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Subject: The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall 13 ===*=== The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall Chapter 13: A Big Eggplant for Three Virgin Peaches (Part 3) ===*=== Late Saturday night after the deflowering ritual had ended, Buff and I took a quick shower together. He’d insisted we do so to wash Jerrick’s hot, hairless ass off our bodies as if it even bothered me like it bothered him. Then, we dried ourselves and went into our room, still naked. I closed the door and eyed him while standing right in front of him, the anger rising from within. “I think your leadership skills need some major improvement.” Buff seemed more amused than upset. “Enlighten me, then. What should I be doing that I’m not already doing?” “Well, for starters, I don’t like how you’re treating sub. I don’t like that you’re forgetting he’s not a slave. I read a lot about BDSM stuff lately since that’s pretty much what this is, and slaves apparently don’t get a choice of anything, but subs do.” “And? Your point?” “And that means sub’s a sub, meaning he gets to say ‘no’ if he can’t do certain things.” “If it’s any consolation, all sub Peters get free room and board, meals, tuition, books, all that stuff paid for. The rest of us get a reduction, much like a discount. On top of that, all Peters are given a list of allied businesses to jumpstart our future careers as long as we show proof that we joined the club. We may even have to show them in a more…carnal way, so to speak. But who cares? Lots of benefits here for us. It’s not just a fuck club, you know.” I hadn’t known any of that. “Why didn’t you tell me this?” He shrugged. “Maybe I wanted to see how naturally loyal to the club you really are.” Could I ever be a loyal Peter? I wasn’t sure. But knowing this new info really changed things. “Well, I still don’t like how you treat sub, so it needs to stop. Like, now.” Buff sighed. “I should’ve known you’d defend him, especially after your little moment with him during the deflowering ritual.” My little moment with him. The funny thing? I looked forward to seeing Jerrick again. I felt like we’d connected in a weird way. I couldn’t explain it. I felt the same way about Twunky too. But why show that? “Hmm, I don’t know, Buff. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re jealous.” “Oh, please. Why would I be jealous?” Yet his reddening face hinted otherwise. One thing I hated about myself and the disturbing way my brain functioned was how badly this mean fuck turned me on. He was hot with an equally-hot bubble butt�big and smooth�and I needed to fight the lack of reasoning. I’d read superhero fanfic romances where the villain was romanticized for the superhero as if fated or whatever. Why was Buff always pissing me off and making me horny at the same time? Was I just sick? Rock hard, I stepped closer to Buff, my face closer to his. I needed to remember that I still had a plan to destroy him. Though, I was still going to fuck his virgin ass with no mercy, especially since he was more than willing to consent to it. I grabbed his dick and stroked it. “Tell me the truth. Are you jealous?” He swallowed, not saying anything. That was the thing about him. When he felt something, he struggled with hiding it. Plan, plan, plan. Slip through newly-formed cracks. “Because no one’s ever been that way about me before. I’m…flattered, actually.” “Yeah?” There seemed to be a mix of hope and caution on Buff’s face. I kissed his lips. “Ich liebe dich. And I do mean that.” I’d said it with growing desire laced with resentment for a toxic concoction. After a moment, his eyes growing heavier, he whispered, “I love you too.” My eyes widened. What…? “You look shocked.” “I…” Confusion hit me hard. And after pondering for a few seconds, I wondered if I’d said the wrong phrase this entire time. I remembered in Spanish�I barely knew any of it even though I should because of my family heritage�that the phrase “I want you” could also mean “I love you.” Did it not work the same way in German? “I said I want you, though.” “No you didn’t. You told me twice already that you loved me. I speak German, remember?” Buff kissed my lips. “I know you wouldn’t play games with me. You wouldn’t take that dangerous risk. That’s how I know you meant it.” Fuck. What a fucking idiot I was! Buff started jerking me off while his burned into mine. “I think you’re scared to fall in love with me because you hate me and love me and you feel conflicted about it. Am I right?” No, he wasn’t. But what should I do? I’d wanted to carry on with the plan, but I hadn’t realized it’d turn out like this. I sighed. “I’ve never had a boyfriend.” “I know. That’s what makes this so special. Of all the hotties you could’ve fallen for me, you fell for me. Your biggest worshiper.” Look at him. He was completely smitten in a way I wasn’t used to seeing. Fuck. Shit. Think, think, think. “But I cheated on Leah. You shouldn’t trust me.” That crooked smirk again. “That’s different. You