The Rendezvous Ch. 01

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Ball Licking

The flight was lifting off of the runway and mixed thoughts were going through my mind. I had just spent one of the most incredible times I’ve ever had and was returning home. As the plane leveled off at 30,000 feet I leaned my head back onto the seat and closed my eyes and visions of the purpose of this trip raced through my mind.

It was only three days ago, I flew into Los Angeles to meet a chat friend.

We had been talking for a while and had become pretty close. Naturally, our conversations were quite normal as the internet goes, and that usually means we get to the subject of sex.

Our talks really got to us to the point that we had to see each other.

Barbara had never cheated on her husband but the lure and excitement of internet infidelity brought her to a point that she agreed to finally meet me.

As I walked into the airport waiting area, my eyes searched for the woman that had brought me to fly halfway across the country to be with. I started to panic when there was nobody even close to the description she had given me. Finally, I saw this stunning lady come around the corner dressed as she said she would be. After seeing her gliding movement towards me, my heart started racing. Was this her? I hoped so because she was gorgeous.

Finally her eyes met mine and a big smile crossed her lips. She had the advantage over me because I had sent her a picture of myself even though she didn’t have any.

The closer she got, the more excited I became. Finally, without any words spoken, she flowed into my arms and we gave each other a big welcome hug.

“Hello Jimmy,” she says as we looked each other in the eyes. Still holding each other, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I knew then that this was going to be one wonderful weekend.

We got my bags and she drove us to the hotel that I had made reservations at. On the way, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We had to be careful though with the LA traffic. Once we arrived, I checked in and we both went up to our room.

When we finally got in the room, my first thought was to ravage her right then and there, but I held off with my thoughts. I was starved and suggested that we go get something to eat and just get to know each other in order to feel more comfortable. I could tell that she was nervous since this was the first time she had ever strayed from her marriage.

We found a nice little restaurant next to the hotel lounge and decided to go there. We laughed and cut up while we were eating and I could see that she was really getting relaxed. Once we finished eating, Barbara suggested we go into the lounge and have a few drinks so I agreed. We found a little table next to the dance floor and ordered.

After a couple of drinks, the hotel band started playing some good soft music. I took her hand and suggested we dance some before we retire to the room. She agreed and flowed into my arms once on the floor. This was the first real contact with her and it excited me more than I imagined.

We wrapped our arms tightly around each other and after a little our bodies seem to move closer to each other as if we both had our own gravity. The songs were romantic which added to the flames that were building in our bodies. Our feet seemed to forget what we were doing because we hardly moved from the spot we were dancing in. While pressed together, I felt the bulge in my pants starting to swell and it didn’t go unnoticed by her as well. She pressed her hips closer and started rubbing them against my growing erection. The air seemed to get thinner in there as we started breathing a little heavier by now. I pulled my face away from her cheek and looked her in the eyes and whispered, “Barbara, are you ready?” She let out a gush of air from her lungs and says, “Yes, you just don’t know how much I’m ready.” We grabbed our drinks and we headed toward the elevator.

As the elevator started moving up to our floor, I couldn’t resist the moment and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She melted against me as our tongues explored each other. Feeling the elevator stop, we broke the kiss and looked to see if it was our floor. It was, so we hurried to our room.

Once inside, we sat the drinks down and our bodies flowed into each other’s arms as we resumed our heated kiss. Our hands were all over each other.

Our bodies ground against each other as my bulge seemed to re-appear. I felt her hands tugging my shirt out of my pants and then bahis firmaları they went to my buckle and I felt it open. I lifted my shirt all the way off and tossed it aside as she begins lowering my pants.

Once they were down to my ankles, she stood up and her hand slid into my briefs and she found the hard cock that she wanted so badly. Before we could get her clothes off, she pulled me by her hand to the bed and pushed me down on it and her hands returned to my raging erection. She crawled up on the bed with me as she started stroking me and gently kissing my thighs and stomach while her hand brought me to even greater heights.

“Wait Barbara, let us get your clothes off,” I tell her. She just looked up at me and told me that we had plenty of time for that. “I want to do this Jimmy, so just relax and let me have my fun,” she says with a little grin.

My cock standing erect now, she lowered her face to me and extended her tongue and circled my head and tasting the pre-cum that had formed in the tiny slit. I closed my eyes as she continued stroking me and then taking the head into her mouth.

I moved my hand down to her head and ran my fingers into her hair as she kept licking me and alternated by taking the cock head into her mouth while she twirled her tongue around it. A moment later, she removed her hand from around my shaft and she lowered her mouth, taking as much as she could into her mouth. I gasped as I felt her warm mouth descending down the length of my cock. When it got to the back of her mouth, she gagged a little then I could feel her relaxing her throat and she took all of me then. I was in heaven.

