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The ownerLet me tell you a story with my new owner, my office is positioned right in front of him but in the next room, he sees everything I do, practically only a few double-glazed windows separate us.Only it can’t be seen below in his office and yes in mine, they were probably intentionally made that way.One day I was doing my job, I was preparing some documents, during this time I felt watched and I glanced at my boss to see if it was like that, it really was like that, he admired my legs.That day I had a gray skirt, white panties, tights and black shoes with a high and thin heel to make my legs longer and of course sexy, I was standing cross-legged at the time.The boss did not take his eyes off my feet and I thought of playing with him a little, at first I changed my position, I placed my feet next to each other and easy, easy to move them away but very little.I didn’t want him to see everything right away, he was already mesmerized güvenilir bahis by my legs, I sat back on my feet but slowly, very slowly he could see the panties for a moment, then I put my left hand on one leg and I I started to caress him very easily.I didn’t lift my eyes from the papers and continued with my right hand to write or at least pretend to write, I winked to see how he reacted and he was a little sweaty on my forehead and mesmerized by my feet.He stared under my desk and, looking as if asking, asked me to move my legs to see more under my skirt.I sat down next to my feet again and with my left hand I caressed myself lightly, I also started to get aroused and I felt like I started to get wet between my lips, if I continued the game it was clear that my panties would get wet and if I spread my legs he would see that.I continued to gently caress my leg and as if I didn’t want to lift my skirt with my hand to see güvenilir bahis siteleri more and more, I took another look at him and he was more sweaty and seemed to be moving. it was as if he was stroking his member with one hand, he was sure of that and the thought excited me even more.I spread my legs more so he could see my panties that I think could already see a wet stain on them from my already wet and horny pussy, I looked up at him a little and it was already clear that he was masturbating with his hand under the desk and his face was even more sweaty, so I decided to put my hand on my pussy and caress him.When I reached the panties with my fingers I felt damp, I was wet on my panties and tights, I pressed lightly with my fingers on my pussy and at that moment I got wet on my fingers, I was crazy with pleasure, I let go taken with pleasure and I just wanted to reach orgasm.At that moment I wanted to be naked iddaa siteleri so I could masturbate at will but I wasn’t and then I put my hand under my tights and panties and I started rubbing my lick, I was so wet in my panties and hot, I was shaking all the excitement that I was living.I think the boss had taken his member out of his pants and rubbed it quickly, but he didn’t take his eyes off what I was doing there, he didn’t look me in the eye or me.I saw him start to move even more energetically with his hand under the desk and I understood that he was about to finish, I was already close to the strong orgasm that I wanted so much, I think he came to both of us once .When I had it, it was so strong that I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I gritted my teeth not to type pleasure but the orgasm caused me a shock, you said I was at 220, so I was shaking all over.When I opened my eyes he was breathing hard and wiping his sweat from his forehead, then I saw that he took a handkerchief from under the desk, it was clear that he had ejaculated in it, I went to the toilet to wash myself and after the day passed Normally, he didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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