The Punishment_(1)

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I have always been close to my daddy. My daddy is 5’9. He has Blond hair and light blue eyes. He is muscular and has no chest hair. He is hot looking. He is married to my mom Lorrie. My mom is not home much because she likes to go out to party. It’s usually just my brother, daddy and me.

I have blond hair and hazel eyes. I am skinny and kind of tall. I am 5’6 and weigh 110 pounds. I am popular, especially with the boys. I love wearing short skirts and short tops. I wear them everywhere. I can see how my family looks at me with all the dirty looks, but I don’t care. When I wear these clothes it gets the boys to really look at me and wish they were with me. It makes them crazy and hard. I love it. I am a naughty girl.

My brother is 5’9 and muscular. He has blond hair and dark blue eyes. He is poplar also. He loves playing pool and staying out with the girls. He and I are pretty close most of the time.

My mom likes her alcohol and hanging out with other men. She has dark blond hair and green eyes. She is 5’5. She is 130 pounds and loves short clothes like I do. My mom is a naughty girl like me. I think that is where I get it from.

One day I needed to go to the store for some new clothes, but I was grounded so I couldn’t go. I decided to get the courage up to ask my daddy to take me. He was at home, so I couldn’t just sneak out like I did before. I am usually good at sneaking out, but I get caught every once in a while.

“Daddy, Can You take me to the mall?” I asked.

“Sure, Just a minute.” Daddy says while finishing his paper work. I waited for about 5 minutes before he put his work away. I looked in the mirror to make sure I was still good with my make up and outfit. I had on really short shorts and a white button down shirt that only went down halfway towards my belly button. My hair was curly from the curling iron.

“Cute hair do, Jen. The shorts are a bit too short though. I can see your white thongs showing. I am going to help you pick out a longer outfit.” Daddy said while looking down at my pussy, while driving to the mall.

“No daddy, I can pick out my stuff. I look good.” I said while looking in the side view mirror.

“No dear, You look slutty. You will help me pick out an outfit or I will turn around. Do you understand.” Daddy says while parking the truck.

“Yes daddy.” I said while looking down. I was starting to get upset. I love my clothes. I showed daddy each outfit I tried on. I had to model for him, so he see how short they were. He kept touching the fabric to make sure it was long enough and thick enough. He finally let me pick out a shirt that was only half an inch longer than the one before, and the shorts were a couple inches longer. I also got to get a dress that was half way to my knees. It was a cute white dress with pink flowers on them. We walked back to the car. It was a big parking lot, but we finally made it back to the truck. I started to climb into the big truck we had. I could see Daddy looking up my shorts, while he was putting the bags into the back seat. He kept smiling and licking his lips. He didn’t see me looking over at him. I could tell that daddy was getting hard after I sat down. I decided to tease him a little more. Once daddy got into the driver’s side, I spread my legs. He could see that my thong had moved over a bit, so he got to see some of my pussy.

“Are we going to go daddy?” I asked.

“Sure dear. Are u in a hurry?” Daddy asked

“Yeah a little.” I said.

“Alright.” Daddy says and drives back to the house.

I went into the house and put my dress on. I looked around the house to see that daddy was busy, so I snuck out of the house. I got back an hour later.

“Where the hell have u been?” My brother Mike yelled.

“No where, I have been here.” I said looking up at Mike innocently. I got out my journal and started writing in it.

“You liar.” My brother said, while sitting down by my bed. He stared at me for awhile.

“I can tell when you’re lying.” Mike says. He started to touch my foot and then move up my leg.

“Am I going to have to tell daddy? Or do I need to punish you myself?” Mike asks, with a sexy sly smile on his face.

“You will have to punish me, because I don’t want daddy to know. His punishments are worse than what you can do to me. I hate the belt on my ass. It hurts like hell. He makes my ass red. Then I would also be grounded again and prom is next weekend. I want to be able to go. I have a date.” I said while looking at Mike.

