The Making of a Film Star

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Shannon had been cleaning her house when the door bell rang, she was expecting her friend Chrissie who had organized to come over that afternoon. She opened the heavy front door to reveal her friend standing in the cold carrying a gym bag by her side.

Chrissie was 31 and a buxom blonde, although it wasn’t her real color, she stood about five foot five maybe a shade taller, with a curvy figure. She wasn’t chubby by any stretch of the imagination, but she wasn’t a big fan of tiring workouts either. Chrissie greeted Shannon who let her in, out of the cold and the two headed to the freshly cleaned living room.

Shannon was a 34 year old photographer and freelance camera operator, which had led her around the world shooting largely nature documentaries. She had now settled down doing some less strenuous film shoots in the local area, thus getting to see Chrissie more often.

Shannon sported a similar figure to Chrissie, perhaps a few pounds lighter, with a smaller bust and rear. She had her straight hazel hair tied in a pony tail, and sported a casual pair of jeans and a sweater.

Chrissie had been a little cryptic about the purpose of her visit, all she had said was she needed Shannon’s professional help for a little project she was working on. Shannon naturally figured that Chrissie wanted to know something about filming or photography. In the back of her mind she thought there might be a chance that Chrissie and her boyfriend Brad had finally set a date for their marriage and that Chrissie was going to ask her to film the ceremony.

Chrissie led herself into the living room and put down her bag, waiting for Shannon to come back from the kitchen where she had fixed coffee for the two of them.

“So what is this project that you wanted my help with?” asked Shannon as she passed Chrissie her coffee.

“Well, this may sound a little out of the blue, but I wanted to know if you’d do some filming for me,” answered Chrissie as she blew on her coffee to cool it down. “Obviously I’ll pay for any expenses and ….”

Shannon cut Chrissie off, waving her hand in denial. “That’s fine, I mean what are friends for. After all it’s about time that you and Br…..”

“Sorry,” interrupted Chrissie. “I mean … you didn’t think, I meant ….”

An embarrassed Shannon realized that she had jumped to the wrong conclusion. She tried to think of a way out of it, but in the end broke down in laughter. Chrissie also broke down in a fit of laughter.

“I’m sorry Chrissie, let’s just say that when you called and were being so secretive I thought Brad must be listening and that you were going to surprise him, and anyway, it made me think, what does Chrissie want me to film?” said a slightly embarrassed but still jovial Shannon. Chrissie looked about the room as if she were a little nervous, Shannon thought that strange, after all they had been friends for nearly 10 years; they had shared a lot of personal things between them. Whatever Chrissie had on her mind was obviously weighing down on her.

“Well, you see, I sort of want you to help with a little video I want to put together for Brad. That’s why I didn’t want him to hear me talking to you on the phone. It’s kind of a surprise that I’ve been planning for a while,” said Chrissie stumbling her way through her explanation. Chrissie took a sip of her hot coffee, both hands firmly wrapped around the mug.

For the first time Shannon noticed Chrissie new nails, they were obviously false, a bit under an inch long, painted a light shade of aqua blue with an intricate pattern on them. “Hey, those are nice nails,” complimented Shannon.

Chrissie smiled, “yeah I love them, and I’ve wanted to get them for a while. Anyway, Brad loves them, he has this thing for long painted nails, and it seems to get him going. If you know what I mean.” Both women giggled between themselves and again sipped on their coffees. The gentle banter seemed to relieve a bit of Chrissie’s reluctance from before.

“Brad have of a bit of nail fetish?” offered Shannon. Chrissie nodded in approval.

“Well that’s not the only thing he gets turned on by,” answered Chrissie, her voice much more confident and free flowing, like the normal laid back Chrissie.

“Anyway, back to what you were saying before. You wanted me to help you with a video you’re putting together?” asked Shannon in a calm voice. Chrissie’s green eyes again darted across the room and back, and again Chrissie seemed to withhold what she wanted to say. “You can tell me, we’re best friends, I’m sure whatever you have planned won’t be a problem, if it’s money or whatever I can ….”

Chrissie put her mug down on the table and signaled Shannon to stop. “No it’s nothing like that. I’m willing to pay for any costs. It’s just the nature of this video. You see it’s a little personal, and well I didn’t think I could ask a total stranger and be comfortable, but I didn’t want to strain our friendship ….. basically I don’t know how to ask this.”

Shannon gave Chrissie bursa üniversiteli escort a broad smile, and put her mug down, trying to support her friend. “Look you can ask me anything, I mean I’ll do whatever you want, you know you can tell me?” reassured Shannon, leaning across the table to get a look into Chrissie’s eyes. Chrissie looked up, and seeing her friend’s warm smile decided she had to spill the beans on what she proposed.

“Well you’re probably going to think this is a bit weird, but I was wondering if you would film me, while I’m … how do you say it? While I’m playing with myself,” Chrissie said with a slight quiver. The room went silent for a brief moment as Shannon digested what Chrissie had just said.

