The Marriage Years Ch. 02

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** At the time of writing, I’m currently 48 years old and divorced for maybe 16 or 17 years. I cant quite remember. This is my attempt to string together some of my past experiences that rightly or wrongly have shaped who I am. I hope you enjoy reading this and please don’t judge me. I’d love to receive comments from my readers too so feel free to say what you want. **

*** *This story may contain references or elements of incest *

The Marriage Years Ch.02

We fell asleep again after that early morning blow job. I awoke to the feel of Ralph’s fingers pushing into my cunt. I moaned softly and spread my legs wider, turning slightly to him. “I want you in me.” I said as I kissed his mouth softly.

Ralph climbed over me, resting on his arms. I felt his cock pressing against my thigh and I moved my hand down to grab it and direct it to my hole. He slid in easily and as always I gasped at the first penetration. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer to me and deeper into me. He let his cock rest inside me as he kissed my forehead.

Slowly he began to move in and out of me. I gasped again, realising this was what I needed, his hard cock fucking me nicely. I moaned softly, thrusting my hips up against my husband, relishing the feel of his cock in me.

“Yes baby… oh fuck… fuck me baby.” I cooed, feeling my passion build deep within me. Ralph raised himself on his hands, ploughing deeper into me. His thrusts were slow but hard, his thighs slapping against my ass as he lurched into me. The hard sounds of fucking filled the room. Slap. Slap. Slap. My moans accompanied his thrusts. Unhh. Unhhh. Unnhhhhh.

Ralph kept up his steady rhythm. I felt my orgasm starting to build and I moaned louder. I spread my legs wider with my hands, taking him deeper into me. “Oh God yes… yess… Ralph… Ralpppphhhh… I’m gonna cummmmm!” I cried out as my body shook and trembled in orgasm. Ralph didn’t let up but kept fucking me deep and hard. One orgasm crashed into another as my pussy clasped and unclasped on his cock. My body spasmed and I tossed my head from side to side. Ralph groaned as he fucked me, a little faster now. “Fuck Erina, your pussy is so fucking tight… oh fuckkk”

I cried out in pleasure again as yet another orgasm coursed within me. Ralph buried his cock deep inside me and left it there as I felt my pussy clench his cock tightly. He kissed me hard as my pussy kept clenching and I trembled and shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me.

My orgasm slowly subsided and I felt Ralph pull out of me. He tapped me on my shoulder. “Get on your fours” He said, almost commanding.

I slid up and adopted the position, moving my ass back toward the edge of the bed. Ralph moved behind me and pulled my hips closer to him. He pressed his cock against my pussy and thrust in hard. I squealed. He held me fast then grasped my breasts and using them as leverage began to thrust in and out of my hard and fast.

My head collapsed to the bed and my hands gripped the sheets as I felt his cock ramming in and out of my cunt. Doggie style caused different feelings to flow through me. It was deeper and he felt bigger fucking me like this but there Ataşehir Escort was a lack of stimulus on my clit. My hand moved to cup his balls as he fucked me and at the same time I diddled my clit. The feelings were so intense and I just wanted it to go on and on and on. I came again, screaming loudly as I did so. I felt Ralph tensing inside me and he grunted. “Oh fuckkkk… cant hold back… fucckkkkkkk!”

His cock began to spasm. I felt his cock head swell and then he grunted loudly again as I shook with another big orgasm. We stayed locked together as I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside me. My own pussy contracted and convulsed on his cock, milking his cum into me as his fingers tweaked an pulled on my nipples.

I fell forward, feeling his cock slip out of me and cum begin to dribble down my thighs. I whimpered softly in pleasure feeling my whole body tingling. I felt the bed sink a little as Ralph moved up to lie beside me, face up. His hands rubbed my ass lightly. “You’re a good fuck.” Ralph said matter of factly. “One of the reasons I married you.” He laughed.

I lay face down, basking in the afterglow of many orgasms. His words however played on me and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. In one sense, I felt good that he thought I was such a good fuck, on the other, I wondered if he had only married me to fuck and not because he loved me. I didn’t want to ruin the moment by asking him or making an issue out of it. I just lay there, feeling his cum leaking out of me.

“How about some coffee?” Ryan suddenly piped up.

“Hmmm?” I questioned softly. “You want coffee? We going down for breakfast?”

“Noo… just go put the kettle on and make me a cup.” Ryan laughed. “I don’t want to have to shower and clean up to go down. Go on then.” He said, smacking my ass playfully.

I got up, naked, freshly fucked, cum dripping out of my hole to make my husband a cup of coffee. His actions weren’t lost on me either. Where was the romance? Where was the offering to make me a cup of coffee? I felt like a maid almost, existing to do his bidding. Not a very nice start to the marriage but again, this was all in retrospect. At that moment, I did what was asked of me. It really wasn’t all that different to what had happened at home.

Cook. Clean. Wash. Fuck. Repeat. I could see that was how this marriage would be and that was what my life at home had become and it was just continuing now that I was married. I could see that. It was how my life was probably meant to be and I knew nothing else.

Dutifully, I made my new husband his coffee and brought it to him, smiling at him just like a good wife should. We stayed on till around 2pm at the hotel since we had a late checkout and I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t fuck again before leaving.

Married life with Ryan was okay. It wasn’t great and perhaps just wasn’t what I was expecting. I had wanted love, romance, the whole package. But the sweet, romantic Ryan that I had dated seemed to change overnight and literally overnight. After the first night so to speak.

Looking back, I don’t think he really changed. I just saw the real him. He still had his moments of being sweet and romantic but generally Anadolu Yakası Escort he was, well, just a typical man. Still, at that point in my life, that was all I knew and that was how I though it was supposed to be.