“Okay, You asked for it. “Mike said while pulling me up off the bed. He turned me around and spanked me.

“Now get into the shower, I want to see you naked.” Mike says while pointing to our bathroom.

“Okay, but you have seen me half naked before.” I said while walking into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and walked into the shower. Mike undressed and followed me in.

“I only got to see half of you and that was by accident. I want to see all of you. You are hot.” Mike says with a smile. Mike started touching me everywhere.

“Mmmmm,ohhhh that feels good. Is this my punishment?” I asked, while moaning.

“Yep.” Mike says while rubbing my clit. He kept staring at my shaved pussy, and 34 B cupped tits.

“Fuck yeah. I can handle this.” I said while moaning. He kept rubbing my clit and putting his fingers into my wet pussy. I sex izle enjoyed it so much and cum all over his hand.

“Maybe next time you will not sneak out of the house.” Mike said and climbed out.

I was kind of disappointed. I thought I was going to get fucked by my brother. He is a hot stud, just like daddy is. I will just have to be naughty again to get attention.

I decided on the weekend to go out with my best friend Mindy and her friend Sandy. Sandy is a really naughty girl, who likes drugs and drinking. Her parents were out for the night, so we got out the alcohol. We had vodka with orange juice. It was good. I got so drunk. I also got to try Ecstasy. It made me feel like I was floating. It made me feel horny also. Sandy called some guys up to come over. I didn’t think any of them were good looking enough so I asked if I could go back home. Sandy took me home, while Mindy stayed there with the three men. I stumbled in and went into my room to lay down for a minute. I heard a noise, so I sat up. My brother walks into my room.

“Where have you been? I thought you was grounded?” Mike asked sounding really angry. He flopped over onto my bed next to me.

“I am, but dad is at work and mom is out drinking with the boys. So I guess no one will know will they.” I said

“I do, so now I will have to punish you again.” Mike said. His face came closer to mine.

“You smell like alcohol too. Wow, you were really naughty this time. I will have to double the punishment.” Mike said while pushing me down onto the bed. He started rubbing me all over.

“Yep, I guess you will have too.” I said while grabbing my brother’s neck. I started kissing him. We kissed for awhile and then started taking each other’s clothes off. Mike started rubbing my 34 B cupped tits and moving down to my wet pussy. He started rubbing my clit and then inserted his fingers into my pussy. I started rubbing his 8 inch cock. He was already hard, so he inserted his cock into my pussy.

“OOOH Fuck yeah. That is what I wanted Big Brother.” I said while moaning.

“You wanted me, Why didn’t you just come to me and tell me that? Instead of being naughty?” Mike asked.

“I didn’t want to sound perverted or anything. I just hid my secret and became naughty. It got attention anyways.” I said while my brother Mike was going in and out of me faster and faster.

“Oh yeahhh, that feels so good. Fuck your naughty little sister.” I moaned loudly. Mike went faster and faster.

“AAahhh yeess that does feel good little sister.mmmmm yeaah. Fuck!!” Mike moaned.

“Go harder, make me cum in you Mike.” I moaned. Mike went as hard as he could. We both cum at the same time.

“AHHH yess, I’m cumming Jen!!” Mike moaned.

“Yesss, I’m cumming Mike!!” I moaned. We were still laying there when we heard Dad coming up the stairs. Mike hurried to get dressed and I got under the covers. Dad knocked on the door…..
Mike sat on the bed and looked at the door that was about to open by our father.

“Come in!!” I yelled out.

“”Hey Kids, What are you doing? Anything interesting?” Dad says while sitting down on a chair across from the bed.

“Not much daddy. How about you?” I asked with a smile.

“Not much. Just bored.” Daddy says with a sigh. Mike got up to get off the bed.

“Well, I am going to head to my room and listen to music. Night Dad, Night Sis.” Mike says and walks out the door.

“Night Mike.” Daddy and I say at the same time.

