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THE RED ROBE”Brie?”I wandered through the living room and into the kitchen.”Brie!”She wasn’t home. I had specifically said 2:00. I won’t have time.But as I reached the steps to check upstairs, I could hear water running.I pounded on the door, “Mom! Mom.”I pounded again, “I don’t have a lot of time. I have to get to this interview.” It was my first chance to work here since I arrived.”I have one hour and I used twenty minutes to get here.”I heard the water stop, and as I turned to head back downstairs and wait, the door peaked open.There was mom through a thin line of light at the door, soaking wet. Dripping, water on the floor. “Sorry boo. I forgot.””Did you get the stuff. Is it in the car?” I asked.I was peaking through the crack into the bathroom, could see her smiling face as she leaned toward me. But trying to see more, her bare legs, an elbow. Why was I doing that? The door shifted a little, wavering, her soft brown skin narrowing and widening, just blurs. She had a towel loose in her hand.”Hmmm. But we BOTH need to move it. Be right down.” And she turned away, I saw her ass perfectly for just a moment as the door pushed closed with her foot. And through the door she called, “Don’t you try moving it yourself.” I turned, closed my eyes. Damn! She was fine. I trotted down the stairs, and in a beat she was in the kitchen wearing just a little robe, it came down mid thigh. Red silk with a red sash.”Sorry, I totally lost track of the time. I can help you now.”She had bought some lumber and they had packed it on the roof of our car. There were sheets of plywood and she needed the stuff off her car before she went to work. I agreed to come home and help. In fact I was home this summer to help with some construction projects at the house, as I was between jobs.She headed for the door and I let my eyes, once again, drift down her back, the red silk falling down around her, tied lightly at her waist and following past the hem of her robe to her long legs.. Her dark black hair, still wet, set just over the collar. There were three words covering her ass. I smiled as I read ‘THIS END UP’ in a curly script of white letters, and an arrow pointing down right between her legs ending at the hem.She looked back at me, saw my eyes on her ass and smiled, “Oh, don’t you pay no attention to that.”I blushed, and followed her out into the back yard still eyeing her.She glanced at me, a smile on her face. “Better get used to it, cause I’m no prude.”Thinking to myself *This End Up* as I watched her pad out to the car.*************The agreement was that I could stay with Brie so long as I worked on the house, renovating rooms, fixing stuff, and in general doing whatever other projects she came up with while I was there. I hadn’t been to her house in years and really knew no one in town anymore, but I looked a few people up and Brie mentioned that she would introduce me around, get me into the neighborhood. I had a room right next to hers and settled in quickly. I had very few things with me, most of my stuff was in storage. I had a free summer. My work was construction, so the stuff she wanted me to do was easy in comparison. This would be a really great year.I hadn’t spent much time with my mom, and I can’t honestly keep track of where I was through most of my c***dhood. My dad was Scandinavian with some Irish; and mom – Brie is what she insisted I call her – was African American. They had met in college, whirlwind romance and sometime when I was no more than two, I have no idea, they parted and I ended up staying with my dads parents for a number of years; later with my dad. I do remember spending summers with Brie when I was six until about ten (the most fun summers of my life). And I kept in contact after that. She was FREE, she told me that herself. She was an author a poet a painter an activist and for her day job she closed mortgages at the local bank.Her hair was long, straight, black falling down around her shoulders. I was watching her lift the plywood off the roof of the car and, turning herself, holding her one arm up causing the little robe she was wearing to ride up, and to my eye she was hot. How old was she? I had no idea. No idea how old she was when she had me. Dad was at least 45, what was she when they were together – 20? She didn’t even look thirty. The robe rode up and I could see the swell of her ass. She felt it too, and looking back at me called back “Don’t you be looking at nothing.””My eyes are closed Mom.””Well don’t close your eyes either! And its Brie.”That was her way.By the time the lumber was hauled up into the house, we were both hot and sweaty. Her robe had pulled open at the top forming a deep V all the way down to the sash. If her breasts had been smaller they would have fallen out, but they held nice and tight in the fabric, the silk held taught. I needed to sit down, clear my head.”Damn. That was work. I didn’t think this through. I need another shower.”She fell into a seat before me, her robe was still open, she was wiping herself with her sleeve.I reached into the fridge and took out a coke. “I got to get going.””You go little Boo.” She leaned in took my hand kissed me on the cheek. She always called me that and up the stairs she ran away from me.I sat back down a moment sipping my coke.*************Brie was not how I remembered her. I didn’t remember a woman who moved the way she did, the naturalness of her. The smell however I absolutely did remember. It was amazing, mesmerizing, safe. I walked into the house, inhaled, closed my eyes and melted. I was home. When she stepped up to me and hugged me to her, held me there, I wanted to cry.She was happy, I remembered that. She was smart and funny and quick, I did not remember all of that. She was beautiful. I remembered, but I could not stop looking at her. She moved like a butterfly, light and graceful. Her arms so smooth, chocolate brown, her hands so graceful. Her breasts heavy, but perfectly shaped, the way they moved with her, so natural.Brie was no prude, and I remembered that. She wore so little clothing around the house, that it was hard for me. The reserve I had grown up with, and as the heat rose in this little town I was living in now. The heat was close they called it and I could not have imagined how the smells grew around me, how they filled my lungs as the heat grew closer. At breakfast Brie came down in just her night shirt. What she slept in – I would imagine – padding through the kitchen, nothing underneath. I could tell, her body all in motion beneath the fabric, no lines, her body was this beautiful world of curves and flesh. I watched for the places where her body pressed to the fabric giving a hint to her bare outlines underneath. Her neck was long, muscular and when she turned her head with such a soft profile, head held high she looked like a goddess. I remembered sitting in this same kitchen ten years earlier. I always knew she was strong.When she sipped her coffee she closed her eyes and breathed in, each morning. She settled into her chair across from me her wide eyes and smiling said, “What you going to do today Boo?”At the time it was leveling the floor of the porch and I would explain how I was going to do it. She breathed, “Mmmm, you know an awful lot.”I smiled. She was proud. I felt so small in her presence.——–This morning though, I slept in and as I roused looked toward the foot of my bed…There was mom.”Brie? What …”She looked up, spoke in such a soft voice, “Good morning sleepy head,” standing at my closet, the doors open.”What are you…?”She was wearing one of my shirts, buttoned down the front. White with a long tail so when you tuck it in it does not come back out. It was large on her, I noticed that, the cuffs hanging unbuttoned over her hands. Her nightshirt was laying on the floor. She had pulled it off and put on one of my shirts. I realized she had to have been walking around in my room, if even for a moment, naked. She had changed in my room, into one of my shirts!I woke a little more and also realized I was naked, laying under the lightest of sheets which crossed at my hips, my cock was stiff you could see the contour pressing up, forming this little tent and I rose pulling the sheet up over myself lifting it and holding it away.”You have the SAME shirts that your father did, you know that? He wore this very thing.””I think that one is…” I pointed at what she was wearing, “…Dads. He gave me a bunch a few years back.””Hmmm.” She stroked the fabric and put her chin down into her shoulder, “The smell, you know you smell like him too.”She came over and set on the bed, lay her hand on the sheet by my hip.”He was one I never should have let go of. I didn’t know it then.”I was brushing my hair out of my eyes.”You got his eyes you know that. You’ve grown. Gotten so big. You know when you was born it was such a scandal! A white man with a black woman, but when you was born you were as white as you are now. Not blonde, not blue eyed. You got your black hair and your brown eyes from me, but that was all. I looked at you and asked, ‘Is that mine?’ I couldn’t believe it. They told me the pigmentation would come in later. That’s what they called it, pigmentation. But you know what, it never did.”I was watching her brushing the sheet with her hand, just reaching to the edge of my hip sliding her hands along the fabric there. Her shirt was up around her thighs as she set into the mattress, and I knew she was wearing only that shirt. I eyed her carefully. She kept her legs together, the fabric falling around her legs, and held myself upright wearing nothing, holding the sheet away from my crotch, as she touched my hip.She kept talking, the words flowing from her and I relaxed, remembering her stories.”This is like when I used to stay here, you would come in my room wake me up.””That’s right. You always were a late sleeper.””It’s not late.””In my world it is.” She looked at her watch, “I’m going to be late,” and rising from the bed, “You made me late!””I was sleeping.””I needed this,” and she held up a brush in her hand. “And when I saw those shirts. I had to try it on.” She paused and looked into my eyes putting her head down, “You didn’t see nothing did you?”I shook my head. Closed my eyes, tried to imagine what I might have seen had I…She bent low and took her nightshirt in her hand and walked out still wearing my shirt.”Better change in my room. See you tonight.”******************Every time I looked at mom after that I could see her with my shirt on, the curve of the hem rising at her thighs. The top three buttons undone, the cuffs hanging over her hands. Her fingertips laying on the white sheet next to me. One day I handed her one of them. “Here, have it.”She took it in her hand squeezed the fabric.”Wear it any time you want.”And I went back out onto the porch.***********We were laughing tonight, everything was so fine. The floor in the porch was done, tiled. I was ready to put in new windows and new doors throughout the house, get rid of the drafts. I came in exhausted and threw myself into a chair at the table Brie set up in the ‘new’ porch. Brie was sitting across from me.She fixed a roast, beautiful roast and I was hungry. She set the table so nice, glass dishes and napkins.”Clean up first.””Yeah,” I rose from the chair.”Excuse me. Do I look like a yeah?””Yes, Ma’am,” and I ran up the stairs.When I came back down I saw she had even set out some wine glasses.I sat down looked at her, she tilted a bottle of red wine at me. “We’re celebrating tonight.””I drink beer.””This is a classy place tonight, you’ll drink some wine with ME.”She put her chin out and filled my glass. It was nice, she was in charge. She was always in charge around here.We talked about when I was seven and eight, and nine and ten, the summers at the house. The same one; we were the ones who had changed.I said it seemed smaller now.She said, you were the one who was smaller then.She recounted how she stopped driving for ten whole years because she thought cars were trying to kill her. She didn’t even like to be in a car. Felt safer in buses or walking.The first incident happened while I was at school. Brie was sitting in the living room and remembered something she needed, and was just to the door to get it when WHAM! Explosion!! The whole side of the house fell in. A car had run over the curb and fell right into the front living room.”If I hadn’t got up I’d be dead.”I looked at the wall where the accident occurred.”You’d never know. They did a good job fixing it.”I remembered coming home that day, the cop cars everywhere, the fire truck on the lawn. How I started crying. Running into her arms. It brought tears to my eyes even now, that feeling of loss, the fear of losing your parent at eight years old. The feeling of her arms around me saying, ‘It’s ok baby.’I said, “I thought you were dead when I came home.””I almost was dead. That close.” She held her fingers apart a half inch.The second incident happened just a few weeks later. She was shook up and taking taxis. She sat in the back seat and was leaning forward to yell at the driver who had just missed a turn when she realized his eyes was closed.The car lurched out of control and jumped the curb, hit two vehicles and then rolled into the parking lot, and then crash right through the front window of a coffee shop with mom sitting in the back seat crying and yelling.The taxi driver had a heart attack and lay dead in the front seat. Mom always said the car killed that man.The third incident was when she sat along the lake, it was set down low, and there was a wall behind the coffee shop. She loved morning coffee, and she liked to sit and sip her coffee and look out at the water when a car flew not two feet over her head and landed and then rolled on the sand of the beach. Several people were running and yelling, the car was smoking, one of the tires was still spinning when a man covered in blood crawled out a broken window on the passenger side.He was shouting and swearing and kicking up sand, started taking swings at the people coming to help.”I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.” My mom was laughing now wiping away tears. “Can you imagine. You never lived till you look up and see a car flying over your head like it was a bird.””I still don’t believe it happened.””I got the pictures. HE was trying to kill himself. What a dumb fuck. Couldn’t have done a worse job. But those cars. Son, they were after me. I swear it!!””I wouldn’t even cross a street for years if there was car coming.” “Cars don’t think mom.””The hell they don’t. The hell they don’t…People don’t think neither. Ten years. I didn’t drive and I STILL don’t like it. They’re all just waiting for me.”Her eyes got big. “Get Brie!! There she is!” And she jumped out of her chair.I laughed and laughed.”We had some good times you know that.””You were such a good boy. My delicate c***d. You always wanted to crawl in bed with me. I never said no. But you always went back home didn’t you. I thought about you all winter, I did.””I missed you. We went to the zoo. I loved the zoo.””You did. I remember that.” She took a large sip of her wine, “Remember that monkey that swung out of its cage and ran up to you and stole your peanuts.”I looked away, out the window, tried to remember.”You cried and cried.”I nodded, “Monkeys are what’s after me. Remind me not to drive with monkeys.””Well then you can’t drive neither, that’s all that’s out there.”We laughed. She wiped away the tears, I watched the bead of sweat curl down her neck and stream down between her breasts.I poured another glass.And then another. We kept thinking up things that happened. Aunt Jean’s cat that fell out the second floor window. I recounted, “It didn’t jump, it fell. She was so mad said that I had pushed her out, and you made her go home.””You was on the first floor. Can’t push a cat out the second floor window from the first floor…”I was laughing again, “We learned cats don’t always land on their feet.””…Now if you were up there. Then. Jean never trusted you after that. She brought that cat everywhere but never to our house. I didn’t mind.””You know what! What I really enjoyed.” My mind was drifting now, and Brie’s leaned toward me in her chair, all smiles. Wine glass in her hand.”Remember how we would put the old Fleetwood Mac, uh, Eagles, uh and ….can’t remember. All those albums on and dance in the living room.” Brie clapped her hands together, “We did love to dance.””You were so wonderful!””You were terrible. Damn I sure did have a white boy. Is there anything you can do?””It was the most fun I’d had. I loved summers here.”We cleaned up and did various things the rest of the evening. I was laying on the sofa, it was dark and mom came down in her thin little nightshirt carrying a big box.”What’s that?””The albums. See what I got.”She pulled out several of them and put them on the stereo. “We’re going to dance. Lets see if this thing works.”The music started and she began to sway to the music, swinging her arms and singing with the songs. I kept sitting there, watching.”Come on.” She handed me another glass of wine. “Come on,” she was twirling around sipping her wine and set it on the stereo.I got up, started to dance, a little stiff.She laughed, “Your still terrible!”I went to sit back down.”Stop it, have some more. I’m sorry.” She took my hands and pulled me to the middle of the room. “Tonight you are the best dancer in the whole world.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. She looked at me close, paused.The warmth of her was a surprise. I paused, my arms held her around the low of her back, and then I stepped back and we danced!I loosened up, kept drinking, she grabbed another bottle. The heat of the room had us both puffing and sweating. Mom was soaking that little nightshirt through with sweat and I could see the brown of her skin as the fabric went transparent, clung to her. I could see her tummy perfectly. I could see her navel as the fabric lifted away from her body there, and lower down the curve that was her pussy mound as she moved, could see the fabric darkening there. I could feel myself get an erection.Her nipples were erect, stiff pointing out and I could see them perfectly as well. She had to have been able to see my erection. I was just wearing pajama bottoms.And when she turned from me, the most perfect ass! Oh my god! I kept trying to dance behind her, she continued turning toward me. Still no idea what a vision she was. Her skin was wet. And her ass, the fabric clung to her body, and the line of her ass was perfectly visible. In the low light she looked naked wriggling and swaying to the music.I was feeling so tipsy and free.”Your dancing better,” she was calling to me. And I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her lay my hands on her tummy, felt the wet fabric. We danced like this awhile. I was holding myself back away from her, keeping my cock which was now hard away from her, when she jumped back into my arms. I felt my whole length press into her from behind. She froze a moment and stepped forward again, looking back at me, a smirk on her face and then lifting her arms in the air closed her eyes and just swayed in front of me.”Like what you see do you?”I said nothing.She was swaying, “It’s alright.”That night, as we went up to our rooms, she toweling herself off, saying our goodnights. I thought to myself how different that felt from when I was eight years old.We stood awkwardly at the top of the steps. I just said, “Great find mom.” She took darıca escort my hand and we walked to her room. We had a moment of me standing at the door looking down at her, it was like a date, like I was taking her home. I looked into her eyes, leaned in kissed her cheek as she squeezed my hand, and went to my room.