The Mummy Princess, Chapter 2

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The next night, Kevin hurried to work to see his Egyptian princess again. He waited impatiently for the last of the visitors to leave and for the staff to go home as well.When he was finally alone in the museum, he quickly locked the doors and then hurried to the Egyptian exhibit. He read the incantation again, hoping against hope that what he experienced the night before wasn’t all just a lovely dream.But to his relief just as soon as he finished the spell, she stirred once more. He helped his princess down onto the floor and removed her wrappings.Once again he could hold his beautiful Azizah in his arms and once again she enjoyed being there. They went down to the basement security office where they had spent such a wonderful first night.And so it went for the next three nights until it was time for him to take his weekend. The night before, while he was spending his shift with his new girl, he told her about his weekend break.“Azizah, after tonight I will be going on my weekend and won’t be coming back for two nights. But after that, I will be back to see you. I will miss you, but we will pick this right back up when I am working again next week,” he said.“I do not know what this weekend thing is, my lord, but if you tell me you will be back to see me in two nights, then I will wait for you. I do enjoy being with you very much, my lord,” she said.“And I enjoy being with you as well Azizah,” he said. “I will be back to see you, my princess, I promise you. But we still have tonight, so let’s make the best of it, shall we?”“Of course, my lord. What shall you have me do for you this evening?” she asked, smiling her beautiful smile.He walked her over to his desk and leaned her over the top. He spread her legs wide apart and then knelt down behind her. “Reach back and hold yourself open for me,” he instructed.She did as he requested, “What are you going to do, my lord?” she asked.“Just watch…” he said. As she held her ass cheeks apart his put his face into her crack and began licking her wet slit.“Ohhh…” she moaned as his tongue burrowed into her hole. He wrapped his arm around her thighs to hold himself tight against her ass, licking and probing her with his tongue and searching for the sweetness he knew was there. Occasionally his tongue wandered up to lick at her crinkled rosebud, eliciting a new and different sort of moan from her.“My lord!” avcılar escort bayan she squealed the first time his tongue touched her there.“Do you like it when I lick you there?” he asked.“Yes, but…” she said.“But what Azizah?”“My lord, that’s where I…,” she said, blushing and looking down, unable to finish her sentence.Kevin laughed, “Oh, my sweet Azizah! Perhaps that was where you did that back in your time, but remember my princess, you haven’t eaten anything in over 4,500 years. I think that matter is of very little consequence now!”“I suppose you are right, my lord,” she said, giggling a bit at her concern. He turned her back around to face the desk and began licking her once more.She moaned and wriggled enjoying this new discovery now that he had put her mind at ease. She did like him back there and began to push back against his probing tongue more.“Oooh… oh yes! Yes, my lord! Oh, that feels wonderful!” she moaned, as he licked and lapped at both her holes.He reached between her spread thighs as he ate her and with his free hand he began massaging her clit, adding even more sensation to her brain to process. Her squeals and moans intensified with this new addition and she knew that she wasn’t going to last much longer.Whimpering and whining she said, “Oh my lord, I am about to burst! Oh, Amun, I am about to… OHHH! OH, AMMUUUNNNN!” she cried out as she let go, he juices gushed from her like a cutwater hose.She poured out and splashed her wet mess onto the tile floor, just missing his uniform pants as he quickly moved out of the way a bit.He still held onto his princess to keep her from falling down, but he wanted to be out of the way of her fountain–having his uniform pants stained with pussy juice might be hard to explain in the morning!When her orgasm passed, and she was laying over the desk panting and resting, he stood up and decided to get out of his uniform pants and shirt so he could safely continue with his beautiful Azizah.Once he had put his uniform safely away, he got back behind Azizah. He put a hand on top of her ass and began caressing her. Azizah moaned softly at his touch and Kevin moved his hand lower.She parted her legs again as his hand found its way between them and when he touched her still dripping pussy, she moaned louder and raised up on her toes, thrusting her ass back at him a bit.He fingered beylikdüzü escort bayan her slick pussy a bit warming her back up and getting her lust fire at a full boil again. When she was writhing and moaning and wriggling her backside feverishly, he knew it was time to introduce her to his next trick.He took his hard, stiff cock in one hand and guided it to her ass hole. But before he touched it to her, he placed a hand on the small of her back. He eased forward until the tip touched her star.