The Moose and the Seagull Ch. 01

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Three years ago, the thought watching two men being affectionate with each other in any way was repulsive. I wasn’t even a bigot–I had the upmost respect for members of the LGBT community. Hearing about the intolerance they had to deal with in more conservative parts of the world shocked and saddened me. But it just wasn’t my thing. Being a black male with immigrant parents, I feared that their traditionalist old-world mentality would rub off on me. It didn’t, and yet I didn’t want to be with a guy.

What a difference three years makes.

I’m not sure how it started, but suddenly guys were hot to me. I wanted to be with a guy who was strong and masculine, but wasn’t too rough. I guess it had something to do with my love affair with Abercrombie & Fitch, and its sister brand, Hollister Co. The moose and the seagull. The polo clubs of upstate New York and the beaches of Southern California. The men associated with these brands and their lifestyle got me pretty hot and bothered–rock hard core from surf, lacrosse trained legs, thick arms. Yum. And, their clothing is–dare I say it–cute!

Actually, it was the women that wore their clothing that I liked at first. And that only came about because the girls at my high school wore both brands a lot. I remember seeing a photo of Denise Milani wearing a blue A&F tank…her 34F’s were screaming to burst through. If I came across porn where the girl was wearing Abercrombie clothing, a surge of energy would flow through me at the first sight of it. Sometimes, that surge led to a climax when Rosie Palms was involved. My personal favorite combination, however, was Hollister jean shorts–tight fitting, of course–and Ugg boots, preferably authentic. This fetish of mine has led to some satisfying orgasms over the past half decade.

Eventually, guys wearing Abercrombie and Hollister would come onto my radar. I remember one of those black and white Abercrombie ads for their low rise jeans–sagging low, abs showing, waistband of his boxer briefs peeking out. And…I was mesmerized. This guy was hot! Unbelievably hot! As I learned more about the LGBT lifestyle, I came across other types of men, including bears and twinks. But no, it was the shaved, smooth Abercrombie model that appealed to me the most. Shallow? Yes. But I was committed to finding one for myself.

Being broke, I didn’t exactly have money to drop on mall prices. However, the magic of Ebay delivered me from this perilous situation. 60 bucks for sweatpants? Try $26. In fact, the only görükle escort time I went to the mall was when boxer briefs were $11–I picked a pair up from Abercrombie and another from Holliser, to hedge my bets. Over the next few weeks, I amassed a respectable collection of sweaters, Henleys, tees, hoodies, and sweatpants. Satisfied, I turned to my other love–Uggs. They were popular with the hotties at my high school, so I always associated them with sexiness. I tried on a pair at a premium shoe store and they were so fuzzy, so comfy, I felt like I could sleep in them. I balked at the price though, $225 plus tax. Again, broke, bills to pay, and so on.

My feet were relatively small for my frame, with my shoe size at a men’s 9.5. Because Uggs stretch out, I predicted I could fit perfectly fine, thank you very much, in a pair of women’s size 11 boots. This expanded my selection substantially–since Uggs were mostly a female thing, there was a much larger pool to choose from, at lower prices. I ended up picking a pair of tall classic navy Uggs, size 11 of course. After this final purchase, I sat back, imagining myself in the cute, comfy clothes that I picked out…and being in the arms of a man in the same.

Slowly but surely, the packages started arriving at my door. I kept them unopened until the last delivery–a pair of Citizens of Humanity bootcut jeans during my Ebay shopping spree–came. Sitting in my bedroom, surrounded by boxes, I wondered which box I should open first. I finally decided it didn’t matter, and reached for the box closest to my right. I ripped the packaging tape and tore open the cardboard, one by one, until I was surrounded by clothes and box gore.

I cleaned up, and returned to the clothes. I held up the bright white sweatpants with paler, thick drawstrings. Just above the left pant leg was the seagull logo of my beloved Hollister in purple. Below this, “Surf Co.” in semi-cursive and below that “Calif” in all caps–short for California, of course. I then examined the two pairs of boxer briefs I bought, one Abercrombie and the other Hollister. They were both white, but the Abercrombie pair had a grey waistband, with blue text and the blue moose logo in the lower left corner. The Hollister pair had a blue waistband with white text circling around in big block letters.

After inspecting the sweaters and Henleys, I turned my attention to the Uggs. They came in the regular brown box that you see in unboxing videos. Inside karacabey escort was a certificate of authenticity, a guide on authenticating your boots, and the piece de resistance, the boots themselves. 12 inches tall, they were a brilliant navy color, with sturdy brown soles imprinted with the starburst design centered on the Ugg logo. I gripped the boot shaft and felt the perfectly smooth suede against my fingers.

