The Replacement Part 1

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Beauty Pussy

Sara had clawed her way through her tough training at the police academy, with determination and sheer persistence she had made it all the way,

now into her second year and still a junior constable, her sights were set on climbing up the ranks, small in stature, good looking but tough on the exterior,

, Her looks caused some concern as the other officers would constantly make unwanted sexual remarks and innuendos. her dis-interest earned her the nick name of the ice girl, or often whispers that she must be a dyke.

Forever tied to a desk or running errands for her work mates, constantly being reminded she was just a girl, should never have been accepted in the force no body wanted such a small girl to watch their backs was the catch cry, all her applications apparently lost or rejected.

Sara never complained or lodged any sort of report as to the way she was treated.

Instead , She just worked harder and whenever the opportunity arose she would show them up , her arrest records and dedication to the job as well as the ability to work through tirelessly to crack some of the tough cases that her team sometimes gave her in the hope she would be made look like a fool,

her instincts were pretty good as well as her ability to stay calm in a crisis.

Her efforts were noted by the leading detectives involved in a case rumoured to be tracking an underground porn producer, that was thought to be luring young women into the porn industry making a handful of videos then the girls mysteriously disappeared,

The women of interest had nothing that could be traced back to her, so in desperation it was decided to try an undercover operative that could get close and dig up some intell.

That operative would have to be the type of female the suspect preyed on..

Sara was approached by the lead female detective Kate, with the proposition of working with them as an undercover agent,

With out any hesitation she jumped at the offer, it was quickly authorized by her superiors, in her excitement and the promise that her applications for advancement would be pushed up the ladder, never in her wildest dreams would she have guessed her role was to play a lesbian’

Unbeknown to her, her name had been put forward by the very team she had worked with. just a few whispers and suggestions that she was a closet lesbo and not interested in guy’s then the false accusations about her dealing with some of the prostitutes she had arrested and rumours of her being suspected of trading sexual favours to let off the hookers she arrested, was enough to convince all, that Sara was the perfect choice for this boring assignment. and maybe a few laughs..

The remarks about her being the right choice and how she would excel in her new role became an every day thing, the whispers about love to see you in a porno, and other derogatory remarks went straight over her head, the giggles by the other police women and male officers all to familiar, Sara discounted them as immature jerks just being the typical show offs but deep down she felt hurt that those she had worked with could be so cruel and thought so little of her.

This is how Sara found herself sitting in a LGBT night club, dressed in seductive clothing that barely concealed her private parts.

Her skin tight dress barely covering her most intimate parts, no bra to conceal the nipple rings proudly displayed thru her semi see through dress for any one that glanced her way to see,

The cameras need a clear view she was informed when she first refused such an outfit. Shivering with nerves and not totally happy about the way she hadn’t been fully briefed on the case , as well as the choice of clothing..

The decisions on how she was to be dressed were obviously made by the male officers that had continuously taunted her and made rude remarks ever since she had joined this team.. In the back of her mind she wondered if it was just another taunt.

Putting on her best seductive smile, the microphone disguised in one of the nipple rings the camera hidden in the other, her earrings carrying the tiny speaker that was giving instructions, a second hidden microphone hidden in the new nose stud as well as another camera hidden in the replacement piercing installed in her clit piercing., hence the no panties she was told. how better to film the suspect and go unnoticed.

The only one she was glad for was the tiny tracking device in her navel piercing. at least it gave her a little confidence..

Unnoticed indeed… I quietly thought.. no bloody panties on, nipples on full display and they expect me to open my legs to a night club full of people.. Unnoticed Fuck.. What have I got myself into.

Sara!! open your legs a little wider, the voice in my ear whispered, lean on the bar and twist around and look in the mirror , that’s it, stop.. open just a little more.. yep that’s the woman over near the door,

..can you see her,, no don’t let her know you are looking at her, watch her in the mirror ,

She seems to be taking an interest in you, open your legs a little more, not to much just so we can get a clear view of her, lift the dress up a little, yep that’s it , Haha she’s getting a hard on for you already, that’s it give her a look at your snatch,

Hey!! open up Sara ,, we need to get a few more snaps.. wait , play hard to get honey she’s making her move.

I was shivering and angry at the comments, still not believing i was sitting here half dressed and flashing my self at a women , the nervousness making me feel sick in the stomach, my mind racing, surely they don’t expect me to flirt with another woman.

I was told just to observe and identify her, then if the chance arose to make small talk. gain as much intell as you can I was told, no big deal just a woman of interest..

Sara!!! The voice pulled me from my thoughts, I glanced into the mirror behind the bar, she was heading straight towards me,

Ohhh shit what do i do i whispered.

Relax honey she looks like she likes you , mmmm good.. good. hehehe , just make like you haven’t noticed her. Could be worse,,, she is a looker, might be your lucky night honey. Snigger snigger. just keep them legs a little spread so we can see whats going on..

