The night I Squirt

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The night I SquirtThe day started just like all my other days,well I was horny as usual.Ever since I turn 40yrs it was as if my hormones when into turbo boost.Because no matter what I did I was still very horny.One day I went to the Health Centre where I spoke to the head nurse,telling her what was going on with my body.I told I am always feeling to have sex and it is getting worst.She turn and tell me to enjoy it while it last because some women don’t feel for sex when they reach that age.I tried to get my husband to have sex often as possible but he was too sleepy at times.So in order to please myself I join a lot of Adult Sex Site on line in all I am a member in 7 sites plus I made a special Skype Acc just for show off my pussy.I will go on and chat with horny men and women,sometimes I would open up my webcam and masturbate for mostly horny men,once in a while I would get a woman, which will made me happy I love to see a pussy spread open and being fuck with toys or even carrot ,cucumber, bottles and finger fucked.I love to spread open my pussy on cam a lot,there is one of the site which has live chat room which you can also use cam while chatting.Every morning I used to go to the chat room and open my cam and play with my pussy for all to see until when ever I enter a chat room the men used to come to see if I was going to give a show,they also used to ask to see.Some of them knew I mariobet güvenilirmi can help it when ever I see a nice cock.So they used to show me their cock to get me hott which worked well,my legs will open and I would fucked myself good with anything longs it could fit my pussy hole.Well let me tell you how I happen to squirt one night.I got up horny so I did all wht I had to do so when I got online with my men nothing was going to be in my way.I log on a one of my site where one of the man there is willing to lick,suck and fuck my pussy. So I and the man was talking from morning until evening then he went out,so I just when and chat with a next man not forgetting wht the first man told me because I was very hot how,I kept checking to see if he came back while chatting with the other man and while my husband was behind me sleeping too.Finally Sam the man from before came back I was glad because he knew how to get to my mind good,he was pleasing my mind so much tht I felt it all in my pussy.The feeling was so strong tht I had to put my hand there and squeeze it tight with my legs.I wanted him to do all wht he was saying to me so bad tht my body was trembling from the emotion with in me.I wanted him to lick my pussy and suck so I cum in his mouth.He told tht he know how to eat pussy well and he was very good at his job because he takes his job serious.And he has a hammer mariobet yeni giriş which will pound my pussy till I bawl out for him to stop and tht his hammer can work for a very long time with out stopping too.I read a picture comment on facebook and it when like this”If you can touch a woman’s mind you have her interest,If you can touch a woman’s heart you will get her love,And if touch a woman’s soul you will get her passion beyond your wildest dream” and boy did he touch my mind tht night he had me wanting,longing and imaging him taking control of my body and doing to it wht he wanted as long as I was feeling all the pleasure in the world.Yes he did touch my mind ,got me interested in him too.I now to see if he can deliver so I told him tht I will be coming for him to give me a sample to see.All this time I am getting even more horny and hott if he could off stick his head out of my monitor and sucked me I would of open my legs for him right there.By now I bet you all know why I wanted to go by him so bad.Well yes I wanted to if he can touch my soul and get me to show him all the passion I have inside if he can really get me to let go let my emotion take control.After a while he told me told me tht he was hard and his cock was kicking it want some pussy ,it need a pussy and he wants to fuck me and after he finish with my pussy I will not be able to fuck tht mariobet giriş day.I said you will see because this pussy could take a lot of lick,and I got a big black fat pussy which love big thick cocks to fuck it hard too,I love to feel a little pain when I am getting my pussy fucked,okay.What is a fuck with out a little pain,it’s like eating food with out taste.Then he said good night to me.I asked why he going and then he said I am getting you hott and I will not be able to enjoy it,I am hard as a rock and no pussy to push it in to release my tension.I tried to comfort him by telling him very soon he will get to fuck my pussy well and to suck it too but tht didn’t worked and he log out.Now I was wet and streaming hot so I went and take a quick shower wash the pussy well and came back in the room.I dry skin and got on the bed waked up my husband and started to kissed him,then got in the position 69 to get what I wanted from him.I start to suck him and then he started I was so hot that I grind on his face he then push in two finger in me while was fingering me he was sucking my clitoris too and also licking I was enjoying so must tht my emotion took over my body,I was grinding ,he was licking ,sucking and fingering next thing I knew he was pushing me off and saying you wet me up.Then I understood wht happened I squirted so I reach down and pass my finger in order to get a taste and it was nice.THAT IS WHEN I SAID TO MYSELF I HAVE TO GO BY SAM,I HAVE FEEL HIM AND TASTE HIM.wOOW IF HE CAN BRING ME TO THT POINT THT I SQUIRT HE CAN DO MUCH MORE MUCH MORE AND I GOT TO SEE AND FEEL IT.BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 23YRS AND MY HUSBAND NEVER MADE ME SQUIRT BEFORE.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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