The Neighbor

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Where the fuck am I? The layout was exactly the same, but the furniture was different. I thought I was home because the bed faced the same direction, the dresser was in the same place and the door was even closed. But as I lay there trying to gain my bearings, things started coming back to me. First, I realized I wasn’t alone in the bed. Second, the decorations on the wall weren’t even close to being what I had up. How much did I drink last night? And who the fuck is she? I quickly sat up – immediately regretting that considering the amount of pain my head was feeling – before taking a look at the mystery girl next to me. Please don’t be… I gently pulled the blankets back to reveal the naked girl underneath to my curious gaze. The soft curves of her body began pulling me back to the night before when I saw her dancing with a couple of her friends. The way she moved those hips while dancing was very comparable to the way she moved when she was riding my… Wait, did we have sex? I know we’re both naked, but sometimes that doesn’t mean shit…. hmmm, I really hope that wasn’t a very sexy and vivid dream… And that’s when she stirred… “Mmmmmmm,” she began with a big stretch and a sigh, “how’d you sleep, baby?” Already calling me baby… “I slept like a rock,” I replied, taking in her disheveled look, which looked kind of sexy… “How about you?” “I slept amazingly,” she said, rubbing her eyes before smiling at me. “Good, I’m glad,” I said, returning the smile. *** I didn’t know how to approach her so I made any excuse to walk past her apartment as often as I could. Conveniently, her apartment was on the way to the dumpster and I found an excuse to take some sort of trash there on a daily basis. Even more convenient, I have a dog, so naturally I have to take her for a walk every day. Of course that means taking the dog right by her place. Most of the time she’s not around, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to quit trying to get her to notice me. *** “You know, this whole stalking thing is getting a little creepy,” she said with a smirk as she got out of her car. “What?” I asked, completely taken aback. “You know, walking past my apartment every chance you get. And don’t play dumb, you could easily take a different route when walking the dog,” she shot at me, causing me to scramble for words. “I, uh, well…” I stuttered. “Ha, I’m just fucking with you! Unless you really are stalking me… then I’ll have to do something about it,” she said, cocking her head to the side before walking inside, looking over her shoulder at me as she crossed the threshold of her apartment and shutting the door. What the fuck? How’d she know…? I went on about my business like nothing had happened. After all, I wasn’t really stalking her; I was just trying to get noticed. I think I may have finally broken through. *** Ever since our little encounter, I hadn’t gone by her apartment as much. It’s not that I was afraid of what she might do; it’s that I didn’t want her to think that I was actually stalking her. I did see her more often though. And to my surprise, she would always look my way. The few times I saw her outside, she’d either wave or smile at me. I watched her car drive away, always wondering where she was going. Why can’t I get the balls to ask her out? *** I was sifting through the shirts in my closet trying to find something to wear for the night. The guys from work invited me to go out with them to this new sports bar named the Barrel on Western Avenue. The place had just opened and it seemed to be an old pub style joint that only served import beers. I was very curious to see how the place would turn out and what kind of people would frequent the place. If all went well, I’d be one of them. Where the hell are you? I flipped through the number of button up shirts looking for something specific. Ah, there ya are. I put on the shirt before going into the bathroom to fix my hair. I like to look good when I go out, so everything had to be perfect before I could leave. I gave myself one last look over before heading out the door. “Hey!” I heard as I unlocked my truck. “How’s it going?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited. “Oh, you know, probably going out tonight. What are you doing all dressed up?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if it were my imagination or if she had just checked me out. I’m pretty sure I saw her eyes roam up and down my body. “Going to meet some guys from work at a bar. Where are Escort Göztepe you going out to?” I knew it wasn’t really my business, but I was pretty curious. “Not sure yet, my girlfriends still haven’t made up their mind,” she replied, looking somewhat disappointed. “Ah, well hopefully they get it figured out then. But have good night!” And with that, I jumped in my truck and drove off. Dumbass, that was your chance to ask her out! I still wasn’t convinced that she had been checking me out, so I decided to let it go and see how things shake out. *** “Took ya long enough!” John said as I walked in the bar. “Sorry, traffic sucked,” I said as I sat down. “It’s all good, man. What do you think of the place?” He asked, looking around the bar. “It’s pretty sweet. Definitely looks like an old pub. And the name sure is fitting,” I laughed, pointing out all the whiskey barrels that were strategically placed throughout the sports bar. “Ha, sure is!” We were all having a great time; the drinks were flowing, the scenery gradually improving, as I happened to notice something oddly familiar. I tried to ignore it at first, but the more I tried to block it out, the more I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t believe that she was there, but I didn’t want her to see me. Okay, that was a lie, but can you blame me? She already thinks I stalk her enough as it is, so logic – in my inebriated state, was telling me to lay low. Complying was much easier said than done. I decided to keep doing what I was