Shut up I whispered it’s not funny I’m not a leso…so leave it alone..

Hey gorgeous, on your own, I saw you sitting here looking like you were waiting for someone… Has she stood you up.?

I’m Em!! Short for Emily, heheh hate the name Emily hahaha but we get what we get ehh.

ahhh I’m Sara I stuttered….No I wasn’t stood up I i i ahhh just dropped in for a drink uhhhm and just sort of you knoww…

I felt the gentle touch on my thigh as Emily pulled a stool up closer to me her leg touching mine, I shivered then glanced down at her hand now resting on my bare thigh. I shuddered the bile rising in my throat, struggling with the urge to slap her hand away.

That damn voice in my ear again,, Sara, play up to her!! Play a little hard to get.. but hint she has a chance, we need to get inside her organization,

You can do this Sara… ohhh and Sara.. I think she wants to get inside… You.. heheheh..

Ohhh Honey are you new to this… You know what this club is don’t you honey… Ohh … Are you just coming out..or testing the waters so as to speak…Here let me buy you a drink.

I’m sorry… Em,whispered…as she leaned in closer. I can be a little forward when i see some one as cute as you… whats your poison honey..

I nervously glanced around the dimly lit club and dance floor, i watched in awe as a couple of girls in the corner of the dance floor slowly groped each other, one had her hand under the others short skirt , by the look on her face she was about to orgasm, the other was running her tongue up the side of her girlfriends neck, a slight disgust washed over me to watch such open display of lurid behavior.

Sara!! the voice whispered in my ears ,, she wants to buy you a drink.. answer her now, don’t fuck this up, we need her, its the only way..

If you have to fuck her.. Do it. If you fuck this up you can kiss your career good bye..

I felt the hand on my thigh slide a little higher, her fingers drumming on my inner thigh, I gasped and involuntarily closed my legs tightly together, trapping her hand between them.

suddenly i felt myself blushing looking around in case anyone was watching, that hot flush extending down to my belly, unsure what to do and so humiliated to have another women’s hand so close to my sex.

The very thought that she was attempting to chat me up sent another shiver through me, but the feel of her hand on my bare skin kind of made my stomach churn, but also a strange sensation that made my nipples tingle and harden slightly.

My hand slid down onto hers and started to push her away.

That damn voice in my ear again..

Sara don’t fucking blow this girl… if she wants to finger fuck you just let her.. You signed up for this now do your fucking job….

The very thought that the crew monitoring the cameras and microphones could see her intentions and seemed to be fine with me being groped started to make me sick.

It was then i noticed the mirror under the bar right in front of where i was getting groped,

looking in horror at myself on display every one in the damn place has probably been looking at my bare pussy all evening. any wonder those bastards kept telling me to move and open my legs..

Fucking bastards . i could feel my stomach starting to tighten and the bile rising in my throat. tears starting to form. the very thought that they had deliberately set me up to be ridiculed yet again was to much..

Ohhh I’m sorry I don’t feel well I I tttthink I’m going to be sick excuse me I managed to mutter to Emily..

Here honey let me help you to the loo. here sweetie lean on me ,

My legs were like jelly, my stomach was churning I felt her hand brush over my nipples the other around my waist, then slide up under my arms supporting me as she guided me towards the toilets,

My instinct was to push her away and run out the door but I couldn’t muster the strength. If it was a guy i told myself i would be in serious trouble . glancing at her i saw compassion in her eyes and started to feel safe.

I was wrong.. so so wrong… no sooner we entered the toilet she turned and locked the door, My heart racing and legs like jelly, i leaned back against the sink, her face lit up her smile sent a shiver through me.. i couldn’t move.

Look at you, you gorgeous creature, I’m soooo going to fuck you, that delicious pussy of yours has been teasing the fuck out of me all night honey ,now I’m going to have a little taste.

Your just a little slut tease eh.. not new to this at all.. I’m going to have a little piece of that hot little pussy.

Ohhh fuck….. Help me please .. guys I whispered.

Sara don’t blow this, do what ever it takes…that dreadful voice whispered in my ear.. followed by… You might even like it.. then another extended snigger and what sounded like hands clapping the background.

I felt the hand between my legs, the sweet wine scented breath in my face, and then her mouth closed over mine.

My eyes shot open.. the breath completely knocked out of me, her tongue snaking between my lips, wandering around in my mouth the sheer surprise and sudden attack sent tingles through me,

I tried to steady myself on the sink my dress riding higher the cold sensation as i felt myself pushed up onto the porcelain sink, her hand between my legs delving ever so gently into my surprisingly bayan escort gaziantep wet pussy, her other hand gripping the back of my head as she tongue fucked my mouth, dancing in and around like a serpent.

