The Restaurant

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Jay met Jenna online. To be more specific, on a website which hosted erotic stories. He had posted a story there and she liked it. She complimented him on his story and he replied back to thank her. One thing led to another and before long they were exchanging emails and chatting regularly every night. They had only known each other for a few weeks, but they had become really close friends – as if they had known each other for years.

Every night before bed, they would chat. It had become a ritual of sorts. Just before bed, they would wait for each other. Like secret lovers of yore, meeting in a dark corner of a garden at night, they would wait for the other to come online. And then they would talk for hours. Sometimes about work, family, books, music, mundane matters and sometimes sex. They had shared their deepest and darkest fantasies with each other. There was this undeniable, almost animal attraction between them. He was incredibly drawn to her and so was she to him. Not just on a sexual level but also at a mental level. It was as if they were made for each other, except that both of them were married…to somebody else. And happily married as well. Both of them loved their spouses and their families, but neither of them could deny the tremendous attraction that they had for the other. Although they had both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, they had never met each other except online but that did not seem to diminish their gravitation towards each other. They had even exchanged a few photographs but that had only ended up increasing their lust for each other.

One particular Thursday, they had chatted for a few hours and they were just ready to wind up for the night, when Jay casually asked Jenna, “So, any interesting plans for this weekend?”

She replied, “Not much. My husband has made dinner reservations at ‘The Joint’ at 6:00 on Saturday evening.”

The Joint was a nice restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of San Francisco. It usually tended to be crowded on the weekend, but only after 7 pm. It was a smallish place – a rectangular room with about 20 tables, arranged in neat rows of 5. The outer rows were tables for 2 and the middle two rows were tables for 4. It was small and cozy but the food was amazing, which is why it was a favorite. Getting dinner reservations after 7 was very difficult if not impossible. So he understood why her husband has made such early reservations.

“Your husband is a smart man,” he said.

“He is,” she agreed. “What about you? Any plans for the weekend?”

He replied, “Nothing at all. The wife is out of town for a few weeks. And I am actually in San Diego as well on work. So I may just stay here and not come back home tomorrow. I will find something interesting to do.”

“Well, I hope you aren’t doing something too interesting,” she said half-jokingly. Although she could not put her finger on the reason why, she felt a bit possessive about him.

He laughed, “Oh no, nothing that interesting, whatever your definition of ‘too interesting’ is!” He continued, “Anyway I will talk to you tomorrow evening.”

They bid good bye and went to bed bringing an end to their nightly ritual.

The next evening, Jenna came online as usual but Jay wasn’t there. She waited for some time, wondering why he was not online. And then it struck her that it was a Friday. He must probably be having a few drinks with friends. She waited for a few more minutes, finally giving up and going to bed.

But Jay was not having drinks with friends. He was flying back to the Bay area. He had changed his mind. He had decided to do something interesting in the bay area instead of San Diego.

The next day, he called up the Joint and made dinner reservations for 6 pm as well. He was going to surprise her. He had no idea if he would be able to handle the thrill of seeing her, but not being able to talk to her. He did not even know in what way she would react. Or for that matter, even react in any way, since there was a possibility that she might not bahis firmaları recognize him. After all, she had just seen a couple of his photographs and she was not even expecting him to be in the bay area. But the idea thrilled him nevertheless.

He reached the restaurant at 5:45 pm. It was completely empty but he did not go in. He planned to go in after she came. That way he could choose the perfect seats with respect to her table. He waited at a bus stop opposite the restaurant, keeping his eye on the door. Soon enough, just a couple of minutes before the tower clock started to chime 6 pm in, he saw a couple walking by towards the restaurant. He recognized her immediately. She looked so beautiful, wearing a summer dress, the hem of which went slightly past her knees. It was definitely her. He waited for them to go in and after 2 minutes, he crossed the street and walked into the restaurant. Jenna and her husband were just being seated in one of the middle row tables. He asked the host if he could sit anywhere since it was almost empty.

The host smiled and said, “Anywhere sir.”

He muttered thanks and walked in. Jenna had just settled into her chair when she saw Jay walk in. But she did not pay too much attention to his face. For her, it was just another guy who had come in at the same time and was now sitting on one of tables near the window, diagonally opposite them, in front of her but behind her husband.