*************She loved having me. We were getting so familiar and we got along so well. When she dressed up for work she was like a different person. So professional, and then off to work she would go while I struggled with the windows and the doors. I made tremendous progress.One other thing she wanted was to wallpaper the living room. She said she had the paper for years but no one to hang it. It was her dream to have the living room decorated with wallpaper.This weekend we were going to hang it.I had everything laid out and when she came down the stairs to help, she had two glasses of wine, a pair of cut offs that were beyond short, and a half top T shirt that hugged to her body. Her soft curves were amazing. As she stood there I could see the line of her cut off jeans, buttoning up the front, her tummy pouching over the top a little bit, and a soft line of ribs opening on each side. Her breasts were perfect beneath the thin fabric, the bottom of her breasts touching right at the hem of the T. I sat there taking in this woman standing before me with two glasses in one hand, beaming, her white teeth all smiles, her wide eyes sparkling.”This has been a dream of mine so long.” She walked over picked up a wine bottle, held it to me, “I work better with some wine.”She handed me a glass.”We’re wallpapering mom.””It’s Brie.” And she poured my glass.I set it on the table. She turned from me and bent down to pick up one of the paper rolls and I watched the cutoffs pull up between her legs. What was she doing to me? And we measured, cut and pasted wallpaper. Finished two walls. The heat was more than ever and we had to rest often. Brie sipping on her wine, with me eventually following. As the wine flowed it was easier to have more.I could just feel the effects of two glasses, and the heat had us both soaking wet again. The T is what I noticed first.I could see her aureoles right through the fabric, and her nipples stretching right through. The thin ribbing of the T was opening and it was almost as if her naked breasts were visible. Her collar bones arching low at the front, and then this space between her breasts. When I stood above her I could see right down between her mounds as she bent over the table holding the paper as I painted on the paste. We were about to do the part of wall that had no windows and required her to stand up on the ladder as I stood below to press the paper to the wall. She held with both hands leaning over the ladder and I realized that if I stood to the right, and looked up could see the bottom of her breasts, the fabric was clinging and curling around her so that her shining tummy rose beneath the fabric and her breasts lay folded over her rib cage. I could just see the swell of her. She had to know.We lay our first line of paper and then another.The cutoffs were also right at eye level, I was looking directly at her ass or her crotch for a good portion of the afternoon. They were so short that the pockets hung out, and it occurred to me that she probably had on no panties. I was holding her legs, just lightly touch her, as she held the paper and I pressed it to the wall, looking up watching her breasts the whole time, and getting so aroused it was amazing. I was in this languid heat, tipsy, I sipped even more wine and……then it happened.It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. We were halfway down the wall. She was leaning over a little farther than normal. There was a furnace return vent on the floor and the ladder had to be set further out.I was standing below her as she was setting the paper, she couldn’t seem to get it quite right, the angle was making it harder and it was taking awhile. I was looking up at her and the way she leaned I could see her whole breast, the top of the T just falling away from her. Her breast hanging perfect just above my eyes. I could see the profile of her nipple, and…. I reached up and touched her tummy, just lay my palm on her so as to hold her steady, I held her there. Felt her warm wet skin. She did nothing just continued to adjust the paper. I could feel her breathing, she was leaning against me letting me hold her up.I then just slid my hand up a little higher, feeling her soft skin, tippling my fingers into her. I was trembling and could feel my heart pounding behind my eyes, as I slid my hand up up up I began to caress just the edge of her breasts, watching her the whole time. She, all concentration, not moving. I reached higher still, not thinking, lay my hand upon her bare breast beneath the T.I felt her softness yield in my hand. She was still standing there, not moving…But no longer adjusting the paper. Not saying anything. I continued to squeeze and press my fingers into her as I looked up at her, touching her nipples, letting my fingers slide over the tight contracting flesh, my hand slipping lightly over her wet skin. Then the other breast. She was letting me. And I held her breast, stroking her, touching her freely as she stood up on that ladder.When in another beat I heard, “Boo! GET your hands out of my shit.”I pulled my hand away and she was staring at me wide eyed.”Now press this paper to the wall!”I stepped back over to the paper hanging there and without looking pressed it to the wall. As it clung there, she stepped down off the ladder and wiping her hands on a towel went up the stairs.The house was silent. We didn’t finish it that day.********”We need to talk about what you did.”We were sitting in the back yard, it was a hot day and there was a nice breeze. She was in a loose white dress. I loved the way her skin stood out. My heart was pounding. I knew. “I’m sorry. It was stupid. It won’t happen again..”She looked at me serious, her brown eyes burrowing into me.”You’re crazy, you know that.””It was stupid,” I repeated.”I’m living in my house. I live the way I live. I let you stay with me on the condition you would help me. And you have, you’ve been a tremendous help. But …”I looked down, sheepish.”And Quit doing that!” She leaned in took my hand, her top fell forward slightly, my eyes widening. I could see down between her breasts, just about down to her tummy. Fuck! No bra. I felt my pulse quicken. Dammit! What was happening? What was she doing to me? I leaned back closed my eyes. This is not happening.”Quit playing that poor little white boy thing you do. I’m sick of that too.”I looked back up, and she stared into my eyes. “Now what were you thinking?”I had no thoughts, it was all a jumble, “It was..The wine. You were in those…shorts. The T shirt, it was hot. I…””That is how I dress. I can’t change my whole life, for you. Is that what I need to do? I trust you. Do I need to be more careful around you? I should be able to wear and outfit and count on you to control yourself!”Silence.She kept staring at me, as if trying to figure me out. “When you been with a girl?”I could not believe this question, “Uh.” It caught me by surprise. I didn’t know anybody here that well, hadn’t met anyone, was working around the house all the time. It was hot. Didn’t have time. “Uh, Not since I moved from, Chicago. Six months. Nine months.””Hmm. Six…So when I help you, can you keep the focus on pasting. Or, do I need to wear an overcoat around you now.””No. It was just…you were..there. And your T shirt was…””Hmm. Hmm. I was there so you could. I was holding the paper up – for you – and so you could grab a feel from me. Like that, Put your hand into my shit. Is that how it is?”I looked up at her, “You let me.””I let you!” And she rose from her chair paced away, turned back again and sat down. I clarified, “It seemed …” I did not know what to say. Nothing made sense. There was no explanation. She gave me the wine. She came down in those shorts. She wore that top. She stood on the ladder, leaning over me, against me.”I’m just saying. I don’t…It wasn’t all my fault. Ok.”She looked to the side, paused a beat. “I was just holding paper. It would have ruined the roll to let go. It was on the wall, it couldn’t fall. Hear me. I didn’t LET you do anything.””I’m sorry.” I looked down again.”We have a problem.”I kept looking down as I said to no one, “You didn’t move, at all. I’m sorry for what I did Brie. But mom, you come out in that half top, that outfit, those little shorts; all that wine… We was laughing. You was touching me. You were…””Am I your girlfriend?””I’m used to more restraint.””So am I!””I mean in dress, how people behave.””You listen, and you listen good. This is my house. I…dress how I dress young man. You need to respect that.” “In how you come downstairs in the morning, wrapped in just a towel.” “I was in a hurry. My clothes were in the dryer.””When we were dancing, in that night shirt.””We did that when you stayed with me summers, when you were eight. I wanted to relive old times. It was fun!””Brie, you had nothing on underneath.”She was pouting. “You came into my room, MY room, and put on one of my shirts. Were you naked in my room? How long did you stand there while I was sleeping?”She was silent.”I’m a guy. And…It’s been a long time for me. Too long. Six Nine months. And. You’re…beautiful, a beautiful woman. You’re presence, when you wear what you wear, when I see you without clothes.I looked at her, “I can’t help it.” I stressed each word. “Your body is arousing, to any man. Not to my brain, I know your my mom. But…I can’t control how my body… I can think other thoughts, you know. But then…you have a beautiful body and…”A smile burst out from her like a little girls just then, and