The Night In The Hotel With Stan Part 2

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“Yes, feel my naked body with yours, Stan, it’s no crime.”

“I will, you lovely MILF, congrats, you won, I wanted to turn you down, but you’re beyond dazzling, and I’d never stand a chance coming back out here. I knew it the second you left.”

“Enough chit chat, fuck me already.”

“Wait, you’re on birth control, though, right?”

“No, but I can get a morning-after pill if I need to tomorrow, you’ve made us drift past the point of no return here, so stick that schlong inside that pussy and make love to me.”

“Yes, Katrina,” he muttered before peeking back at his pecker.

He grabbed it and aligned it with my snatch. Then he looked back at me and maintained a small gap between us. I surely knew he wanted to fuck me, but he failed to jam it into my slit just yet. We maintained eye contact for a minute, and I fondled his back and neck.

I just waited for him again, but as I had him on top of me, I had a lot more confidence that he was going to do it. After two minutes, I kissed him again and kept our lips together for over a minute.

Although, then I separated our lips and tapped his neck. “Don’t be mean, I don’t like getting teased, let your pecker slither into my pussy and fuck me.”

“I’m sorry, Katrina,” he apologized right before he pushed it in there completely. “Oh, holy shit,” he moaned, slanting his head back. “Your cherry is so much slicker than I ever imagined.”

“Then thrust it and have fun, Stan,” I moaned, shimmering a bit. “You have me vibrating like the vibrator I have in that bag. I didn’t need to bring extra batteries, because I have you to fuck me.”

“You mean you want to fuck again after this?”

“Maybe, but if you kiss me again and make it more intimate, you might sway me to want you a little more, if that’s what you want. Bear in mind, you’ll know what it’s like to fuck me,” I warned Stan, placing my palms on his midback.

He failed to add to that, but did begin to thrust his cock. Even at his slow speed, he surely did make me feel good. He stayed close, so my boobs rubbed onto his chest, but I was sure that added to his fire.

He also took my advice and kissed me from time to time. Of course, that left me smiling and sweating up another storm. As I felt his cock digging deeper and deeper into my slit, I sensed my love meter going off very quickly.

He couldn’t smirk back at me, but I still understood why. He certainly had his own issues to deal with while fucking me, so I wasn’t going to give him shit for it. I just let him be him and fuck me having fun while doing it.

We stayed in that same spot for five minutes after I last spoke, and he remained at the same speed for the most part. There were a million other things I wanted to do with him, but I still didn’t push him.

After a few minutes, though, he leaned his head back again. “Oh, hell, yes, Katrina.”

“Do you have to cum already?”

“Crap, yes,” he moaned, evicting his member. “May I shoot you?”

“Yes, of course, I’d adore you for it.”

He swiftly got on his knees and immediately began stroking his dick. “Here you go, you delicate woman,” he let out before unleashing his load yet again. “Damn, you’re wicked, though.”

“I know, but you’ll learn to love me,” I made clear, taking his first shot on my melons. “Be sure to get my face again.”

He lifted his member just to make sure he did.

“Yes, right on my nose, thank you,” I said as I took his last stream on my stomach.

“Fuck me, you’re something else,” he moaned, resting on his knees. “I wanted to last a lot longer.”

I snatched his hands. “There is no need to fret, Stanley, I swear, you didn’t blow it, metaphorically speaking,” I comforted him, setting him on my jugs and grabbing his wood. “We can fuck again before we go to sleep. As long as we get back on the road by three tomorrow, we’ll be okay.”

“May I kiss you again?”

“Yes, you may,” I responded without letting his member go.

Even with his seed on my chest, he pressed his on mine and wrapped his arms around me.

‘I guess I won him a few times over,’ I thought before I parted my lips. “Would you like this mother to suck your dick again, Stan?”

“Oh, I’d love that, Katrina.”

“Will you caress my head this time, though?” I pondered, positioning myself down on my stomach in front of him.

“Yes, whatever you want.”

“I like you, and if you come across another woman you like that’s willing to get into bed, then get into bed with them,” I favored that before I took his member into my mouth.

“I will definitely remember that, Katrina,” he let out, placing his hands on my head. “And I’ll always look back on this day, when I had the sexiest MILF on the planet to blow me, I promise.”