“We can watch a movie if you want daddy.” I said, after Mike left the room.

“Okay. I will see you downstairs.” Daddy says and got up off the chair. I waited for Daddy to leave and heard foot steps. I hurried to get a short shirt on and tiny shorts on. I went down stairs and saw daddy putting a movie into the dvd player.

“You ready?” Daddy asked while sitting on the couch.

“Yep.” I said while sitting down. We started watching Nightmare On Elm Street.

“Daddy, this is scary. I don’t like scary movies. I will need a hand to hold if you expect me to watch this.” I said while covering my eyes.

“It’s okay, I can hold your hand.” Daddy says with a smile. I curled up against my daddy and he reached over with his arm to put it around me. I put my other hand on his thigh. When the scary part came along, I grabbed for his big hand. He squeezed my hand tightly. I managed to get through the movie with my daddy’s hand.

“That was scary, I hope I can sleep now.” I said while getting up.

“If not, you can always come over and sleep next to me.” Daddy says while taking the movie out.

“Okay, I will keep that in mind.” I said. I started for the stairs.

“Night daddy, love you.” I said with a smile.

“Night Jen, love you too.” Daddy said while going to the kitchen. I decided to go check on my brother before going to my room.

“Hey Bro. Daddy made me watch a scary movie. Can I sleep in here with you?” I asked with a small voice.

“You big baby, I guess so. I sleep naked though.” Mike says while patting the bed.

“Okay thank you. I don’t mind.” I said while getting undressed. I left my black bra and my black (with a pink bow on them) undies on. I climbed into the bed. I could see my brother watching me as I got undressed.

“You are barely dressed and it’s starting to turn me on. You might have to go put some thing on sis.” Mike said looking fransız porno at my undies.

“It’s okay, I will just relieve you and then we can go to bed.” I said while reaching over for his cock that was starting to get hard. I started rubbing his cock and then I put my mouth on it.

“Oohh god sis.” Mike moaned loudly. I went faster and faster.

“I want to fuck you again. Sorry sis, you are going down.” Mike said while pushing me off his cock. He pushed me onto his bed. He started kissing me and putting his hand down towards my pussy. I was starting to get turned on. I was getting wet enough so he inserted his cock into my wet pussy.

“Mmmmm yesss. Just like that.” I said while Mike went in and out.

“Aaaahhh, fuck.” Mike moaned loudly. After a minute Mike took out his dick and turned me over.

“I want to fuck you in the ass sis. You can consider this another punishment from the drugs you did.” Mike said, while checking to see if I was wet. He teased my ass for a minute and then slowly inserted it. My ass was getting used to it, and it felt so hot.

“That is hot, and my first time with anal. aaahhh yeesss.” I moaned out loud. After a couple minutes I heard foot steps, and then nothing.

“What do you think your doing you two?” My dad yells at the door way.

“Daddy?” I said in shock. Mike and I just stared at daddy. Mike stopped moving.

“Well… answer me?” Daddy yelled again. He walked into the room to get a better view. The little lamp only showed half the room. He could finally see that my brother was inserted in my ass.

“Why are you doing that?” Daddy asked.

“Punishment dad. Jen has been naughty.” Mike managed to say.

“Really? And what has she done? Why wasn’t I informed. Shouldn’t I be the one to punish her? I am the father after all.” Daddy says while getting on top of the bed.

“She doesn’t like that belt dad, so I gave a punishment that feels better to her. Since then she has done well for the day and came straight home. She also wants to go to prom in a week. She will be ungrounded by then.” Mike said. Daddy started undoing his belt.

“Daddy no!!! I already got punished.” I yelled as I saw my daddy’s hand going up. He took me by surprise though and touched my ass lightly. He went around towards my front, with his hand. I could feel his hand on my pussy. He started rubbing my clit.

“I think I can punish you better this time around, with out the belt. I will just join you.” Daddy said while taking off his jeans and boxers. I could see his dick getting hard.

