The Rescuer Pt. 05

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 18 – Washington D.C.

I wake up in a hospital with my family, Barry, George from Alaska, and Nakita, who’s handcuffed to the bed next to me. Kim and Mary are sad, probably from crying. Yet I can see the anger welling deep within. A nurse is with us, she has only two patients. On my bed is Rocky. On Nakita’s bed is Shorty.

On seeing the anger in Kim, the guilt hits me. She knows. My eyes start to tear up, my heart starts beating hard which distresses the nurse. She is alarmed at my condition and doesn’t know why.

My feeble excuse to Kim and Mary, “I’m sorry Kim.” I can’t look them in the eyes.

The anger comes to the forefront, she pounds her fists on my chest, and she cries while wailing, “Why? Why? Why?”

Nakita doesn’t help by saying, “Oh my he’s good, he sure knows how to fuck a woman.”

Kim would have killed Nakita had Barry, and George not stopped her. Kim is a blubbering mess on the floor. She is crying, wailing, and she is breaking my heart. I feel horrible. I knew this was going to suck and that she was going to react poorly. I didn’t expect such a strong reaction.

Nakita continues, “Would you rather be identifying a dead body right now? Had he not screwed me, I would have killed him. He means nothing to me, he’s just a cute boy.”

That bit of reality startles Kim. She may hate me now, but she doesn’t want me dead. She wants to kill me herself.

Nakita can’t keep quiet, “He tried to resist me. He worked hard. He gave me some lame excuse that he was married. However, my men were vulgar, illiterate, thugs. No romance, no manners, no decency like your man has. I had to threaten his life before he would touch me. Then the idiot thought that by just eating me, he would satisfy me.

“None of my men bath regularly, they think women exist to please men, in short, they are pigs. I would say I was sorry, but after five years of those degenerates glaring and flirting with me, I was a powder keg. Then your hunk of a stud shows up, and I instantly soak my panties. I had to have him.

“When he did fuck me, he wasn’t soft and gentle like he was with you. He gave me a few strokes of that just so I would know. Then he took it away and pounded the hell out of me. The doctors couldn’t understand why my pussy and ass were so red and sore, he fucked me very hard. I can’t sit on the toilet, and it hurts like hell to walk. I won’t use panties for a month. That is one hell of a man you have there. His cock is awesome as well.”

Kim’s anger has vanished, only the tears remain. Mary is sitting by herself, crying, and trying to be invisible.

I call out to Kim and Mary, “Can I get a hug? I missed you two very much.”

Mary springs to her feet and rushes me. Kim is slow and lethargic.

As Kim cries, she says, “I thought I lost you. We lost your tracking in the castle from their jamming. Then I hear that you’re injured and resisting treatment so you could continue to help even though half an army is around you.”

I comment, “It was only two units of Seals.”

Mary spoke for the first time, “We saw some video of what they do. That’s a fucking army that’s compacted into a can of whoop ass, ready to be unleashed on the next idiot.”

I won’t deny her observation. Those Seals made my life relatively easy. They did all the hard work with keeping the men from catching up to us and then evacuating us without my help. That is twice now that I have not finished a mission.

Barry knows me too well. He can see the sadness in my eyes.

Barry fills me in on things, “With you and Nakita injured, it was decided that it wasn’t worth the risk by bringing you home by helicopter transfer. They decided to wait a day and let the sub stay safe and deep, while they brought you to port. Your dogs were happy to leave the sub, they defecated on it as they were being hoisted out. Intentionally. It will be a cold day in hell before a dog sets foot on a sub again.”

Everyone laughs at that.

Barry continues for my benefit, “They kept you sleeping to help you avoid pain and so you would stay in bed. Nakita says she doesn’t like you, but she was very protective of you, especially on the sub. Your family did a lot more shopping here in Washington while you were on the way home. The President sends his thanks for getting his daughter home safe. They are home in New York. It seems she has quite the tale to tell.”

Not to be outdone, George hands me a box.

George escort ataşehir prompts me, “Go ahead and open it. It’s from the guys back home.”