then passed.”Well, it’s my house.””It feels like a tease. You’re teasing me.”Her mouth opened. I interrupted, “Not that it is. I don’t think you mean to at all. But to me, it feels like that – to me. And I had all that wine, it was stupid, I couldn’t help it. I was …””What if I did that? What if I start grabbing at you? I’m not going to grab you. Or go down on you.””I just touched you a little.” “A LITTLE!”I got up and turned from her, ” I’ll pack. I’m out of here.” I was resigned to where this was going.She lifted her head, surprise in her eyes. She took my hand and tugged me back. Definitely what she did not want to hear. I sat back down.”Now don’t you go play THAT game.” And she continued, “A LITTLE, you …” she paused. “You were working these pretty good,” She said as she pressed her breasts together, looking down at herself. Squeezing herself in front of me, and pressing them up causing them to swell up out of her dress.”Mom! Look what you just did.”She looked up, “Hmmm?””Holding your breasts like that, pushing them up. You…look at me. Look!”And I pulled my chair from the table. I had a solid erection and I simply slid back and let her look at it.”So you did that, and I get this. Now is THAT my fault?””Mom, you can do whatever you want to do. It’s your house. I respect that. But then I don’t have to pretend that when you do what you do in your house, it doesn’t turn me on. And believe me, when it happens. You walk in a room with nothing on, and I can not help it.” I sat there my cock this long line in my pants, “See. Ok?”She was silent, leaning back in her chair. “I’ll be more careful.”She looked at my cock. Then turned her head, looked out the window, held her hand on her head, twirling her hair.”We can get through this baby. But no grabbin. Hear.”************That was the most bizarre conversation I had ever had my whole life, and I don’t think it helped a bit.Nor did it help that the weather kept getting hotter, as hot and humid as I ever had remembered it. Mom had no air conditioning, we could not afford it anyway, and we lay around the house, not moving sipping water, wiping ourselves with cold rags. You could not wear much of anything. I was down to a pair of swim trunks, and Brie decided to do the same. All she had was this old two piece bathing suit. It was comical. Something out of the 70’s, an old style that came high on her hips and wrapped around her thighs, and it was orange. The top had these wide straps. It looked a little small.She walked into the room, and my eyes fell on her. She held her hands to herself and said defensively, “This is how I need to be now when it gets like this.” Anticipating my reaction.She paused and stood there, but I just shrugged, smiling. “Ok. It’s fine. Like I said.” She did look rediculous.She was moving stuff around, grumbling along as she did, “I Can’t have nothing on my skin. I could see her sweating. “Normally I wouldn’t wear nothin, this is the only thing I had. Pointing at her bottoms. But this is because of YOU.” I ignored her.”In deference to you being in this house…”I didn’t look at her, “Don’t change anything on my account. It’s your house.”The house was silent. And I settled back in to watch TV, when next she passed me she was completely naked. Just her chocolate skin passing me, the curve of her ass, her bare back, narrow waist moving things around. ‘Cleaning house.’I pretended to be just normal, my cock growing in my trunks, which I did not hide either. As I lay there, she moving about the room, I took it up a notch; began to rub myself as I lay there on the couch. She was looking at me now, eyeing me *what I was doing* and stepped out into the kitchen.Then she was back in the room. “Don’t you be doing that.””What?””You know what.””Can’t help it. I told you, be how you are. I don’t care. This is your house, and this is my body. My body does what it does. Can’t change that. I can’t lay here with a woody Brie.” “Well, go to your room.””Don’t see why I need to, not with you like that, out here.””You …” and she went back into the kitchen and called out, “You stop that now!”I called out, “You put your clothes on.”We were at a standoff. “Fair enough,” she called out.But through the corner of my eye as I made long slow stokes over my trunks along the bulge of my cock, I could see her stand in the doorway, watching. My chest was rising and falling, I was sliding my hand along my swim trunks, and then pressing my hand against my abdomen slid under into my shorts, stroking my cock, my hips rising and falling on the couch. Holding my mouth open.I could feel myself get more aroused, and I pulled my shorts down a little, give her a bit of a show, hooking the front beneath my balls so my bare penis hung out long and hard.I stroked along the length of my cock, sliding the pre-cum along its length picturing my mom, her dark little puss, picturing her there in the kitchen watching me, her thick hair, her breasts hanging down, her wide hips and long legs. I could smell her in the house, imagining her opening her legs for me, the pinkness opening inside the brown labia, her ass a pucker of pink. I could see her perfectly, she was naked in the next room, and feeling the cum rise it hit my chest in spurts. I let my body relax into the cushions, when a towel was thrown at me.”Clean yourself, don’t get anything on the furniture.”So this is how it was going to be. Our barriers were continually melting. The edges falling away. Her flesh was always before me. I was reacting in kind. The heat all around us. If she was going to let me see her, if she was going to ‘express’ herself how she wanted, then I was going to let my body express itself how it wanted. It made for a very strange and relaxed world for some reason. The very act of wearing clothes, the very act of hiding affects you. Somewhere along the way, a shame rises in us and we have to hide. Almost all the time. But when the hiding ends…When you take away all inhibition, have nowhere to go, no sense of time or of the day of the week, then your body starts to completely take over. The act of hiding your body puts the brain in charge, I could feel it. Naked; You sleep when your tired, eat when your hungry. There is no place for thoughts to impose themselves. Take away any inhibitions of the body; naked, moving how you want, relieving yourself when you want. It felt so different than anything I had ever felt before. It seemed that no one in the world lived as I did. And it felt just then as if the whole world should.Mom was different. She was FREE, that’s what she said, but she had a job. She came and went. It was so different for her, because the days she had to work she got up to leave, dressed for her mortgage closings, all nice and cleaned up, hair combed, dress and blouse, nylons and shoes. And I would still be laying in my shorts, or still sleeping in my room naked with no sheet when she came in and told me she would be out and not to sleep all day.But when she got home again, in this heat. The layers would peel off, gradual and our little world would close around us, became completely normal to us. Her body was making me so aroused now, and as I let myself fantasize, masturbating to her, she watching, a hunger was rising. There are five senses, and I was only using three of them with her. And there was an emerging tension that could not go away. ******************The music started playing, loud. I jumped. She walked up to me, began to dance turning herself to me as I rested on the couch.She roused me with, “Lets dance.”I rose up and walked over to her. She was wearing her red silk robe with the red sash. I eyed her, the deep V down her front. She had on nothing underneath. I knew that. The sash was tied tight.”Lets Dance.”I lay my hand on the small of her back, she said nothing, and then I began to draw soft circles on the silk, feeling it slide against her skin.She lowered her head and put her arms up around her head, began to dance real slow. Circling her hips, standing with her legs open, reaching down she began to untie the red sash and let it drop down onto the floor like a snake, her robe opening.I looked at her, she had that pout.”Mmm, I want to dance.”I lay my hands on her hips, felt the silk of the robe she wore hanging loose, open, letting my hands slide along the silk. Looking through the narrow opening of the red robe, a line of her chocolate skin looking all dark in the room. Her breasts were full and round, I loved the way her nipples spread out on her, her nipples were tight and hard standing straight out. She was swinging her arms to the music. This steady rhythm, thrumming, drumming over and over and over. I had no idea what it was. Each sway had her fabric opening, fluttering, closing around her swaying to the music. This little butterfly, this moth in the room. Circling about me.She turned a circle, and swaying before me, I was dancing now. My motions mirroring her body, and I reached inside the robe lay my hands on her bare hips this time just to feel her move. I didn’t dance as well as she but swayed with her there, moved with her, her arms held back behind her, then rising up over her head, drawing her hips in these lazy circles. I just felt her bare soft skin, sliding my thumb along her hip bone.I tipped my hands around onto her tummy and she looked at me. I was like, ‘what would she let me do?’ just thenShe kept moving, dancing, swaying didn’t even back away, just closing her eyes, standing close. I lifted my hands, tippling her skin, her skin was wet, slippery and warm, and lifting my hands up her sides caressing her up under her arms, felt the hair growing there as she raised her hands into the air again curling them escort darıca around her hair. I loved the way her body felt, the robe opening and closing around my