I smiled as much as I could, but I couldn’t angle my head up much in that position. Although, I sucked his schlong once again in my slow style while pressing my lips on it rather softly at first. This time, his hands played a role, and he gave me positive reinforcement too.

“Oh, wow, it felt amazing the first time, but you’ve come into a whole new territory, and now you’re a goddess. A MILF goddess that is,” he moaned, fondling my head.

I couldn’t resist moving my head back and forth, making my lips massage his member that much more. I surely knew I couldn’t fuck him all night long, but as he made me feel like one sexy lady, I certainly wanted to stay busy all night long.

‘And your wood tastes better this time too, hung man. Maybe it doesn’t have the surprise to go with it now, but the support you’re giving me now is making up for it indeed. I’m holding it tight to make sure you stay settled because all bets are off when it comes to having a MILF suck your cock. I know you’ve never had another woman do it, but I’m pretty sure it is much sexier to have a mom do it rather than some inexperienced college chick. There’s no shame in admitting it; it is just true.’

“Fuck, this feels better than my prick going in and out your snatch, but yet, I can hold my load better this way. I guess no one said it had to make sense.”

I let it out and came up with him. “Nothing in life has to make sense, my dear,” I told him before kissing him. “I would think with your young adult libido, you would’ve jumped at the chance to fuck me, but you objected. Again, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but when a MILF wants to score with you…”

“Just score with her?”

“Exactly, but don’t shoot down my throat, I have two bundles of joy for you to drench,” I made clear, before taking his pecker back into my mouth.

“I understand, Katrina. The last thing on my mind right now is upsetting you. Whatever you want, you got it,” he moaned, covering my head with his hands again.

‘I like that, and do I feel your dick getting bigger in my mouth? It certainly seems like it, but could just be the wishful thinking mixed with the adrenaline. Either way, it’s been too long since I sucked a schlong, but for you, I guess I haven’t lost my touch.’

Without letting his johnson out, I slowly climbed my way down onto my knees on the floor. He had no issue following me and sitting down on his butt. That way, I was in a better position to blow him.

Although, even after we did that, I let his cock out anyway and climbed up to him. “Am I wooing you so far?” I pondered, rubbing my boobs on his chest.

“Oh, hell, yes,” he answered, failing to glance at me.

I lowered myself back to his member and immediately began to deep throat him.

“Oh, motherfucker!” he screamed, placing both hands on his face.

I didn’t even warn him to keep it down, I just kept the entire thing in my mouth and sucked it a bit more. Evidently, he couldn’t view my face as it happened, but again we already had all the intimacy and love to go with us.

He vibrated like my vibrator once again, but his crotch acted as the base of the vibrations, though. I surely felt it perfectly, so I let some of his wood out before he needed to pop again.

“That was close, Katrina unless you just want that cum that badly,” he let out, wiping his forehead.

I nodded, and he angled his head back again. I heard him breathing heavily, so I knew his seed was coming soon, whether I pulled out my ‘A’ game or not. I found myself more than gitty to get it out.

I still held the base of his cock hard, but increased my speed a little bit. Needless to say, he made my whole body shake a bit as he placed his palms on my upper back and shoulders. They moved around casually, but somewhat hardly too.

My cheeks kept rubbing on his thighs too when I had my lips thrust down, and I got an extra shake from him because of that as well. So, we, as a couple, seemed to be our own earthquake. We made the bed move a bit, but didn’t make it come off its legs.

“Yes, yes, yes, Katrina, just like that. Your soft lips are doing all the work for you now, and they did make kissing you a lot better too.”

I giggled just a tad, but then I stole his hands and transferred them to my tits. He grabbed onto them somewhat as I kept thrusting my lips. Once again, I couldn’t get a good look at his face, but I absolutely knew his mouth was wide open.

I felt his feet patting the floor with the fronts of his feet numerous times, so I reveled in the experience even more. Even though I knew he had to give in to me, I still felt the sexiest thrills surging throughout my body like nothing I had ever felt before in my life.

‘The very feeling that I’m to make this guy shoot his load is worldly to me. I know it could be because I haven’t fucked a guy in a while, but still, this is steaming hot,’ I thought before a gap. ‘Oh, you’re pushing my head back now, so you can look at me. Do you want to look right at me as I make you cum, Stan? Bahçelievler Escort I like that, what a way to make it more intimate?’

