getting to know my next musical act,” he teased, “I think Chrissy is already working on her vocals.”

“Yeah, if screaming is music, the kid def has potential,” Jaden joked.

“Boys, I have a proposal, and I decided rather than call you I would come in person. And while I”m here maybe I can catch up with my son,” he chuckled.

“So, this must be something big,” Aidan said excitedly.

“Well, only if you think a short tour of Europe is exciting.”

“Europe!” Aidan yelped, “For real? Is London part of it?”

“Yep, London, Paris, Italy, and Germany. The tour will last for two months, but the good news is it will begin in May and you will be back in time to start college in the fall. Wouldn”t that be a wonderful way to spend the last summer of your childhood?”

“I don”t know,” Jaden said, considering what it would be like to leave his folks and travel thousands of miles away. Going to college was bad enough.

“Oh, I forgot, your folks and the twins would be accompanying you this time.”

“But how? How can you get off for two months dad?”

“Easy, I just call it a business trip. We have offices in everyone of those cities and I can do an inspection of them and write the whole thing off to business travel.”

“Wow, Europe…” Aidan said, still in shock.

“So, I”m assuming you two are on board?”

“I am!”Aidan said happily.

“Yeah, me too. As long as mom and dad are along.”

“Good, then all we have to do is convince the others, what do you think they will say?”

“YES!” Aidan yelled, “I know they will. Hey, is Isaac going to be able to join us?”

“That”s what we”re hoping. Apparently in Europe Isaac is very popular with the ladies,” he chuckled.

“Boy do they have the wrong guy,” Jaden chuckled.

“Yes, well…what they don”t know won”t hurt them.”

“Would you like to talk to Jeremy and Zak, or shall I?”

“We can, but first give us all the details so we”ll know what to tell them exactly.”

Henry had an agenda all drawn up, including dates, locations, and travel arrangements and he handed a copy to the boys as he went over his own copy with them. When they were finished he answered what few questions they had, then excused himself to go see Greg and Isaac.

When he was gone the twins grabbed one of their siblings and sat down beside their folks, “Wow, Europe. Have you and dad ever been to Europe?” Jaden asked.

“Nope this will be our first trip abroad. We”ll all have to get shots and passports, and God only knows what else,” she sighed, “but I wouldn”t miss this opportunity for the world.”

“Yeah, its gonna be amazing,” Aidan said, barely able to sit still. Chrissy looked up and him and touched his face and laughed, and Aidan leaned down and kissed her cheek, “Just think Chrissy, you”re gonna get to go to Europe and you”re only one year old.”


The other boys were surprised to say the least, but Jeremy and Isaac were completely on board. It was Zak who had misgivings though.

“I…I”ve never been away from home that long. It was tough enough when we were on tour in the U.S., I”m not sure about this,” he confided to Aidan.

“Look, babe, I can”t go off to Europe without you, and the band needs you too. Since you joined we”ve changed our music style and you”re an important part of that.”

“I don”t want to let anyone down…” he said looking pained, “it”s just so…so scary to think about. I mean we”ll have to fly across the ocean, right?”

“Yeah,” Aidan chuckled, “unless you want to swim.”

“How long does it take to get there anyway?”

“I looked it up, it”s about 8 hours, that”s not so bad, and we”ll have lunch on the plane, and in-flight movies, plus I”ll be there to hold your hand.”

“Can I think about it?” Zak said looking embarrassed.

Aidan was crushed that he would have to think about something as important as this, but he tried not to show it, “Well, sure…but we need to let Henry know pretty soon so he can make all the travel arrangements.”

“Okay, I promise. I want to talk to mom and dad about it, maybe Jason and Tommy too.”

Aidan was sure Jason and Tommy would be in favor of the trip, but he wasn”t sure what Zak”s rents would say. After all, they”d just become a real family, and now Zak was being asked to go away for two whole months.

“That”s fair. I don”t want to influence your decision unfairly, but…I”m not sure I would want to go either if you weren”t there with me.”

“Now I”m ruining everything, aren”t I?”

“No, and you haven”t made your decision yet, so let”s just put this on hold till you figure it all out.”

“Okay…sorry,” Zak said sadly.

“It”s okay,” Aidan said taking the boy”s hand in his, “I”m sorry if I”m putting too much pressure on you.”

“It”s okay. I just need some time to think. I”ll let you know something tomorrow or the next day.”

Aidan walked Zak to his car and they hugged and kissed before Zak climbed into his Mini Cooper and drove away. Aidan stood there for quite some time staring at the empty street and wondering what he would do if Zak refused to go to Europe with them. Suddenly Jaden”s Mustang pulled into the drive and he pulled himself from his thoughts to share this latest news with his twin.

“Relax bro, no way it Zacky boy going to let you or the band down,” Jaden said after hearing the news, “He just needs time to wrap his head around the whole thing. He”ll make the right decision, don”t worry.”

“I hope so, I can”t go without him, but I can”t let the band down either. I won”t sleep till I know what he”s decided.”

“When”s he supposed to get back with you?”

“Tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully tomorrow.”

“Well, I can tell you what Jason will say, I sort of let it slip, and he was as excited as if he was going, but he promised not to let on that he knew.”

“Yeah, I figured Jason would be all for it, but I”m not sure about his mom. I think Mel will be okay with it though. He”s been to Europe himself. I remember him saying he and some buddies went the year before they started college. They stayed in Hostels and backpacked across Europe and Germany.”

