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High Heels

the military man ..hello again, i only post true stories. YES i am a lucky bitch with nice adventures;)if you have read my story before that was my 1st experience with cock, you would know that i am now a cock whore bitch who worships big cocks. this story is not related to the one before.i was on my way to my parents summer house in the mountains, when i spotted a military man waiting for a cab or something. like most of the bottom bitches i have a tender horny spot towards military men, so i took advantage of this moment and said to my self why not giving it a shot. i parked next to him asking him if he wanted a ride. he was delighted and asked me if i was going the same way he was i said yes sure although i wasnt. he was a tall man well built white but tanned skin sharp blue eyes, god i swear i could see his ripped muscles from underneath his uniform, his head was shaved with a rough voice. i had a sports car only 2 seats so he had to put his luggage in the trunk, i got out of the car to help him out and make some room in my trunk, as i was making room in the trunk and him behind me, i bulged my ass to make it look provocative and wiggled it slowly, i am sure that this grabbed his attention.we were done he hopped in and i took off to his destination. as i was driving we were talking about social stuff and i made him comfortable to talk about whatever he wanted and things changed to jokes about each other and so on. through the conversation i wanted to manipulate him and seduce him in to showing his cock. i was talking and i told him, man dont tell me you people dont have sex i mean seriously come on! he said no we dont we have to live with it, i mumbled well u have ur partners in the military he punched me smoothly and said hell no ! i saw a ring on his marriage finger and i was disappointed for a short time. the i started making fun of him asking if he used the güvenilir bahis sheep, and that maybe he forgot how to use his dick. he said furiously i can fuck a whole and the one who got fucked will not be able to walk for a week ! i was turned on and my cock started to get hard and was very obvious as i was wearing sweat pants. i think that his cock was twitching just from the conversation as he remembered how having sex felt. i noticed that so i told him feel free to wank if u want. he looked at me with his deep blue eyes and said dont worry about me boi, his mouth could lie but his dick couldnt it was getting bigger and bigger, and from under his pants i could tell it was HUGE ! i turned my head with a slutty seductive laugh. as i was shifting my gear i put my hand on his thigh and slowly started to approach his crotch. he didnt say a thing he made me do what i wanted to i could tell he was feeling so damn good it was so warm and his cock was rock hard. i parked aside where there was a motel and looked at him we didnt talk in order not to make it obvious but we both knew what was about to happen. we went in anc checked inside for a room.i was leading the way like a slut leading a man to her bedroom. we went in and i closed the door and locked it. he was hesitant i could feel it. i sat on the bed and tapped on the bed and told him to sit next to me. he said that it was his 1st time. i directly said me too i havnt done this before but you are so sexy and turned the shit out of me and made me horny, he felt like a sex bomb and more confident. as if i clicked a button in him he forgot everything. suddenly as we were sitting next to each other with no alert he grabbed my head furiously and put it on his dick. and said with a dominant tone, suck that big meat boi, i said ok. he slapped me on my face and yes sir ! do u understand ?i nodded and said yes sir. my face canlı bahis was still touching his pants i could smell him sweaty balls and his precum the scent was amazing and my mind go kookoo. he took off his pants and boxers, OH MY GOD !! …. his cock was not as long as i wanted it was about 9 inches but it was the thickest cock ever! it was as thick as a beer can. i wanted to turn him on more and make my self sound like an innocent boi, i looked at his eyes and said sorry sir i cant its too big i just cant, with no words he grabbed his cock and slapped it on my face, i could feel his precum spreading on my face and lips he then pressured his cock into my mouth, suck that meat bitch suck or ill break your jaws ! i opened my mouth as wide as i could it was soo big i could barely suck it, but i found my way and made it, his cock was in my mouth i could feel the veins twitching his mushroom head pumping sooo hot i could feel it. with no warning he fucked my face, i gagged and he didnt care my saliva started pouring down through the sides of my mouth on my chin. i looked at him i was sucking like a bitch an only felt a huge spit ball on my face, yes he was spitting on me and dear lord i loved it treating me like a slut. i moaned like a sissy girl, not long he kicked me with his leg on the ground and pointed his foot on my face rubbing it in my mouth, i figured he wanted his toes sucked, he yelled suck my feet cum dump. i did as i was commanded and sucked his feet and slurped on them.get on bed!! he yelled i climed on bed he rolled me over dominantly on my belly as he was standing on bed he held one of legs in the air and stuck his leg that was full of my saliva in my ass trying to make it fit in side my tight hole , this was the time i experienced such a thing i was really scared, i havent been scared at having sex froma long while. i shouted stop stop !! ur gunna break bahis siteleri me !! he ran over me and put his foot in my mouth and said shut the fuck up u dirty pig ! i couldnt i wanted to cry. his foot sure did losin my ass up he didnt stick it all in ! but his toe and tips of it. he jumped on top of me with no lubrication on his dick and shoved it up my ass very fast i could feel it burn as my moans turned into screams ! he was unstoppable now its like u turned a button or something and he turned in to a fucking bull !! his thick cock was now inside me and i started getting used to it.. it felt like heavin he kept on fucking me for like 10 minutes and everytime getting faster and faster. he held both of my legs up and turned them above my head he wanted to flip fuck me !! it was my 1st time i was so excited, he slammed his cock and all his weight was on me it was awesome so amazing that my dick was harder than ever, he fucked me so hard and with every thrust my cock twitched and i moaned louder like a bitch. all out of a sudden i felt my balls tightin up my cock was twitching… shit shit !!! im gunna cum im gunna cuuuu !! ahhh ahhhh !! ahhhhh ! you nasty dirty slut u have ur cum on my face !! he yelled, that made him angry he fucked me furiously like it was my last day on earth with his last thrust !!! i could feel he cum shot climbing up to my through he shot a lot of cum that it ddidnt drip from my ass but it was like a waterfall cumming out of my – what was a tight hole- i shot the cum on him again since my ass was facing up his body and head. he was angry again grabbed me by my hair and said clean that shit like a good slave that you are ! i did what he wanted and cleaned every drop his cum tasted better it was so good i loved it. as we finished and we were dressing up he held me from my neck . no one will know about this ! i know how to use a pistol ! i nodded as we both left and he took his bag from my car and went in different directions. this was one of the best sexual experiences i have ever had !PS: i like TOPS add me and comment on my stories thanks… your bitch xoxo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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