The Neighbor’s College Gift

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Tim pulled up to the driveway of his house. “This is it. Last day of work done…off to college next weekend” he audibly said to himself. At 18, he’d graduated high school just a few months ago. He’d worked throughout the summer to help offset the bewildering cost of college – one hamburger at a time.

Opening his car door and shutting it with a *thunk*, his mind was racing. For the first time, college seemed *real*. What would it be like? Was he prepared? He didn’t want to let him mom down. She was a single mother who’d given birth to him at a tender age of 16. It could not have been easy. And yet, she’d sacrificed (and sacrificed) to put food on the table and make sure he had a path to success. She was the best mother he could have hoped for.

Walking up to the door of his house, he felt strange. Even as a teenage mother, his mom had somehow completed high school, went through both college and law school, and was now – only in her mid-30’s – a burgeoning lawyer. Walking the cement path from his car to the front door, he reflected – not for the first time – that his mother was an amazing woman. If superheroes had favorite superheros, undoubtedly his mother would be a common one. She’d even managed to buy the worst house in the nicest neighborhood. Juggling that many responsibilities, even a superhero would struggle to do that.

That house was no longer the worst house in the nicest neighborhood, though. His mother had put significant work into it and, just now, it looked just as nice as all the other homes. Thinking of the shoes he had to fill, he shook his head in disbelief. Tim didn’t know that he could ever match his mother’s admirable successes, but he *definitely* knew that he did not want to disappoint her.

Approaching the front door, he stuck his key in the lock and turned it. With the key unlocked, he turned the knob and pushed the door open.

“SUUUURPRIIIIIIISEEEEE!” A whole crowd of friendly faces greeted him as the door swung open – including his mother.

“Ooooh honey! We’re all so proud of you! We all wanted to throw you a little surprise party! You’re off to one of the best colleges in the country after this weekend is over. I’m so proud! Come here.” He greeted his mother’s open arms racing towards him with an strong hug.

Breaking the hug off, his mother grabbed him by the shoulders, her eyes watery with pride. “Okay honey, so everyone here wanted to see you off! And everyone brought gifts that you’re probably going to need! So have fun, okay?”

“Okay, mom. Love you!”

Tim scanned the room. Many of his mother’s friends were in attendance. Quite a lot of them had been a common fixture growing up – most seemed like aunts. Exclusively women, he noted that a number of them were from the law firm which his mother now worked at. Mostly of the upper crust, the women were universally well-dressed. And several of the women he’d had crushes on for years were in attendance.

“Okay, Tim. Go and let everyone know how much you appreciate their gifts.”

Per his mother’s instructions, Tim made his rounds around the room. As he did, he could see that the room was bounding with balloons, sweets, and gifts. He noted the gifts would be unusual in any other setting: everything from backpacks to pencils to space organizers adorned the table.

As he made his rounds, he thanked every woman in turn. But when he arrived at Mrs. Langley…well…he hadn’t even noticed she was here before. And truth be told, as soon as he realized that his mother’s friends were in attendance, he’d been looking for her.

As beautiful as ever, Mrs. Langley was quickly approaching 40. At her age though, Tim found her more attractive than any girlfriend he’d had in high school. Her platinum blonde hair always seemed to shine against her gentle, perpetually-beaming skin. Almost always, he saw her in a dress that terminated above her knees. Protruding from beneath her dress, the skin of her shins always seemed to shine like mirrors. And her eyes…her lake blue eyes… Just now, those lake blue eyes were even more striking courtesy of her royal blue dress.

As always, her outfit was completed with a club soda in one elegant, manicured hand. She worked out like a fiend was very conscious of health. She rarely drank anything besides club sodas.

“Hello, Tim. Congratulations! A very good school, I must say.” Her tone seemed…different than the other women. Not yet 40, she was not only a fearsomely beautiful woman, but she was already a formidable attorney. Perhaps aided by her marriage to one of the firm’s top (and much older) partners, she’d had a meteoric rise through its ranks.

“Thanks Mrs Langley!” Tim didn’t know what else to say, so he said the only thing that wouldn’t seem strange. All he really seemed to notice that was like most of her dresses, this one terminated above her knees…but it was unusual in just how far above her knees it did so. This particular one terminated a healthy few inches above her knees – and one side of the dress’s cut even soared up her outer thigh to bahis firmaları reveal much of the toned, supple skin under it. The two straps holding the dress up plunged downwards to reveal a fair amount of her cleavage. Mrs. Langley’s breasts were perky – she’d likely had them worked on at some point – but they were not so augmented as to be obvious. With the thin spaghetti straps also showing ample collarbone, Tim chose the safest option of all: he only truly dared admiring her collarbones for any significant amount of time.