“That sounds fun, but this will be a whole lot easier,” Jaden chuckled, five star hotels and room service.”

“Yeah, well…I don”t care about all that, as long as Zak is with me, I”ll be happy.”

That evening Zak approached the subject at dinner with his family. For once Jason was home and not with Tommy, and the timing was perfect.

“Um…I have something to tell you guys,” Zak said midway through the meal.

“Oh, what”s up buddy?” Mel said giving the boy a warm smile. Zak and Jason might be his adopted sons, but he was very proud of them, and couldn”t have loved them more if they were his own.

“Well, see…Henry came to see Aidan and Jaden the other day, and well…he said the record company wants us to go on another tour, this one for two months.”

“Another tour?” His mom said looking serious, “Two months is a long time. When would you go, this summer?”

“Yes, we”d start the end of May, but there”s more…”

“Zak, quit beating around the bush,” Jason laughed. He”d already heard about the tour from Jaden, but it was Zak”s good news, and he didn”t want to steal his thunder.

“Well, the tour is gonna be in…in Europe,” he said squirming around in his seat.

“Europe, oh how exciting,” Mel said, “Europe is a wonderful place, so much to see, and the people are so friendly and caring. Me and two of my friends backpacked across Europe right out of high school, and we had the time of our lives.”

“Europe, as in England?” Zak”s mom said, not having the education, nor being well traveled, she was ignorant of such things.

“England, France, Italy, Germany…”

“Two whole months…” Zak”s mom said softly.

Mel chuckled, “I think your mother may be suffering from a case of severed apron strings. Dear, this is a wonderful opportunity for our son. He will see places some people only dream about, and learn how people in other countries live. I for one am 100% behind you on this son.”

“I suppose I”m being silly,” his mom said, “But you”re growing up so fast and soon you”ll be going off to college. Still, it”s only for the summer, and you do have an obligation to the band.”

“You mean, you mean you don”t care if I go, mom?”

Zak”s biggest worry had been his mother”s reaction to the news, and it was almost a  let down to find out that his worries had been in vain.

“You could act a little happier about it,” Jason laughed.

“Oh, yeah…I”m happy. I guess I was just worried that you guys might not want me to go,” Zak stuttered, “but if everyone thinks I should, then well…I guess I”m going.”

“Wait, son,” Mel said, “I”m sensing that you may have some misgivings about this trip abroad. What is it that is troubling you?”

“Well…since you asked,” Zak said turning his eyes to his plate and blushing, “I”ve never been away from home that long, or that far away…”

“But you”ll be with Aidan and the band, and Mrs. and Mrs. Reynolds are going too, right?” Jason said soothingly.

“Yeah, I know I”m just being silly…”

“It”s not silly son,” his mom said gently, “but I think you would always regret it if you didn”t go. It”s a chance in a lifetime.”

“I agree son, but we will back you up no matter what you decide,” Mel said gently, “Just follow your heart on this one, you can never go wrong doing that.”

“Can I be excused, I have some thinking to do,” Zak said picking up his plate and standing.

“Of course, take all the time you need son,” his mom said smiling warmly. 

Zak scraped his half eaten dinner into the trash and rinsed his plate, and set it in the sink, then went off to his room to do his thinking. He pulled off his shoes and fell down on his bed, his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling.

He had never thought in his wildest dreams that he would be faced with such a choice as this to make. His life had been simple before meeting the twins and falling in love with Aidan. It had just been him and Jason and their mom, and their life had been hard at times, but uncomplicated for the most part. 

The he”d met Aidan, and he”d learned to trust others, and eventually to love. He smiled when he thought about Aidan and he felt a warm place in his heart as he pictured the boy”s face and his sexy body. Sometimes he felt like this was all a dream. He didn”t think he deserved a boy like Aidan, but the dream continued, and just got better by the day. 

Then he”d been discovered playing the drums that day and his life had changed once more. He was now the drummer for a hugely popular boy band, and had a following of his own, and still he felt as if this was all a dream he”d wake up from and that he didn”t deserve any of it. His self esteem had grown some over the last year or so, but deep down inside he still suffered from the insecurities that had plagued him as a child.

There were no more bullies in his life and he was a success by anyone”s standards, but he still had misgivings and insecurities that wouldn”t go away so easily. He sighed and thought of the hurt look on Aidan”s face when he had told him he”d have to think about the tour. He could see that Aidan was trying to hide his disappointment, and it hurt him to think that he had caused Aidan one moment of pain. 

In the end the decision was an easy one. It was all a matter of laying things out in a logical manner. 1. He couldn”t disappoint Aidan or the band, 2. He had a financial obligation to fulfill as a member of the band, 3. He was being a silly little kid worrying about getting homesick, after all he was 17 now and almost a man, and 4. His folks were behind him no matter what, but he could see in their eyes that they thought he should go.

The decision made, Zak sighed in relief and grabbed his phone. 

Aidan answered on the first note of his current ring tone.

“Hello babe.”

“Hi, tell Henry it”s a go. We”re all going to Europe.”


End Chapter 35

Wow, another set of Reynolds twins, who would”ve thought it was possible? Jaden has some misgivings about leaving home, and Jimmy has some self esteem issues. Fortunatley the boys work through them, and Jimmy is lucky enough to be awarded a grant for college so the that problem is solved anyway, but what about the tour. Will Jimmy give in and let the band pay his way, or will he stay behind and cause Jaden even more separation issues? Stay tuned as the drama continues.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support, and please keep those emails coming to: ail


Kewl Dad 


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