“My lord!” she cried startled.“Just relax, Azizah, I want to show you something else that couples enjoy these days. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt and I think you’ll like it, once you get used to it!”She didn’t object, so he spread her ass a bit more and pushed forward with his hips gently. Her anal ring opened a bit and allowed the tip of his cock to enter. He pressed forward a bit more and then the head of his cock slipped past her sphincter ring.“Ohh!” Azizah gasped. He stayed there for a few moments, letting her get used to him there. When he felt she was ready he took hold of her hips and pushed in a little further.She felt him opening her asshole and while it did feel strange, it felt sort of sexy, sort of naughty and she liked it. Because he was going very slowly and she trusted him and relaxed to let it happen, it didn’t hurt, just like he had promised it wouldn’t.Finally, he had pushed fully into her and he stayed there for a couple of moments until she was sized to him. “There you are Azizah, I’m completely in you now,” he said.“You are completely in me? she repeated as a question.”Yes, Azizah, you have all of me inside you now. How does it feel?” he asked.“It feels a little funny, my lord, but in a good way. Kind of exciting and um… sexy? Is that the right word?” she said.“It is indeed. I am glad you like it. Shall I continue now?” he asked.“Please, my lord,” she said, gripping the edges of the desk.Kevin began moving in and out of her, slowly at first until she got lubricated a bit more and he felt her loosen up. As she expanded and her ass muscles relaxed more he picked up the pace until he was moving easily in and out of her.Azizah had never felt anything like this new way of having sex. She was taught to please and pleasure men, but this was a new one on her. She liked it though, and soon she was moaning and twisting esenyurt escort her hips as he plowed her backside.He reached around her hip and under her to finger her clit and pussy as he moved in and out. The combination proved quite effective and soon Azizah was announcing her upcoming orgasm.He pushed her over the edge with some rapid rubbing and manipulation of her clit and she screamed out another tremendous orgasm, gripping the desktop until her knuckles turned white and her knees buckled.He pinned her to the desk with his hips as he felt her rectal muscles squeezing him and trying to milk his cock of its load.However, Kevin wasn’t quite ready to surrender just yet. He pulled out of her gently and once she was able to get up off the desk, he helped her to the sofa again.“Wait here and let me clean up a bit,” he said.She nodded smiling and he stepped into the men’s room to wash up. He returned in a few moments to find Azizah still sitting on the sofa. He sat down beside her and she laid her head on his lap, curling up like a contented kitten. He sat there, stroking her hair, enjoying having her there with him.“My lord, may I ask you, how did you learn how to do these things? How did you come to be such a good man at pleasing a woman?” she asked.Kevin didn’t want to tell her it’s because he watched a lot of porn online and in movies. That would make him look less like a good lover and more like a pervert, he thought.“I just try things and if the woman doesn’t like them, I try something else. I’ve learned what most women like but I wanted to make sure you did too,” he said.“Well, what you have shown me has been wonderful! Thank you for showing these things to me!” she said.“I’m just glad you liked them, Azizah,” he said.The rest of the evening went just as the first night did. They had sex twice more that night and he finished his rounds as he should, with Azizah by his side.When it got close to the time for him to go he walked her back to the exhibit where he sadly had to leave her. Just before he helped her back into the sarcophagus, he pulled her to him and she looked up into his eyes.“Azizah, I will be gone for two nights and another security guard will be working. But after that I will come back to you, I promise. I will miss you very much my princess, but when I come back we will have our nights together again.”So you have a nice rest… you’re going to need it when I come back to you, my beautiful, sexy Azizah!” he said. He kissed her deeply and very passionately, enough to hold her over till he came back to her.[img][/img]

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