were just craving cock and man butt, two things she didn’t have that you needed. Now mezitli escort that you got all this experience, you can’t stop the crave.” “Exactly. So why would you trust me?” “Because, Chosen One. If you cheated on me, which I’d find out, you’ll pay really costly for it. I don’t think you have it in you to play with that kind of fire.” “We’re not boyfriends, Buff.” “No. We’re not. We’re more. You’re my god, and I’m your worshiper. And despite how much of an asshole you might think I am, I’m very strongly against cheating. You’ll never, ever worry about that with me. I’d forever be loyal to you until death. That’s a promise.” Was I stuck with Buff now? This wasn’t fair. How the hell had I gotten myself into this mess? I needed to change the subject. I couldn’t deal with this heavy shit right now. I was upset, confused, and horny, but horny needed to be taken care of first. “I’m going to fuck you, Buff. No mercy.” “Go for it. And if I cry, if I tell you to stop, or any kind of thing like that, you keep fucking me. Only then will I know that you’re a true god who takes what’s his.” Oh, Buff. I was turned on. I needed his ass. “I need a safe word, though.” “No need. I don’t want you to stop.” “Give me a fucking safe word and then get on the bed.” “Damn. So dominant now. Your voice firms up and deepens every time you order people around.” Buff climbed and then stopped, his big ass waving at me. “The safe word is ‘roleplay’ because that’s exactly what this is. Only stop when I say it, which I won’t because I don’t want you to.” “I know how it works. I read about it.” “Well? Come and get it, then, my hot, sexy god.” I lost all reason and clarity. I was a sexual zombie at this point. I walked toward him and groped his cheeks. I slapped them hard to watch him flinch. Instead of showing pain, he formed his signature crooked smirk, always expressing himself that way as if limited in expressions. Or maybe he was constantly feeling cocky and proud. “I should tell you, though, Chosen One. Once you deflower my ass, there’s no turning back.” He slowly gyrated his hips as if to tease me some more, which worked every time. “You want this virgin ass?” “I do,” I whispered with hunger, my dick dripping uncontrollably in a sticky mess. “Take it, then.” It was amazing how brave Buff was for being on the verge of losing his virginity in possibly a deeply-painful way. But first, I needed to eat that ass. I hunched over and dove into his hole with my tongue. “It’s your ass, God. Anytime you want to eat it or fuck it, you don’t ask. You just fucking take it like a dominant owner. Be possessive all you want because that’s how I like it. Because it goes both ways.” I ignored his words and hungrily munched on his hot butt some more, slapping his cheeks on occasion while the tip of my tongue stabbed his tight pucker. I sucked it and gave it a bite, hard enough to make him hiss in pain. “Hurt me, God.” I bit his anus once more, a little harder. He flinched, briefly clenching his butt, and he released a loud grunt. “Fuck, damn, that hurt.” He chuckled. “Shit.” I could be rough with Buff, but I wanted my big dick to be rough instead of my tongue. I rose back up, pushed down on the small of his back to get him to lie on his flat belly, and climbed over him. Fuck this fucker. I wasn’t going to use lube. He deserved a painful experience for all the shit he’d caused. “Fuck me, God. Fuck me hard.” “Oh, I’m going to fuck you like I’ve never fucked anymore before.” “By force?” I didn’t answer even though that was the case. I pressed the head of my dick against his super-tight pucker and pushed it in without stopping. Buff groaned in pain. “Fuck! Shit!” “I’m not stopping, so you fucking take it.” I wasn’t sure what had gotten over me, but the resentment unleashed from my thoughts. I pushed myself inside farther. “Not even if I say the safe word?” “Well, of course, I’m not a fucking rapist.” He groaned some more, balling his hands into tight fists and sounding as if in labor. This fuck. He’d terrorized me and others. He was the shittiest, most abusive leader. Fuck this piece of shit. Let him wail all he wanted. I pushed even harder until I was finally in. By now, Buff shed tears, and for the first time, he was truly submissive. “It fucking hurts like hell,” he whispered harshly, whimpering. I started pounding him. He yelped and kept groaning loudly, making me worry that the other Peters could hear us since they were only in the other bedroom. It felt amazing, though. Being inside him was a treat I’d never thought possible at one time. I ignored his sounds of pain and gave it to him good and hard. He cried softly. “Okay, okay, stop, I can’t take it anymore! It hurts!” But I remembered when he’d told me not to. He needed to say the safe word, and only then would I stop. “You want me to be your true god? You take it like a man, then. You begged for this.” “I was confused, I didn’t know what I was saying.” Was this roleplay? pozcu escort Was he serious? “Are you playing games with me, Buff?” “No, I’d