“I won’t say ‘Fuck you, son,’ but something down the road form that. You’re stunning, loving, and sweet, so what’s not to love when I have my cock in your mouth? I know David wouldn’t like it no matter if he found out, but I still can’t worry about him now, you’re making me feel too damn good right now. Maybe it’s selfish, but he bailed on me to drive in with Cassandra. I’m happy he likes her, but I don’t, so it sucked a lot for me, but on the other hand, it made this happen: I’m having sex with his dashing friend, so we’re even.”

I laughed even with his cock still in my mouth. He certainly knew all the buttons to press by then, and I loved that.

“Yes, it’s time now, Katrina,” he warned me, pushing my mouth off his dick. “I’m going to submerge your breasts now.”

“Then do it, stud,” I pleaded, bringing them towards it. “Don’t tease your best friend’s mom,” I said, giving him a puppy face.

“Yes, of course, Katrina,” he let out, stroking it right before he let out even more seed to my jugs.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned multiple times throughout his orgasm.

He doled it all out all over my boobs, but he moved it around for me. As he did, I nearly thought I had a heart attack each time his cum blasted on my chest. It seemed my heart was directly connected to his load, but of course, it was just the emotional spike I felt.

“Oh, yes,” I muttered, looking at my tits. “David would definitely not want to know how much of your seed is currently on my rack. It might even end in a slap fight, because he’d want to slap the shit out of you,” I theorized, standing up and putting my hand out.

He took it, and we both climbed back on the bed, but I had him sit towards the end of the bed. “You need to relax, so lean back on the wall, and let this MILF ride you,” I suggested, snagging his rod.

“Oh, I’d love that, Katrina,” he let out just before it sought shelter inside my twat, and he grabbed my thighs too.

“I know your jizz is all over them, but feel free to feel them, or wipe them off with the blanket, I don’t mind.”

“Okay, thank you,” he said, before grabbing it.

He cleansed them for a few seconds, but then tossed it. “I don’t like feeling my seed when I’m having sex.”

“Just when you masturbate, Stan?” I inquired, wrapping my arms around his head.

“I guess, yes, wow, you get me,” he commended me, grabbing my thighs.

“It’s a gift, fortunately for you, I’ll only have to use it once on you,” I mentioned before kissing him.

“To get me to say ‘Fuck it’ and get into bed with you?”

“Yes, stud,” I agreed, moving my torso around. “Now feel your bare dick inside me and relish the feeling, but try not to cum, though.”

“Okay, I will,” he let me know, beginning to thrust his wood a bit himself.

My tits maintained a small space between us, so they would still flop around freely. They certainly kept his attention, but I didn’t mind. I just cherished the feeling on his member going deeper and deeper into my slit.

Every time it went back in again, I felt my pussy tighten just a tad, so I knew it heightened the pleasure for him as well. He bit down on his bottom lip after only a minute, so his defenses were going down quickly.

My hands came down to his stomach, and I pushed on it a bit, but not enough to make him uneasy at all. We both breathed rather heavily to make it seem we needed a respirator, but we both had the passion riding us hard.

“Come on, look into my eyes now, horny man. You’ve checked out my tits enough, and I may even drive topless on the rest of the trip, so look at me now.”

“I’m sorry, Katrina, your hooters are heart-stopping, my heart feels like it wants to fly out of my chest like a rocket now it’s just…” he got out before I kissed him.

“You really need to work on not getting into anxious rants, that might make your heart feel better. I’m not mad; I just wanted to get back a little intimacy as I rode you, that’s all. You can learn a whole lot from a MILF, Stan. I know I’m wooing you too, but sometimes you have to stay on your toes.”

“Well said, Katrina,” he told me before pushing me down, but holding me up with his hands. “Don’t worry, I’ll take this as all one big sex lesson,” he moaned, rubbing his face in my melons.

“Good to know, young man, I just wanted to see those beautiful brown eyes, but now feast them on those all you want as I caress your head. Let your tongue out or just get off solely by the feel of them on those.”

I moved his face all around them to ensure he got the most from the most natural form of Viagra. “Do I feel your dick trembling inside my slit now, are you feeling the need to cum yet again today? With my help, are you about to set a record for cumming in one day?”

