The Making of a Sissy (Part 6: Broken)

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The Making of a Sissy (Part 6: Broken)The sound of rain beads beating against my window like a drum filled my bedroom as I got up out of the bed to make my way into the bathroom. It was the beginning of another hot, wet, and steamy summer day. This summer had felt like it was continuing on forever and also forever changing my life, but we had reached July and I didn’t have much more time before I would be starting college. I began to draw myself a warm bath then slid my shorts and panties off around my hips and down to my feet. My freshly painted toenails shined through the lacy bikini as I kicked them into my hamper. As I pulled off my tank top, my sensitive nipples rubbed against the cotton fabric almost arousing me. I took a look at myself in the mirror. It had been several weeks since I had begun taking the pills that Heather had given me, and my body was already showing signs of response. It felt like my little clit had gotten a bit smaller, and my balls had certainly lost size. My breasts were very slightly starting to form, and my nipples were growing and becoming extremely sensitive to touch. I also felt like my hips had gained a bit of a curve and fullness to them as well. I was very pleased with the changes, and Sam had really seemed to like how feminine I had become for him. As I laid down in the warm bath I thought about him, imagining being wrapped in his arms. As I shaved my legs I thought about how they might later be wrapped around him or maybe resting on his shoulders as he thrusts his manhood inside me. My little clitty was getting aroused thinking about him, and I dropped the razor and began touching myself. However my hand grazed right past my cock and went straight for my hole. Massaging against my boi pussy with my finger until it opened up to let me inside. I worked it a little bit until I got so hot from the bath that my cheeks were getting red. I finished shaving my body and bathing, got dressed and headed upstairs.It appeared that Sam and my mom had just finished breakfast and were about to head out together. “Good morning!” my mom greeted. She went on to explain how her and Sam had plans for the day, and she asked me if I would clean the house and gave me a list of chores. As she grabbed her things, she kissed me goodbye and headed out the door. With the door still open, Sam leaned into me and slipped me something between his fingers and whispered, “Meet me here at 9:30 tonight.” As I took a tiny envelope from his fingers I looked down and realized it was a hotel key with a room number on it. I was shocked and my face was blushing as I smiled and looked up at him to respond, “Of course!”. As the door closed behind him I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. My mind was racing, and I was so excited. I was finally going to have a night all alone with him where I could open up and be as loud as I wanted. Of course I had to figure out what I was going to wear and make sure my make-up looked good. I worked out all the details in my mind as I cleaned the house that day.As the evening closed in, I started applying my make-up. I was finally starting to get the hang of it, and not using too much mascara so I didn’t look like a cheap street whore. My lips looked luscious and full and my eyes glowed. I put on a strapless bra that hugged my chest together, creating a perfectly beautiful cleavage. I had decided to wear a little low cut black dress, with stockings and heels. I wanted to look like a dolled up sexy slut for black cock when he arrived that night. Once I slipped the dress on it fit nice and tightly against my body, creating what looked like B-cup sized breasts that made a nice curve above my flat stomach. The hem of my dress had an embroidered floral pattern, and the length of the skirt stopped right below my ass cheeks. I slid the black lacy stocking up my legs, put on a black lacy bikini to match, and stuffed my toes into my first pair of heels. As I looked into the mirror, my outfit was screaming “fuck me!”. I was very pleased with how I looked. My hair was growing out and still needed to get a bit longer, but other than that I felt like I was almost passable. I debated on whether or not I was going to take it all off and drive to the hotel in my normal clothes and then get changed when I arrived.I boldly decided that since no one was home, I’d just ride over there fully dressed and be ready for my man. During the drive, I felt so slutty in the car. My feet were trying to figure out how to drive with heels on, and my legs felt so soft against the seats with my stockings on. As the air flowed under kastamonu escort my skirt, I felt butterflies in my stomach thinking about how wild this was and how much wilder it was about to get. Once I pulled into the hotel parking lot, my heart was pounding, and I was getting extremely nervous. I knew I didn’t need to speak with anyone behind the counter since I had the key. I was just going to head right up to the room. I decided to use one of the side doors instead of going through the main entrance. I waited until no one was really outside and bolted toward the door. As I approached and tugged on the handle, it was locked. I was alarmed and almost panicked until I noticed I needed my key card to open the lock. I slid the card into the slot, and got the green light as I popped the door open. I headed to the nearest elevator and pressed the button, hurrying to get inside. The envelope on the card said 312, so as I got inside the elevator I headed to the 3rd floor. Once the elevator door chimed and popped open, I peeked my head out and hurried down the hall to room number 312. I heard some people in the hallway coming my way. As I slid the card into the door I managed to get inside before anyone saw me. As the nervousness faded, I looked around the empty room. “Sam?” I yelled, as I looked around. No one was there, and there were two queen sized beds that were not used, and no one’s things were in the room.I laid down on one of the beds and turned the television on, and looked at the clock to realize it was only 9:28. I was a few minutes early, so