The Management Course

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It had been a tough but interesting four days for David on his first management course. His company had been good enough to send him along as a precursor to a full time course that he hoped would prove a key career step for him.

He had been surprised on the evening he arrived to be introduced to the course tutor, a petit and attractive thirty-something dressed in quite an uncompromising “power” outfit, a slate grey suit with knee length skirt and the ubiquitous white blouse. Her manner was pleasant but tinged with a brusqueness that he felt was a little unnecessary.

David had never felt threaten by professional women, in fact he welcomed an opportunity to combine intellectually challenging conversation with a little light-hearted flirting. He did not see the two as incompatible and believe they can usually make for an interested evening. Not that he considered flirting with Jan for clearly, she was set on establishing her place as king (or queen) of the castle on this particular course.

Days one to four consisted of a series of quite intense lectures punctuated by group exercises that lasted well into the evening and much of this was presided over by Jan herself.

The week had drawn on and as they all sat and listened to first one subject and then another, he found himself starting to fantasise about the young women at the centre of the class’s attention. Her blouse became tighter, accentuating her firm breasts and the hem of her dress crept up to reveal brief flashes of upper thigh. He was careful not to be seen glancing at her manifest attributes and tried to maintain his concentration but his, all too vivid, imagination took this unaware tutor and him on prolonged journeys of exquisite sexual exploration. Whether it was telepathy or that he had taken insufficient care in averting his eyes was not clear, but he became aware that Jan was rewarding his attention in small but noticeable ways.

She would be constantly on the move during her lectures, alternately standing, sitting and leaning forward on the lectern. Her legs would part slightly as she sat down and she would allow her skirt to ride that imperceptible extra inch up her thigh, occasionally providing the very briefest flash of a white triangle. An extra button of her blouse would find itself undone revealing the laced edges of her bra framing a pale cream cleavage.

It had been several weeks since his last sexual encounter and he was becoming increasingly aroused at his own fantasies, often embarrassingly so, requiring some deft re-arrangement of his clothing to redress the problem.

The course drew to its close, and the evening came for the customary end-of course candle-lit dinner in the great hall of the historic old house that was the setting for the course.

At dinner, he found himself seated on Jan’s left, although not by his own contrivance and whilst comfortable with the business-like discussions of the lecture theatre, he was finding the casual conversation that had crept in rather awkward. Other members of the all male course seated around the table, took turns to flirt overtly with Jan knowing the course was at an end and her power over them was diminishing.

Nevertheless, she enjoyed this enormously, especially when the conversation turned to more earthy things when she feigned a shyness and embarrassment that she patently did not possess. She constantly turned to David to involve him in the conversation, “What do you think, David?” “Is that how it is for you, David?” His frank, often blunt, answers to the many awkward questions made her smile.

As the last course of the meal was served he felt her leg place itself firmly against his and remain in contact, waiting for him to react, but he didn’t. Her leg started to move slowly and seductively against his. Then a hand that had secretly slipped beneath the draped tablecloth was on his right thigh. He still did not move his leg, but kept it still for a full minute, a minute in which a thousand erotic fantasies flashed through his mind.

The hand started to knead his thigh muscle moving slowly but ever closer, towards his groin. He glanced to his right and met her challenging raised eyebrows. Despite himself, he smiled back and her hand closed around the bulge in his trousers and started to gently squeeze him.

Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, he placed his own hand high up on her thigh, thankful for the low lighting and voluminous tablecloth. She edged forward on her seat to force his hand into her crotch and then wriggled a little to indicate her wishes. He complied by gently stroking her mound through the thin cotton of her dress. She parted her legs and the long flowing dress she was wearing, sagged to allow his fingers to delve deeper into the crevice between them. Above the table they both struggled to participate in the general conversation.

The meal finished and the rest of party eventually drifted away to the bar or to retire for the night leaving Jan and David ‘chatting’ together. In actual fact, casual conversation had long since dried up and Pendik Escort they were both getting very close to not being casual about what each was doing to the other beneath the table. David removed his hand first, “Excuse me, I need the bathroom”, he said and after pausing for her to remove her hand, got up and left.