“So, tell me Tim…what are you going to study? Political science? Become a lawyer like your mother? Or premed?” Each word seemed to drip with seduction. But it was likely just Tim’s rampant boyhood fantasies bubbling to the surface.

“Aerospace engineering.” Drowning in her strikingly-blue eyes, he’d seemed to have lost the power of speech. He said as little as he could lest he seem like a buffoon in front of her.

“Aww, yes! An engineer. Ooooh, women *love* engineers!” As she said it, she teasingly motioned her shoulder towards him.

“Really? I never thought girls liked the nerds much.” He’d been so shocked at her statement that his power of speech hadn’t failed him.

“Honey, girls don’t. *Women* do, I assure you.” The way that the word “women” dripped off her tongue was likely the most inexplicably-sexy thing he’d ever experienced.

“So M-M-M-Mrs. Langley… w-w-what gift should I thank you for? The backpack?” For a moment, Tim scanned the gifts in a futile attempt to find one whose name he could say half-as-sexily as the way she’d said “women.” In a few short seconds, though, his inspiration fizzled out – he’d decided better against it.

“Awww…yes. I’m sorry, Tim…I didn’t actually get you anything. I guess I owe you, huh?” When she’d mentioned owing him, she again motioned her shoulder towards him – and she even winked.

“What did that wink mean?” Tim wondered. A few vivid fantasies came to mind…but then he quashed them. “Silly, she’s just being nice.” he thought.

“Well, it’s okay Mrs. Langley. There’s so much here, I don’t think that I even need anything else.”

“Oooh, I can think of a few things, darling. My treat – I owe you. By the way, it looks like your mother wants to talk to you.” With the same hand holding her obligatory club soda, Mrs. Langley pointed at the direction just behind him.

Turning around, Tim wondered “What was that all about? Was she flirting with me, or am I just making things up? And she can think ‘of a few things’?”

With his vivid imagination, her “I can think of a few things” sent shivers through him. Best not think too much on it, lest he start becoming stiff at this party. That would make for an awkward event.

His mother approached him with arms open. She was having a good time – she was getting a bit drunk.

“Timmy! Listen. Tonight, the girls are throwing a party in my honor. Just wanted to let you know, okay? It’s gonna be at Tiffany’s house.”

“Mr and Mrs. Langley’s house?” Tim asked, noting the coincidence.

“Yes! So, you have the house to yourself tonight, okay! I trust you.”

“Okay, mom.” With Tim’s acknowledgement, his mother bounded away again.

“Holy shit,” Tim thought. “Is she gonna repay my gift by sneaking into my room and letting me…letting me…what? Letting me what?” Tim’s vivid fantasies had again gotten the better of him – he was being silly, he realized.

The day passed on and the party eventually ended. With his own party over, his mother’s party at Mrs. Langley’s began. Though the women had not mentioned it around him, he knew why they were throwing a party in his mother’s honor. Since she was 16, she’d worked hard and sacrificed for him. With him going off to college, she could be a woman again. She had not dated or even really relaxed since she was 16. It was a much deserved party; a sort of graduation for her, too.

Tim laid in his bed and his thoughts – like so many times over the years – turned to Mrs. Langley. With nothing else to do, he slid his hand under his pants and grabbed his cock, ready to masturbate once more thinking of Mrs. Langley.

Suddenly, his thoughts coalesced into an image of a Mrs. Langley laying on a couch. Instead of her normal outfit, she was wearing black lingerie – the kind with straps, frills, and laces seemingly everywhere. It was Tim’s fantasy, so the lingerie was daringly-risque in its sheerness – it proudly displayed all of the parts of her that Tim had always wanted to see.

“Come here Tim…” she’s said, as she writhed about on the couch. “Come here and show me that you’ve been a good boy…”

Placing his hand around his stiffness, he began to give it a few pumps. “Okay, Mrs. Langley. If you say so…”

Then his phone came alive with a text.

It was his mom: “Honey! Do be a doll, and bring over some club sodas…we’re all out over here and we’re all having so much fun, nobody wants to go to the store.”

Tim was slightly irritated at this interruption in his vivid fantasy. “Really? kaçak iddaa Club sodas?” he thought. “Oh well. At least it’s a chance to *actually* see Mrs. Langley. Maybe that will make it more vivid when I come back.”