While they were waiting for their food, her husband picked up the newspaper and she let her gaze wander around the place. And then she caught hold of the stare that was directed her way from the man diagonally opposite her. He was staring at her with a mischievous glint in his eye. Her first thoughts were that’s a good looking guy. But then his face seemed so familiar. Why did his face seem so familiar? Oh my god, is that Jay? No it can’t be. Silly me, I am hallucinating. Jay is in San Diego. But this guy looks so much like him and why is he staring at me? Is it him?

Jay on the other hand could not help staring away from her beautiful blue eyes. She looked so pretty. And he realized that she had not recognized him fully yet. He sensed her confusion and he decided to play a little game. When the waitress came with the Kingfisher beer that he had ordered, he said aloud to her, “Ah, here is the nectar that I seek”. The waitress gave him a quizzical look, probably wondering why she got all the crazies but then smiled politely and left. Jay looked at Jenna to see if she had heard. She had and her jaw dropped a little, eyebrows raised into a question. Maybe it was a coincidence, she thought. Don’t make a fool of yourself Jenna. Don’t react; just stay calm and stay put in your seat. Her heart was pounding away wondering if it was really him. Her gut said yes, but she wanted to be a 100% sure that it was him. Right then he looked at Jenna and smiled, his pointed tongue lightly wetting his lips.

She knew it was him. Her heart beat went up a couple of notches and her body started trembling. She wondered if anyone else could hear her heart pounding with her chest. What was he doing here? Oh lord, his smile was so alluring. She just wanted to leave her table and join him. She smiled back at him, eyes expressing silent recognition. Her smile just about killed him. He just wanted to run across to her table, grab hold of her and take her in his arms and kiss her. My god, he wanted to kiss her so badly. He stared at her, drinking her in with his eyes. Her curly hair, her blue eyes, her exquisite breasts covered in her flowery summer dress. She stared back at his smoldering dark eyes, his black hair, and his clean shaven face. She felt even more drawn to him than before. She had always wondered what she would feel if they actually met but never had she imagined in her wildest dreams that she would meet him this way and never had she imagined that her first thoughts about him would be imagining all the dirty things that she wanted to do to him right then. Sub-consciously, she let the kaçak iddaa tip of her tongue lick her lips.

“Are you thirsty?” asked her husband who had put down the newspaper. “It is hot. Should we get some beer?”

She was startled by his question, but recovered from her reverie quickly and said “Sure,” although she had no idea what she had said sure to.

He had seen her lick her lips while staring at him. He knew right away that she wanted him as bad as he did. They were hungry for each other but they could not do anything about it. But his hunger for her had grown to such enormous proportions that he decided to hell with caution. He wanted her. He wanted her now. So he smiled at her and gestured towards the restroom with his eyes. He got up right away and walked towards the restroom. She caught his gesture and could not believe that she was going to do what he had asked for. She waited for a while, looking at her husband, who was still immersed in his newspaper. A minute or so after Jay left his seat, she excused herself from the table and walked towards the restrooms. Her heart started beating rapidly thinking about all the possibilities that lay hidden behind the restroom door. She was scared, but she found herself walking towards the restroom without any hesitation.

It was a large unisex restroom in the corner of the restaurant not directly visible from the tables. He had gone inside leaving the door ajar and waited. She stood at the door, her hands sweaty, heart pounding, and pussy slightly moist at the thought of what might happen but at the same time fear was coursing through her. He saw her at the door and smiled. He stretched his hands out and she found herself putting her hands in his. He pulled her in and shut the door. They looked at each other for a moment and then they hugged each other. No words spoken. He could smell her – the light smell of shampoo in her hair and her intoxicating perfume. She could smell a mixture of his sweat and his cologne. She could feel his body against his. Her head nestled against his shoulder. She felt like she had gone to heaven. She did not want to let go. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. He could feel her taut nipples through her clothes rubbing against his body. His hands caressed her back as he inhaled her essence and felt her body against it. He could not help but observe that her body fit perfectly against his. He was already erect and she could feel his cock straining against his pants on her belly. The thought that he had a hard-on because of her made her lust for him grow more.

