The Phone Call

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Double Penetration

This is My second submission. I got no feedback on my first story other then 4 out of 5 stars so I kept this as a first person narrative of a night between a man and a woman from the mans perspective. I hope you enjoy.


It’s a nice fall night. The cool air rushes in the open bedroom windows. You had called home earlier and told me you had to work late. I fed the children, suffered through some math homework, and got the showered and in bed at a reasonable time. They had asked to stay up late to see you but it was just getting too late. It’s Friday and they will see you all weekend.

I made up a dinner plate for you and left it covered and on the counter, then I went up to our room and showered and put some music on. I was not planning on being awake when you came home but I just couldn’t fall asleep.

You come in the house with a bang but soon realize that there is a good chance everyone is asleep at this late hour and you are not heard again until I hear the creek of our bedroom door opening. You see right away that I am awake and you start to vent about your day. You flop down in the big chair in the corner of the room so that you don’t fall over taking your shoes off. I come over to the hassock and sit in front of you as you talk. You take advantage of this and ask me to rub your feet.

I do not have a foot fetish but I also have no problem rubbing your feet when ever put to the task. I love to just be near you and touch you. I am amazed that you just put in almost 15 hours at work and still smell so good. You lean your head back in the chair like you are going to go to sleep and close your eyes while I rub my thumb deep into your arches. My hands feel so rough compared to you silky pantyhose.

Then, like a dagger, your phone rings… it’s your work. I don’t pay attention to the conversation I just keep rubbing your foot. I take the palm of my hand and press it into the ball of your foot bending it back and stretching all the muscles. You look me in the eye and nod to let me know that what I am doing is helping and feels good. I did not intend for this to get sexual but as I sit there I cannot ignore the fact that your other foot is sitting in my lap resting gently on my penis. I am also getting a peek up your skirt as I move your foot and leg around. You slide down in the chair causing your skirt to rise even higher and I am not convinced that this was by accident.

Everything is Anadolu Yakası escort starting to come together. I can smell your sexy perfume, feel the heat from your tired body, and getting flashes up your skirt, what else am I going to do? I start to get really turned on. I am only human.

I switch feet and this time I place your foot directly on my growing member. I take the other one in my hands and start my normal procedure but then I rub a little further up the ankle. You don’t resist so I get a braver and venture up the calf. Your muscles there are very tense and the attention feels good.

Then I kiss the soul of your foot and you jump a little bit. You look at me and shake your head no but I kiss it again. This time I take a little flesh into my mouth and drag my teeth along as I move away. You tell the person on the phone to hold on a second and you ask me to “Stop that” I stop massaging you completely and fake like I am getting up to walk away. You say “no not that, kissing my feet.”

I say ok and take my place again. You start up your conversation again like it never stopped and this time I take your foot and kiss your ankle bone. You just roll your eyes at me knowing that I am incorrigible.

I work my way up your leg kissing and licking your stocking leg. When I reach the hem line of your skirt I switch feet and give the other leg a similar treatment. This time I am a little more aggressive with my tongue and you pull away a few times like you want me to stop but you at no point get up and walk away so I continue.

This time when I reach your knee I raise your leg high up in the air. This causes your skirt to go up even higher and gives me access to the soft area in the back of your knee. I kiss and lick this area and you try to muffle a squeal.

I kiss down the underside of your thigh and I am pushing your skirt higher with my chin as I go. When I get close enough to the point where your leg is no longer your leg but I am almost kissing your ass, I move your leg way out and kiss up around to the inside.

My head is now between your legs right in front of your crotch. There is no denying at this point that you are turned on. I can clearly see my efforts are not being ignored.

I grab your hips and move you down until you are almost falling out of the chair and I notice you are still trying to carry on the conversation with whomever it is that called from work.

I Anadolu Yakası escort bayan start to nuzzle and lick through the layers of cloth. Then I have an idea. I bite the pantyhose and pull back a little bit pulling them away from your body as I do so. Then I reach up with my hand and force a finger through the material. It tears away easily and you gasp a little bit when you hear the sound of the material ripping.

I wonder if the person on the other end of the phone has any clue what is going on. I also wonder just how much attention you are able to withstand before you are forced to end the conversation. I reach up with my other hand and pull the gusset of your panties to one side, returning to my task but this time my lips and tongue are in direct contact with your skin.

You taste so good. I suck on you like I am trying to get orange juice out of an orange without breaking the peal.

You wrap your legs around my head and raise your hips up off of the chair in ecstasy. I lick your full length then concentrate on your clit and you start to buck a little bit. I know that you are already having an orgasm and I can’t remember being this turned on fully dressed in a long time. I can feel my cock straining against my clothes begging to be let out.

I can tell by the sound of your voice that the call is coming to an end. I want to see your eyes so I come up from my perch just in time to hear you say, “I am really sorry I brought that file home with me. Yes, I will be up for a little while yet. No, it’s not a problem just stop by on your way home and I will have it ready. See you in about 20 then… ok bye.” Click…

You drop the phone on the floor and take my head in both your hands and tell me that your boss is on his way over so I only have 20 minutes to make you cum again. With that you kiss me and walk over to the bed, shedding your skirt completely on the way. You look so erotic standing there in your white button down blouse and ripped pantyhose.

You lie down on the bed and move the pillows under your head. You start to unbutton your shirt and I am still frozen in the moment. You tell me I better hurry and I snap out of my daze and undress on my way to the bed. I take up a position between your legs and I kiss you hard. Our lips are trying to pull each other closer. I am about to enter you when you break the kiss and push my shoulders away from you.

“I didn’t say make you escort bayan cum, I said make me cum” then your hand firmly on the top of my head pushes me down back between your legs. I sneak a few licks at your nipple on my way down. They are just sticking out past the cups of your bra. I reach your belly button and kiss all over your stomach as I reach down and start to slide your panties down. You remind me that we don’t have much time and I better finish what I have started. Without any obstruction I am able to do my best work. You are moaning and moving around almost right away.

I feel rushed playing your little game. There has to be about 15 minutes left and I still want to make love. I attack your clit with my lips and I start to hum. It almost sounds like you are crying and I know you have to be cumming now. Before you get a chance to stop me, I move up and bury my cock deep within you.

This time there is no protest. I start to push in and out but I know time is short and I want to try to make you cum again. I grab my shaft at the base and pull up on it as I pull out. This makes the head drag over your G spot every time I thrust. Your eyes are closed and your hands are mauling your breast. At first I thought maybe you were just trying to hold them from bouncing but now I clearly see you pulling on your nipples.

I lean down and kiss you and I tell you I am close to coming. Without opening your eyes you tell me you want me to cum on your chest. I can only do as I am asked so after a few more thrusts I pull out and you grab my cock and start stroking it fast and hard.

As I start to spurt you take aim at each nipple trying to distribute the cum evenly. Then to my surprise you push me back down and tell me you want just a little more.

I have never refused you anything in the bedroom so I settle back down between your legs and this time resume eating you with more love and attention then rushed passion. I look up at you and you are still pinching and pulling you cum soaked breasts. Rubbing the cum all over your chest then licking it off your fingers.

After a few minutes of this I am thinking to myself that either your boss is late or he is waiting outside wondering where you are at. When most of the cum is gone from your tits and you are settling down like you are about to go to sleep I ask you if maybe you should get cleaned up before your boss gets here.

You chuckle and ask, “Did you really fall for that? He hung up about 5 minutes before I said that. I was just playing the game you started.”

Relieved, I move up next to you on the bed and drape my right arm and leg over your heaving body. I plant little kisses on your neck, ear, and check bone.

I guess I deserved that… But I am glad you like to play.

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