Ohh fuck she whispered

As soon as i saw you flashing your sweet pussy at me i knew I had to have you,, mmmmm you play hard you sexy little slut.

She slithered done my front, one hand still probing deeper into me, the other now slowly circling my hardening nipples.

Sitting on the cold sink , unbelievably calm, my hands just frozen on either side holding on to the edge of the sink, watching as Emily slowly worked her way down towards my open bare legs, my dress hitched high up to my waist, the feeling as my legs were being gently but firmly pushed apart.

Something deep inside me started to tingle, I felt a light headiness and a sensation i hadn’t felt for a long time, start to swell in my groin,

Unconsciously i felt myself arch my back and slither ever so slowly forward, The touch of her tongue on my womanhood made me bite my lip. tears formed in the corners of my eyes, that feeling of surrender, that hopeless lost feeling I had felt as a young girl reading my first romance novel.

That experimental first time with a boy who left me crying and frustrated, then that dreaded voice in my ear.. pulling me from my thoughts.

Go girl.. you have her hooked… she’s ours.. we knew you could do it.

another clapping of hands in the background.

Bastards couldn’t even wait until the mike was closed..

I stared at this woman who was between my legs, unsure if i was really experiencing this, This wonderfully horrid experience, why wasn’t I completely repulsed .. why is this feeling so good , I should push her away, i should tell her to stop, I should but I didn’t..

Instead I gasped as her tongue worked in and out of me, her fingers gently probing and touching all the right places.

My legs like jelly, I raised them up and placed my feet on the either side of the sink my hands gently and carefully reaching out to cradle this wonderful head that was making me feel so good, leaning back as far as the mirror would allow me.. caught up in a place i never dreamed i would ever visit.

Forgotten for the moment , The camera’s, the microphones the people listening to me being fucked by a woman in the toilets of a busy night club.

The visions of all those that called me a leso behind my back, the snide remarks and the filthy comments from those i worked with and respected, Now they had their proof.. omg what am I doing… omg her tongue how fucking long is it.. I shuddered as the sensations rushed through my entire body..

Moving my hand from her head i slowly closed my eyes and slid my fingers inside the straps of my dress , slowly slipping them down over my shoulders exposing my hard nipples and tender breasts, licking my fingers I started gently rolling my nipples, so tender and sensitive, opening my eyes in sheer bliss, i watched myself being tongue fucked, by a woman I barely knew, playing with my erect nipples and moaning softly , what a sight it was, then i started to cum .

The sound at the door and the shouts from the women attempting to get into the toilet area snapped me back to reality,

ohhh fuck I whispered, Emily I need to get dressed, I started to struggle with the straps, the more i struggled the harder it seemed , nerves took over tears, ran down my cheeks , i started to shake,

Emily slowly smiled at me and slithered up grasping my head and pulling me towards her very wet face, her makeup smeared with my secretions.

I tasted myself on her lips and mouth as she closed over mine, her tongue once more delving deep into my mouth my sex juices smeared over my face the sweet bitter taste of myself mixed with her perfume, her hand grasping mine and sliding it between her own legs pushing my fingers into her wet pussy, then guiding them up to my lips , with out thinking I opened my mouth as she gently pushed each of my wet sticky fingers one by one into my open mouth, with out thinking i sucked each one deep inside my mouth wrapping my tongue slowly around each and licked them clean..

Sara!! Emily whispered in my ear.. how was that honey .. do I taste as good as you… your turn next sweetie..

With that Emily pushed me to the stall nearest. opened the door and disappearing out into the night club.

Shaken and frightened, I hid in the stall trying to get my dress back on’

Ashamedly listening the women talking about that horny little slut that was at the bar flashing her pussy at that bitch Emily.

Have you seen her before .. giggling the other said wouldn’t mind a bit of her myself .. just a little to loud ,as if she knew i was still there.

Hey you… yeah you…hiding in the toilet cubicle, did she fuck you good hahahah you know we can still smell you on the sink.. be careful honey she has a reputation as being a bad ass bitch if you cross her..

Rumour has it she likes young sluts like you for her special friends be careful.

WOOF Woof.. unless you like that sort of thing..

Ohh by the way we wouldn’t mind a bit of that cute pussy you were flashing around earlier. hehehe, If your not going to wear panties .. check out were you sit. giggle.. giggle love your clit ring though hehehe.

I held my breath and tried to stop the tears , a piece of paper slid under the door, I waited until i heard them leave,

The flood of tears blurred my vision as i knelt holding what was left of my crumpled dress.. I had torn the straps off in my haste to put it on, and the back was wet from god knows what, the zip at the back was stuck half way down, it wouldn’t budge I gave it a tug and felt it snap off.