“Yes, I think so, Katrina, you’re a sexual angel,” he moaned, rubbing his arms on my back.

“It’s alright; it is difficult to handle a MILF on your first try if you need to rest, you may.”

“Oh, thank you, Katrina,” he moaned, leaning back. “I guess I will have to fuck you a few times to get used to this level of pleasure. I guess I was a fool to think I could handle fucking you without missing a beat.”

“Don’t fret; I’m sure that was another reason you avoided getting into bed. Remember, I’m still a mom, so you don’t need to be perfect for me. If you want, I’ll teach you to please a woman so well, that no woman will even want to keep their panties on around you.”

“Okay, Katrina, I can’t wait.”

“Well, you’re good at holding your load when you get your cock sucked, so you’re already making progress, but open that mouth, and put it on my nipple,” I ordered him, pushing his mouth on it. “You need to learn how to do that, as well. Woman pleasing isn’t a science, but it should be,” I mentioned, scrubbing his head. “Just watch the teeth though, that’s all I ask.”

He nodded and peeked at me for a split second. He angled his head back to my melons again as I was sure he treasured the physical feel of them. So, he mixed learning and pleasure right then, and I had to be pleased with that.

“You’re learning to play the sexy game, Stan, that’s classy. I told you, I’ll teach you, sometimes they just come up naturally from learning. I almost wish David would get with your mom so she could teach him, and make Casandra happy. I know you don’t like her, but I do. Whether or not she walks down the aisle with a bun in her oven doesn’t matter to me, I just love her.”

“If you say so, Katrina.”

“Hell, if need be, Stan, you find a woman you think might be your wife, bring her to me, I’ll make damn sure you both know how to fuck each other. I’ll demonstrate on her how to suck nipples, eat pussy, or show her how to suck your dick; I don’t mind,” I moaned before a long gap and slanting my head back. “Well, you’re still doing quite good now, licking and sucking on that nipple. You must be a boobs man, am I right?”

He nodded without releasing my nipple and grabbed both of them hard. I failed to turn down the temptation to push his face even closer to my rack, but my nipple remained in his mouth. I pushed so hard that all of my squishy flesh was in his face.

So, I couldn’t see his eyes, but I was sure he closed them to appreciate them even more. Even while he fucked my nipples, I still didn’t stop moving around, so I was his cowgirl as I slathered my lips endlessly.

Although, without any warning, he escaped my hands and switched to my other nipple. I had to laugh and keep my arms at my sides to deal with the surprise. Nevertheless, though, he made me twitch a bit and made my slit thrust on his cock.

“Okay, maybe I’m a bitch that underestimated you just a tad.”

“No, you’re not a bitch, Katrina.”

“And you’re a sweetheart too,” I praised him, bringing my hands up. “I feel like one of the inflatable guys at a used car dealership. Yes, Stan, keep me waving and make my back hurt in the morning.”

“Yes, Katrina, your pussy is so lubed up, I barely have to move, you’re doing most of the work for me.”

“No, you’re thrilling me, hunk, and making me reacting to you like this. Stop making me so hot, Stan, and then I’ll do some of the work. You’re my son’s best friend, so it’s going to be an uphill battle for you.”

“Okay, but we better make this time count, because we don’t need you crashing the car tomorrow when we finish the drive.”

“Yeah, so I might need you to drive a bit, but I can give you head to make it worth your while. You can drive when you get your dick sucked, right?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before, Katrina.”

“Well, you might find out tomorrow, and I’ll even do it naked if you want me to, Stan.”

“No,” he made clear, turning us both down, so I was on my back. “I don’t need anyone else on the road, possibly seeing your ravishing body, it’s too good to put on display for anyone on the highway. I certainly wouldn’t want a cop seeing your melons either,” he made clear, grabbing my thighs and leaving a small gap between us. “We’ll just do David that favor without him even knowing about it,” he explained, thrusting his rod again.

“Good to know, Stan, but put the entire thing in there. I want to feel your whole quivering dick inside me. You can do that for your best friend’s mom, right?”

“Yes, I’ll do it come hell or high water, I promise.”