hands. And I slipped my hands forward, closing them around her breasts, held them up from beneath squeezed them in my hands, the same as that day weeks ago. That day for which I endured no end of grief, today she just continued to dance before me with her arms up over her head. Her head tipped low, watching me touch her.I stroked her nipples, and she sucked her lower lip in. *She liked that* I closed my finger and thumb around her nipples, pressed, felt her aureoles tighten. She took in a deep breath began to turn herself around and reaching back, took each of my hands in hers and pulled me around her, laying my hand again onto her soft belly and then arching her back, pushing her ass back into my cock which was as long and hard as it had ever been.It felt so incredible. She cooed out, “Your momma’s feeling a little bit.”I let my cock rest along the crack of her ass and held myself to her, my hands lay just below her belly button, the soft flesh that had birthed three babies, pressing into her softness, and I let my hand drift lower.She paused, held herself there and sucked her belly in, and tipping her ass toward my hand this time, just letting my hands reach lower lower. She was yielding now. This woman in heat, dancing, moving against my body, the warmth of her, the smell of our sweat. The room was 90 degrees. Had to be. We had warm water on our skin, in us, lubricating our bodies, she was sliding back against me, my bare chest was touching along the red silk, my belly feeling the sway of her skin and the soft fabric as she drew circles back and forth and up and down my cock. I reached lower and felt the hairs of her puss begin, reached lower to the course hairs of her pussy. This perfect triangle of short hairs, and drawing my fingers over her she arched her back, as she was feeling my fingers insinuate themselves between her legs.I put my chin in the crook of her neck.She breathed, “You puttin your hands in my shit again.” But this time no movement. She was opening her legs, and I pressed my fingers in, opened her puss, the wetness mixing with the sweat between her legs running down her tummy, down her thighs. Her pussy was soaking wet, and I felt her erect clit poking from her, this long little finger and I touched it, could feel her breath in, she stiffened in front of me.”Fffffffffffff.”I breathed back, “All the way in your shit.””You like my shit.” A sing song voice I never heard before. She looked down between her legs and back at me, batting her eyes. She said, “Say hi to her,” as she looked down between her legs.I looked over her shoulder and down at my hand, “Mmmmm, Hi.””She’s Feeling a little bit, tonight,” as she stepped away from me. “Lets dance Boo.”And she began to move around the room, moving faster, with me following her, holding onto her body, sliding across her belly, cupping her breasts, rubbing her back along her arms as she moved about the room. Her silk robe fluttering and flowing around the room, I tugged it down her arms, she didn’t stop me as it fell around her legs. I was wearing only my trunks and I pulled them off, stepping out naked as well.She was watching my cock as it stood between us, “We’re just dancing now. Hear me.”I looked at her, nodding lay my hands on her hips and just turned her around letting my cock touch her as she was moving, turning swaying away from me. Sometimes letting it poke it between her thighs, but it never stayed there long. She looked back at me, held her fingers out from herself and wrapped them delicately around my cock.Looking at me with a sideways glance, “We’re being bad boo.”I looked at her.She turned away saying, “Real bad.”I came up to her again and held her, “We’re just dancing.”And she lifted her arms up again began turning, and turning, spinning. I watched her then. My little bird, the music playing around us. “That’s right, we be…we’re dancing. You and I.”At that moment the record stopped. You could hear the mechanism click off.She looked back at me, I sensed a timidness just then as she moved over to her robe that lay on the floor and pulled it back up over herself, and then she took the red sash and tied it back around, and then moving to the couch she set herself down.I said, “I’ll put on another.” I didn’t want it to end.”Come over here.”I walked up to her, my cock pointing straight out.She patted the couch. “Lay yourself down here. Lets check you over. Take care of something, I think you got a problem.”And I did as she said.She rubbed her hands flat over my chest, curving them down over my tummy, down my thighs and back up to my shoulders again. Lay her whole hand over my throat. Looking at me.”Your so white. You come from me?” She looked at herself touched her belly.I nodded.”Ain’t it peculiar. When I first saw you I said, ‘Is it Mine?'”And she lay her hand over my cock, and rubbed her flat hand over me, and then just her fingers teased along my length, scratched me once with her nails and I jumped at that. She laughed. “Like that?””Sensitive,” I said.”Mmmm. Here, How’s…this!”And she lowered her mouth onto the length of my cock. Her lips wrapping around me and took in my whole length, I was thick in her small mouth..She lifted herself back up and said to me smiling, “I shouldn’t have done that.”And then she looked down at my still hard cock. “Or this either,” and she lowered herself down again and rose and fell along the length of me, not sliding off this time. I began lifting my hips to meet her as she pressed herself on me. I could feel the head of my cock touch the back of her throat. Fuck, she could deep throat, and I pumped into her as she clutched my balls, sucking on me and touching me between my legs. I could see my cockhead press into her cheeks.The most perfect blow job of my life. We fit perfectly and she was turning and stroking my balls as she sucked me in, her lips stretched tight, she would look up at me and sort of wink. I could feel the steady motion of her rising up my spine as she slid on me faster and faster, her tongue was licking and tippling along the length of my cock, playing with me. She would bite her teeth down occasionally scrapping lightly along my skin. I felt the cum rising from deep inside.I panted out, “I’m cumming.””Oh God I’m cumming!” She just kept moving on me. Lay a hand on my tummy and held me down on the sofa, still keeping a steady rhythm up and down my cock, and I was spraying, I could see her cheeks puff out and she drank me in, kept sucking hard on my cock swallowing every drop of cum. When she lifted her head again as I fell into the cushions, a stream of cum fell from her cheek to her chin. She wiped it with the back of her hand. Her lips shining red, her white teeth smiling. “Mmmm, boo…What you wanted?”I just looked at her, disbelieving.And she tapped my chest, “You bad boy.” She held her hand there and then rose from the sofa and trailed off up the stairs leaving me laying there.”Night baby.”***************I went to her room that night before bed, tapped at her door.”Brie?””Mmmm.””Can I come in.””Sure.” She had an uncertain way of saying sure.She was still wearing that red silk robe, the red sash tied tight around her. I could see her breasts perfectly as the top billowed out when she leaned over her bed smoothing the sheet, she wasn’t being at all careful about exposing herself to me.I sat on the bed after she had pulled her covers back, as she continued getting ready for bed.My cock was hard again and she could see it, but she turned herself from me; following her routine. Walking into the bathroom, she faced me lifted her robe and set down on the toilet, started to pee. I could see a flash of dark flesh as she lifted her robe, as she sat there.”Can I stay in here tonight?””Tonight? In here. With little ole me?” Her voice was different, softer. Girlish.I nodded.She paused, “I don’t think so.””Why not.”She got up from the toilet letting her robe close around her legs began walking toward me, “Cause today Boo, I don’t think we would be sleeping. Too much has happened tonight. I’m feeling way to good right now, and you would…” She looked at my cock standing straight beneath my boxers and then at herself, “…You would.” She set down next to me on the mattress. “Well we might not think it was such a good idea tomorrow.”I looked away from her, but reaching across lay my hand on her breast, gave it a little squeeze. She lay her hand over mine and held me to herself.”What am I going to do with you? You all hard again.”And she touched it. And for a little while the room was silence, my hand caressing her breasts, her fingers wrapped around my cock over my boxers stroking its length. Our heads were inclined together.”We can’t you know. We can’t.””I know. I just wanted to hold you some more.””Hold me. You do huh? You want to put your hands in me again.”I took my hand away from her as she rose and walked over to her nightstand, began brushing her hair.”Maybe.” She laughed.”In this?” and she lifted one edge of her robe, exposing herself beneath the sash. “This little trouble of mine.” The blackness shown from beneath the red, and I could see dark hairs curling between her legs. She dropped the edge again and it waved closed, covering her again.She turned to me, stood before so my nose was right at her crotch. “Say hi to her. I don’t think you been properly introduced. She’s been such a bad little bitch lately.” And she touched her mound briefly to my nose. Briefly I caught the scent of her, as she backed away again.I stared openly at her, “I want to taste it.”She paused, I could see her begin to breath harder. She leaned her weight on the bed stared out at nothing.I continued, “Make you cum…What you did to me today.”She was pulling at her robe, holding both ends of her sash “We were just dancin.””We were more than dancing.” I lay