the massage therapy centre

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the massage therapy centre the massage therapy centre I’m ready to call it a night and there’s a knock on the door, I open it to a 30 something olive skinned stunner. I normally don’t take walk ins but she is so sexy that I say yes and ask her to take a seat. She tells me name is Brenda and that she is having problems with her lower back and asks if there is anything I can do to help. I asked to her to strip to her underwear so I can get a better look at her problem. Her posture is perfect and I have trouble seeing why she would have back pain. I do this job every day and do not normally notice things like underwear but her body is gorgeous and she is wearing French knickers, which have always been a favourite of mine. They are tight and I think they look a size too small for her as her big round ass cheeks bulge out the bottom. I shouldn’t stare but I can’t help it, its lucky her back is towards me. I asked güvenilir bahis siteleri her to turn around and face me and the first thing I notice is her beautiful pert breasts, I quickly move my eyes to her face before she notices but I think she already has as a sly smile appears on her sexy face. As she lays face down on the bed I think how much I’m going to enjoy having my hands all over her voluptuous body. I use oil instead of cream which is not very professional but always makes for a more sensual massage. As I poor the oil on to her lower back she flinches and quietly moans at how cold it is. Don’t worry I say, it will soon warm up and I hear a little laugh from the other end of the massage bed. I will have to massage low on your back, I say. Do you mind if I remove your underwear? Without saying anything she arches her body and moves her hands down to pull her knickers below her bets10 güvenilir mi knees and as she does I notice her pussy for the first time bulging between her cheeks, I help her take them down further and over her feet and I can’t resist a little sniff as I place them on the chair behind me. Its a warm day and I only have shorts on and I can feel my cock begin to stiffen, I hope she doesn’t notice, I think, but I’m well aware that’s a lie as I want her to see how aroused by her I am. I ask her to move her head so she is facing me. I want her to see the outline of my hard cock as I firmly massage her lower back. I take a quick look down at her face and she is starring straight at my groin and smiling. this sends even more blood pumping into my erect penis, it throbs and pulsates and moves violently in my shorts and this produces a bigger smile and a moan of pleasure from my client. bets10 giriş I move my hands down to her amazing firm round ass cheeks and begin to slowly massage every inch, this has become a sensual massage and nothing like the massages I do on a day to day basis. I ask Brenda to open her legs slightly so I can work the inside of her thighs and she does so instantly without question. I have no reason to touch this part of her body but I can’t resist and move my slippery hands down over the left thigh, it feel divine and I grab it harder, a loud moan comes from Brenda and I’m not sure if its pleasure or pain. Did that hurt? I asked and with a sexy smile, she looks and says Oh no, its amazing. I’m so aroused that I can feel the tip of my cock becoming wet, I look down and I have produced so much pre cum that it has seeped through my shorts displaying a huge wet patch. As I continue to massage Brenda’s upper thigh I can see how wet her pussy has become as her own juices run down onto the bed. It is clear we both want each, its just who will make the first move. I decide I can’t wait any longer, I feel like im going to shoot my load and I need to have this beautiful sexy Latina. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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