She moved her head back up and with her free hand, she reached between my legs and she cupped my balls. I opened my legs to give her free access to me and she started bobbing her head up and down as she massaged my cum filled balls.

My hand on her head moved up and down with her action and I could feel that good feeling racing throughout my groin area. She sensed that I was beginning to lose all of my control so she raised her head from my cock and slid a finger into her mouth. Once it was wet, she moved it back down to my balls and lower until she placed it at the tiny opening of my ass.

My cock jerked when I felt the pressure of her finger and I knew that it wouldn’t be long now before I lost it. She pushes her finger slowly against my tiny hole but didn’t push it all the way in. She then lowers her mouth onto my cock again and buried it once again in her throat. My hips started moving up as she came down on me. Her head started bobbing up and down allowing me to fuck her hot mouth.

Losing the remainder of my control, I tell her, “Ohhhh Barbara, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum.” That didn’t phase her as she started fucking my cock with her mouth even harder now. I began to moan lightly and thrusting my hips as I held her head in place. “Ohhhhh babbbbbyyyyyy, that’s it, I’m losing it, I’m going to cum Barbara,” I moan vocally.

Barbara pushed her finger with force into my ass and I exploded. Streams of hot cum rushed into her mouth as she sucked and licked even harder. Never have I felt so hot as that moment. My cock keeps jerking as she fucks me with her finger. I feel her suction draining me of every drop as my body finally relaxes.

Barbara then crawls up onto my body and kisses me and I tasted the remnants of my cum still on her tongue. It was my turn now to give her the same type of pleasure she had just given me.

I had her sit up on the bed and I removed her blouse and her bra. I then helped her lay back down and I got up from the bed and pulled her to the edge of the bed where I could take off her pants. She unbuttoned her pants and I caught the cuffs and I begin pulling off of her shapely legs. Once they were off, she was now dressed only in her shear white panties. I hooked my fingers in the panties and I begin to pull them off of her. I noticed that the spot next to her pussy kind of stuck to her as I pulled them off. She was already wet I could see and while standing over her, I drew the panties next to my nose and I took a deep breath, smelling the alluring fragrance of her womanhood.

Barbara instinctively covered herself with her hand but I grabbed her wrist and moved it away so I could soak in her beauty. She was incredible. I knew that we were going to be good together and I started things off by leaning over her whole body and finding her nipples with my mouth. I kaçak iddaa circled each nipple with my tongue and gently nibbled on each one. I then started kissing down her stomach but never reached her love mound.

I raised up and grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed where her legs were hanging off. I then opened her legs and knelt between them. I took one leg and began kissing around her ankle, up her calf to the back of her knees. Her womanly aroma was very much intoxicating. I alternated legs and kissed upward until my face was only inches from her wet pussy. I could see the glistening of fluids that clung to her labia. Not waiting another second, I lowered my face and extended my tongue. I begin licking the wetness then took my fingers and opened her up to my gaze.

When my tongue sliced inside of her, she let out a low moan. I looked up and her eyes were closed tightly in anticipation. With my fingers holding her open, I found the center of her core with my tongue. I pushed it as deep as I could and felt her silky walls give as I entered her with my tongue. Her taste was unbelievable. But I knew that it would be.

I moved my tongue out of her pussy and with my finger, I moved her little hood that covered her clit an now it was totally exposed to me. I moved forward once again and my tongue found her hard little nub. Her body jerked when I made contact. Her clit was hot and I knew that it wouldn’t take long before she was in the throes of an orgasm.

I slid my tongue into her again and began moving it in and out. Her hips began to move with the rhythm of me fucking her with my tongue. In and out my tongue slid until I stopped all of a sudden. I then moved my fingers up to the opening of her pussy and pressed two of them inside. She gasped once again as she felt my fingers entering her. I started fucking her with them while I moved my tongue to her clit. When I began massaging it and the sensation of my fingers going in and out, she started thrusting her hips harder against me.

I felt her fingers behind my head and felt her pulling my head harder against her. My fingers moving harder now as I pushed them as deep as I could each time she thrust herself against me. Her breathing becomes labored now as she me invading the one area that nobody but her husband has had since she got married.

“Ohhhh Jimmy, keep doing that, keep fucking me with your fingers, suck on my clit, God I need this so bad,” she says as I slid a third finger inside of her now. Her hands pulled harder on my head as her clit enters my lips and a slow steady suction commences. Her hips were thrashing now as I drove my fingers in and out of her hot cunt. A harder suction on her clit causes her to fuck back even harder.

“FUCK MEEEEE JIMMY, GIVE ME YOUR COCK, FUCK ME NOWWWWWW,” she begs but I wasn’t ready to give her my cock just yet. I wanted her to have her first orgasm so I could taste it. Harder I fucked her with my fingers. I drove them as deep as I could while my suction brought her over the edge.