my hand on her arm, stroked down to her hands and took her open palm in mine. She twisted her fingers into me, stroked the palm of my hand, tangled our fingers together, leaned against me. I said real quiet, “Let me taste you.” And we sat there just like that for the longest time, touching our fingers together.She finally looked at me, stern but with a small smile, and she slid herself back onto the bed, brought her back up to the headboard and without speaking lifted her knees up, opened her legs to me and tugged the sash loose letting her robe fall open at her sides.I didn’t move as I watched her. I could see the line of her puss curling into the white mattress.”Hmmm. I’d like that Boo. You can’t stay with me tonight, but…” and she made two clicking sounds and shook her knees as they were held open to me, “I think my offer here’s pretty good.”I leaned onto the bed toward her, she closed her eyes. “Make me cum. God I want a mouth on me.” She opened her eyes, “But then . . . you gotta go.”I lay my hands on her waist and settled them lower down onto her hips, felt the curve of her flesh, and then the softness of her belly, began to massage her tummy, and pushing at her thighs let my fingers slide up the wet flesh, brushing and palming the hairs of her pussy.Her whole body arched as I did that, the sound she made filled the room, “Mmmmm, Ssssssss” stiffening, lifting herself to me and sliding lower on the bed, she cupped her hands over her breasts and squeezed them, tipping her head to the side, eyes closed. She looked as if she were asleep.I heard her once say, “Crazy.”I was lowering myself between her legs as I touched her, amazed at the moment. As she lay there I realized something for the first time in my life. How small she was. I looked up the length of her body, her elbows laying at her sides, her hands holding her breasts lightly squeezing, the turn of her head, the dark tangle of hair, her dark soft skin. The softness of her tummy and long narrow legs opening around each side of me. She was no more than 130 pounds, small, this little…woman. I had always felt small around her, but seeing her body, flesh and bone. I knew I was tall, muscular, but to me she was always this giant of a woman. But only in my minds eye. Here, laying here in flesh before me she was so small. She was just this little girl. And she was at this moment yielding, so vulnerable. Her little frame so open to me.I continued to stroke her thighs, rubbing down between her legs along her cunny lips, pressing the sides of them, massaging, drawing circles so they pulled open and closed; her puss opening and closing this deep pink line peeking out from the dark hair and brown flesh. Moving closer I could feel the heat of her, the smell of her body, the smell of her pussy rising warm. My cock grew long and so hard, I was aching with lust. I adjusted myself as I moved lower, and then touched her so light between her legs with my lips, kissing her sex softly over and over.I lay my whole palm over her mound, pressed and listened to her moan. I loved the way her body responded to me, her flesh. I drew a line through her as ever so gently pressed her open, watching my fingers slide into her, her dark hairs and soft brown inner lips swelling loosely into view, with my fingers starting at the top of her mound and then lower turning my hand, slipping back through her pressing my finger into her vagina, bubbling wet. The smell of sex rising around me, listening to her whimpering, her hips just beginning to undulate against my hand. I lay flat on the bed between her legs and pressed my face to her, the sweat of her thighs at my cheeks, nuzzling in up into her puss, and touched her with my tongue, began lapping softly at her open cunt, tasting her, drinking her. I could hear her steady breathing in the silent room.”You like my smell?” she purred to me.”I love your smell. I always have.””Mmmmm.” She reached her hands down and lay them on my head. I felt small hands this time playing with my hair, pushing me into her as I licked along her slit, her cunt. She tasted so sweet. It was amazing.”You taste so sweet.” I whispered.”I’ve heard that.”I Licked harder, curling my tongue into her and rising up through her center found the hood of her clit, could feel it rising, this wonderful finger. It was becoming hard, shining round, soft firm and put my lips around and sucked. “Oh my!!” She stiffened, squeezing her thighs around my head, “You found it.”I teased her there and then kept rising brushing into her tangle of cunny hair. I wanted this to last, wanted to stay here. And I began to lightly lick the hairs of her puss again to outline the line of her tummy, licking the salt off her hips, kissing her abdomen and looking at her, leaving a trail of cum up the front of her. She didn’t move, but her hips were undulating beneath me, rocking up and down, she was hungry, and as I kissed her I let my finger press up into her vagina, her legs spread open, she looked satisfied.I set my chin on her belly as I worked my fingers into her wetness and looked up at her, relaxed, sleeping, rocking her hips, my hand held between her legs, the way she was reaching her puss up toward me, the outline of her black cunny, the brown line of her labia, the wet shine of her body, the way her breasts fell to her sides. I felt her breathing, kissed her tummy licked her there and began working my way down again, licking small circles digging my tongue into her, feeling the hairs of her puss and licking the hood of her clit, squeezing her, opening her with my fingers and pressing my fingers inside, letting my fingers fuck her.I would look up at her, cum on my chin and her eyes would open, dreamy smiling. She said, “You look like you’re enjoying me.”And I rose up just then, moving toward her rising up along her body, kissing my way to her mouth, nibbling, chewing, pausing at her breasts and suckled at her. When I slid up beside her she just breathed to me, “My Boo.” She cradled her arms around me, held me soft and warm. We could lay like this forever. I looked at her close. Her face, her mouth, her wide nose, those dark wide eyes. She stared back impassive, no smile, just looked into my eyes. I touched my lip to hers and she did not move. I kissed her lower lip, her round rough lips with my narrow soft lips, licked at her with my tongue.I leaned back, she was holding her arms around me. I looked at her and said, “Kiss me.”She whimpered back, “Oh Boo I don’t know.” And I leaned again touching my lips to hers, over and over, and she softly so softly began to kiss me. I held to her. Felt her softly touch me, move her mouth against me and I pressed my tongue into the line of her lips, she held her mouth closed. As I kissed her I said, “Kiss me.”I felt the line of her mouth open lightly, a wet warm ridge opening and pressing my tongue inside touched her tongue with mine, my chest leaning against her breasts, my hand lay between her legs; we were both moist, our skin soft and sensitive, touching into the other. I reached my hand back and tugged my boxers lower, lower down my thighs. She, taking her hands off me began to help, helping me to slide them down along my legs, and off. I let my cock out, let it lay on her leg, still kissing her softly, my tongue just touching the tip of hers, and running it along the line of her teeth.She felt my cock on her thigh, and I felt her kiss me harder then, pull me closer. And we turned into one another pressed our mouths together as my cock trickled cum down her thigh and slid against her creating this lubricated puddle where it bobbed up and down.. I touched her body, pressed my hands into her breasts and up under her arms. I was huge against her, I felt like I had grown, like I had doubled in size. Her body so small, I could lift her to me, hold her there. I wrapped my hands around the small of her back pulled her to me, and her eyes started wide. She felt my strength.I held her to me and she began to move away. “Are you done? Cause if you are, then I think we better. . .”And as she said that I slid my hand from behind her back, wet with sweat and slid along to her front and between her legs, curling my fingers up into her soaking wet puss, pressed my fingers deep into her vagina and then up through her pink center found her clit. Drawing circles there pressed and rubbed, circling and circling, up into her over and over, pulling the hood of her clit back and rubbing her hard. Her mouth fell open, she tipped her head back in my arms. Her voice caught in her throat, and she pressed her pussy hard into my hand, grinding herself against me.”I said I was going to make you cum.””You did…didn’t, you,” and she looked at me, so hungry just then. She could barely speak. I knew she wanted to cum.She was rocking against me, her little body moving beneath me, she had slid down all the way now and was laying flat on the bed, I towered over her, my legs on each side of her turned to one side as I stroked between her legs. I held one leg over her. She was moving against me faster and faster, guiding me showing me where she wanted to be stroked.I kissed her again and held my mouth to her, chewing her lower lip I spoke, “You like the way you taste.” She opened her eyes, “Mmmmm. Sweet.” I laughed, and our tongues danced. Her mouth opening around mine, we touched our open mouths together. I could feel her teeth lightly chewing me as she kissed me, smiling as she took my lips in hers and sucked me in. Kissing as I held her to me, our wet bodies sliding together and my hand inside her, sliding up between her darıca escort bayan legs.I could feel her lose control as she lay there, pressing herself hard against me. We kissed as I stroked her clit, mashing herself into my hand. She liked it rough I could tell