“Okay mom. Omw” came his reply text. Zipping up his pants, Tim walked to the kitchen refrigerator and grabbed a box of club sodas.

With his club sodas in his right hand, he begrudgingly began his journey to the Langley house. The house was what you might expect given the couple’s status as a duo of high powered attorneys: large, well-manicured, and a smidgen too ostentatious.

Ringing the doorbell with the hand not carrying the club sodas, he waited. And waited. And finally he rang the doorbell again before a familiar face greeted him.

“Hey Mrs. Smith. Mom asked me to bring these sodas over.”

Mrs. Smith was all eager smiles and exaggerated hand motions. “Yes, yes! Come on in!”

Walking through the door, his mother’s party was about what he expected. There were more men than his own party, though – including the impeccably dressed Mr. Langley. As usual, the “party” seemed equal parts socializing, gossip, and work.

Suddenly, a voice cut through the chatter like a whip: “Ooooh, they they are!” It was Mrs. Langley, looking radiantly beautiful in the same blue dress from earlier.

“Hi Tim! Thanks for bringing the sodas. So hey, listen…there’s a basement down stairs and a refrigerator. You can place them in that refrigerator. There’s also a door leading out of the house down there – in case you don’t want to deal with us boring old ladies.”

At this point, Tim would do anything for Mrs. Langley. “Okay,” he said, as he carried the well-traveled club sodas down a flight of stairs leading to the basement. Part of Tim was disappointed that he’d been summoned merely for a 12 pack of water…but what else could he have realistically expected? Opening the basement door in front of him, he stepped through and shut it with a click.

Flicking on a nearby switch to turn on the room’s lights, the basement that greeted him wasn’t like other basements…no, this one was *nice*. This was less a basement than an entire residence of its own: its various rooms contained workout equipment, furniture…even a pool. One open door seemingly led to a cocktail room. From the shadows of the game room, he could make out a bar brimming with luxury alcohol replete with expensive-looking furniture.

Tim scanned the basement more until he found a tiny refrigerator he assumed to be the one he’d been sent to find. Approaching it, he opened it, noted that it was full of delicious-looking food, slid the sodas in, and shut its door.

Then the sound of a door shutting. “Did I forget to shut the basement door?” Tim wondered, unsure. When a familiar voice called out, though, he knew he wasn’t alone.

“Tim…thanks for bringing the sodas.”

When he spun to face the voice, he saw Mrs. Langley in all of her ethereal beauty. His heart began to race – a not-insignificant amount of his fantasies started in ways just like this.

“Calm down,” Tim told himself, “she’s not here for *that*.”

Mrs. Langley motioned towards the game room with one hand. Seemingly purring as she said it, she told Tim “Now I do believe that I owe you for your graduation…let’s go in the cocktail room and I’ll let you have your gift, okay?”

“Okay!” Tim was certain that she was not going to do anything near one of his fantasies. She was more likely to produce car keys, or a bike…or…or…or what would gift could she possibly give to him – alone – in this cocktail room? Whatever it was, it wasn’t likely to be what he’d fantasized about for so many years.

Mrs. Langley flicked the basement light switch off. With the light off, it took Tim’s eyes a moment to adjust, but when they did, he found the cocktail room door. Tim needed no encouragement; no prodding. He enthusiastically bounded to it.

Tim waited for Mrs. Langley on just the other side of the doorway. She wordlessly entered, shut the door, and flicked on another light switch. Then she turned to Tim and gave a strange smile the likes of which he’d never quite seen. Then she locked the door with an audible *click*.

“Okay, Tim. Follow me.” Without waiting, Mrs. Langley began walking towards the shelves full of alcohol behind the bar. Tim’s heart was pounding, and his mouth had grown dry. With no one else to notice where his gaze aimed, Tim’s eyes shot straight to her ass, swaying with each step that Mrs. Langley took.

“There’s no way…it can’t be happening…no fucking way…” Tim thought. “But what if someone catches us? Or what about Mr. Langley?” Too many thoughts raced through Tim’s mind – he decided to push them all away and simply enjoy Mrs. Langley’s firm curves swaying under her dress.

Reaching the shelf of alcohol, Mrs. Langley grabbed a random bottle, two glasses, and began pouring. Handing Tim a glass, she smiled and said “Here, to your graduation!”

Tim grabbed it from here and held the glass in hand. kaçak bahis “Was this her gift?” Tim thought dejectedly. If it was, he’d really set his expectations way too high. But then again, he could see why Mrs. Langley had gone through all the secrecy: he was 18, not 21.