Picking up the note I read the words twice, it wasn’t a phone number it was a warning to get the hell away from Emily while i could, it said she is bad news, in large scribbled words SHE WILL SELL YOUR PUSSY WHEN SHES DONE WITH YOU.

Sara !! can you hear me the words were faint in my ears,

Yyyyes I stuttered, can you see what that girl wrote i almost shouted, I got to get out of here , is that enough , I’m scared.

Sara hold the note up to one of the cameras, let me read it, the voice ordered..

Well I think we certainly have the right lady,

Do you think you can keep up the pretence, sounded like you were getting right into the role, You were acting weren’t you hehehe..

I’m not sure .. she is uhhhm different, and this note puts me on edge.. and no.. I mean yes I was acting.. fuck it was disgusting ughhhg.

The silence before he answered sent a shiver through me,,

Naaa pretty sure she just wants to fuck you, you aren’t the type they normally target for porn and trafficking your not a druggy…Are You…?

Suddenly there was a distant female voice, in the back ground.

You disgusting filthy mouth bastards get your cocks back in your pants and get the fuck out NOWW.. and turn off that disgusting video..

Out!!! Now. What are trying to do, Get an officer killed..!!!. fucking idiot children..

Sara Sara.!!. can you hear me a soft voice whispered in my ear.

Yes i whispered, trying to place this new voice..

I’m Kate.. she whispered I’m taking over the handling of this case and you.

Those guys won’t see or hear anything from you from now on disgusting perverts. Should be sacked.

.Now listen carefully.. this has developed into something way bigger than we thought, ..

Its going to get dangerous and the risks are high, I need to know if you want out now .. I can replace you.. don’t answer, One finger in front of the camera for No two for Yes…

We found a girl wandering around the great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, she was naked and delirious claims the people we are looking at.. Your Emily had tricked her and smuggled her out of Melbourne, she claims to have been subjected to some horrific things…( silence)…

She was branded and micro chipped like an animal, badly scared on her back, and buttocks, her legs and thighs and covered in scratches. and seriously so scared she wont or can’t ID who did it.. we suspect its your new friend,

Do you want Out Sara!!!.

I slowly lowered my hand between my legs adjusted myself and raised One finger ..

Good girl, I promise I will get you out the moment anything looks bad… Now Sara listen to me .. you will have to do some things you wont like,

Were you briefed properly before you started.. yes or no..

I raised One finger..

Fuckers she whispered…

This women has a profile that is off the charts, she has a liking for women like you, .. she will… . Forgive me for being blunt… she will fuck you.. I don’t think you are a lesbian Sara….. I should know because I am.. Can you do that .. can you let her treat you like a lover.. Yes or No.. and can you act like a submissive slut ,

That’s what she likes.. Yes or No.. Think hard about it Sara If you stay It’s going to get rough for you… Trust me on that..

Suddenly the door opened and there she was, Emily stood frowning at me, then that wicked smile crept over her face as she stepped into the cubicle with me, I felt intimidated and just a little scared of her, the crumpled note in my hand dropped to the floor, i quickly knelt down to flick it under the next cubicle, her words stunned me.

While your down there Sara.. Liked the little taste i gave you did you.. hehehe.. Here let me help you..

I’m on my knees still clutching what is left of my dress, my mind is in a whirl it takes me a few seconds to realize what she is expecting me to do.

I look up and see she has lifted her dress and is removing her panties, her smooth bare bald pussy is staring at me , her eyes roll as if to say what are you waiting for,

my face goes red i feel the blush slowly creeping right down my neck and onto my belly, I gulp and stutter.

Wwhat here…, we nearly got caught before, hmmm searching for any excuse, I mutter…

those girls that came in ,,, thhhey knew we were fucking in here. tthey knew you had fucked me and they saw me at the bar ffflirting with you..and they said i was… ..the tears started rolling down my face….

What did they say you were Honey… Hot as fuck .. Horny looking, You are the most fuckable hottest baby girl I have laid eyes on since forever Sara.. dry them beautiful eyes Sweetie..

She threw her arms around me and drew me tightly into a warm reassuring hug, I sniffled and coughed then started to feel something warm building inside me, I felt safe and wanted…

it had been so long since someone had cuddled me with so much feeling I looked into her caring eyes, and saw compassion.

I’m going to take you home honey,, come on ohh and dont worry about them knowing anything, i own this place honey, If i want to fuck my new gorgeous slut on the bar I will. .

Would you like that sweetie

Shocked and a little rattled i shook my head, put on my best face and smiled as seductively as i could, my mind processing her words,

my conclusion was she would try to fuck me on the bar,

The voice in my ears confirmed it… Yyyyess i stuttered i ‘d like that and yyess to the other..

Kate’s soft voice whispered in my ear be careful Sara,, go slow and thank you.. one word of advice Sara,, play submissive and be prepared for a very rough night.