I laid on my stomach and waited like I always had in my room every night for the past few months. I was so used to that feeling of anticipation, waiting for Sam to come in and have his way with me. In fact that was always the most intense feeling. I was very excited to have him alone in a hotel room that night, and I couldn’t wait to let him have his way with me again. As I kept watching the clock I became more impatient, so I tried to focus on the television. Glancing at the time again it was now 9:49. I wondered where he was and when we was going to be there. I certainly didn’t want to have to go back outside again. As the clock kept ticking I finally started to doze off. The next thing I knew I heard some voices talking deeply, and the door began to open. As I opened my eyes, I looked up and saw Sam coming through the door with three other black men behind him. “Dayum!” one of the voices shouted, “you weren’t lying, this little sissy is fine as hell”. As I tried to get up, I looked at Sam and started to murmur something until he interrupted me. “Brianna, these are a few of my friends, and you are going to take good care of all of us tonight”. “Yes Sir.” I responded with a whimper. “Good girl!” he said as they all started getting comfortable. I sat on the edge of the bed, my long stocking covered legs flowing out of my skirt. Two of the strangers sat on each side of me as they started to fondle me. One’s hand was rubbing the back of my dress while the other was between my thighs. I was extremely nervous and a bit uncomfortable, but my little clit tingled as he made his way up my leg. The third guy stood in front of me and started rubbing my breasts. My sensitive nipples tingled as his strong touch rubbed through my bra. My legs spread open as he got closer to me, then he unzipped his pants and pulled out a massive thick black cock that wasn’t even hard yet. As his huge manhood hung there, I looked over at Sam. “What are you waiting for sissy?” the other guy’s voice asked. I looked back at his cock and put my tiny hand around it as I rubbed it and worked it up to my mouth. I opened my lips and slid the tip of his cock inside my mouth, giving the head a nice lick as it entered. The other two guys were still fondling me while I was being fed by this big black cock. I felt his dick getting harder as I kept working him with my mouth, looking up at him. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked down the shaft, down and around his balls. Then I put the cock back between my lips and felt his hand grabbing my head. He pulled my hand off of his cock and pushed his manhood to the back of my throat until I let out a gag. Then he kept pushing it and fucking my mouth harder. “Damn you were right Sam. I think he does suck dick better than his mama.” he exclaimed.My mind raced, and I wondered what he was talking about. Had all of these guys fucked my mom just like they were about to fuck me? I didn’t really let it bother me, but just took the compliment and tried to suck him escort kastamonu the best I could. By this time the other two guys started taking off their pants. As their semi hard cocks were swinging next to me, I reached out with both hands and grabbed both of them and started stroking. I had two cocks in my hand and one fucking my throat. As the other two got hard from my touch, they pushed their cocks into my face. The next thing I knew I had three huge dicks right in front of me. My mouth popped off of one cock and onto another as I tried to work all three of them. “What a good little whore.” one of them said. Sam approached me from behind as he undressed. He had his arms around me, and then slid me off the edge of the bed onto the floor. I was on my knees, sucking on all three of their cocks while one of them put his hand under my skirt and started grabbing my ass and giving it a little spanking. They started slapping my face with their cocks, and pushing my head down as I gagged on each one. “Let’s get in the bed.” Sam said as he laid back at the head of the bed. I let go of the three dicks and crawled up in the bed with Sam and took his cock with my hand and put my mouth around it while on all fours. One of the other guys slid my panties down to my knees. My tiny little cock was hanging there hard as a rock. I felt the guy behind me spreading my ass open with his hands while the other two were on both sides of me stroking their cocks. Suddenly I felt his warm wet tongue from behind me as he pushed it into my boi pussy. Licking my smooth tight hole while his arms wrapped around me. I was still sucking Sam’s cock long and deep while he was eating my pussy, getting it wet and ready while another hand wrapped around my cock and balls, holding and squeezing them. I was letting out moans of pleasure while my hips rocked back and forth as I was experiencing sensory overload. The guy behind me stopped licking and soon after I felt the head of his cock pressed up against my sissy hole. It wasn’t the best lubrication but it was enough to convince my tight ass to open up for this man’s massive manhood. As he penetrated me, I gasped with Sam’s cock still in my mouth. His hand back around my head, pushed me back down on it, taking him deeper into my mouth until I gagged. “Fuck this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt!” moaned the guy behind me.”I told you.” Sam replied. I wasn’t even taking half of the cock inside me yet, and it felt like he was stretching me wide open. The other two guys took turns feeding me their cocks, as I tried to please all of them. The guy behind me grabbed my hips and thrusted deep inside me, fucking me until i nearly took the full length of his shaft. My clit was oozing with cum, leaking down onto the bed while he pounded my ass. After several minutes of being fucked in that position he put his hands around me and let out a deep moan as he emptied his balls and flooded my pussy with his seed. I was gagging on Sam’s cock, gasping for air while he filled me up. I felt him slide his cock out and part of his load leaked out of my tight hole, and dripped down behind my balls. The next guy was a bit heavier as he climbed behind me. He tried to work his cock into my freshly