never hurt you like you’re hurting me, Pete.” Pete? That was a first. But he wasn’t saying the safe word, so pain or not, he’d take it. And now that I was close, I kept ramming into him more. He continued crying and grunting, gnashing his teeth. Closer. His butt was so…ungh…it felt too good. Closer, even closer. “I’m about to nut, Buff.” “No, stop, Pete. I never agreed to this. I’m fragile and helpless.” Okay, now I knew he was fucking around like a goddamn drama queen. He wanted all of this. I gave him more thrusts, as hard as I could, and the intense feeling sent me over the edge. “I’m…nutting in you…” Buff cried harder in a whine. “No, Pete, stop, I don’t fucking want this, I never did.” I myself grunted as I shot into his deflowered hole, claiming it, his first cum in there. I shot and shot so much that I was hypnotized by the ecstasy. “Fuck…ungh…” I collapsed on his damp back and rested my nose against the nape of nis neck. “This is what you get.” And suddenly, I smirked at how defeated he must’ve felt. “I owned you for that moment. I took your ass virginity and proved to you how little you really are. I’m in control now. And what do you know? You were my third virginity tonight.” Buff sniffled. “Third?” “Yeah. I fucked Twunky right before sub, nice and slow and passionate with him, and you’re not going to do shit about it.” I no longer cared if Buff knew. I pulled out, and my eyes widened in horror as I lowered my gaze. I puffed harder than ever. “Fuck, Buff, you’re bleeding!” It wasn’t a whole lot, but it trickled from his hole and stained the sheets. He turned around, face drenched with tears and his nose wet with snot. “I told you to stop, but you didn’t listen.” My heart pounded, and I stared at him. “You told me not to stop!” “No, Pete, you don’t get it. ‘No’ means ‘no.’ Simple as that.” “You didn’t say the safe word!” He lowered his eyebrows as if confused. “What safe word?” I jolted out of bed and panted. “You’re not accusing me of something, are you? Because you gave me a safe word. It was ‘roleplay’ and you know it. You told me not to stop because it would make you see me as a true god.” Buff sighed. “‘No.’ Means. ‘No.'” “Fuck you!” Then, he formed a crooked smirk. “Who’s the little one now?” There was a hard knock on the bedroom door. “Everything okay, guys?” It was Twunky. “Because we could all hear you.” Shit. “You can come in,” Buff called. I rushed to hold the door closed. “No, not yet, Twunky!” I started getting dressed. “We need to get you to the hospital. You’re bleeding.” “It stings like my ass is on fire, but I’ll live. I’m actually amused right now.” I finished putting my clothes on and wrinkled my forehead. “I don’t follow.” He got up from the bed, leaving bloodstains on the sheets while some of it trickled down his legs. He grabbed his phone that had been propped up on his dresser the entire time. He fiddled with it and crookedly smirked at me. “Recording saved.” He put his phone back on his dresser. I rushed to him and stopped right in front of him. “Buff? Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” I tried to be as calm as possible but failed. That crooked smirk again. “There’s one thing you don’t know about me.” Did I want to know? “When I want someone, I get him at whatever cost. You’re the third Chosen One I’ve fallen hard for. The other two graduated after only a year each with them, and they were glad to be rid of me. They never loved me, and I knew that. But I’m not letting it happen again because I know you really do love me. I have you for two years, but I want more. I want life with you. I’ll even make you marry me if it means you’re legally tied to me.” I frowned, and this time, I was the one who started crying. “Hey, hey, Chosen One.” Buff gently shushed me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my ear. “I could report this, but I don’t have to.” “You’re blackmailing me.” He faced me and formed a tiny smile. “If that’s what you want to call it, fine. I’d like to think of it as sealing our fate. You see, Chosen One, we were meant to be, but you keep trying to change fate. Now? I have you under my control, which means I can control our fate. Because you know exactly what’ll happen if you leave me. I gave you my virginity. That was the seal right there.” “Fuck you, Buff.” “It’s okay. I get that you’re pissed.” He caressed my wet cheek. “I love you so much. When I laid eyes on you the first time, I was just taken away by your beauty and virility. I knew I had to make you mine. And you’re all mine now. I’m never letting you go.” “You’re a sick fuck for doing this.” “Sick? I don’t know, Chosen One. You’re the rapist here, not me.” I jerked back and narrowed my eyes at him. “I didn’t…you told me not to stop, Buff.” “But ‘no’ means ‘no,” does it not?” “I would’ve stopped if I’d known otherwise! I’ve escort bayan never even thought about forcing myself on anyone without their consent! I’m not like that! I told you I’d have no mercy and you accepted it!” This wasn’t happening. This was so not happening. The room