The Party Pt. 01

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Mike could hardly believe his luck, his first sex party! His fuck buddy Joanna had been invited by her friend and as they all had to bring a man, she had taken him as her plus one.

“Anything I should know before we go in?” he inquired.

“Nothing much. It’s pretty self-explanatory. A word of advice though, try to pace yourself. That’s the biggest mistake new guys make. These parties can last for hours and be quite demanding.”

Something about her use of the word ‘guys’ got his attention.

“Just the guys? Don’t you girls have to pace yourselves too?”

“Hahaha… no.” Came the abrupt reply.

“Haha, what is that suppose to mean?” he forced himself to laugh.

“It doesn’t matter.” she said, but his curiosity only grew. Unfortunately, it was interrupted.

“Look, here we are!”

They went in. There were about seven couples milling around with drinks. Already, some were petting in the corners. The host of the party, Gabrielle, arrived to greet them.

“Hi guys, so glad you could make it. I think we are all here, time to get started!”, turning to the room, she announced,

“Okay everyone! Joanna and her buddy Mike are here, so clothes off and let’s go!”

Mike was a little surprised, but he eagerly undressed. At just over 8 inches, he certainly had nothing to hide! As he undressed he noticed two women eying his package from across the room and giggling.

“Watch out for those two,” said Joanna, “the Stillman twins, Monika and Steffy. They like come for the lesbian orgy later, and like to accelerate the process by exhausting the men as fast as possible.”

“Not a problem,” said Mike confidently, “I feel like I could go all night.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” She replied smartly. “Now, shall we?”

She grasped his already semi-hard cock and began to stroke. Mike certainly didn’t need any more invitation. He began to caress her tits and kiss her, allowing himself to come to full mast. As she knelt down to suck him he glanced around. He was easily one of the biggest there. Only one cock was obviously bigger. He returned to the sensation in his cock at Joanna’s expert mouth. He could feel it building, he was getting close when his bliss was suddenly interrupted.

“Okay everyone, I hope you’re all warmed up!” Proceedings came to an abrupt halt as Gabrielle addressed the room.

“As you know, we have a couple of new cocks here tonight. Everyone welcome Mike and Steve.”

Mike greeted everyone with as little awkwardness as possible given the erection bobbing uşak seks hikayeleri around at his waist. This was obviously not a problem for Joanna, who went round and hugged her girlfriends as Mike shook their hands.

Gabrielle, seeing everyone was introduced, continued.

“I thought we could get to know our new members with a friendly game. Mike, Joanna, Steve and Claire step forward please. Here’s how it works. Both couples will swap partners and fuck. The man who can make the woman cum the most times wins. The woman who makes her man cum first wins.”

Mike realised the predicament. Each man would be trying to last as long as possible while the woman would be pushing in the opposite direction. The couple who met one of these conditions would most likely meet the other as the longer a man lasted the more he could make his opponent cum. Add to this the fact that Steve was the only guy in the room bigger than he was. He must have been almost 10 inches and thick. He could see the relish in Joanna’s eyes as she realised what she would be fucking.

They got line up on the sofa. Both went with doggy, the girls kneeling on the sofa, the men behind. This made opening with their considerable members a little easier.

“Hard guys? Okay. Ready, steady… GO!” called Gabrielle, and they were off.

Mike found himself sliding in relatively easily. Joanna was having a little more trouble with her partner’s girth but managed soon enough. Then it began. Both men grunting and both women moaning. Claire was a bit of a handful, she liked to twerk on his cock as he thrust, making it all the more difficult to hold back. Mike tried to distract himself and pretty soon his strong, rhythmic strokes had her cumming. Her orgasms were long, between 20-30 seconds and at times it seemed he barely got a break before the next one rolled in, massaging his cock with that heavenly, rolling contraction.

He took solace in the fact that his opponent seemed to be faring no better. Joanna’s pussy gripped his cock like a sleeve and the stretch had her in a state of near constant orgasm. She seemed to have forgotten the competition entirely and embraced the pleasure. Both women had. They were allowing the cocks to do the work. For the first time he became aware of something, a contrast. The men, grunting ad sweating, straining to resist their own pleasure while the women came freely, with no fear of what orgasm might bring, losing themselves in pleasure while his continued participation depended on him holding back. It didn’t seem fair.