and I pinned her to the bed, held her firmly she had nowhere now to move. This little girl, she was MY little girl tonight.She began panting, her mouth open, and moving away from my mouth turning her head one way and another, she was whimpering. “Keep doing that, oh God Boo. Keep…”And then I paused. Took my hand away. She looked up at me with surprise. I let my hands rise back up to her hips and began to turn her around, roll her face down on the bed.”What are you??””Turn yourself around.” “Oh, Boo no. Make me cum!” She was lifting her puss toward my hand.”I will. Turn around.” And I physically took her hips and rolled her over, wrapping my hands around her ass, she turned onto her stomach. I looked at her laying there and crawled over the top of her, let my cock fall along the crack of her ass and I pressed my chest to her back, leaned down held my lips to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now.”She began to push herself up and I held her to the bed, she was trying to turn herself back around. My hands pressed her hips down, and I lay down on her ass, backing lower along her body let my cock fall between her legs and began touching up into her. I was so hungry it didn’t matter any more. “Oh Boo. We have to stop.”She began crawling away, pulling herself up toward the headboard, and I wrapped my hands around her small waist and just pulled her back toward me, feeling her light little frame sliding along the mattress and held her there. I looked down at her ass, covered lightly still with red silk, those three words in curly white letters and laughed.I leaned back over to her and whispered, “Ahh, Brie that’s not what it says,” and I spanked the silk that covered her ass, “This end up.”And in that moment she stopped, laying still I felt her lift her ass to me as I breathed into her ear. I could feel her ass rising and I leaned myself back up. Her ass lifting, holding her cunt in the air, her legs open straight on each side of me. “Mmmm, better. What have we got here?”I lifted the hem of her robe, slid it up around her waist exposing her fine ass, her pussy swelling out between her legs, and I cupped her puss in my hand, so swollen and open. I rubbed up and down her slit and touched the pucker of her ass and felt her push up onto my finger, letting my finger slip inside. She really liked that, tipping her ass up to me.I let my cock slide up between her legs again so the head of my cock was touching her lightly, let it slide forward, could feel her clit again. She was pressed down into the bed. Waiting. I could feel her body yielding to me.Like that. The moment of silence, that moment you know you are about to be fucked. She was so hungry, I could literally feel her puss tremble as I lifted myself up and let myself slide in, feeling her vagina open around me, sliding deep up into her. The rough walls pressing me so softly, opening taking me all the way in.She started and it was like she tried to move up the bed, the wind going right out of her. I slid my whole length into her, our bodies sliding into one another. I felt her involuntarily opening her legs, spreading them open and I let her, felt myself sink deeper into her as she did and reaching lifting her ass up to me.I rose above her, let myself slide back out watching could see my cock shining and held my cockhead right at her open quivering cunt, feeling her reaching back and then pressing again felt myself slide deep into her, hearing her low moans as I filled her. She pushing her ass up against me, while say “Oh, oh, Boo. No. You have .. to go, uh .. to bed .. now.” Her words pausing as I thrust into her.And I leaned over her held myself still, reaching one hand around and between her legs found her clit again, she was grinding her hips against me. I kissed her neck. “I can. Stop right now, go to my room.” And I pushed into her deep, and drew myself out real slow. She was trembling as I held her there. “Or I can,” and I plunged back into her fucking into her over and over long slow strokes, “Keep fucking you.”I held myself inside her. “What is it?”She just breathed as I continued to pump in and out of her, “Oh, Make me cum. Oh, I hurt. Fuck me Boo..”And I pulled out, my cock hanging between my legs. She was so surprised just then, looking back at me her ass still held up into the air, with wild eyes, “Boo, oh, no!” But I just took her little body and rolled her back onto her back.”Open your legs.”She opened them wide. Her body couldn’t stop moving, her hands lay out on the mattress. Oh god, anywhere I touched her she was wild. I pressed my hands into her breasts, she was moving her pussy to my cock as I lay on her. Letting my body lean against her and slid into her again, rising and falling on her, held the small of her back, pressed her into the mattress.I kissed her and said, “You want me to fuck you soft or hard?””Mm. Anyway you want baby,” was all she could manage. Her head curled back into the pillow, her arms lay over her head. “You doin fine.”And I fucked into her so her clit slid along the length of my cock. I could feel her pressing hrself hard against me. I thrust into her over and over, she was meeting me, lifting her puss up off the bed to meet me. She wanted it hard, I could feel her and she was holding herself, pressing her arms up against the headboard to hold herself against me as I slapped into her, as she bobbed up and down toward the head of the bed. She kept going “Oh Oh Oh.” She brought her knees up and open so that I could enter her deep, and I did, curling her legs around my waist. She began to roll around and wrap her arms around my neck pulling me down on top of her, as I fucked into her. I thrust up and down on her, as she held me, as our mouths pressed together. I lay on her, along the length of her. She began to kiss me hard, crying “I’m cumming.””Oh fuck,” I could feel her whole puss contracting, she was crying out now. “Ohh, Boo, I’m cumming!” and as she said that I began to spray into her, our bodies slapping together her breasts bobbing up and down, our bodies pounding into each other. Her nails were digging down my back and I pressed deep into her and felt ourselves completely come together. Our cries deep and high, the sheets wet with cum and sweat. Our bodies dripping together, slippery and wet, tangled in this quiet little room. Her bedroom, the white sheets, the heat.And as that tide began to fall, I let myself drop beside her, lay my hand on her face she took my finger in her mouth, eyes closed. We lay completely still when I felt a hand in my hair. She began to kiss me softly. I opened my mouth, she played with my teeth, I looked into her eyes. I was still inside her, could feel myself softening. She whispered, “You little prick.” She squeezed me out of her. “May as well stay in here with me tonight.”I slapped her ass, breathed back as I kissed her, “You wouldn’t have been able to get me out.”And we fell asleep.*****************The room was utterly dark and I began to feel some movement beside me.Brie!In a flash I remembered. Our bodies were wrapped around one another. I was lying on my side and her one arm was curled beneath mine and lay on my bare ass. She was sliding a nail lazily along the base of my spine. I could hear her breathing and I continued to lay motionless.A little while later I felt her slowly untangle herself from me and sliding to the edge of the bed sit herself up. She was naked, I was beginning to be able to just see her in the low light created by the clock. I could make out just the silhouette of her body.I was dozing off again when I felt the mattress move. I peeked out my eyes, not moving. I could see her standing with her arms at her hips. She was staring at me, then turning went into the bathroom. What was she thinking? I heard peeing and then silence.I lay there, my heart beating, I lay on my back looking over toward the bathroom door. A little while later I felt the mattress move and to my relief I could feel the warmth of her curl around me again. She settled her chin into my neck, and I again felt the smallness of her body, let my arm run down her side and lay my hand right at her hip. She lay there facing me. I could see the sparkle of her eyes, she was looking at me.She whispered, “Boo.”I did not move. I was tired. I didn’t want to talk. Didn’t want to talk about this.”Boo.”Nothing, and she settled back in beside me. Her hand lay flat on my belly and began to draw circles there. We lay naked on the open mattress, no sheets, no covers, nothing; we lay there in the dark heat. I could feel a light breeze, it was cool outside but still very warm. She continued to draw circles on me to draw lines with her finger, I lay there still. Her hand drifted lower, into the tangle of hair between my legs, I could feel my penis stir. It lay lightly over the top of her hand.She touched it. Turned it one way and another, traced the line around the head of my cock. Touched the tip of my penis, then lay her hand back down right on my abdomen at the base of my cock. I could feel my penis brushing against the back of her hand and I began to grow hard. I could feel her breathing on my arm. Her eyes still open. I took a deep breath, lay still.My cock was hard it stretched up over her hand and she took her hand away, then wrapping her fingers around me. I could feel her moving again as she turned herself, lifting her leg over mine and slide across the front of me. She sat on my thighs, held my cock between both her hands. I could feel her getting up on her knees and scootching forward.She was going to fuck me!I lay still, not moving but my heart began to pound and I began to breath quick. She took my cock and tipped it up between her legs, nestling it into her thighs, that heat and then….I could feel herself settle down on