On reaching the toilets he was forced to use the stalls since his stiff penis was pointing in completely the wrong direction for the wall mounted urinals. Emptying his bladder went some way to relieving the tension he felt, but not nearly far enough. He zipped up his fly, washed his hands and left. Jan was waiting for him in the deserted corridor outside the gents and moved close to him as he left, pushing him firmly but gently, against the wall. She put her arms around him and nuzzled her head into his neck. This embarrassed him somewhat although why he should have an intimacy problem with someone who had been holding and caressing his prick for the last hour might seem strange.

“Room 128, give me a couple of minutes,” she breathed in his ear, uncoiling herself from him and moving slowly off down the corridor.

He leaned back against the wall and sighed. He was too far down the road to back out now, and why would he want to? Ducking back into the men’s room he ran a bowl of cold water and splashed his face and neck to freshen up. He looked at his watch, only half a minute had gone so he busied myself adjusting his tie and combing his hair. He looked at his watch again – only a minute and a half more had gone by. It would have to do.

He left the toilets and slowly followed the path taken by Jan until he reached the stairs to the first floor. At the top, a door with the number 120 faced him. Turning right he followed the carpeted floor passed 122, 124 until he reached 128 on which he tried to knock, but the door opened slightly at his touch so he pushed it wider and stepped inside. Jan stood in the middle of the room, dressed as she had been at dinner, with her hands clasped behind her. He closed the door and leaned against it.

“Hello,” she said breathlessly. “Hi,” he replied, moving slowly across the room towards her until their bodies touched. He stroked the side of her face with the back of his fingers and leant forward to kiss her fully on the lips. At first she responded without moving any of her body apart from her head, but as the kiss continued she threw her arms about his neck and, thrusting herself into his groin, ground against him.

While their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths his fingers found the zip fastener on the back of her dress and started to ease it down, trying not to make her aware of what he was doing. However, she was well aware of what he was doing and responded by pushing his jacket off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. With the zip all the way down into the small off her back, he slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and stepped back, allowing it to fall and join his jacket on the floor.

She had a beautiful body that had not been enhanced by her daytime clothes, even in his imagination. Her black, lace trimmed bra held the most glorious pale orbs of flesh and in his most erotic fantasies he had not imagined her wearing stockings, but she did, and it transformed an ordinarily beautiful women into the foxy siren that stood before him now.

She moved towards him again, stared straight into his striking blue eyes and undid his tie. His shirt buttons followed as she continued to look fixedly and mischievously into his eyes. Then she yanked his shirt tail from his pants and removed it to uncover his powerful and almost hairless upper body. She ran the palms of her hands over his tight breasts, scratching his nipples as she did. David flinched but her fingers moved to undo his belt and then draw down his zipper to let his trousers fall.

When his disrobing was complete, she kissed him again on the lips – a fleeting, flesh brushing kiss, then on his neck, then on his nipples, taking each of them in turn between her sharp little teeth and gently crushing them. He winced again and her downward journey continued via his stomach until she reached the top of his shorts and, as her tongue delved into his navel, the palm of her hand stroked up and down the bulge in the front of his underwear. On each stroke, she dragged the waistband a little further down until the deep red head of his anxious penis appeared. Once it appeared she removed the redundant garment completely, in a deft movement that allowed his, once described, “award winning member” to leap free.

She leaned back and whistled softly. David was a big man in more ways than one. Before her was the most beautiful penis she had ever seen, she guessed it to be about eight inches long and thick, as thick as her wrist. After admiring it, she reached out her small hand and grasped it firmly and just held it tightly around its base. This forced the shining tip to protrude and a small teardrop of pre-cum to form at its eye. Lowering her head she bathed it in cool air Kurtköy Escort then caressed the sensitive membrane with a long stiff tongue for several more seconds. He sighed and she giggled and dropped her head to take the whole helmet into her mouth. He sighed again as he felt her wet warmth surround his cock and then again as she began to suck strongly on it.