used boi cunt, and as his head penetrated my ass tightened up on his shaft. It was as if I was swollen from the other guy’s cock and could barely take it. I started crying a little bit as I struggled to fit him inside me. Then he reached around and put a small jar in my face, put it up to my nose and told me to sniff in as much as I could. The smell was pretty strong and the odor was nasty. I had no idea what he had just done. Shortly afterward, my hole opened up for him and allowed his cock to fully penetrate my little pussy. He was giving me long deep strokes while I continued to stuff my face with two other cocks.Then he pulled me back and he laid down as I mounted his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Sam was still laying in front of me. The other guy stood up and kept feeding me his cock as I rocked my hips back and forth on the heavier guy. He worked his thick cock deep up into my tummy while I grinded him like a whore. They pulled my dress off, but I still had my stockings and heels on. My mascara was running down my slutty face when the other guy who had just came in me stood up and put his cum covered cock back in my mouth. I sucked his cum off of his semi erect cock, tasting my pussy all over him. When he pushed his cock deep into my throat I wasn’t even gagging any more. My nose went all the way down to his pubic kastamonu escort bayan bone, then his cock flopped out of my mouth and spit and cum oozed down my chin onto my chest. The guy underneath me pushed his cock deep inside me as I kept holding it there rocking back and forth until he couldn’t take any more. He finally grabbed the back of my neck and let out a loud moan as he came deep inside my sissy womb, breeding my boi pussy. I felt his cock twitching as I sat there with him inside me. Then he rolled me off of him onto my back, and I spread my legs while the next guy got between them. “Damn you’re so fucking sexy baby!” he moaned while he laid his dick up against my gaping hole.I smiled back at him as he penetrated me, pushing his dick deep in my cum filled cunt. This was my favorite position, taking it while my hard cock rested there for all them to make fun of. They could watch the cum ooze out of me while I loved every inch of their cocks. I cleaned the cum off of both of the other cocks with my mouth, while the third one hammered my pussy. He put my legs up on his shoulders and I watched all of about nine and a half inches disappear inside me. His pelvis was pushing against my ass cheeks while he made me take every inch. He grabbed my heels and held my legs apart while he fucked me with long deep strokes. When he let go, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in. He humped me harder and faster, fucking me with all of his cock until he finally couldn’t hold it. I felt his dick harden up like a rock right before he blew his load in me. Several spurts of thick, creamy, potent black sperm squirted inside me knocking up my sissy pussy. After he finished emptying his balls in me, he pulled out and rested his cock on top of my clit, letting his load ooze out on top of mine, mixing our cum together. My balls had been practically drained from all the cum oozing out of me. I looked over at Sam, and he motioned me over to him. He was still on his back, his long hard cock resting on his stomach, reaching up to his chest. I climbed on top and finally mounted the man I wanted more than anyone. His cock slid up inside my used wet messy hole. As I rode him hard, my cock flopped up and down as he filled me with his long thick shaft. I was moaning in pleasure while the other guys watched in amazement at how devoted I was. The guy that had just had me, put his cock back in my mouth as I cleaned his cum off of it. Then I felt another guy behind me. It was the first guy I had taken, pushing his cock against my ass. Trying to get his cock back in there with Sam’s. Sam backed his cock out a little while they tried to DP me. Then the heavier guy reached up into my face with that little jar again and told me to sniff as hard as I could. Taking in the fumes, while my heart was racing, my tight hole relaxed a bit more to fit two big black cocks inside. “Take it you slutty faggot!” one of them demanded.As their cocks pushed against each other they both stretched me open wide. I was moaning and screaming to the point I was worried people were going to hear us. I doubt I even fit half of the length of their combined cocks inside me when I felt my load blow, emptying my balls all over Sam’s stomach. They all kind of laughed when they saw me orgasm with two cocks inside me, telling me what a good slut I was. Finally the other guy slipped his out, and Sam had me to himself. He rolled me over on my back and took me deeper. His hands were rubbing my nipples, I had to bite my lip from all the pleasure. My whole body was twitching. I wrapped my arms around him and yelled out, “Fuck me daddy!”The other guys looked curiously as they noticed my devoted passion for Sam. He slapped my face, and put his hand around my neck tightly. “Take it bitch!” he ordered as he pounded me with the full length of his giant black cock. My ivory white skin against his dark black skin while he spread my pussy open. Finally his cock stiffened up like he was about to cum. He buried his head between my shoulder and neck while he let out a long moan as his cock erupted with a massive load. Several spurts of his warm cum filled my slutty hole, and as he pulled out, the warm seed leaked out of my gaping pussy. By this time I’d had a complete sensory overload. Emotionally and physically I was drained. I rolled over on my tummy. I could barely keep my eyes open as I watched them all put their clothes back on. The next thing I knew they all walked outside, leaving me there in the bed. I made a small effort to lift my hand toward them, but I couldn’t even speak. I didn’t want them to leave, even though there was no way I could handle any more. As the door closed behind them, they left me naked and powerless with all of their loads of cum leaking out of my thoroughly used sissy hole, laying there broken and alone.TO BE CONTINUED!

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