I had to try them on, but with what clothes? It was important to keep in mind that I was not a looker in any way. I had a cute, boyish face, which meant I was carded everywhere. I was also short, a hair over 5’8″, with curly hair that turned into a Jew fro when I grew it out. My arms were skinny, my legs were average, I had a gut. The only thing I had going for me was I had totally shaved my body hair and pubes off a few days beforehand. It took some shaving powder and a taint cleanse, though.

My eyes fell on the Hitachi wand and small dildo in my closet. I had kept both of them from my ex girlfriend, who was fond of using them on me while we were together. An idea was forming in my head. I grabbed the two toys and put them on my bedside. Then I stripped naked and approached my new Hollister boxer briefs, sliding them up my legs and admiring how snug they fit against my bulge. I then put on my new turquoise Hollister sweater, with the seagull on the chest, and dipped my feet in the Uggs. The soft, fuzzy sheepskin enveloped my skin and made me feel like I was walking on pillows. I saw myself having sex in these.

I stood up, walking to my bedside table, and put my iPhone 5S in my speaker dock. I went through iTunes and selected Beep by the Pussycat Dolls, but didn’t start it yet. I then took my iPad and started up the camera, switching it to video mode. Securing it to a custom tripod on the floor, I tested it to make sure my face wasn’t fully visible. Returning to my bedside table, I fished through one of the drawers for a piece of bubble gum, and popped it in my mouth. I was ready.

My tight turquoise sweater and blue and white boxer briefs clung to my body, showing off my smooth legs and huge clonking Uggs. The song started flooding the room with its fierce, thumping beat. I moved my lips just into view of the camera, nosily chewing my gum, before slowly blowing a large pink bubble, popping it and licking my lips, finishing with a long lip bite. Facing the camera, my face now out of sight, I straddled the pillow on the mudanya escort floor, hands in front of me on the carpet, supporting my upper body. I began to grind back and forth, going somewhat faster than the beat of the song. Pressing my hips to the pillow, my cock quickly stiffened to attention in my boxer briefs, and I intensified my hip motions, making sure to stimulate the whole length from the base of the balls to the tip.

I could feel the warmth of my shaft against my stomach, my entire organ twitching already, the first drops of precum leaking. I sat upright on the pillow, wrapping his legs tight under the pillow, switching from slow grinds to fast back and forth bucking. I grabbed the sides, losing myself in the sensations, now breathing heavily through my mouth. I tilted my head back, biting hard on my bottom lip, my toes curling inside my Uggs.

My cock was now straining against my boxer briefs and I felt it was time to let it loose. I unwrapped my legs and grabbed the waistband, sliding them down my thighs and crawled forward, pulling my Uggs through the leg holes and throwing them behind me. I grabbed the small metal dildo my ex loved to use and planted it on the middle of the pillow. Spreading my legs, I scooted back and sank my body down until the cold tip touched my sphincter, gasping audibly as it enveloped the length. I let go and reached for my Hitachi, holding it with both hands and switching it on to 5000 rpm. I pressed it to the underside of my shaft and raised my hips, prostate and cock being massaged at once.

My whole body quivered as the gentle vibrations of the Hitachi spread from cock, to head, to toe. They started clenching and unclenching independently, compounded by the intense waves of pleasure from my stimulated prostate. I took a hand off the Hitatchi and grabbed my chest, pinching my nipple through my sweater until it was rock hard. “Fuck-ing-shit…” I shuddered, keeping contact between the dildo and my prostate with the sinking and lifting of my hips. The throbbing of my cock became quicker and more intense. I knew an orgasm was close, but I kept my pace–I didn’t like rushing things. Returning the hand to the wand, I increased the pressure, grinding my frenulum against the head. My balls shriveled and I clenched my eyes tight, submitting to the first waves of orgasm. Powerful, ropey, thick spurts of cream erupted out of me, my whole shaft rising and vibrating as the cum continued to flow. My breathing became raw and ragged, and I grabbed the pillow as hard as I could. The twitches and pulses slowly died down, and I opened my eyes to trails of goo between my lids. I was so lost in my pleasure that I gave myself a facial without even knowing! I laughed softly, still breathing heavily, my heart racing. What an adrenaline rush. Now I had to clean up…

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