His eyes rolled and closed as he thrust himself forward into the back of her mouth to nudge up against the entrance to her throat. The pleasure intensified when she took hold of his balls and gave them a gentle tug to release more scrotum before carefully caressing them. She did this as she took his penis deeper into her mouth and down into her throat, challenged somehow as to how much of his penis she could actually consume.

David looked down on her soft dark crown and stroked her hair, letting his hands rise and fall as his cock appeared then disappeared in and out of her mouth. After several strokes she must have felt the pressure building up inside him for an eruption because she stopped and let his cock jerk free from her mouth. Her tongue flicked out again, this time it darted up and down the underside of his cock, along the ridge of ecstasy before forcing itself into the tiny orifice at its tip to spread his liberal emissions of pre-cum over the whole of his knob-end.

Before she could push him over the edge, he grasped her head in both hands and pulled her up to face him, “This is very one sided – let me please you.”

She grinned as he placed both hands beneath her firmly clenched buttocks and lifted her bodily off the floor and carried her to the bed where he laid her down gently on the brightly coloured bedspread. As she fell back her legs fell open and he saw that her thin cotton panties bore the dark stains of arousal. He stroked the damp spot until it had spread widely and then he removed them.

There was no doubt that she was excited, the glistening copse of trimmed curly hair thinly disguised her pouting vagina where a mixture of pale pink and deep red folds were shining with lust’s secretions.

He lowered his head, inhaling the sweet, musk smell of her before he buried his face between her thighs. Sticking out his tongue, he forced it to trace the outline of her sex before letting it dart deep into its wet interior. His lips closed on her clitoris and he rolled it slowly between them as a precursor to sucking its entire length, noisily, into his mouth. She groaned and encircled his neck with her powerful thighs then tossed her head back to let out a long gasp of joy. He felt the mixture of a cool soft inner thigh and the courser nylon rub across his ears as she ground herself into his face.

Her raised thighs allowed his two free hands to search up the smooth bareness of her stomach until they came upon her scant bra. It put up little resistance as he pushed it away to expose firm handfuls of warm breast. Her excited nipples were long and ductile extending by at least half their length again as he pulled and squeezed them. This seemed to cause spasms in her body that he could feel on his lips as she ground her now copiously wet pussy into his face.

She was coming and he was in control. He felt elated at his power and laboured even more intently, slurping and nibbling, sucking and tongue-stabbing her ever more liquid centre. His nose rubbed against her soft bush of hair as he dealt out this exquisite torture until finally, her back arched – her legs splayed open and her quiet whimpering subsided.

Her body relaxed and she lay motionless, legs wide apart, arms thrown over her head and eyes closed, for several long seconds. During this time he wiped his face and sat down beside her. He hadn’t cum yet although he almost had whilst bringing Jan to her climax.

At last she propped herself up on her elbows and eyed him affectionately. “Thank you, that was fantastic,” she said, pulling him down beside her and placing a very wet kiss on his mouth.

They lay for some time kissing, touching and stroking carelessly – him holding back his urges and Jan slowly re-building hers until she reached a point of need and threw a long, nylon covered leg over his body. Her panties were gone and she had fully removed her bra, but the suspender belt and dark stockings remained serving to contrast and highlight her milk-white body.

She pulled herself up and sat astride him with her arms at her side. Her glorious breasts jutted defiantly forward from her upright body begging to be fondled and he reached up to hold them. She covered his hands with her own and together they kneaded them expertly until her deep pink nipples stood out like tiny erect penises from the darker aureoles of her breasts.

She closed her eyes and positioned herself so that she could slide her wet pussy down his stomach and onto the tip of his engorged penis. Feeling it, she stopped, then moved forward and backwards several times across its tip before sliding her pussy lips – lips that straddled him like a wet saddle, down its complete length. This clearly Ümraniye Escort excited her as much as it excited him because she raised herself and reached under her to grasp his prick. Once found, she pushed it backwards until it stood vertically upward with its tip just inside her drenched vulva.

