The Resting Blonde 2

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The Resting Blonde 2I woke up Sunday morning and called my friend john, I told him i wanted another of bottle of vodka. 50 bucks but it would be well worth it, i waited untill my mom left and my step dad went to work. Then i snuck into my there room and found what i was looking for. My step dad had these weird spasms and he had to take muscle relaxers for it. I took three of the valium and three of the Xanax that my sister took when she had an anxiety attack. I crushed up two of each and poured them into the bottle, shaking it really well. After that i put the bottle under my bed like a normal day, and at nine when i went to bed i did two things. I gave my sister the bottle and told her that in the future instead of wasting a bottle by watering it down to ask for some.”I can have this!” she exclaimed.”Ya sure no problem.” I told her, excited my plan was workingI watched T.V. in the living room with them until 8:00. Sometimes they would be in the living room watching TV with me sometime they would be giggling on the computer, but at 8:30 my mom went upstairs to her room and they started to drink. At 9:00 after they had been drinking for a while I had the pills all crushed up in a small bag, and when my sister was on the computer and Cat went to the bathroom, I poured the last of the pills in her cup. Yesterday was fun, but now tonight would be amazingThen I set my alarm for midnight and went to sleep. I went downstairs to the living room, and there was Cat but Sarah must have gone to sleep in her room. First I turned the TV off, then walked over to her and pulled her blanket away. Cat had on a black tank top with no bra, and tight and loose fitting gym shorts again. I hit the jack pot and everything was going to plan. Before the end of the night my cum should be in more than one place, but I would start with her mouth. I positioned her on her back with her head leaning over the arm rest hanging upside down off the couch. I took my dick from my shorts and started slapping it against her face to get it hard.The muscle relaxers and alcohol should keep her from feeling so much and waking up as easily and the Xanax would cloud her memory pretty bad in case she did wake up. With her positioned properly, definitely asleep, and me now hard from assaulting her face with my penis i was ready and shoved my dick down her throat. Last night when I put my dick in her mouth it had been a totally different feeling then this time. It was far enough down that her throat was clenching down on me with every push in, I reached under her tank top and started to message her nipples. Now that my dick was completely hard I shoved it in all the way down, seeing the lump go up and down her throat and causing her to cough and choke a little. Then I felt güvenilir bahis siteleri my dick thicken and my balls tense up preparing to shoot my load. I thrust forward to send my dick as far down as possible and shot my load strait down her throat, pulling out my dick so she could breathe again. The pills were definitely working, she had just gone 30 seconds not being able to breath and barley squirmed, I would get a lot out of her tonight. I cleaned up my dick then sat her in a sitting position and took of her top. Then laid her down on her stomach and took of her shorts and panties, leaving her completely naked. I dragged her legs off the coach and positioned her so she was laying on her stomach with her chest on the coach and her legs leaning off so that her knees were on the ground and she was bent over the coach. I rubbed my hand in a circle over her ass softly, feeling how firm and soft it was. Then I raised my hand and softly started to spank her, hitting her halfway on the ass halfway on her pussy. I went and got my phone so I could video tape it, and take a few pictures of her pussy. I spanked her thirty times as I filmed her, each blow harder than the last and causing her to slowly get wet. I couldn’t believe that she was getting wet when she was practically sedated. I stuck a finger into her wet slit to test the tightness, and she was really tight, probably a virgin. I smiled to myself; I was going to get to deflower this blonde angel. Just thinking about it caused my dick to get hard so I placed my shaft at her opening, rubbed the tip up and down her pussy for a moment before shoving it in hard.In my entire life I had never felt anything like the inside of cat’s pussy. I started with fast short strokes, going deeper into her each time. I started to hear soft moans coming from Cat, and her breathing started to speed up. I was definitely starting to wake her up a little but felt too good to care, at this point I didn’t care that I broke her hymen or that I was about to cum all over in her tight virgin pussy. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and getting wetter, she was about to have an orgasm. We started to cum at the same time causing my cum, her cum, and the blood from her hymen to mix together. As I pulled out the three fluids started to gush back out of her pussy and all over the floor, so I went to the kitchen to grab some towels and clean it up.A pretty great night so far, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I put one hand and each side of her ass and spread her cheeks so that I could get a good view of her tight little asshole. If her pussy had been tight then this should be a snug fit I thought. I stuck my thumb in her to test it out; her ass was definitely a lot tighter than her pussy. canlı bahis siteleri I might not be able to fit in her ass, and if I do it will hurt like a bitch when she wakes up in the morning. But at this point I am in too deep and don’t care if she can tell I fucked her, or if I get caught. All that matters now is filling every whole she has, and I only had one left. I slid my finger in and out of her pussy starting to make her wet again, then I used her juices to lube up my cock and placed it by the entrance to her booty. I slowly worked my cock into her ass, at first it was too small and I could barely even get my head into her, but she slowly started to stretch out allowing my dick to glide further into her ass. When my dick was about half way in, and she probably had a little more stretching to do, I pumped it the rest of the way in.I saw her eyes open and she let out a yelp of pain, a few seconds later followed by a low purr of pleasure. Her breathing was rapid and she was definitely fully awake, but between the pills and alcohol she is incoherent and hopefully won’t remember any of this in the morning. Her ass squeezed around my cock super tight, too much friction building up if I sped up to much I just sat there and thrust into her with long even strokes. I saw her head come up and look around, and she looked straight at me, smiled and put her head back down keeping her eyes open. Cat was now completely awake and it was up to the Xanax to fuck up her memory or I will be in big trouble in the morning. Again I couldn’t bring myself to care at the moment; I just kept going and reached around to play with her tits. With her being awake she was really starting to moan now, and even bucking her hips back at me helping me fuck her.After about 10 minutes her moaning started getting loader and almost turning into screams. My dick started to swell up and my balls unloaded deep into her tight ass. I put her clothes back on keeping my cum in her ass and position her on her stomach on the coach. I turned the TV on and sat there watching TV while playing with her ass and tit’s for a few hours, stopping when she started becoming more reactive due to the d**gs wearing off. I stayed in the living room watching TV until she woke up at around 7:30. When she woke up in the living room and saw me she smiled and said good morning and went to the bathroom. When she stood up I noticed her wince, and kinda waddle away to the bathroom. Everyone else in my house was still asleep (only early riser in my house normally), so it would just be me and her for a little while. I was getting a chance to try to get her to fuck me while she was awake.Cat came back out still walking kinda funny and with a weird look on her face. I thought I was bahis firmaları busted for a minute but she was still unaware that last night she had taken three loads of my cum, and still had some of it in her butt. “Do you have any pain killers, I have a headache and some of my muscles are sore” she asked. I have no doubt the headache is from the booze and pills, and the “sore muscles” were because I fucked her hard in her tight round little ass. I thought about what kinda medication we had and then I had an amazing idea.“Ya, I will be right back.” I told her and ran upstairs. I went to my room and grabbed the shoe box from under my bed and rummaged around in it until I found what I was looking for. They were horny pills, I had stolen some from 7/11 a few months ago. I don’t know why I took them since I had no use for them but I am glad I did. I took one out of the package and then grabbed two Motrin. I told her that the 2 Motrin were pain killers and the horny pill was a muscle relaxer for her soreness. “I hope you feel better.” I told her as she took the pills. After she took the pills she came and sat next to me on the coach, I mean right next to me so that our legs were touching each other. “How come I never see you around school anymore?” she asked.“I tested out, I will start R.C.C. next month and hopefully finish early.” I told her. We sat there watching TV in silence for a minute, when this couple on TV started to make out. Cat shifted her weight a little, making a small scoot toward me. “Found a girlfriend since you left.” She asked, trying to pretend like she was just making small talk.“No.” I kept my answer short and simple and kept eye contact with her. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I knew the pills should have kicked in by now and it should be easy to get her excited. I leaned in and started to make out with her, starting to push my weight forward so she would lie down on the coach, I laid on top of her while our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth’s. After 10 minutes or so I reached my hand between her legs and started moving it up and down her pussy over her shorts. I pulled my head away and looked her in the eye. “I want to have sex with you.” I told her, hoping that wouldn’t spook her.Cat stood up and started to take her clothes off starting with her shorts and working her way up. When she was completely naked she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her feet and got down on her knees and started to suck my cock. Deep throating her while she was asleep felt pretty great, but it didn’t compare to a live girl sucking your cock and playing with your balls. After a few minutes I got her off her knees and had her lie back down on the coach and started eating her pussy. I was swirling my tongue around inside her and fucking her with my pointer finger, curling and swirling it around inside her. Then we heard my sisters door, both of us jumped up and put our clothes on and sat on the coach like we had been watching TV the whole

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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