“Keep going Mike, and I will get in the front.” Daddy says while moving underneath my body. I moved up a little so daddy could get inside my wet pussy. Mike continued fucking my still very wet ass.

“This is considered your punishment for you, from your daddy, Jen.” Daddy says while going in and out of my wet, tight pussy. My daddy’s cock is 9 inches. His cock is a bit wider than Mike’s.

“Ooh daddy. That feels better than the belt. Keep going, just like that.” Daddy went faster and faster.

“Mmmm fuck yess Jen. You naughty girl of mine.” Daddy says while moaning. We fucked for a few minutes.

“Oh my hot brother, fuck me harder. Ohh daddy, fuck me hard. You like that?” I yelled.

“Yess little sis. fuck yeahh!!” Mike moaned.

“Oh my baby daughter, fuck yeah.” Daddy yelled out.

“I’m cumming.” I yelled.

“Me to!!” Mike and daddy yelled at the same time. We all sat down for a minute to catch our breath.

“Thanks for the new punishment daddy. Can I still go to prom?” I asked hesitantly.

“Sure baby.” Daddy says while getting off the bed and cleaning up.

“Thanks. Mike doesn’t get punished does he? He was just trying to help?” I asked.

“No, he doesn’t need punished. As long as I can punish you from now on.” Daddy says while getting dressed.

“No problem, but I would still like to fuck my hot sister.” Mike said bravely.

“Sure, just not as a punishment anymore. That is my job.” Daddy says while walking to the door.

“No problem dad. Thanks.” Mike said while cleaning up and dressing for bed.

“Mom can punish you for punishing your sister.” Daddy said and closes the door.

“Wow, this will be hot.” Mike says while looking at me.

“I guess so.” I said and got up. I cleaned myself and went to the door.

“Night Mike. Love you.” I said and walked out.

“Night sis, love you too.” Mike yelled out.

The next day dad made me tell him everything I did. Mom finally came home at about 3 in the afternoon. Mom was told everything and was a bit upset. She blamed it on herself, but I told her it was not her. It was all me. I was the naughty one and like being naughty. I love the attention it gets.

Mom went up stairs while daddy and me was down stairs in the kitchen. Daddy walked over to me and gave me a hug. He rubbed my back and my shirt kept moving up with his strokes. I felt his hand on my bare back. It felt good. Soon I felt my bra strap coming undone. My breathing got heavier. Daddy’s breathing got heavier as well. I could feel his dick start growing inside his jeans. His other hand was going up my bare leg. I was wearing a plaid short skirt. My shirt was white with buttons on them. Daddy grabbed my ass and pulled me up onto him. He moved my pussy and ass over his dick. I was going teen porno up and down making him harder and harder. I was starting to get really wet inside my pink thongs.

“Ooh daddy. Mommy is upstairs. She might catch us.” I said moaning. Daddy set me down and took off my skirt. Daddy rubbed his hands over my pink thongs.

“It’s okay baby girl, she is going to be busy with your brother here soon. She might even be busy as we speak.” Daddy says while taking my pink thongs off. He rubbed my clit and then went around my pussy for awhile. He then inserted his finger. I grabbed for his button and zipper and pulled his jean-shorts off. I took his button down white shirt off and rubbed my hands all over his body. He moaned some while my hands ran down his chest and then down to his 9 inch cock. I rubbed his cock for a bit. Daddy moaned for awhile and then grabbed my whole body and lifted me up. He moved us over to the couch. He laid on top of me and started kissing me. He rubbed his hands all over my body….(To be continued in a moment)

Meanwhile…(upstairs) at the same time as the downstairs is happening…

“Hi son.” Mommy said to Mike, while going into his room.

“Hi mom.” Mike says, looking up at mom.