She really wants you…don’t be scared your tracking device is being monitored as we speak ..We are following it’s every movement..

I walked out through the club, my face burning, ever one gave me looks that said they knew where i was going and the shreds of my dress told the rest of the story,

holding my arms tightly across my chest to keep my dress up and feeling the wet sticky mess on my bare backside, I had never been so humiliated but at the same time i could feel myself becoming wetter between my legs the strange tingling feeling was burning deep inside and my nipples were standing proud and hard,

The somewhat rough manner that Emily was steering me through the crowded club and asserting her dominance was starting to have weird effects on me, for a fleeting moment I actually felt frightened of her but at the same time attracted sexually to her

, the images of her between my legs and the moment she kissed me , the taste of her and myself was starting to excite me, the knowledge that as soon as i entered her house if not before we reached it, i would be in a non negotiable position to taste my first pussy’

i had never considered myself to be a lesbian, but this thought had started to arouse me sexually, i wasn’t completely sure how or if i was going to be able to go through with it. but just the fact that now I had someone watching my back that just might be able to guide me ..

No sooner we had got to her car she ordered me to strip I looked at her in silence then heard her voice raise.

When I tell you to do something SLUT do it quickly, Now Get that fucking wet dress off.

I tried to figure out if she was joking and hesitated, looking around the busy car-park, nervously watching people walking towards their cars,

What hhhere in front of everyone, i clutched the dress tighter, I wwwill be naked.. Em… Please not here..

Get that slut dress off and give me a look at those cute perky tits.. Now Sara I’ll not tell you again…

Kate’s voice barely audible.. whispered “Sara”!! just do it, and get in the car.. she’s testing you.. Now get submissive..

Forcing myself to smile seductively I straightened up slipped what was left of the straps over my shoulders and stepped in front of her car, smiled held my breath and shimmied what was left down to the ground,

raising my hands over my head i slowly turned around in circles gyrating and seductively moving towards the passenger door, my face felt hot and flushed.

i didn’t dare look around to see if i had been seen, just quickly opened the door and slid into the warm soft seats.

That’s better , very nice honey now just pop your feet up on the dash like a good little slut.. lets get you to your new home,

and I believe we have unfinished business..

Do you like dogs Sara…?

I was slightly taken back by the random question and hesitated, mmmm why do you ask ,

Just curious she said with a wicked smile and a strange look on her face , as if she was deep in thought.

Well do you or don’t you!! she questioned again…

I guess I could grow to like them I shrugged. I’ve never really thought about it to much

We will have to see won’t we, then she giggled, changing the subject to were i was from and how big my family was.

Then just as casual reached over and slowly slipped her fingers of her left hand into my moist pussy

. I felt disgusted with myself for just closing my eyes and taking a deep breath and not slapping her hand away.

My legs involuntarily parted allowing her deeper access,

I moaned.. Not pretended. Actually started to rock against her soft fingers and really moan.. the whisper in my ear soft and serene…

Sara… Relax. .Sara.. enjoy. .Sara. go with it. .Sara, feel it.. let yourself be hers,,

Almost musical, the words so relaxing..

No longer worried i was being watched by guys and possibly recorded for future torment, completely relaxed as Kate’s voice seduced me slowly, hypnotic like,

I really was becoming so aroused, my mind drifted , wondering what Kate would be like as a lover. .would her fingers feel as good as Em’s just now..

Is she actually watching me being finger fucked as we are speeding down the highway to god now’s where. .Aware of my nakedness and aware my nipple camera would be recording everything as well as the camera in my clit ring, i slowly tilted my nipple downwards , the strange feeling of having Kate see me being fucked didn’t seem odd at the time.. totally aroused i started to feel myself building to a climax.

The whisper in my ear from Kate, Oh.. Sara we are going to do so much with that sexy body of yours.. What a delicious replacement you make. so lucky to have found you.. .

The words just bounced around in my head then disappeared as i started to erupt in the biggest orgasm i had ever experienced, my whole body shook , then i felt the rush of liquid gush out from between my legs. the burst of laughter as Em swerved across the road , swearing about her car seats being ruined but giggling like a school girl.

Me panting uncontrollably. then breaking into a silly nervous giggle.

Driving up a long drive way the sudden dread hit me yet again.

Once we are alone and inside, I knew what she was going to expect.

could i actually go along with going down on her , could i make myself tongue fuck another woman, Omg i gag taking a guy in my mouth, I shudder and start to shiver. Then that soft husky voice in my ear again.. whispering encouragement.

Sara relax your self.. you can do this .. My first time i was so nervous i wet myself.. followed by a giggle.. I started giggling myself out loud ..then glanced at Emily who was looking at me strangely her eye brows raised with that school teacher look of whats so funny..

This is it gorgeous.. Em announced this is my domain, now what I say goes , be obedient and you will be rewarded be disobedient and you will be punished. Are we clear..