I open the box and inside is an “arrow.” This isn’t your standard arrow though. Someone has welded several of my .50 caliber empty shells together. A handmade metal arrowhead is on the tip, and the opposite end has arrow feathers glued on. On one side they replace my middle name with “Robin Hood,” and the opposite side says, “World’s most accurate marksman.”

George continues, “Nakita gave us every detail of what happened and what she has been responsible for, hence the handcuffs. When the story got around the base, they thought that Robin Hood needs an award.”

Now George looks more serious at me, he stands next to Barry with his hand on Barry’s shoulder as he explains, “We know that you did not finish your last two missions. You are turning into an old man and slowing down. Effective immediately, you are retired from running missions. You’re no longer a black ops project. I’ll no longer salute you because you might outrank me. But I’ll salute you still because I believe you are the better man.

“You now run the most decorated unit in Canada. A special patch is being developed by Muffin, she is an artist you know, to designate your unit as the only quadruple killing unit. Below water, on water, on land, and in the air. You have achieved a kill in all four quadrants, that’s a first. Barry agreed with all of this. Just so you know, we did clear this with your wife first.”

That got a big loud chuckle. A nurse came in, she has the look of being mad because of the noise, George sent her packing.

However, on seeing the anger of the first nurse, the second nurse spoke up, “I don’t care if the President himself came down here, these two need some rest. They are both due their meds.”

Everyone shook my hand, said their goodbyes, and grudgingly, left. Well, all but Kim. Kim takes off her shoes and gets up on the bed with me. Her breasts are on my arm and chest. Ahhhh, she has forgiven me. My eyes start to tear, I don’t deserve her.

As the nurse is about to say something about Kim, Nakita spoke up, “Excuse me, Shelly, this man saved the President’s daughter, had missiles shot at him from a helicopter while helping her escape, and shot down said helicopter. He took shrapnel in his leg and still carried me while dragging the President’s daughter behind him with 30 men chasing him and two minefields in front of him. If his gorgeous wife wants to sleep on the bed with him, not even I would stop her for fear of my life. You give him his meds and then get the hell out of here so we can sleep.”

I was given my meds, the nurse left, and then Kim says loud enough for only the room to hear, “I can see why you like her.”

As I try to defend myself, “Wait one …” Both Kim and Nakita start laughing hard. I shut up and fall asleep holding the love of my life in my arms.


When I wake up, only Barry is in the room.

Barry says to me, “I don’t know how you do it. You always have the gorgeous women in your room, and I always find a beautiful woman in bed with you. God damn you are one lucky bastard. It seems we were too loud earlier so they are limiting who can be in here. I just wanted to say goodbye. I will see a lot more of you so I am getting out of the way so your family and George can spend more time with you. I have kept him well informed, and he has been a tremendous help.

Two men come in to take Nakita away.

Barry continues, “She has a lot to answer for, and they want to continue the interrogation. She is talking to the Americans, Brits, and our people. She is cooperating supremely well, but it will probably be a while before you see her again. She has been a bad girl, as you know.”

As they wheel her out, she asks them to stop, “Kim, I am sorry. I did force him, so don’t hold it against him. I didn’t want to take him. I didn’t want to love him. However, he kind of grows on you. It was a short twenty-four hours in the castle, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. England is going to throw me in a bottomless hole probably for a very long time for what I have done. I doubt I’ll ever see you again. Take good care of him, he is a good decent man.”

We could hear her crying as they wheel her off. I felt sad to see her go.

Kim was thrilled, “Good riddance bitch.”

Barry reminds her, “She could have killed him at any time. She doesn’t have to be as accommodating or forthcoming with information. Each detail she gives us puts another nail in her own coffin. I doubt she survives this. They will see it as treason, she will cease to exist.”

I felt Kim shudder as that hit home. Why did Barry say that?

Barry is now commanding, “Kim, you need to come with me. Some people want to talk to Brian. This isn’t my base, I can’t override orders here.”

He held out his hand to help her out of bed. I get a long kiss and then she leaves kadıköy escort with Barry. The rest of my day is filled with intel people asking me the same questions over and over. It’s like they don’t believe my answers and want to hear something else.