“I am not to happy about everything, but since it’s already happened, I can’t do anything about it. I just wish that I was here for everything. I like to be gone to much, but I will try to do better now. I do belive I have to punish you though, for punishing your sister. That is your father’s and my job to do. Not yours.” Mommy said while sitting on the bed.

“Alright, I understand. Let’s get started then. It is only fair.” Mike said while laying down.

“Yes it is, and your father is yelling out now. I can hear him moaning and enjoying himself, so I guess it’s my turn. This is only for punishment though, remember that.” Mommy said while laying next to Mike.

“I will like the punishment though Mom.” Mike said with a smile.

“I hope so.” Mommy said, while touching Mike’s chest. Mommy took Mike’s shirt off.

“I think it’s hot to be doing this mom.” Mike said while taking off Mommy’s short shirt.

“You are a hot woman, and I get to see it fully now. I am going to enjoy it for the day.” Mike said while taking the bra off. Mike rubbed his mother’s 36 C cupped tits.

“Oh Mike, take me. Let me Punish you, my naughty boy.” Mommy yelled out. Mike removed mom’s short red mini skirt. He touched her pussy through the red thongs.

“Mmmm yesss.” Mommy moaned. He removed the panties and seen only a strip of brown hair above her sexy pussy. He started rubbing her clit. He inserted a finger into her wet pussy.

“Just like that son.” Mommy yelled out. He took his head down towards her wet pussy and licked it all over. He kept his finger inside her wet pussy while licking her clit. He then removed his finger and moved his tongue into her pussy.

“Ohh god yeah.” My Mommy yelled out. Mike gave mom oral for a couple minutes and then inserted his dick into her. He went in and out for a bit.

“Oooohhh yyeeahh!!! This is so hot, and feels good.” Mike moaned out loud.

“Fuck yeah, go fasster son!” Mommy yelled out loud. Mike went as fast as he could. They went the same time.

“Aahh, god you feel so good mom. I’m cumming now!!” Mike yelled out.

“I’m cumming son!” Mommy yelled out. They both laid there and looked at each other for a minute. They smiled at each other.

“I love you mom.” Mike said.

“I love you too Son.” Mommy said. They both got up and cleaned up. They got dressed and gave each other a hug.

(Going back to the downstairs version of what was going on….)

“Oh dad, put your cock inside me now. I can’t take it anymore. Punish me again for everthing I did.” I moaned out loud.

“Okay hot daughter of mine. This is your last punishment. Unless you are naughty again.” Daddy says while inserting his hard cock into me. He went in and out, and waited for a bit and then went faster and faster.

“Dadddy, oh my god, yesss!!” I yelled.

” Jennifer baby, oh god, you feel so good.” Daddy yelled out. We fucked for 20 minutes before we both couldn’t hold out any longer.

“I’m cumming daddy!!” I yelled out.

“I am tooo!!” Daddy yelled out. We both lay there for a minute and stared at each other. I smiled at daddy.

“Thank you daddy. I won’t be naughty anymore. I love you!!” I said, while my breathing slowed down.

“Your welcome baby. I am glad you learned your lesson. I love you too!!” Daddy smiled at me.

We both got up and cleaned up. We both got dressed and sat back down on the couch. My mom and brother both came back down the stairs. I decided to move to the floor and my brother sat on the floor beside me. Mom and Dad sat on the couch. We watched the second movie to the Nightmare On Elm Street. I held my brother’s hand the whole time. He thought it was cute and laughed at me, but kept my hand held tight. When the movie ended, we all went up stairs and went to bed.

The next week went very good. On Saturday night, my Brother and I got to go to our second Prom ever!! I wore a light pink gown. It was a two piece. It had a pink tank top and a skirt with it. I had 3″ pink heels on too. Everyone thought I looked beautiful. My brother wore a black and white suit. He looked very handsome. We got lots of pics to show for it, and we are both staying out of trouble for now. We don’t have sex that much anymore either, with any of our family members. Everyone is happy and healthy. It’s a good life!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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