“OHHHHHHH GOD I’M CUMMMMMMMING JIMMY, FUCK ME, PLEASE, SUCK ON MY CLIT HARDER,” she screams. At that moment I felt her pussy contracting as her juices rush against my mouth. I kept moving in and out of her until I felt like I have licked and sucked all of her juices she gave me. Her body tenses up and she arches her back as she explodes with another orgasm right after the first. She then collapses on the bed and I moved up quickly and took her in my arms and held her tightly as she came down off of that orgasm.

After a few minutes of recuperation, I felt her hand moving down my stomach and grabbing my cock. Her passion brought me back to life and I was ready to let her have her request. I suggested that she get on top and she agreed. I helped her up and she stood over my hips with her legs on each side. Barbara then did something that both surprised me and excited me at the same time. While she was standing over me, she took her fingers and slide a couple inside of her pussy while she looked and grinned at me. I smiled back and took my hand and found my cock and began stroking it.

As I looked up into her eyes, I saw deep passion showing up across her face. She started sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy and each time, she brought her fingers over her clit. I continued stroking my cock, getting it harder. Her expression changed all of a sudden and she looked like a woman possessed with a true mission in mind. She lowered kaçak bahis her body now and reached down and replaced my hand with hers as she guided the head of my hard cock to her opening. Her face became one of lust as she felt my cock spreading her silky walls when she lowered down on me. When she had about half of me in her, she raised her body and came down once again, imbedding my spear deeper in her cavern. She leaned over and placed her hands on my chest and sank down with one good push and buried me in her until our pubic areas were in contact with each other.

“God she was so hot,” I thought to myself. Her pussy was on fire and I added to the fuel. She started moving up and down on me harder as her expression kept changing on her pretty face. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pulled her deeper if that was possible. My hips lifted off of the bed each time she came down on me. I pushed her down harder on my cock each time. She was fucking me hard now and was clearly working towards another explosion.

She leaned over more and her mouth met mine. Our tongues found each others and I sucked hers into my mouth and sucked it like she earlier sucked on my cock.

Her hips started thrusting harder against me as she worked herself into a frenzy. She raised up again and leaned back, throwing her head back while her hands reached around her and braced herself on my legs. She continued fucking me then stopping and grinding her clit on the base of my cock.

I took my thumb and wet it good with my mouth and moved it to her clit. I found her hard clit and started massaging it with my thumb. She wasn’t used to that but found a new trigger in bringing about another orgasm. She started fucking me harder now as I rubbed her clit.


Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise as she began cumming. Her body shook, then jerked, then tensed up as her fluids bathed my cock. She then collapsed against my chest and I held her once again until I had to finish what we had started. I hadn’t cum that time and my balls were still aching to find release.

I rolled her over onto her back and moved in between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy once again. I pushed the head just inside and pulled it out all the way. I then guided my cock head to her clit. I pushed into her pussy again and repeated but this time I tapped her clit with the head of my cock. Finally I pushed it in this time and started a slow rhythm of fucking her.

I increased my speed and then slowed down then speeding up again. At one point, each time I thrust my cock into her pussy, I’d move my hips to the left or right, touching the sides of her silky walls giving us a different sensation. Finally I felt I was nearing the much needed orgasm I sought after.

I then stopped and took her ankles and raised her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulder so I could fuck her like that and obtain deeper penetration.

I looked into her eyes and started thrusting my hips in a more urgent manner. In and out, I drove my cock until I could feel our pubic areas pounding against each other. I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

My breathing was more of a sucking sound as I grasped all the air I could.

My balls ached to be released. I pounded my cock in her until we both were ready to explode.

“That’s it Barbara, (gasp) Fuck me baby, (gasp) fuck me and make me cum all over your womb,” I say as I could feel my cock swelling. “I CAN’T HOLD IT ANY LONGER BARBARA, I’M GOING TO CUM BABY, OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEESSSSSSSSS NOWWWWWWW BAAAABBBBBYYYYYY, FUCK ME HARDER,” I raise my voice.

Barbara grabbed my arms for leverage and began thrusting her hips into mine as her body rose to a fevered pitch. “CUM WITH ME JIMMY, FUCK ME HARDER, OHHHHH SHIIIITTTT HERE IT CUMS, AAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she screams as she feels the rush of cum splashing against her womb.

“YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS” was all I could mutter as my cum rushes out into Barbara’s throbbing pussy. I collapsed along side of her and held her tightly once again. Our hearts were pounding together as we both gasped for air. Never before have I been so content and so fulfilled.

We finished the weekend together in much of the same manner. Making love and exploring each other’s sexuality, but that’s another story. When the plane touched down, it brought me back to reality. I probably won’t ever see her again but I knew that she would be online tonight. It definitely was the best weekend of my life.

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