doing. If she were to notice me, it was because she noticed me on her own. I wasn’t going to act out or deliberately try to get her attention. But my gaze did keep going her direction more often than I had wanted it to. I couldn’t help but watch her interact with her friends, almost as if she were the life of their little party. I also happened to notice that any time a guy would approach her – good looking or not, she would blow them off. That gave me a bit of encouragement because it showed that she wasn’t interested in the guys that were approaching her. But, then again, it was very discouraging because that possibly meant that I would be tossed into that pile as well. Only one way to find out. I went up to the bar to get the next round of drinks for the guys, but I couldn’t get her out of my head. I kept looking her direction, hoping she’d eventually notice me, but to no avail. However, her friends kept looking my way and would giggle each time I’d catch one of their eyes. What the fuck is going on over th… “What can I get for you?” The bartender asked, breaking my attention. “Four Bud Lights, please,” I responded, trying to keep my attention away from the bomb shell that is my neighbor. “Here ya go. Eight dollars please,” she said, holding out her hand to accept my money. “I have a tab. It’s under Mike,” I replied before taking the beers back to my table. We continued drinking, each of us taking turns buying the rounds, as I kept my attention on her and her friends. I wanted to go talk to her badly, but was afraid of the rejection that many other guys had faced earlier. Even though she never actually acknowledged me, since her back was to me, I knew that she knew I was there. The only fluff of evidence I had was the fact her slightly equally attractive friends kept looking my way and giggling. Then again, they could’ve been checking out my buddies, which wouldn’t have been a surprise. Then things start to get interesting. The table next to the girls opened up and the wheels in my head began turning. But, as if she were thinking the same thing, a couple of her friends got up and walked towards us. My stomach dropped like you wouldn’t believe. “Hey, guys, how’s it going?” One of the girls sang, seemingly fake to me. “Uh, not too bad. How about you two?” Kyle replied, kind of stunned that the girls approached us. “We’re peachy. And a little drunk,” the other girl slurred. “Isn’t that the point of drinking?” I asked, unintentionally coming across as a smart ass. “Well aren’t you full of wisdom?!” she slurred once again. “By the way, what’s your name?” she asked, looking right at me. “Mike. What’s your name?” “Barbie,” she lied, “cause I’m a mother-fuckin’ princess, bitch!” She said, almost falling over before grabbing a hold of her friend. “Gah, how drunk are you?” I asked, trying to keep one eye on the ‘Barbie’ and the other on my incredibly hot neighbor. “Shit…I Caddebostan escort ain’t drunk at all, fooooolll,” she retorted. Fucking drunk skank… “So what’s up?” I asked the semi sober girl. “Well, my friends and I were wondering if you guys would like to join us. A table opened up next to us so we could pull them together,” she suggested, mostly looking at me. Of course, the guys looked directly at me like I was their leader which definitely wasn’t the case. I definitely wanted to go sit with them, but I didn’t want to act too eager about it either. Both of the girls in front of us were good looking, but the one I wanted happened to be sitting across the room from us with her back turned. Are you afraid to approach me in front of your friends? “What do you guys think?” I asked, clearly knowing the answer. No one said a thing as they grabbed their drinks and headed for the other side of the bar. *** She wouldn’t look at me while the table and seating assignments were rearranged. Things, however, became more obvious as everyone began taking their seat. I was one of the first ones to sit down, acting like I didn’t care if she sat next to me or not. Hell, as far as I was concerned, she didn’t even know I was a part of the group that her friends invited over – at least that’s what I was telling myself. Damn, you’re fucking hot… And that dress hugs every curve your body has to offer, leaving nothing to the imagination. No wonder you’ve been hit on plenty tonight… “You gonna sit there with your mouth hanging open or are you finally going to say hi to me?” She asked, totally breaking me out of my trance, embarrassing the fuck out of me. “Do what? Oh, yeah, of course. How are you?” I asked, pretty sure my face turned a few shades of pink. With a laugh, “I’m good, quite… relaxed, actually,” she replied, giving me a coy smile. “Oh yeah? Well, that’s good,” I responded, returning the smile as she sat down next to me. “Yeah, now I feel… safe,” she said, moving closer to me. “Good…” I felt very comfortable around her. Everything felt right, like we were supposed to be sitting there next to each other. We kept talking and talking, never struggling to find anything to say. Things were very easy – very natural – which made me feel better about the way the night might end. Honestly, I still couldn’t believe that she turned down all those guys just to spend some time with me. “I fucking love this song! Come on!” She yelled to her friend before getting up and grabbing her hand to head towards the dance floor. The whole group of girls ended up going to the dance floor while my friends and I stayed back and watched them do their thing. I loved watching her move her wonderful body to the beat of the music, like it consumed and wrapped itself around her. She had excellent rhythm with the music and knew how to dance. The way she moved her hips, swinging, grinding and even humping the air was such a turn on. Moving the way she was moving gave me a glimpse of what she’d be like if she were to be on top of me riding my throbbing cock while I fought off every urge to unleash a huge load deep inside her… I had to get that thought out of my head