“I certainly hope you fuck another MILF in the future because that will be the ultimate test, how another mother you’d like to fuck will like you to get into her panties. It’s not just about the size of your dick; you need to make a connection and let her know you at least have a thing for Escort Bayan her. I can’t advise you using anything just to get laid, though.”

“Understood, Katrina.”

We both smiled at each other lustfully as his member continued to go in and out of my cherry. Even as he didn’t punish it as I surely wanted, he still filled my heart up with love, and I definitely felt myself getting high off it too.

I grabbed onto his arms, even though he didn’t need me to and held him tight. I was sure it still helped him stay upright also though he was moving rather lazily. Although, he did indeed lean to me a bit more and push his entire cock into my slit.

“Oh,” I moaned, closing my eyes and slanting my head back. “Now that hits the spot, Stan. Your member is wonderful just halfway in, but with the whole thing in there, you turned the pleasure dial to the right, but keep thrusting it for me.”

“Yes, my MILF,” he moaned, prior to kissing me and following my order.

He stayed really close to me and fucked me as slowly as he could. All the while, he managed to keep the extra thrills coming out the wazoo. I grabbed his hips and held onto them as tightly as I could to ensure I didn’t just quake us off the bed.

Neither of us spoke once again for a little while after that, but we maintained the same position. I kept my legs spread out as much as I could too, but it did make it a little uncomfortable. There was no way I was about to break the intimacy, though.

‘Crap, I’m starting to cry just a little bit, but I don’t think it’ll matter to this stud. Stan’s falling for me, and he’ll understand. I feel his cock throbbing, and judging by his face, he is working up a massive load again. I can’t wait to get it, but maybe it’ll be the biggest yet so he can completely drench my boobs. Yeah, I’m an extra hot to trot MILF that needs cock. However long we see each other, Stan, just keep it hard for me. I’ll make you cum oceans if need be. I’m not supposed to be having sex with my son’s best friend, but yet I am.’

We bit down on bottom lips and prepped ourselves the best we could. We still had our figures submerged in sweat and our hearts racing, too, because of how taboo the situation was. With every passing thrust, I swear I felt my pussy tightened up a little more.

Needless to say, more and more tears formed on my face as well, and I saw his face turn into a pained one. He grabbed onto my thighs a bit harder too, so I knew we were both in for probably the last thrilling before he needed to cum.

“Is your back hurting now?”

“Not as much as my cock, I feel it hurting quite a bit because I feel my load building up so damn much. I’ve also come so much in the past few hours, I’ve inflicted a toll on it too, but it’s completely worth it. I get to have sex with the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Oh, I’m flattered, and my pussy feels pretty dwindled too, but I agree,” I mentioned, propping myself up with him. “It’s completely worth it,” I made clear, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. “Even middle-aged MILFs need their slits filled up with a real cock.”

“I know, I know, Katrina,” he mumbled, setting his hands on my butt.

“Does that mean you’ll fill it up with your schlong for me now and then?”

“All under David’s nose?”

“I love him to death, but he doesn’t need to know how to fulfill my needs for that sort of thing.”

“I understand,” he made clear before pasting his lips to mine.

I mopped his chest with my big melons and made us both still move back and forth somewhat as we stayed that close for over five minutes. I couldn’t force myself not to shed more tears to save my life; I was sure he felt them too.

Although, he still didn’t let his lips off mine. He kept up the newfound affection between us as if I was a drug; he just couldn’t get enough of at all. I had to savor every single moment of our sexual adventure together, but right then, I couldn’t adore him more.

I had to part my lips, though. “You’ve never had your dick sucked before today, but you certainly knew how to kiss, though.”

“I think it’s just you bringing it out of me, Katrina. You’re the ‘X’ factor here that is better than heaven, holy shit, I’d love to see you full time.”

“That’s music to my ears, but you’re just on a MILF high now. Although, I don’t mind either seeing you under my son’s nose for some time, maybe we can just leave some clues here and there to make him put the pieces together. If he doesn’t, we may need just to tell him, but rest assured, I’m still his mom, and he can’t stay mad at his mommy for very long.”

“Okay, Katrina, but again, he’d understand if he got into my mom’s panties.”

“Yes, your mom is a good-looking woman too.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

Then I had us fall onto our sides so he could adequately thrust his cock yet again. Our eye contact remained locked up, and our arms stayed encased around each other too. He also demonstrated his listening skills by kissing me from time to time again.