me, feel my cock slide soft as velvet into her. She sat down on me, my cock pointing straight up into her center. The heat of her, her lithe little body on mine, her open legs, her hands now touching my chest. I could feel her lift her ass into the air and down again, so slow and soft, then she set there again. Her legs open over me, sitting on me, holding me inside.I was clenching my ass, and ever so slightly began tipping myself up into her. The darkness all around, her smell her warmth above me. Her nails lightly thrumming on my chest as she held to me, clung to my body. Rising and falling, rising and falling in the silence of the room. In the heat.She began to draw circles with her hips, and as she sat on me, as I completely impaled her to slide herself against me, holding herself down so that my length would slide along her slit, she was rubbing her clit into me. I could feel her sliding it along my whole length. Once twice three times, and then lifting herself back up and setting herself back down. This unbelievably soft slow fuck.I began to lift my hips to her, meet her with each thrust. She felt me, she paused a moment and then continued. Letting me meet her halfway. I lay my hands on her thighs. Rising and falling and feeling me thrust into her. Scratching me lightly with her nails. She knew. I felt her lean down stretch her long legs along mine, felt her tummy roll onto mine, felt her breasts lay on my chest.I opened my eyes. She looking right at me.”I knew you was awake.”I wrapped my hands around her waist. “I just woke up.””Hmmm. Hmmm.”And then she wrapped her hands around my neck held herself to me, held her mouth to mine and held my lips in hers, as we fucked together there in the dark. She whispered, “Make soft love to me….Hold me.”I held her down to myself and we slowly moved and slid into one another, I opened my mouth and we just touched our lips together. Held them to each other. I licked her lips, and felt her warmth. I stroked and caressed her back, felt the line of her spine, her shoulders. Played my fingers through her hair and then wrapped my fingers around, cupped her breasts and held her up from myself. Her breasts hanging down. She sat up lifted her arms above her head and let me stroke her under her arms, and then cupping her breasts again, squeezing.She looked down at herself, at me.”Those are what got me into so much trouble.” She cupped her breasts. I lay my hands on hers.I simply breathed out, “Thank you,” as if speaking to her breasts.And she fell back down on me, and slid herself against me a little harder, a little faster. I slid my hands down her warm skin and found her ass, just held her there feeling her rising and falling on me, and then lower, reaching into the dark, into our wet center, my cock sliding into her. Felt myself as I disappeared into her flesh, and around to her clit began to stroke her there.”Soft, soft.” Was all she said. “I want to feel you cum in me again.”I began to roll her to the side, and this time she held me down. “Not this time.” And she held me there rising and falling. I let her. She leaned again and I could see the flash of her teeth, her smile as she spoke. “I wondered if this would happen.”I said nothing.”When I went into your room, tried on your shirt. You asked me something. I didn’t answer, but you asked. You said ‘How long were you naked in my room?’I looked at her, the whites of our eyes just inches apart.”I did come in for that hairbrush. That was truth. But then, I looked at you laying there, my little man. I was so proud of you. I love you so much. And then I saw your closet it was open. And I recognized your daddy’s shirts. And I remembered how much I loved him.”She lay her head on my shoulder, “We met in a class. And I really liked him, but he didn’t even pay any attention. I don’t know what it was.” She was moving so slowly on my body now, just barely, but I could feel myself entering and leaving her. This glorious slow fuck as her words washed through my body.”I said to myself, ‘Oh, He’ll notice.’ and I went and bought a red dress, so short -Mmmm, fine – and black shoes and I went in and sat next to him. I did my hair, my skin shined. My teeth was white. Oh – he noticed alright.””I said ‘Hi.’ in this cute little voice, and he said hi back.””And then I pouted and said, ‘you understand all this stuff about co-valents and sine and cosine?’ He said he did. ‘Oh, Maybe you could help.’ And he did. OH he did. That shirt, that could be the shirt I took off him that day.””He was helping me, I was paying no attention, batting my eyes at him leaning in close to see what he was showing me. I remember, I remember like it was yesterday, he wore his top-button buttoned. I looked at him and said, ‘no one wears their top-button buttoned. Here.’ He turned to me and I undid that button. And then I undid another and another. And he let me. This little black girl, thin as a waif in her red mini skirt and black shoes, hair shiny, lip gloss, white teeth. Smiling, and I undid his buttons and slid that shirt off.””And then I leaned up to him slow and kissed him. His lips was so smooth and small. We kissed and kissed. I leaned back from him and said, ‘Isn’t that better?’ He had his hand on my leg and he let it drift up my thigh. I let him, I knew what he’d find. I had nothing on under that dress. Just li’l old me. I opened my legs and he felt me, I let his eyes burn into me. And I melted. Oh, I loved him.”And I kissed her then. She let me, our lips touching as she spoke, “I took that shirt from your closet and held it to me. It could have been the same one. I pulled my robe open and rubbed it to my skin and let the red silk just fall off me. I could remember the feel of it, like it had just happened. I was so wet, and then I looked at you, sleeping.””And there we were. It wasn’t lost on me we was both naked.” I saw her smile. “I could see you through the sheet. I could see how strong you were. That chest you got. Mmmm. Mmmmm. And I walked around your room…for quite awhile, looking at you, holding that shirt to myself. Wondering if you was looking at me, but you lay there breathing so soft and slow. I knew you didn’t see nothing. Then, I got my senses again.”I rose myself into her and nudged her up with my hips, fucked into her. She got my meaning and lifted her one leg up so she could just lightly slide on my cock again, letting herself rise and fall, our bellys sliding together. I wanted to keep feeling that, feel myself inside her.She continued, “And then I put the shirt on, buttoning each button real slow from the bottom up. Just to feel each button slip through the hole, and then you opened your eyes. And we was still naked. Just the same, but you had a sheet and I had the shirt, but not by much. I could have sat on you right there. My puss puss, she really started in that day. Itching and aching, burning me up. And I wondered….””I sat on the bed right by you, I was so wet. I run my hand along the white sheet looking at you there. Letting the long sleeves slide along, let my fingers just touch your hip. It reminded me of my favorite poem.””a ravaged sea so seems this bed if smoothed with my sleeve it would float back moist with foam”And she kissed me soft, melted into me. I returned the kiss, but let her move upon me and she began to thrust down hard, to kiss me hard, grinding and moving, digging her nails into me, whimpering and moving sliding her clit along my length.”You like fucking your…” She held her mouth at my ear, “Mommy, Boo?”I pressed into her pulled her to me, wrapped my arms around her small frame.I said, “Hmmmm, My little girl.””That what I am? Mmmm, such a bad little boy.””Fucking.” I said with each thrust, “Fucking my little girl. Fucking my girl.””What you fucking there?” She looked down.”A little cunt.” And I lifted her into the air and let her drop as I fucked into her hard. “Oh God, ssss, keep Fucking my cunt like that!” I rose up again, she bounced back down. “Oh, this little cunny is so hungry. I don’t think she’ll ever be filled up again.” I bounced her into the air again.She began kissing touching herself to me, holding me. We fell into one another, writhing on the bed, tangling, rolling back and forth. The frame squeaking beneath us. I could feel myself cumming and held myself to her. “Mmm. I’m cumming, Oh God! Oh Brie. Fuck.”And she ground herself down on me, began to buck herself hard against me, sliding as hard as she could, grinding her clit into me. And her body began to spasm, she collapsed into my chest, her ass lifted into the air, trembling, stretching taut, stretching herself lengthening above me. Letting me pound into her. Breathing these deep short bursts of air, “Ah. Ah. Ahhhhh.”And then we lay there like we started, wet and quiet. She was on me, laying on my chest her legs were wrapped around my hips. I felt myself squeeze out of her again, and the gush of my cum running down my leg. She looked at me, “you came all right.” Her pussy was this gaping hole. I lay my hand down between her legs and touched her there, wet and dry cum sticking to the hairs – from this fuck and an earlier one – and reaching higher I touched her ass and pushed my finger in. She arched her back. “Ahhhh. Boo!””You like that don’t you?” I breathed. And pressed my finger into her ass lightly, felt her opening around my finger as she twisted her hips and held me there. Held my finger in her ass as far as it would go.”You have no idea.”I laughed, rubbing her, drawing my finger out and then pressing in and then right to the opening again, and back inside. She began pressing her puss down and hump my thigh.”Hmmm. Little Boo.” She lay her cheek on my chest.S’how I got my robe.””There’s a lot of things you don’t know Boo.”The End

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