spun, and I felt nauseous. Another knock on the door. “Guys, we’re getting worried now.” It was Twunky again. “Come in!” Buff immediately grabbed my arm as if to stop me. Fuck! Twunky opened the door, and his eyes widened at the bed and us. “What happened?” I gave Buff a pleading look since my back was facing Twunky. I mouthed, “Please?” “I don’t know, Chosen One. I think I can at least trust Twunky with the truth.” “What truth?” Twunky asked. “And why is there blood on the bed? Did something happen?” Desperate, I took Buff’s hand and looked at Twunky. “I, uh…I’m with Buff now.” Twunky furrowed his eyebrows. “Really?” Buff squeezed my hand. “We got a little rough because Chosen One was that into me. He confessed that he’s been in love with me for a while, and I feel the same way about him. He didn’t just deflower sub. He deflowered me and you too.” Twunky swallowed, looking frozen. “That’s right. He told me because he felt guilty. He told me I was the best he ever had, and that you and sub were just, you know, subpar. Not that great but enough to get off.” Buff was enjoying this like the psycho he’d proven to be. I was fucked for life. If I denied anything he said, he’d destroy me. “Oh,” Twunky muttered. I could see the pain and humiliation in his eyes. “He was just toying with you, Twunky,” Buff continued, smirking crookedly. “Did you really think he loved you?” I glanced at Buff. “What are you talking about.” “He’s been falling for you, Chosen One. Recently. He told me himself the other day when I confronted him about him ever having feelings for the Peters, and he actually told me.” “It’s fine,” Twunky said in a cracked tone. “Feeling stupid, Twunky?” Buff walked away from me and toward him, having too much fun. His back and bloody butt faced me. “From now on, Chosen One’s off limits. No one can touch him but me.” “That goes against the rules.” “What? That we all have to share each other? Fuck the rules. I’m tired of following them because they’re not convenient. I’m making my own now. You know, you were supposed to save your ass for me and only me. Even though I found someone better than you, you still have to pay for that betrayal.” I glanced at Buff’s phone, my heart racing more than ever. “You’re worthless without the Peters club,” Buff said while still eying Twunky. “You were a fucking fat ass until I saved you and helped you look hot.” Twunky scoffed. “I lost weight before I joined, before I even started college. I didn’t know then!” “You’re still worthless. I made you relevant here.” I quietly grabbed Buff’s phone while he continually insulted Twunky, and I slowly slid it inside my pocket, my heart pounding like crazy from the possibility of being caught. I waited a few seconds to calm down, and I approached Buff from behind and kissed his neck. I felt disgusted doing this, but I had no choice but to make myself look less suspicious. “Baby, let’s stop this now, okay? You have me now, and I have you. That’s all that matters.” “No, he has to pay.” “No. He doesn’t. You won me, remember? That’s enough. But we really need to take you to the hospital to get your ass checked.” “I’m not going and you can’t make me.” “Fine, Buff. Be stubborn. But I need some air. I won’t be with anyone, don’t worry. I just need to think for a moment.” “You’re not going anywhere, Chosen One. You’re no longer allowed to be on your own after you fucked Twunky behind my back. You did the same with Lincoln weeks ago. I can’t trust you anymore.” “But this time it’s different.” I leaned into Buff’s ear, praying what I was about to say would work. “I want to surprise you with something special. Let me do this for you, baby. Please? You’re my first boyfriend. It means a lot to me, and I’m kind of excited to do this.” Ugh, the terrible aftertaste of those words. He sighed. “Just this once. But hurry up. I’m not sleeping alone tonight. I want you in bed soon.” “I won’t be long.” I forced a smile on my face, albeit a tight one. I grabbed my jacket and left as nonchalantly as possible. I walked out of the Peters’ suite and down the hallway, my heart lifting with hope. Now to find someone to help me hack into Buff’s phone. This crazy fucker wasn’t going to ruin me. I refused to be tied to him for life. I regretted the merciless fuck I’d given him, though. I felt like shit because I wouldn’t have done it had I known he truly hadn’t wanted to. But he had. He’d wanted it. It had all been a part of his entrapment, his plan to make me his forever. And now, he’d pay for everything he’d done to me. ===*=== To be continued… ===*=== AUTHOR’S NOTE Thanks for reading. Want more free stories, published books, and the latest news by Marco May? Visit: ess Please show your support and help Nifty out by donating whatever you can so that these free stories can continue to stick around for a long time. Copyright � 2021, Marco May. All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: All character names/details in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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