Still shivering I glanced around then back to her , I think so, ummmm I don’t know what to call you ..

.my arms wrapping around my breasts and trying hard to maintain a little modesty while standing naked in this massive house.

my legs still damp from my recent climax.. the irony hit me as i felt the moisture creep down my thigh, i let a strange woman finger fuck me to orgasm in her car, naked with my legs spread open on a highway, yet here i stand shivering and trying to salvage a lost dignity.

The sudden urge to kiss her hit me, i glanced down towards the floor, then back to her face,

it was time to see if I could do was now or never, i dropped my arms and stepped towards her, then lowered myself to my knees at her feet….

looking up I managed to utter the words .

I want to taste you on my lips , holding back the shiver that was trying to run through me.. trembling i reached up and slid my hands nervously up her thighs.

Kate’s words once again magically whispered in my ears..

Sara get down on all fours, and seductively crawl towards her.

She likes that, she may put something around your neck …Don’t resist honey just go with her.. be her pet that’s her favourite thing. .let her call the shots.. just think how you like to be pleasured and go with the flow honey… it’s really not that bad ..

A soft sharp intake of Kates breath in my ear, sent a funny sensation through me, i felt my own arousal and heart beat speed up ..Is she flirting with me as well !! flashed through my mind..

I felt the pressure around my neck as Emily fastened something cool and wide on me, i snapped out of my trance, there was a gentle tug on my neck , the pressure increased and i slid forward looking between her open thighs,

I looked up into her eyes, a twisted smile and a long tongue flashing over her lips, i tried to hide the building tremor in my body, I inched forward on all fours , the intoxicating but sweet smell of her womanhood building as i inched closer. I closed my eyes and inhaled her fragrance..

Musky, Sweet and delicate with a hint of vanilla scented perfume .the lingering taste i had experienced of my fingers still on my lips,

The first tentative kiss i placed on her bare thigh sent a small shiver of disgust through me, but that voice in my ear calmed me..

Sara.. slowly.. small licks then gentle fluttery kisses .. a pause then a sharp breath,.. then in a huskier voice.. work your way up one side don’t touch her lips just tease …. another sharp breath…down the other side … use your fingers softly fluttery up and down the oout ssside … a pause a deep breath and a small soft but audible moan…

I knew Kate was masturbating..

Omg that turned me on even more, I started using my mouth gently .. eyes closed .. images of what a boyfriend long ago used to do to me.. I lost myself in the memory of what he did with his mouth and fingers between my legs ..

I imagined all the romantic novels i had read, I started exploring with my tongue my lips my teeth, soft gentle nips how i remember i liked the soft tease and quick nip then I found my tongue had slipped between her sweet wet lips my fingers dancing in all the places i enjoyed.

My tongue delving into her crevice as i liked to have done to me, then the unexpected.. the one thing i loved but never admitted i slowly drifted my tongue downwards lapping at the sticky secretion trickling towards her anal hole, a flick a lick an up and down motion on that tender place between her two holes, that exploratory touch. that tingle on the tip of my tongue as i probe that most intimate place the shiver in response. that loud intake of breath, the wet sensation as i feel her wetness collect on my tongue. the added lubrication the relax and tense again as i probe the tip tingling with that acidic taste..

That whisper in my ear.. push deeper Sara.. fuck that’s so good I want you too..

.Fuck her arse with that sexy tongue..

I pause… then flick my tongue in and out gaining more and more moisture, she yields. I enter my tongue, no thought of why or what I’m doing, lost in the past of what i enjoyed being done to me, one hand drifting up her thighs the other slowly flicking in and out of myself.

I return my wet fingers to replace my tongue, so easily slipping one finger into her taboo hole…

my mouth returning to enjoy the delicious wet pussy now dripping with syrupy sex juice.. lapping and tongue fucking her to climax,

I felt her shudder then cry out as i engulfed her wholly with my mouth i want all of her..

Emily erupted ,

Taken by surprise as her violent shudder and release filled my mouth with her womanly fluid, sweet acidic but so deliciously satisfying to have achieved on her what i have craved for so long,… shivering and trembling I sat back .. stunned by what i had just done, staring at this wide open female genitalia that seconds ago i was lost in… my own thighs sticky and wet..

The husky voice returned to my ears, but differently… closer so close.. I could be forgiven for thinking she was behind me.. But wait .. did you ddid you say Em… Kate.. I whisper almost to myself. I stiffen in fear then slowly turn my head.. Sitting quietly with a huge smile is a woman… dressed in uniform.. holding a small transmitter… Her face so familiar,, I ‘m sure I’ve seen her at the office..

We got a good one Em.. You have had your fun now we need to get her ready..

The plane leaves early in the morning.. Don’t let this one get away.. just lucky to have found a replacement so quick…

Haven’t got another one like her.. If we lose her we are in big trouble..