About 5:00, my friend George walks in and announces they are done and for everyone to get out. It’s cool what generals can get away with. I notice immediately that he has a new star on his uniform. He can see me staring at it.

The now two-star General says shyly, “You did that. They liked my foresight for developing you.” We both laugh, I begged him for months to start my program. “When you get back to Canada, you’ll be stuck at the base for a while. The Seals want to experiment with dogs in a variety of situations, and they can’t think of a better man than you to work with. Barry offered some base housing for you, Kim, and Mary for a while.

“Personally, I think he just loves having you and your wives around. They will pay Mary and Kim to assist. It will help Mary with dog training as she will know more about what you do. She has much more experience with training dogs, she may be able to give you some tips or see things differently. She is a great asset, let her shine. I would bet she will love being more involved and able to contribute.”

I am shocked by his straightforwardness, “Why would you say it like that? Have I missed something?”

George smiles, “Son, I have a good bit of experience with women. She was included with everything, treated exactly like Kim, yet she seemed lost like she didn’t fit in. Even worse, it was like she didn’t think she was good enough. At least think about it.”

The doors open and my family walks in. They all look tired. My jaw drops, what happened to them?

George laughs out loud, “They are fine. Really. I distracted them today with a whirlwind tour of the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon. They got a tour not even VIP’s get. We did a lot of walking and saw a lot of cool things. Breakfast at the Pentagon and lunch at the White House with the VP and several members of Congress.”

They all pep up at seeing me. Both dogs are in my bed. They get up to greet the family.

I greet them with the good news, “Doctor says I can go home tomorrow. I just need to take it easy for a few weeks. My orders have me reporting to Barry. He has housing set up for Kim, Mary, and I. Mom and dad, we’ll be home in a month. I need Mary this month, and I really don’t want to be away from Kim so you’ll be on your own for a while. If you really need the help, have Roscoe and Connie come out and start learning the business. They can have my room.”

We spend the rest of the night catching up on all they did. What a day. I bet George is dead tired as well. Funny, no way he shows it in front of anyone.

Chapter 19 – Training

We landed an hour ago. Mom and dad just took off for home, courtesy of Barry. It’s past noon, and we are taken to an empty hanger on the edge of the base. This is where my dogs and team train. We are on the edge of the forest and have several buildings for training. A couple of Seals are here already, Paul and Alex each have a dog on a leash. They are walking out of the forest with my crew at their sides. They all jog over.

I smirk, “Looks like I can go home, no need for me here.”

Alex laughs, “We picked out a dog and took him for a walk. Just blowing time, waiting for your sorry ass to show up.” We all shake hands.

I announce, “This is my wife Kim, and this is a VERY close friend, Mary. Kim and Mary, this is Paul and Alex, they are American Seals. I had the opportunity to meet them overseas, and they want an introduction to dogs. I am very limited in what I can do for fear of my doctor, Kim, killing me.” I grin.

I continue, “We’re going to do some fundamental routines to get you familiar with the dogs. That will take up today. Tonight, Barry is treating us to steaks at his house. I’ll then tell some of my stories so you can get a feel for what the dogs help with. Mary’s a dog trainer by profession. She trains sled dogs. Her experience with dogs is going to help ramp up our productivity as she will start the training after the pups are born.

“Mary, I need you to explain what you do and why you do it. I’ll interject where needed. I’m going to sit on my ass and drink iced tea while you all run around working.”

Mary starts off by handing each man a bag of dog treats, “I like to reward them for doing well. Offer treats as you see fit which should be about as often as I do.”

Kim and I sat for five hours watching the men, Mary, and the dogs run around. I have two guys in the forest. With my cell phone, I instant message them to make noise and approach from two directions within the forest. Mary was the first to recognize the two attackers and quickly gave instructions. The seals pull out their guns. I stop the exercise, and we end the day on that. I don’t need my volunteers getting shot. Next time, I maltepe escort bayan disarm them first.