‘I can only guess he calmed himself down a bit, so his dick must be feeling better. He still has his load built up, but I still have to get it out. I might be tired with an aching twat, but I’m up for the challenge.’

“Holy shit, I swear, you have the best boobs I’ve ever seen in my life. Granted, 95% of them have been in porn, but still, you have the rack of a lifetime.”

“Fuck me, I know you’re high, but damn, you’re flattering me as if you’re about to die.”

“No, I’m okay, but you have me thinking I might be dead and in heaven now.”

“Nope, your pecker is inside my pussy right now, and if you shoot your load inside me, there is a possibility that you could knock me up, Stan. Everything is real, so beware,” I said in a ghastly voice.

“I’m forewarned now, woman. Fuck me; I think I’m in love with you, Katrina. You’re already a freaking angel, but you’re astonishing.”

We pulled each other even closer, so my hooters were slightly squished. I surely knew Stan was going to need to shoot soon, but yet, I wanted to keep him very close. I prevented him from being able to thrust his dick, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh, I feel your cunt tightening up now, chicky. Oh, those pussy walls feel as slick as ice, but damn, it feels like they are attaching themselves to my wood down there. Are you trying to force me to let loose now?”

“No,” I answered, prior to kissing him. “It is hotter, though,” I admitted, shaking us both.

I watched the results take place, and his eyes closed, and his head slanted back. I surely cheesed and relished that sight. I rubbed my melons on him even harder to ensure I pushed him as hard as I could not make him shoot, but to give him the MILF experience.

“Yes, savor every second of screwing a MILF, Stan. Deal with the pleasure in your own way, but you’re going to need to unload sooner or later. When you do, make sure you let me know so you can splatter my face. I want to feel all of it on there, won’t you cum all over it?”

“Oh, you’re a kinky chick too, you’re a lot in a small package.”

“Are you saying I’m skinny?”

“Yes, I guess, but now I can’t hold it, you’re too hot,” he let out, escaping from my grip.

I lay back, and he speedily got onto his knees. “I’m pretty sure this is the record-breaking cumshot now,” he moaned, stroking his rod.

I waited with it only a few inches away with my mouth open and waited for him to unleash.

“Here you go, Katrina, I love you,” he told me before his first stream slithered out. “Shit, it hurts, but you’re a goddess.”

I tasted his cum and swallowed what I could as our eyes stayed together. He twitched as he delivered three streams, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

“Oh, that’s tasty, Stan, you must eat a lot of pizza.”

“I do,” he mentioned, coming down on top of me and kissing me. “Holy shit, I might just text David right now and tell him I’m doing his mom.”

“No, don’t do that, but I love you too,” I muttered while kissing him.

We made out passionately for a moment, but didn’t add anything for five more minutes as our lips stayed busy.

‘Oh, this is a colossal hunk.’

“Oh, screw it,” he said, parting his lips. “I’ve always thought David and I were close, but damn, he has one hot mom.”

“I know, I always have steam coming off me, and not just when I come out of the shower. I have one way you could be a little more arousing.”

“How, Katrina?”

I spread out my legs and pushed his face a tad towards it.

“I’ll do anything for a hot MILF,” he made clear before hurrying to my twat. “I’ve never done this before, but I’ve seen it done in porn, though.”

I leaned up to him and placed my palms on his cheeks. “It’s all about effort, hot stuff. Use that tongue as you’ve seen ladies do it in lesbian porn, got it, Stan?”

“Yes, Katrina,” he answered before kissing me and going to my pussy.

I glued my eyes to him and placed my right hand on the top of his head. He opened his mouth and allowed his tongue to enter my pussy.

I placed my hands on his head and looked at him while leaning up. “Oh, you’re at the temperature of the sun already, Stan. Let that tongue off its leash and fuck the shit out of me. Do it for a MILF; you know you want to, my sexy apprentice,” I let out, caressing his head.

He failed to stop even for a second, so I felt his tongue roaming around inside my slit, licking around. I could tell he wasn’t inexperienced, but as he was more than willing to start giving me oral sex, he managed to milk a whole more love out of me.

“Am I doing it right, Katrina?”