The buyers are pissed about the other one.. she looked good on film. we wont have a lot of time to prep this one for those video’s we promised to supply,

if we don’t fill that order we lose a lot of money as well as customers

I just stared.. shocked.. I didn’t .see Emily moving towards me. i didn’t feel the needle she pressed into my arm, all i felt was a cold fear creeping through me as whatever had been injected into me started to relax every muscle in my body,

I lost the ability to move arms first , then slowly sank to the floor, No control of any part of my body, I could see and hear but couldn’t move a muscle . I tried to scream ..nothing. .not a sound came out, the only thing I could control was my eyes


I felt Emily kiss my cheek. .then heard Kate.. my eyes darted in the direction of her husky voice..

Sara honey this is only temporary, it’s just to get you adjusted hun..ohh and to introduce you to your co-star.

I felt myself being moved , the soft pillows tucked under my back, positioned in a sitting position, my legs being positioned. .knees drawn up wards then gently pushed apart, the hand caressing my wet tingling pussy, my arms were positioned slightly back and in a way to hold myself upright. .

All the time just darting my eyes from one woman to the other. Both just talking and giggling as they set me in the desired position, my mind screaming , but no words..

She’s a natural… takes to pussy well considering… mmmm shame we can’t keep her… but we need a new dog slut..

What about the cameras and microphones, Emily queried, how bout we leave the one in her pussy for Now, and we set the other to catch the action… giggles and laughs….

I felt fingers on my nipples the tug and little pull as the Mic and camera came out of my tingling nipples.. my eyes darting around , I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. .and drip off my chin.

The sound of something different, a panting noise, the clicking on the floor a ruffling noise.. a new smell drifted towards me..

my eyes wildly darting around , a glimpse of a large shape, then a wet sensation on the side of my face..

Sara hun meet Zeus..

Kate’s voice bounced in my head, then her next words sent a cold fear deep through me.


If you thought Ems tongue was long…. giggles.. Your going to love his.. more giggles..

Emilys voice muttered something about thats not the only surprise your going to get sweetie ohhh No!!!… Knott at all..


Both Kate and Emily burst out laughing.. My eyes darting from one to the other trying to move , hopelessly parallelized, my voice echoing in my mind but nothing coming from my mouth… I focused on the massive screen on the wall as it burst into life.. a girl appeared….

At first i thought was me… She was on her hands and knees.. scratches down her sides and on the backs of her legs, her face filled with horror,

I watched a massive dog approach her then start licking her behind.. Suddenly he was on her back and started humping her, the flashes of different angles showed him actually fucking her..

I tried to look away. but my eyes were glued to her. picture after picture of this poor girl. her eyes filled with tears as this huge animal defiled her,

The slow motion of him gripping her tightly, His tail raised the pulses and dripping semen zoomed in on the screen..

her anguish evident on her face… the slow motion as he turned, tied to her back to back , The humiliation on her face as she was dragged behind this huge dog… the rounds of applause from the audience surrounding her, then the view of her in this horrible act from afar showing her on centre stage, surrounded by people watching her performance,

women and men with cameras , glasses of wine in hand smiles and then a loud cheer as this animal pulled free from her… silent screams on her face the painful look as this massive ball emerged from her swollen cunt, followed by a gush of liquid..

I stared at the size of the dog cock.. the swollen knot the size of a tennis ball.. my heart started to race my mind spun out of control… I knew this was the girl that I was about to replace… the one that had been found…

The touch of something wet and warm between my legs.. my eyes dropped down…In absolute horror.. I watched this massive head dip down.. the sensations as his tongue lapped up and down between my labia the shock as i felt it delve deep inside me..

. i felt my self starting to urinate in sheer fear… no amount of will power could tighten my pelvic muscles .. the warm wet sensation as i wet myself, my silent screams and the tears rolling down into the corners of my mouth were all to much to bear…

eyes darting around rolling inwards the only control i could manage.. my body reacting to this horrible experience, a quivering between my legs.. looking at the screen I was the one now on display…

The recording indicator flashing…

Enough Zeus… Kate yelled.. Stand down… the licking stopped .. he rose looked me in the eyes and appeared to smile… growled at me then walked out of my vision..

He was enormous and intimidating… i once again lost control of my bladder,

The vision of me leaning back against the pillows, a serene look on my face, legs spread, knees up casually looking at the camera as if i was in full control.. my open gaping sex staring back at me.. a puddle beneath my buttocks.. then the image from the camera still attached to my clit,,

A massive head approaching, a wet long tongue swiping up and down my thighs, then swiping up and down my wet cunt, the dancing of the camera each time the tongue emerged.. the stream of urine spraying outwards droplets caught on camera as they splattered on the tiny lens then a tongue and teeth as it wiped away the moisture.. evidence that i had just been tongue fucked by a dog…

Sara honey this is still being recorded at the station… enough for those clowns that were put in charge of monitoring you to be severely reprimanded for compromising your safety.. giggle..

