The Massage

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The MassageMy roommate is a massage ther****t (a legitimate one)and I finally found something I could get out of it. One of our friends is a client of hers and he is totally sexy! Long blonde hair with an amazing eight pack abs and I wanted to cum every time he got down to his boxer briefs in order to get the massage done. One day he was over and he happened to notice me looking at him as he was undressing. I looked away immediately but he still noticed, I was really embarrassed as I went over to the sink to wash some dishes but my embarrassment washed away as I felt him come up from behind me and start kissing my neck. I melted as he pulled me out of the kitchen and over the couch, I could see my roommate smile as she shut her bedroom door giving us total privacy. He sat on the couch and pulled me onto his lap, pulling my shirt up over my head and sucking eagerly on my nipples I moaned softly and whispered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for him to rub my pussy, he followed my direction and I soon watched my clothes fall to the floor before feeling his fingers plunge into my pussy deep and hard, I moaned a little louder as I orgasmed all over his three fingers. After my orgasm I undressed him slowly and he laid down on the floor putting me onto his chest, he rubbed and licked my ass cheeks and hole as I put his cock deep into my mouth. My tongue swirled around his growing/hardening shaft as I grew even more wet from feeling his mouth and hands touching and nibbling at my pussy and ass hole. He groaned and moaned in desire as I sucked his cock until pre-cum was cumming out of his tiny cock hole. He stopped and asked me to lay on the floor for him. I did as requested and watched him as he lifted my legs into the güvenilir bahis şirketleri air and spread them open widely before driving his cock deep into my wet and eager pussy! I almost screamed as he started to pound me harder and harder, moaning and groaning as he did so. Once in a while he’d smack my ass playfully as he drove his hard member as far into me as it would go. He pounded me until his hot load filled up my entire pussy until it started to leak out of me. He screamed so loud it made me want to cum again. When he was empty he pulled me back onto the couch and asked me to get on all fours on the couch and I did, he pushed his dirty cock into my mouth and I cleaned his shaft with my tongue as he pinched and rubbed my nipples and smacking my ass cheeks loudly. Soon enough he was as hard as a rock again and he asked me to lay on the couch with my ass up in the air. I smiled canlı bahis şirketleri as he licked two fingers then lubed my ass by pushing them in and out of me nice and slow. He leaned over me with his fingers still inside me and whispered in my ear “Can I fuck your ass sexy baby?” I moaned yes softly and he kissed me smiling, he then removed his fingers from my ass hole and teased my cheeks with the tip of his cock before shoving it in slowly. I moaned loudly as he worked his entire cock into me, soon he was plunging it in and out of me slow at first then faster and harder, smacking my ass cheeks hard as he fucked me harder and harder. He started to grunt and groan loudly as he fucked me as hard as possible until my ass was red and raw with pleasure. He came into my ass and filled it with his seed, I then screamed I’m going to cum as well and he reached under and put four fingers deep inside my pussy and I covered his fingers with my cum. Once our orgasms were over we both relaxed and he pulled himself out of my holes, we then took turned cleaning each other with our tongues, once we were both clean we both dressed and he took me to dinner. I then went back to his place and we’ve been together ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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