A pang of envy at the injustice shot through him. He glanced over at Joanna, she had switched to reverse cowgirl. Steve, glad of the respite, had happily obliged. He could see Steve’s cock curving upwards, disappearing into his fuckbuddy and re-emerging, glistening with her wetness as his large balls slapped her clit hard. Seeing her enjoying an even bigger cock as never before, he jealously took his frustrations out on Claire, flipping her into cowgirl and fucking her furiously from beneath. Both men were now flagging. Mike could see Steve’s look of concentration compared to Joanna’s relaxed bliss and realised he must look the same. Suddenly, he saw a change in Joanna’s rhythm and Steve roared as she forced him to give up his cum to her.

Just as he came she pulled his cock out leaving it bobbing in the air, firing off its load in huge ropes left and right. His balls drawing up grom their dangling position with each shot. He growled on frustration at his ruined orgasm and threw her off in defeat. The sight of her covered in cum was enough to push Mike, already dangerously close to the edge from the sight of both women cumming simultaneously, over the edge. Unlike Joanna, Claire left his cock in place, using her pussy muscles to massage and drain every drop of cum her had to give, leaving him utterly spent. His cock flopped limply out as she dismounted.

“A nice round!” said Gabrielle, elated with the results of her game. “Very close. Steve lasted 17 minutes 16 seconds and gave Joanna 28 orgasms totalling 14 minutes and 33 seconds. Mike lasted 17 minutes and 31 seconds and gave Claire 25 orgasms totalling 15 minutes and 16 seconds of orgasm. Looks like Mike and Joanna are the winners! But the real winners here are obviously the girls with a total orgasm ratio, men 2; women 53.”

Mike felt a pang of humiliation puncture the pride of victory. How could such a ratio be fair?

“Nice work Mike!”, Joanna came over and high-fived him, “Ummm, listen. Claire and I are going to continue to have a bit of fun with Steve. Feel free to come over and join us when you have… recovered.”

She glanced down at his limp cock, almost involuntarily as she said this. He felt a jolt of humiliation. How could she already be ready for more after 28 orgasms while he was still recovering after one?

“That’s cool, I’m good to go.” he lied.

“Really, go on then, show us.” Claire appeared to the side.

Mike looked the expectant faces of both women and reluctantly started to stroke. After a minute there was no response, his cock simply refused to cooperate.

“As I thought,” said Claire, “Feel free to come over when you have something to show us.”

“W…wait!” Mike pleaded to Joanna

“Sorry Mike, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be back in the game soon. That was a serious cumshot Claire extracted from you. Steve is waiting, I think the ruined orgasm allowed him a quicker recovery.”

The women wandered off leaving Mike to reflect on the unfairness of the situation. He watched as they began to service Steve’s big cock and before long they were cumming happily as Steve performed his duty and they they pleasured each other. Watching Steve work as the women enjoyed orgasm after orgasm, he realised the world of difference between male and female experience. The men provides the pleasure and the women maximised it. They never spoke of it openly, but this was the awareness of the sisterhood. They were happy for men to brag about their trivial achievements. Who cared if they were able to hold back for hours, or cum five times in one session?In the end, they got unlimited pleasure and he got a small release. For the first time, he got a glimpse of sex from the female point of view. This was their world. Looking around the room he noticed a similar dynamic. Men working or recuperating. Some stroking to remain hard, never able to relax. While their female counterparts giggled and chatted between intermittent orgasms

He watched as they mounted Steve’s face and cock, facing each other with him underneath, an unspoken signal said they were ready to finish him off, like prey they went in for the kill. Pretty soon they had his big cock spurting between them. This time the cumshot put him out of commission and they kicked him out to continue the fun between themselves. Mike couldn’t get over the injustice of it. How could they keep cumming, each one more intense than the last. Longer and more intensely than anything he experience while his one measly orgasm disabled him completely. The humiliation of being rendered impotent by one of Claire’s many orgasms burned in him and he felt his potency returning.

He couldn’t stop thinking of Gabrielle’s announcement, 2:53! His mind raced trying to rationalise it. There had to be some equalising factor he was missing, no way could nature have short-changed him this badly. He realised he had been stroking himself as he had been thinking and was now fully hard. The girls had been watching and beckoned him over. He pushed down the dull sense of fatigue in his loins, the urge to rest, common to men after orgasm, and prepared himself. It was time for round two.

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