They are so in trouble for losing you, and to have this pop up on their computers …well they will have some serious explaining to do..

Apparently the last signal from your tracking chip, was recorded in Dubai.

We have alerted their airports and train stations to be on the look out for you… I think your next signal is to be from the middle east somewhere giggle giggle..

You are quite the traveller at the moment.. I did mention your every move was being monitored didn’t I..

Now this is going to sting a little hun it’s your new chip.. giggle.. don’t want to lose you now do we Em.. way to valuable…

My heart sank, The words stung more than the needle injecting the tracking device into my shoulder..

my hopes that i was being tracked lost..

My eyes tracked Kate as she approached .. she was wheeling a strange looking frame towards me.. as it got closer i saw straps and a padded cushion in the middle, a tee configuration at one end and a weird looking extension with a small pad at the other.

Straps dangled from all over it..

I was lifted effortlessly and manhandled face down over it ,

I could feel my legs being bent this way and that, my arms pulled forward and bent at the elbows in a kneeling position with the cussion as a support under my belly,

My forehead resting on the small pad at the front, knees wide apart , the straps tight over my midriff,

My hardening nipples just touching the rug underneath me stimulating them each time i was pulled and pushed into this strange position,

I felt the cool air feathering around my exposed anus and vagina, occasionally one or the other would run their finger between my butt cheeks dragging my wetness up to my sensitive anal hole

i was quivering it felt so open no muscle control, entry into my rectum so easy for the probing fingers. the not knowing what was about to happen..

not that i expected it to be good, combined with the fear and adrenaline starting to rush through me was starting to arouse me sexually’

i felt the moisture trickling down my thighs, then a gentle set of fingers wiping upwards and probing my anal cavity i felt my level of arousal building, the sensation i was about to cum, then something large pushing into my anal cavity it stretched me wide, far wider than i could imagine possible then as it settled inside me i felt myself close around it, heightening my arousal further , a feathery feeling on my inner thighs, and a whisper that her tail looks so sexy..

As soon as i heard the panting and the scraping on the floor i knew what was about to happen a terror gripped me . the frame. the straps to hold me from falling, the tail plug .

Please NOOOO I screamed wordlessly..

I felt the tongue, the wet sensation of him licking and tasting me internally i felt the unbelievable rush as i started to cum.. then the soft hair on my back his front legs gripping me tightly pulled me backwards, the stabbing of his dripping cock as it searched for my entrance, the shock as he entered me..

That explosive sensation as he slammed hard into me easily sliding in and out my now dripping wet cunt..

mentally i was screaming.. physically i was reacting with a sudden urge to push back as he humped, me that feeling as he swelled and lengthened. i felt him hitting my cervix. i felt the continuous pulse of his semen being injected into me.. the warm glow that started to radiate around every nerve in my body, the husky voice in my ears telling me to go with it Sara, give yourself to him, feel the heat honey, such a beautiful bitch. you can take his cock deeper Sara..

My body let me down …with tears of humiliation and disgust at what was happening.

my body had made up its own mind, the rush overwhelmed me, i felt it growing.. i so wanted to push back on the now still dog, his panting and pulses of cum being constantly injected into my cervix was unbelievable,

never had my body felt so sensual. the sensations running through my immobile body felt so wonderful but so horrible at the same time.

He stepped over me,, I felt him twist and tug,

The pain in my swollen cunt almost unbearable, tears pouring from my eyes as he settled with his back to me..

i felt his tail flicking on my bare buttocks, I felt movement only slight but a little in my fingers I blinked , I wriggled my toes they actually moved, then the sudden sharp pain and popping noise as he pulled what felt like a tennis ball out of my cunt the gush of liquid,, i jumped forward the flood gushing out of me.

My voice slowly returned , my movement becoming controllable again, the mixture of humiliation and disgust at how this disgusting act had made me explode with such a powerful orgasam, that rush of pleasure i had never experienced before still lingering, my body started trembling with the aftermath of pleasure the sharp spasms causing gushes of dog semen to spurt out between my wide spread thighs the tingling sensation radiating from my hard nipples my restrained hands stopping me from continuing this magical sensation rushing through me .crying from fear or pleasure so confused.

Lifting my head my eyes drawn to the screen, the replay of me and my dog lover,

The horrifying reality of what i had just experienced, that look of ecstasy on my face the horrible feeling that I looked so calm and presented to be enjoying being fucked by a dog..

I sunk my forehead back down , and let the tears flow unsure if they were tears of pleasure or tears of shame.

Will Sara be rescued, or is she destined to become The Replacement..

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