considering I was still around my friends. It’s pretty embarrassing being called out with a hard on. Besides, I wanted to dance with this girl to show her that I knew how to move my hips as well. “Watch my beer, please,” I said before getting up and joining her on the dance floor. I walked up to her – her back to me, before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her close. She quickly glanced over her shoulder to make sure I was behind her before leaning back into me and wrapping her arms around the back of my neck. She began lewdly grinding her ass into my dick, which was quickly inflating, before taking my hands in hers and lacing our fingers together. We moved as one, perfectly in sync with the music and each other. I could feel my heart pounding, nervous that I was actually this close to the beauty that resides next to me, nervous about fucking it up. She turned to face me before basically straddling my leg as the song changed. We continued dancing, getting more and more intimate with each other, as the songs and the night wore on. She fit perfectly against my body as if we were molded to be together. I could feel the strong connection between us, so it made it that much easier to lean in and kiss her. At this Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan point I wasn’t afraid of being rejected. With everything that had happened, I highly doubted that my kiss would be turned down. We locked lips, everything and everyone disappearing around us, as the kiss grew more and more passionate with every passing second. Something was happening between us the longer the kiss went on. Our hands kept roaming each other’s body, sometimes getting personal, but neither of us cared. We were lost in our own little world on the middle of that dance floor until the DJ embarrassedly put us on the spot. We broke the kiss and just smiled at each other before hugging and walking off the dance floor hand in hand. At that point, I was pretty sure how the night was going to end. *** Oh good, God…this feels fucking AMAZING!! I watched that pretty mouth of hers bob up and down so enthusiastically on my hard cock, loving the way her lips wrapped around the tip as she withdrew it. She looked so hot with my dick between her lips while sucking so vigorously, doing her best to please me. I had to muster ever bit of control I had to not blast my cum down her throat as she worked my cock so well. “Oh fuck…you’re so good at this…” I drunkenly said, meaning every word. “Mmmmmm,” was all she could mutter as she put even more effort behind the blow job. I lay my head back and shut my eyes as I reflected on how we even ended up in this situation in the first place. We went back to the table before finishing our drinks, all the while being heckled by our friends for what took place on the dance floor. I didn’t mind one bit considering she’s smoking hot and, basically, what I’d call the perfect girl. I had every intention of hooking her and never letting go. “Let’s get out of here…” she whispered in my ear as the rest of the group watched us, followed by grabbing my dick under the table. “Did you drive here?” I asked. “I purposely caught a ride here…” she said, giving me that knowing look. “Ahhhh…then let’s go…” I replied, quickly catching on to what she meant. Without saying a word to any of them, I stood up and grabbed her hand before making a bee line for the front door. I was taking my sexy neighbor home and there was nothing any of them could say to persuade either of us otherwise. We headed straight for my truck before pulling out of the parking lot, heading straight for the place of both our residency. She couldn’t keep her hands off me, leaning across the console, before trying to undo the button of my jeans. The angle made things a little more difficult, but she pulled it off like a champ, almost as if she’d done this a time or two… I shook that thought out of my head as soon as her lips met the head of my cock. I did my best to concentrate on the road. After all, I needed to get us home in one piece if we had any intention of enjoying each other for, at least, the night. “Mmmmmm, I love your cock, baby…” she said as she came up for air. “Fuck… then take it, it’s all yours…” I replied, almost losing it as she returned it to her mouth, forcing me down her throat. I continued the necessary journey home – my dick still lodged in her throat – trying to not blow it before I felt the tight confines of her pussy. Besides, I had every intention of blowing inside her. There was no way I was pulling out of the beauty that was attached to my cock. “I need you so fucking bad,” she moaned out as I put the truck in park in front of her apartment. “Come on, we’re wasting time,” I said before quickly getting out. She exited my truck in a hurry before fumbling with her keys to unlock her door. She pulled me through the door as soon as it opened before slamming it shut and dragging me to her bedroom. We stood next to her bed, kissing, tongues probing each others, as we attempted to strip each other. We broke the kiss long enough to completely strip on another, myself getting completely lost as I stared at her amazing body. The moment was finally upon me and all I could do was stare at her like it was the first time I’d ever seen a woman naked. My eyes roamed up and down her body, taking in her wonderful features, my cock growing harder than it’s ever been… “Are you going to just stare at me or are you gonna fuck me like I need to be fucked?” she asked, breaking my attention. “Oh, sorry… you’re incredibly sexy…” With a laugh, “Thanks, baby,” she said before pressing her body against me, the expression on her face quickly changing, “Now fuck me before I change my mind…” That was all the encouraging I needed. I picked her up, wrapped her legs around my waist, before kissing her hard. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, intensifying the kiss, as I laid us on the bed, me on top of her.

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