The mechanic

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The mechanicI was fixing her car outside on the drive, I was a very hot day and I was dripping with perspiration, I knocked at the door, Eve opened the door. It’s all done I said just need to wash up and I’ll be gone. Ok she said. Eve was wearing a long tight figure hugging dress that not only showed off her great figure but the dress was that tight I could make out the lines of her underwear. It looked like Eve was wearing stockings because I could see the tell-tale suspender clips poking through her dress. Her pert breasts were firm and her nipples were sticking out.You can have a shower up stairs if you want she said, you look really hot and sweaty after working so hard. That would be great, thank you. I replied.It’s this way said Eve beckoning me to follow her, Eve ascended the stairs I followed watching her lovely rear I could see the outline of her thong disappear into the vee of her rounded arse and the taut suspenders at the back of her thighs.Wow she’s got a great body I thought to myself. I bet she is a great fuck. I would love to play with that body. I was getting a bit of a stirring in the loins as I followed up the stairs.Come down when you’ve finished and I’ll have your money ready for you. Ok thanks I replied.I undressed and got in the shower, soaped myself up and began to play with my cock imagining what Eve must be like in bed. I lathered up my now rock hard cock stroking the soap suds up and down the entire length of my rod whilst mentally fucking Eve.Knowing full well that I could not wank myself off in her shower I just contented myself with the pleasurable stroking whilst I finished showering.Drying and dressing, I went downstairs. Eve had made a cup of tea. We stood in the kitchen and drank the tea, Eve got her purse out and asked how much was the repair on her car, I dug the invoice out of my pocket gave it to her. Eve counted out the money and gave türbanlı ısparta escort it to me, Stuffing it into my pocket I said well I’ll be off then and made a move to go past her, Eve had sprayed some more perfume on and she smelt gorgeous, I wafted up through my nose and around my senses, Hmmm that a nice perfume you have on I said at the same time as I said that we both made to go through the door and we bumped into each other in the doorway, we were both pressed up against one another. Our faces were so close our lips almost brushed, I felt an electric atmosphere between up I put my hands on her hips to help her through, feeling the lines of her underwear, I sensed and felt Eve push against me. Our lips were still close so I took the bull by the horns so to speak and kissed her on the lips. Eve responded to my kiss and opened her mouth her tongue explored my mouth out tongues entwined. Eve put her arms up around my neck and kissed me hard I returned the pressure of my mouth. My hands explored her body feeling all down her shapely figure examining her underwear under her dress trying to work out what she was wearing and were I right in my deduction earlier. I could fee l Eve had a Bra on although I could feel her nipples were poking out hard. Moving down her body I felt the outline of her suspender belt and the back Vee of her thong.My cock thickened in my trousers and bulged into Eves groin Eve pushed herself onto me, I began to kiss her neck, This seemed to light the blue touch paper as Eve squirmed at my tongue licking her neck, I want to Fuck you She said Hoarsely I want you to fuck me I want to suck your cock I want you to do whatever you want to me, but Fuck me now. I want you to lick my cunt eat my clit and fuck me anyway you want. I am so horny I want you to make me cum. Eve took my hand a lead me up the stairs türbanlı ısparta escort bayan we got to her bedroom, take my dress off Eve said I helped her as she lifted it up over her head, Eve was wearing matching Pink Bra, Thong and Suspenders with stockings. Her Bra was only a ¼ cup so her perts tits were exposed and her nipples were standing out rock, Admiring her fantastic body I noticed that her thong was crotchless and her smooth pussy lips were protruding through. I moved closer to her kissing her full on the mouth our tongues entwined searching and exploring our mouths. I kissed Eves neck and nibbled on her ears my hands tweaked at her nipples I kisse down her neck to het shoulders then lower to her tits taking each nipple in turn into my mouth. Then I kissed lower moving down to her belly button I kiised over the top of her suspenderbelt and thong to her crotch. My tongue licked at her bald pussy lips, she was dripping with cunt juice Eve flinched as my tongue touché her clit,then she gently eased her legs apart allowing me to lick all along her wet crack, Ohhh god that feels good she said and held my head against her groin lick it, lick good she hissed. I sucked on her clit Eve shuddered and her legs buckled a little when I massaged her clit with my mouth and tongue, God you can suck cunt she growled Mmmm don’t stop Im nearly coming she said Arghhhh Mmmmmm Aghh she pushed my head away as she climaxed my face was covered in her cunt juices standing up I kissed her deep on the mouth her tongue tasting her love juices off my mouth, I want to suck you cock now she Eve pushed me back onto the bed, undoing my belt she pulled down my jeans, I don’t wear pants and my cock sprang out. Oh my eve gasped examining my hard cock, I’d shaved my balls and a area around my shaft. Looking down at it a bald pole stood türbanlı escort ısparta up from two hairless balls. Eve knelt down at the side of the bed, holding onto my shaft she dipped her head down and began to licks balls taking one into her mouth alternately. Then she licked up the entire length of my throbbing cock making it slippery with her saliva before easing her wet mouth over the tip. Eve took my cock deep into her mouth gently sucking my cockatoo the same time she slowly began to wank my cock, Eve was milking cock with her mouth and hand whilst the other hand squeezed my balls. It felt so good her mouth that I could feel my spunk rising I was going to spurt into her mouth Arghhhh I growled as Eve wanked and sucked my cock to an explosive orgasm. My spunk filled her mouth, she lapped at my cock sucking me dry then moved up the bed and gave me a deep kiss, trickling my seed into my mouth. Eve said to me How would I like to watch her play with herself? You go for it I said, Eve got up from the bed and got a small case from the wardrobe, unzipping it she produced a pink rabbit vibrator, she came back and lay down next to me, switching on the rabbit it buzzed loudly.Eve bucked as it touched her cunt lips, she slowly moved it over her wet pussy covering it in her cunt juices, then pushed it up inside her soaking cunt, Mmmmm I need this she said then as the ears touched her clip Eve growled Ohh fuck that’s good. Pulling her knees up she widened her legs, she tugged at her erect nipples, her breathing got quicker she began to moan quietly at first then she got a bit louder and more urgent her cunt was throbbing with pleasure. Then she exploded with a climax her knees locked together and she threw the vibrator onto the bed. Oh fuck that was good she said I put my hand on her wet cunt, No don’t it too sensitive, let it calm down, so I began to kiss her nipples Ummm that’s nice I like my nipples being sucked and my tits squeezed, well I didn’t need asking twice. I licked sucked squeezed her tits and nipples, her nipples were as hard a bullets , I kissed up to her neck and whispered in her ear what other toys have you got in you bag, have a look and help yourself, I’m so horny you can do what ever you want to me I’m up for anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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