The Mixed Wrestling Club Ch. 06

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Double Penetration

“Fuckk yesss!!” Sky moaned and her legs quivered as she rode out her orgasm. She slowed down and gave the cock a few short humps before sliding out of it.

“See. You lasted through my orgasm and you’re still hard as a rock! Didn’t I tell ya?” Sky leaned down and took his lips into a kiss. She was past caring asking him. She just went for it, even sliding her tongue out to part his mouth open. She sucked hard on his lips, cupping his face in her hand. And she suddenly let go.

“Go for it, Kayl!”

And came in Kayla, standing over him with a smile and her usual, bubbling energy. To be honest, he was jealous how these girls never got tired. And the fact that they were still ready to go also aroused him. He hated it. He loved it. He didn’t know what he could do about it.

“I have to leave soon.. So I hope you’ll stay nice and hard for me..” And with that, she sat down onto his lap and onto his ‘cock’. His real thing hung semi hard below the rubber dildo.

Kayla began riding, slow and steady. But she found her rhythm fast enough and began bahis firmaları to hump him like a girl possessed. Her hips moved up and down like she was born to ride. Her stomach showed traces of her abs stretch and fade as her hips moved. And then she suddenly pushed him back into the chair and smacked her lips onto his. She was relentless. She gave his lips a huge lick before sucking on them, one lip at a time.

“I can taste you on him!” She smiled toward Sky, who smiled back at her. She kept kissing his lips before moving down his jawline and to his neck, where she launched an attack. She bit him as she moaned, still riding hard. He was impressed by her strength and her stamina. And soon she began shivering too. He could almost feel the orgasm building up inside her as she finally slowed down and her juices once again spread all over his abs and groin.

But Kayla didn’t wait. She got off of him and detached the dildo from the strap. She brought it up to his face.

“Aaaaa…” She said almost in a babying voice.

He had barely opened kaçak iddaa his mouth, but she jammed it inward anyway. She was careful enough to not hurt him or his teeth, but she was also hard enough to make him open up in a blink. The cock was covered in her juices and she slid it in and out in his mouth, wanting him to taste her.

“How do I taste, baby?”

Of course he wasn’t going to be able to answer. She still had the thing in his mouth, jamming it in and out, rubbing it on the inside of his cheeks, filling his entire mouth with herself.

“Do I taste good?” She asked a little more sternly this time, looking directly at him, as if expecting an answer. He didn’t know what to say so he tried to mumble out a “Yeah..” but all that came out was “Mhhhhhh..”. She laughed casually and gave him a couple of deep-throat-like thrusts, almost causing him to gag. And then as quickly as she had shoved it in, she pulled the cock out and planted her lips onto his again.

“I’ll be back soon!” She said, once she broke the sloppy kiss.

She then brought kaçak bahis her bag back and put on her clothes. Her eyes fell on the rubber cock in his lap as Sky ruffled his hair, standing next to him, watching her get dressed and pack up.

“I think you should keep that. Should be handy!” She winked at Sky. Sky smiled back.

“Thanks, babe!” Sky smiled and watched as Kayla gave them both a flying kiss before going out the door.

Sky turned back to him.

“Had fun?”

She leaned down into him and caught his open mouth in a kiss. While she suckled on his lips, her hands worked his cock a little before something cold touched his cock. As if an expert, she had his cage back in place within a matter of seconds. She was still kissing him but her expert hands had managed to do everything but put the lock. And then she broke the kiss and looked back down. Finally she could see the small hole through which the lock was supposed to go. She put the lock in place and clicked it shut. She turned her head back up at him and slid up his body to kiss him again. She broke the kiss for a second to look back at his helpless face.

“You are mine!”

She planted her lips back onto his, going on to straddle him. She bit onto his lower lip before sucking hard on it again.

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