Barry grilled a bunch of steaks perfectly. We all, Kim and Mary included talk until late into the night. This was the first time Kim and Mary have heard my stories and some of the incredible things I have done. Gauging their reaction is hard. They seemed happy to finally listen to what I have done, yet they didn’t seem satisfied with the risks I took or the damage my body got in completing my missions.

The Seals ask a lot of operational questions, and my team answered the questions. Barry seemed disinterested or distracted, I couldn’t tell which. It was past midnight when we finally leave his house.

We are driven to a small home, much like the one Barry has. It’s sparsely furnished, but it’s clean, and the kitchen is stocked with a few days’ worth of food. A single king size bed fills most of the bedroom. Kim and Mary fell asleep almost immediately, my thoughts linger on what will happen to Nakita before finally falling asleep.


The next day I have four scenarios set up for my team and the Seals to run through. They were from the stories I told last night. Kim followed Alex so she could see the dogs working. This allows her to understand better what exactly the dogs do. Two dogs, Mary, a Seal, and one from my team ran through each test. Then the other two dogs and handlers run through the test. Sometimes Mary did both. I noticed she handed out treats more often than anyone else.

That was the primary topic at lunch today, why “treat” a dog. She had done research on the subject and added her own experience. She borrows from human psychology a lot. I found that fascinating.

In the afternoon, they ran the other two situations. There isn’t a lot for Kim or me to do. I offered to let her go with a team, but she has no interest.

Kim starts her interrogation of me, “You seem distracted, almost somber. Something or someone on your mind?”

Holy shit, how did she know? I react by quickly turning my head towards her with a look of fright on my face. On seeing my shock, she knows. I have been distressed that they will terminate Nakita. I assumed many years of jail. I won’t ever see her again, so why does it matter to me?

Kim continues with tears in her eyes, “I saw her. That was one pretty woman. Makes me look plain.”

I retort, “You heard what will happen to her. I hadn’t expected something so extreme. She’s responsible for many names on my rifle, yet I wonder if someone else had been the leader would it have been much worse? When I was in the castle, there was a moment that I knew that either Nakita or I would not survive. I have never experienced that emotion before.

“In every other situation, I was in control, and I had every intention that everyone would make it back alive. This was the first time when I didn’t think that would happen. Then my emotions go wild because I found a way to save her. I get her back only to find out I lose as they may terminate her. What do I do with the names of people I don’t save?”

I reach out for Kim and cry in her hair. I couldn’t hold back, the emotions hit me quick. I let out all the pain I had been holding in. As I release Kim, she is in shock, she has no idea how to deal with me and my confession. I am ashamed of myself. I should have zero feelings for someone that killed people, caused so many deaths, and forced herself on me. Yet she is pretty and smart with another dose of gorgeous added. I hate myself for having these thoughts of lust for Penny. I love Kim who is also beautiful. She even lets me have Mary. Ok, we share Mary, but still.

I sit back on the bench and sulk. This isn’t fair to Kim. I am feeling sad because I couldn’t save Nakita, I am depressed because I could not finish my mission, and I’m distressed because I cheated on Kim and Mary. I don’t know how to deal with this. Usually, I come back to happy people and feel fantastic, I saved a life.

Yes, I saved the President’s daughter, but I feel like I left one behind. I failed someone. No, I failed three, Nakita, Kim, and Mary. Am I still worthy of Kim and Mary? I stew all afternoon while everyone else is busy.


After the exercises are over, I invite everyone over for dinner. Kim changes my bandages on my leg and is not happy. I am off to the hospital again so they can clean it and give me an antibiotic. Kim does not stay with us, but that is just fine with Mary. She is excited with endless energy. She can’t stop smiling. Tonight, she is the life of the party. There isn’t much need to find out why the good mood, she is all too happy to explain over and over how glad she was to be included today and to help direct the training.

It is a massive boost to her confidence. She was in her element, training dogs. She got to see what they do and understands exactly the type of training they need. It seems they let her lead one of the exercises and she had a blast. Alex prevented her from getting “killed,” but otherwise all went well.

About 10:00, Barry shows up and wants to talk to me. Everyone else decided it was time to go home. We have half a day tomorrow, and then they go back. They have packing to do. Well, that was the excuse they used.

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