“Don’t worry about it, Stanley, I love you to death just because you’re doing it for me. Just fuck with istanbul Escort your heart, and have it use your tongue as the tool, does that make sense?”

“Yes, but you’re still hot as hell, and I want to please you.”

“I know, but as I said, do it with your heart.”

He nodded and calmly brought his mouth back to my snatch. Our eyes stayed together as he started eating me out again. He failed to use his hands on me for the time being and had his tongue go on a solo screw.

He just had his tongue go up and down on my lips quite a few times and tickled me a bit in the process. I placed my hands on his head again, but didn’t pressure it. He did also turn his head back and forth quite a bit too to keep his tongue moving.

Then I had to bite down on my bottom lip as Stan evidently did break through whatever standards I had for him. As I told him, he made it hot just by doing it, so he coasted on the easy street, so to speak, but yet, he wanted to keep the pleasure because of how he felt about me.

So, after only a minute, he had me vibrating as if he inserted a quarter into the bed. We looked at each other as if we were lovers, and with each passing lick, I felt my heart grow a tad for him.

He primarily just gave me single licks going from bottom to top to increase his confidence, so I kept my mouth shut and let him learn in the best way possible. It surely didn’t matter to me much as I still idolized him for even attempting it.

I slathered my lips frequently as he saw me do it, so he knew I was reversing the experience with him. Needless to say, shortly after that, he had to look back at my twat and take a deep breath.

“Oh, I know that face, you’re prepping yourself, so fuck this MILF, Stan. Do it like it’s the last thing you do.”

“You promise I can see you again, though, Katrina? I can’t just do it with a MILF once and get cut off.”

“You may see me all you want if you’re willing to go downtown.”

“Well, I’ll do it for you, Katrina,” he stated again before eating me out.

“Oh, yes, use those lips too, they certainly add to the pleasure. Fondle them, but keep that tongue in motion too. Rub, suck and fuck, Stan. It is a diabolical formula, but I allow you to use it on me. The MILF is never wrong, remember that,” I advised him, rubbing his head.

He nodded and indeed pressed his lips on my pussy lips down there too. He got a good dose of my juice in his mouth, and I was sure he drank it also. Needless to say, I was in a brand-new sexy world where everything good was smelling of roses and daisies.

My back began to hurt again as I started moving my body back and forth again in small strokes. Stan easily followed me and kept everything moving in the process. I saw him learning even now the most challenging part of woman-pleasing, so he took my full-body high and made it skyrocket.

“Oh, just like that, suck on them a bit while licking me and get that juice like you’re stuck out in the desert, and this is the way to get things you can drink. It’s your lifeline, or sex line if you prefer. Suck more of my lips into your mouth, though, suck them as hard as you can, and I swear, you’ll own me. You can put a leash on me and walk me in the park too, but I won’t make you clean up after me, though. You just have to please me like that, though, but I will be yours, though. I’ll even let you own me right in front of David if need be. Oh, I forgot how great it is getting your pussy eaten. It’s unworldly, and you’d love it if you had one.”

He nodded yet again, but brought his fingers over to my snatch. He took over the spreading duties, and he made his tongue dive even more profound in there. Needless to say, that was like getting struck by lightning.

“Oh, you sexy beast!” I screamed, arching my back up for a few seconds. “Do you hear the thunder? It’s storming out now, but it’s a good thing in this case. If we go through a storm area, then it’s going to be a bumpy ride, so put on your seatbelt, or don’t, it might be more thrilling that way,” I moaned, moving my body back and forth multiple times.

I jolted nonstop, but yet, he remained focused and more ready for that bumpy ride too. I had to push his head towards my muff because of the gratification he gave me. Whether he knew it or not, he was riding the tunnel of love where all he just drove the swan, and all the work got done for him.

My tits shook a whole lot in the process, but I didn’t think he saw it because of my juice. Then I couldn’t even keep my eyes on him, he willingly took the responsibility of lighting the fireworks, and he just needed to dance in the endzone as they went off perfectly.

“Oh, fuck me, are you sure you’ve never done this before, Stan?”

“No, never, why, am I making you feel good now?”

“Yes, Stan! Now don’t fucking stop!” I yelled, shoving his face back into my pussy. “You know how to fuck a woman, so don’t question it, just use that gift and fuck the shit out of me.”