Sex was pretty good. Again, in retrospect it was nothing special. Along the way, after the divorce, I had some pretty amazing, unbridled sex that was perhaps even earth shattering. But who knows till you have experienced it right?

Ryan loved sex. He was just more interested in getting himself off and rarely bothered about how I felt. He wanted it all the time and I cant really say I complained although there were often times I just had too much on my mind or wasn’t really in the mood. Still, the words of my father rang in my year, telling me to keep my husband satisfied and so I did. I’d let him take me whenever he wanted and rarely, if ever said no. I might try to say no but he’d persist and it was just easier to give in rather than have him sulk and get moody.

Once when I was on my period, Ryan wanted sex. I had usually resorted to giving him Blowjobs every time I was on my period but this night he wanted to fuck me. He said he had read somewhere that period sex was amazing. He even threw in that he had heard it was amazing for the woman, for good measure.

I have a thing about being clean. I don’t like mess and I certainly didn’t relish the thought of fucking while I had my period. In my minds eye it was just messy and I didn’t want Ryan to see how messy I would become. He wanted it though and part of me also thought that if I didn’t try it, I wouldn’t know if I liked it.

So we’re kissing and cuddling on the bed and his hands move to my pad covered pussy. “No…I’m on my period.” I said, stopping his hand.

“So? I want you. I want to fuck that bleeding cunt.”

Ryan loved to talk dirty but somehow to me, it just seemed crass. Maybe it was just the way he did it, the words he used, or his tone. But it never turned me on. It did with other men later in my life though. I could never quite explain why it didn’t with Ryan.

“It’s messy.” I protested. “The bed will get all bloody.”

“So put a towel underneath you.” Ryan snapped.

Yeah, and I’m the one that will have to clean up the mess especially if it leaks on the bed, I thought to myself but didn’t say anything.

I got up, “Lets do it in the bathroom then, that’s easier to clean up.” I said softly. “Gimme 5 minutes to clean up,”

“No need to clean up.” He grinned.

“No!” I laughed. “I need to take off my pad. You can’t see that!”

“You’re my wife. I can see anything.” He retorted. I pushed him back on the bed and ran into the bathroom, locking the door for good measure. I peeled off my pad that was soaked from the whole afternoon. I could smell the metallic scent and in my mind I felt a little disgusted. Putting the pad in the bin, I stripped off and quickly opened the door to find Ralph already standing there naked.

He walked in, pushing me up against the wall, kissing me earnestly. I knelt down before him, taking his cock into my mouth. Kneeling on the bathroom floor, I sucked on his cock, tightening my lips around his shaft, Kartal Escort hoping that I would get him off. I felt his hands on the back of my head, holding it there as he slowly fucked my mouth. My tongue swirled against the crown of his cock as I sucked harder. He suddenly pulled out, his cock wagging in front of my face and wet with my saliva.

“I want your cunt.” He said as his fingers reached down to tweak my breasts. “Stand up.”

I got up and looked up at him. Taking his hand, I led him into the shower cubicle. Placing my hands on the wall recess, I leant over, pushing my ass upwards. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and then his cock was at my pussy. My red, bleeding pussy.

I felt him pressing in and despite my reluctance, I let out a sigh as I felt his cock spreading into my bloody pussy. His cock felt thicker in my pussy and I heard him groan. “Oh fuck. It’s so hot and tight.”

Ralph started fucking me hard and fast. With each thrust I had to support myself to make sure I didn’t hit the taps or the shower rod in front of me. The angle wasn’t really good and I tried to press my ass downward to give him easier access. Once or twice his cock slipped out of me and it was a little frustrating. He grabbed my breasts and pulled me toward him as he slipped his cock in again. His fingers pinched my nipples as he fucked my, pulling my back on his cock with each thrust.

The pinching of my nipples sent jolts to my pussy and I pushed back at him. I could feel liquid running down my thighs and I figured out it was my period blood. Ralph groaned and moaned loudly as he fucked me and I fought my mental block at having him fuck my bleeding cunt. I felt an orgasm rising inside me and started moaning along with my husband.

He pulled my tighter against him. “Your period pussy is so good baby… so fucking good. You should have let me do this ages ago.”

“Just fuck me Ralph. Fuck me hard.” I cried out as I felt my orgasm approaching. I heard him grunt as he thrust into me with long, hard, deep strokes. I moaned loudly and as I started to orgasm, I felt him shudder and spurt inside of me.

“Fuckkk…I’m cumming.. I’m cumming..” Ralph cried out. My orgasm coursed through me but it wasn’t a big one but nice enough. His cock pulsed and twitched inside me and he stayed holding me me against him. I could feel his cock skrinking inside of me and then it slipped out with a plopping sound. I felt goo slipping out of me too and run down my thighs.

I glanced down and there were clumps of semen mixed with blood on the bathroom floor. I stood up and my thighs were covered in blood as well. I turned to look at Ralph and his flaccid cock was all red while his thighs had red streaks on them too. Not at all a pleasant sight but for some reason he seemed to like it and he had this grin on his face.

We both showered and I remember feeling quite grossed out at all the blood dripping out of me. Ralph finished off showering and I spend some time cleaning myself thoroughly and then scrubbing the bathroom floor a bit too.

I went back out after my shower to find Ralph fast asleep. He was obviously satisfied and satiated. It was the first time I had ever had period sex and I had to admit it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Over the years I did have period sex with other men and most were just to keep them happy. There was one man though where period sex was just amazing. But perhaps that’s a different story for a different time.

*To be continued*

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