Mrs. Langley playfully *clinked* the glasses together before encouraging Tim: “Go ahead! Drink the shot – like this!” She up-ended the glass into her mouth and wiped it with the back of her hand. Tim followed suit.

The burn of the alcohol took Tim by surprise – he had to set the glass down on the bar and while he coughed and let the burn fade. Mrs. Langley seemed quite amused by it all.

“First time, huh? With you going off to college…well…I had to give you *something*. Want another?”

Waving his hand as the occasional cough still erupted, Tim simply said “No thanks…”

“Well, okay Tim. I’m going to head back up to the party. There’s a door on the far side of the basement that leads out of the house if you’d prefer that exit.” With that, Mrs. Langley started walking towards the door of the cocktail room.

“See you idiot? You were making too much of it.” Tim reflected, dourly. Standing there, he stared at the two glasses that they had just drank from. He found the way they caught the dimmed light of the room enchanting.

“Tim…there is *one* more thing…”

Turning away from the enchanting glasses, Tim turned to face an even-more enchanting Mrs. Langley standing about halfway between him and the door.

“Yes, Mrs. Langley?” Once more, Tim’s heart started pumping.

“Why don’t you sit on that sofa there and I’ll show you.”

“YES!” Tim thought. This is it – or is it? Tim’s enthusiasm had gotten the better of him before.

“Okay, Mrs. Langley.” As instructed, Tim left the bar area to sit down dead-center on the couch.

Mrs. Langley studied him as he moved before also moving towards the couch.

“Tim,” Mrs. Langley said, “I want to show you one more gift, okay?” Her tone seemed strange. Tim had never quite heard a tone like it – but he knew that he liked it.

“Okay.” Sitting on the couch, Tim made sure not to manspread too much – and he made a point of folding his hands in his lap.

Walking to the couch, Mrs. Langley ended her walk by standing just before him. “Tim, I know that you’ve fantasized about me…”

Tim had fantasized so many times about this moment, but he’d never really been prepared for it. Panicking, looking around, he only managed to stammer, guilty-as-charged: “Ummm…uhhhh…”

“Tim it’s okay…I like it…it turns me on…” Her assurance did little to settle his panic, but it did give him a shot of adrenaline. Suddenly, he realized that his cock was pushing up through his pants.

Tim said nothing, but let Mrs. Langley continue: “You’re 18 now – a sexy young man. Young men turn me on…” Tim noted that her tone became increasingly seductive as she talked.

Before saying anything else, Mrs. Langley knelt down on the floor in front of the couch and hovered her head next to Tim’s crotch. Tim’s heart was pounding so hard that he was sure that Mrs. Langley could hear it. Saying nothing, Mrs. Langley looked up from her position at Tim in a strangely-devious way before silently placing her mouth around his erection protruding from under its prison.

“What – ” was all Tim could murmur before Mrs. Langley blew a hot breath of air through the fabric of his pants. He could feel the warm, moist air of her breath penetrate the fabrics of his clothes and roll over his stiff cock. The sensation sent tingles throughout his whole body.

“Uuuunnnnhhh” Tim said, as his head arched back. Mrs. Langley responded with nothing more than a lusty chuckle.

Then Tim’s thoughts sharpened – what are they *doing* here? What if they get caught? Or what would Mr. Langley think!? Would Mr. Langley kill him!?

With her continuing to blow warm air, he’d almost lost the power of speech. But he mustered the fortitude to mutter “Mrs. Langley…um…what if…unnnnh…we get caught…and…Mr. Lang…”

Mrs. Langley had not been taken by surprise by his question. Peeling herself away from his crotch – unfortunately – she looked up at Tim with a dangerously-seductive glimmer in her eyes.

“Tim, everyone thinks you left. And no one is going to go and look for me in my own house. As for *Mr.* Langley…well. We have an agreement. Accomplished women need to have fun, too. He has his fun, I have mine…and besides, these sorts of things turn him on.”

What sort of weird situation had Tim gotten himself in? Just now, he didn’t care to ask too many questions.

“Tim, just sit back and enjoy. *Real* women can take what they want, too. Let me show you a *real* woman.”

With his mind more at ease – and the door locked – Tim melted back into the couch, his body less tense (but not by much.)

Again leaning her head into the region above his crotch, Mrs. Langley placed her hands on his inner thigh. With her hands on his thigh, she leaned her body in more. As she did, she let her hands trail up his thigh, to his pelvis, to under his shirt. She continued until her hands went up his shirt all the way to his nipples. Her warm hands against his burning skin were electric.

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