I didn’t even look back at him, I just lay back again and prized the fact that I decided to walk out of my shower naked for him to see me. It led to him getting between my legs and electrifying me in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

I pulled his hair, scrubbed his head, and advanced it to my pussy all the while he wooed me effortlessly. I surely knew at some point, David was going to find out that I fucked Stan. He seemed to be too good to pass up indeed.

I stayed back with him out of sight for over five minutes, all the while, all I could do was go on defense so that I wouldn’t scream. It was going on midnight by then, so I couldn’t let out those natural screams, so I kept them down by any means necessary, other than stopping him.

I felt like I just got out of the shower with him as he had me sweating that much, and that I might have needed to head to the hospital too because I thought my heart might stop. Nevertheless, I ran into a sexual situation I loved, and he hooked me in it supremely.

“Whether you planned everything here, or absolutely nothing, you threw a dozen darts at the dartboard and got a bullseye all twelve times,” I commended him, fondling his head.

“Twelve times?” he asked, coming up with me and kissing me.

“Yes, you just walked into the perfect storm of needs fuck, it is just been too long since I last had a dick inside me.”

“How long has it been since you had sex?”

I bit down on my bottom lip again and showed a nervous face.

“What, Katrina? I’m not going to judge you, when was the last time you had sex?”

I sighed. “Not since David’s dad died, and that was five years ago.”

“Holy crap, Katrina, I’m speechless.”

“Just make love to me again, and tell me you love me.”

He instantly stuck his rod back into my cherry and began making sweet love to me again.

“I sure loved having your tongue down there, but my heart wanted your cock to sub while your lips kiss me, so fulfill your duties.”

“Yes, Katrina,” he added before kissing me.

Then he put a small gap between us and let his prick to thrust yet again. We looked right into each other’s eyes yet again as we committed the act of love.

“Surely enough, we didn’t know we’d love each other when we pulled into the parking lot, but shit happens.”

“Damn right, Katrina, but I’m not complaining. I’ve only had my wood in a couple of different pussies, but you’re my favorite by far. Your body is radiating, your lips couldn’t be better, and of course, because you’re my best friend’s mom, that just makes this hotter.”

“Good, but you can raise it a few more degrees by giving me one more orgasm, do you have one more in you?”

“Yes, I’m sure I could spare one more, just for you.”

“Kiss on it?”

He leaned right to me and kissed me like a lover again. After ten seconds, his lips drifted off mine, and he tightened his grip on my thighs yet again. Even with my radiating body to view, he still looked right at me with the sexual intent.

I could tell by looking at him how much he embraced me and surely did want me as his lover. Needless to say, I wanted him, but of course, I was still unsure how long it would go or how I’d tell David either, right then, I danced in my endzone as my imaginary crowd shouted ‘Touchdown!’ relentlessly.

“Am I poking your load now? Do you feel it building and getting ready to implode, Stanley? There is no need to lie to me, be honest with the MILF you’re screwing.”

“Shit, you can read me like a book,” he moaned, yanking his cock out and getting back on his knees.

He stroked his member right over my bosoms. “I don’t think I’ll need another MILF to fuck, you’re more than enough,” he sobbed somewhat before his cum burst out yet again.

He surely couldn’t keep the big cumshots bolting out, but he still got out two small streams to shoot, which both landed right between my tits. It even splashed around a bit, getting both of them and my neck.

After that short pop shot, he remained upon his knees, but I rose with him. “If you want to fuck a lonely MILF, then tell her,” I implored him, grabbing his rod. “You must be out of it.”

“Just a little bit,” he whispered, leaning on me.

“I know we both have queen-sized beds, but would you fancy sharing one?”

“I’d love that, Katrina, but I might have to pass on a blow job while driving tomorrow, you have me a little drained,” he explained as I went to turn off the light.

I came back to him, “I think you’ll make that call tomorrow,” I corrected him as we both lay down. “If getting your cock sucked feels anything like having your pussy eaten, then you’re going to want it again. We also have to figure out how to tell David because we both know you need your fix while we visit him.”

“Okay, fair enough,” he added, pulling the blanket over us.

“I don’t mind cuddling either, so feel free.”

“Okay,” he muttered, lying close to me. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Stan,” I replied before kissing him.

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