As she carefully lowered her body onto it, she squirmed and gyrated her groin inflicting the most excruciating pleasure on him and, he suspected, on herself. It took several minutes of slowly screwing herself onto his large cock before it was completely inside her. She had never felt so full or her pussy lips so stretched but it was heavenly and she started to pump up and down, becoming wanton and wild after several minutes. David meanwhile had enjoyed her impalement as much as she had and was now moving closer to his own fulfilment. His balls had swollen and his will power was waning. She sensed that he was about to cum and simply sat still, eyes closed.

To say that she sat still, would be a lie, in fact, as she sat outwardly unmoving she contracted and released the muscles of her vagina rhythmically around his throbbing penis. The effect on him was sublime, it was as if his very essence was being drawn from him and, in a controlled, measured way he ejaculated, not with an overwhelming avalanche of feeling but in a series of controlled explosions that went on and on. He pumped ten or twelve salvos of semen into her throbbing pit, each one as forceful as the last, each one like an orgasm in itself.

She felt his rush, felt his pulsing power and came herself. It was not like the first time, but in a meltdown of the senses that reduced her breathing to gasps. Her chest and pendant breasts rose and fell and her vagina spasmed uncontrollably, squeezing the last droplet from him before she collapsed on his chest in an exhausted daze.

He held her in his arms and kissed her ear softly, letting both their orgasms subside. At last she rolled clear allowing his shining flaccid penis free from its warm wet sheath to slap listlessly against his lower stomach.

If he had thought that now was the time to dress quietly and let himself out of her room to scurry back to his own, he was very much mistaken. Jan slipped off the bed and glided into the bathroom. He heard a tap run and seconds later she emerged with a damp flannel and a towel with which she bathed and dried his genitals. When complete she handed them to him then lay, legs spread wide on the bed inviting similar treatment.

He smiled and began to gently wipe away the traces of their union with the flannel and then dry her with the fluffy towel. The friction of the towel started to arouse her and he laboured for much longer that necessary as she hummed her appreciation. Using a corner of the cloth, he wiped around every crevice between her legs until her cunt glowed beneath its auburn thatch.

He stood and gazed at her for a while then asked impertinently,

“Would madam like a trim?”

It was only a joke. He did not expect her to agree but she responded,

“Do you think a shaved pussy would suit me then?”

“You won’t know until you try – is that a ‘yes’, then?” he goaded her.

“Go on then. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like.”

Now David was stumped. His shaving kit was in his room on the floor below and he wasn’t about to go there in his naked state, but then she came to his assistance. “There’s some scissors and a razor in that little bag in the bathroom.”

He retrieved the pink razor and small can of feminine shaving foam from the bag, some skin cream from the shelf and rejoined her. As he reached her she was finishing removing her stockings and garter belt and lay back on the bedspread wonderfully naked displaying the dark triangle soon to be no more.

He collected a chair and positioned himself at the end of the bed where he had place a second towel and then beckoned her to slither down until her bum was on the towel and her thighs were draped over each of his naked legs. Thus, she presented her excited pussy to him at an arms-length distance and he took up the scissors.

She propped herself up on her elbows and watched as he carefully snipped away at the long brown hairs, blowing them away every few seconds. Each time he blew he heard her take a sharp intake of breath so soon he was deliberately blowing cool air up and down the length of her crack at unnecessarily short intervals. As he did her outer lips grew visibly and unfurled even more.

It took about ten minutes but at last, all that was left was a wetly pouting pussy covered in, what looked like, a ‘five day stubble’ beard. He gingerly sprayed the white foam all over her genitals and then smoothed it down to soften the hairs before removing the first strip with the little razor.

It rasped a little and he looked up to see if he was hurting her but her eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open. He grinned silently to himself and continued to shave her. Soon her mound was clean and smooth and he started to tackle the wispy hairs around her opening. It was tricky, but in no time she was baby smooth and he wiped her with the flannel and then dried her with the towel. When he had finished he bent down and planted a series of butterfly kisses all over her sleek mound and down between her silky folds.

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