But he moved away a bit and raised her head. He wanted to look at her. Her beautiful blue eyes, her beautiful face framed in her dark brown hair and he could not help himself but kiss her on her lovely full lips. He kissed her lower lip, his hands by her waist. “Mmmmm,” she moaned approvingly. Her moan only encouraged him and he started kissing her deeper, pulling her closer towards him as if trying to fuse their bodies into one. His tongue probed her mouth. She sucked his tongue, moaning some more. His hands were caressing her harder and had moved down to her beautiful ass. His hands grabbed her soft voluptuous ass cheeks and squeezed gently. She let out a long sigh at the touch of his hands on her ass. He squeezed and kneaded her ass and then he lifted the hem of her skirt and pushed his hands underneath her skirt. For the first time his hands touched her raw flesh. She felt as if she was on fire. His hands continued their journey upwards and finally touched the flesh of her soft round ass. He was growing crazy. He felt her black thong barely running down the crack of her ass, dividing her glorious ass cheeks and covering her honeyed pussy. He could not bear it any longer and he grabbed her cheeks hard. Separating them and kneading them. He slipped a finger underneath her thong and traced it downwards along the crack of her ass to her pussy. His fingers had barely touched her pussy and she gasped. Her pussy was so wet and she hoped he kaçak bahis would stick his finger inside. She spread her legs subconsciously as if inviting him. His middle finger probed her pussy and found it to be wet and slick. She moaned, “Oh Jay…..ahhhhhhh.” He stroked her clit with his fingers and she shuddered almost coming. She bit him on his shoulder, trying to muffle a scream of pleasure.

He let go of her and turned her around and made her face the full length mirror on the wall. He stood behind her and kissed her neck, his hard cock poking her soft ass like the barrel of a gun. He knew they did not have much time on their hands, lest someone came into the restroom. So he pushed her shoulder in towards the wall and she rested her hands on both sides of the mirror. He pulled her by the waist backwards so that she was now leaning against the wall on her hands, facing the mirror. He knelt down behind her and raised her skirt. For the first time, he saw her glorious ass inches away from his face. He could not help but kiss it. He bit it a little. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned. He spread her legs and she arched her back to give him more access. He kissed and licked every inch of her ass. He bit, he nibbled. He was in heaven. And so was she. But she wanted more. And she arched her back some more. She wanted to give her pussy to him. She wanted to give him whatever he wanted to take. As if on cue, he put his fingers underneath her thong and moved them to the side while his hands separated her cheeks. Her pussy and ass now lay exposed in front of him, inches away from his face. Strangely, she felt no shyness at all in exposing her most private parts to him. All she could think about how badly she wanted him to take her in any way he chose. She just wanted him to use her. She wanted him so bad.

He growled approvingly at the sight of her pussy. Her puffy pussy lips, slight moisture gathered at the entrance of her treasure-cove. He put his nose against it and inhaled. The pheromones were intoxicating. He wanted her juices …all of it. He stuck his sharp long tongue out and licked. A shiver ran down her spine. He could not stop himself and kept licking her slit. From top to bottom. From bottom to top. Playing with her clit on every stroke of his tongue, his hands spread her ass wider. His tongue played with her clit every now and then. His nose touched her skin near her puckered rosebud anus sending electric shocks from the sensitive nerve endings there into her entire body. The thought of how nasty that was just drove her wild. The hair on his head tickled her ass with every assault of his tongue on her pussy. She could see him in the mirror behind him administering to her pussy. She knew she was going to come all over his face. All over his handsome face. She just wanted to mark him with her juices. Her legs trembled with that thought and he knew she was going to cum. So he doubled his efforts on her clit with his tongue and slipped a finger into her pussy. That did it for her and pushed her over the top. She shuddered violently and came…..a long orgasm. She had to cover her mouth with her arm in order to stop herself from screaming. She came for what felt like an eternity and finally she stopped. Gasping for air and completely spent, her juices trickled down her thighs a little.

He got up turned her around roughly and kissed her. He wanted her to taste herself on his mouth. She licked his lips and tongue clean. She could smell her musky bitter-sweet taste on his mouth and it aroused her to no extent. She badly wanted to suck his cock but then they had been away for so long from their tables, she did not want to arouse any suspicion. He was thinking about the same thing. He silently pushed her back to the door gesturing her to go back. She looked at him longingly and left. She stepped out of the restroom and she realized right away that she had not cleaned herself. Her pussy and thighs still felt damp from her own juices and his saliva. She felt like a really dirty girl, but that just aroused her more. A few minutes later, he emerged out of the restroom and sat down at his table. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. And they both realized at the same time that neither of them had spoken a word to each other.

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