“It’s for Brad, as a sort of surprise, and anyway he likes to watch porn, as most guys I imagine. Anyway I caught him a couple of weeks ago jerking off in front of his computer while watching a video of a woman masturbating, and the thought sort of ….” continued Chrissie. Shannon was still speechless; she reached down for her coffee and took a deep gulp.

“Look if I’ve put my foot in … if you’re uncomfortable with it … maybe I should just go,” Chrissie said to her impassive friend. Chrissie reached across the seat for her gym bag and looked as if she were about to get up and leave.

“No, hang on a moment,” Shannon finally said, still shocked. “You don’t have to go, I’m not uncomfortable with what … it’s just that between what I thought you were coming over to ask, and what you actually asked for. Well they are two really different things,” stammered Shannon.

“If you don’t want to do it I understand, I mean there are places where I could go and get someone to do this, it’s just …”

“I understand, it is a rather personal and private thing, you don’t exactly want it ending up all over the internet or on sale in some dodgy place,” commiserated Shannon. “I guess I have no real problems with it, when do you want to make this video?”

“Well, not being one to be pushy and all, but I was kind of hoping that we could do it this afternoon,” said Chrissie trying her best not to appear to forthright and commanding. “I figure it wouldn’t need much setting up, but it’s really up to you, if you have more important things to do.”

“Wow, you really are keen to get this done, I mean you have it all planned out?” inquired Shannon as she finished her coffee, and leaned back into her high back chair.

“I wouldn’t say keen, I mean I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing, but I’m sure I want to do it. I have a rough idea of what Brad would like to see,” replied Chrissie in her regular soft voice.

“And you wanted to just do it, right here in my house?” Shannon said. She looked over to the old tattered gym bag beside Chrissie, and wondered what she had hiding in it. Shannon then snapped back to the moment, waiting for Chrissie’s reply.

“Well if it’s not to much of an inconvenience or problem for you? It’s just with Brad working odd hours I sort of can’t make it at home, or he’ll find out, and I really want this to be a surprise.”

I’m sure it will be!” laughed Shannon. “If you want to do it here then I have no problem with that. Kurt doesn’t get back till late tonight, so it’ll just be the two of us, no interruptions,” offered a calm Shannon. Chrissie appeared more relaxed and smiled in acceptance of her friend’s offer. “I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’m ready when you are, if we’re lucky we could probably get all the video editing done tonight as well.”

Shannon’s cheery voice bucked up Chrissie as she stood to follow her into the kitchen to wash their mugs. Shannon turned to Chrissie. “If you want I can organize something in the den where there are no windows and I can set up some lighting?” Chrissie nodded with approval. “You can go get ready in the bathroom, help yourself to anything you need. I’ll be about a good half hour.”

“Don’t worry I brought everything I need in my bag,” answered Chrissie as Shannon left for the den. Chrissie grabbed her bag and headed for the big main bathroom, flicking on the bright overhead lamps as she entered.

She was wearing a bulky grey sweat suit with track pants and dirty joggers. She quickly unzipped her top and took it off, revealing her heavy 36C cleavage poking through a white cotton undershirt. Chrissie opened her gym bag and retrieved her makeup, her bath robe and the little lingerie number she planned to wear for the video.

Chrissie stripped down till she was absolutely naked, and paraded in front of the large mirror for a moment, looking for her best angles. It dawned on her that besides that bit of the movie that she spied Brad watching, she hadn’t the faintest idea of what she was going to do in front of the camera. That overwhelming sense of dread struck her for a moment. Then she thought about how worked up Brad got over that movie and how he had suggested how hot she would be in one of those kind of escort bayan films.

Chrissie pulled on her little number, and then pulled her bathrobe over to keep the chill out. She began to apply the thick amount of eyeliner and mascara that porno stars seemed to wear, then gave her lips a liberal coating of glossy red lipstick and liner. She ruffled through her frizzy bleached blonde hair, only the slightest hint of black roots coming through.

When she was done she pouted for the mirror and checked that everything was in order. She ran her flashy nails over the skin of her stomach in an almost caressing manner, trying to imagine playing with herself seductively for the camera.

She checked the time, she had been gone for nearly twenty minutes now, Shannon would be finished setting up soon and then she would be ready. Chrissie knew she had to be in the mood to do this properly, after all, those actors in the porn industry had fluffers to get them prepared for their appearances. Chrissie tried to think of times when her and Brad had unbelievable sex and she had cum hard. But for some reason the more she tried, the less aroused she became. She tried thinking of being with other guys and then guys jerking off at the sight of her on the video, nothing seemed to get her more than partially aroused.

Then it crossed her mind, how hot it would be to fuck herself in front of her best friend Shannon. Even if they had never been that way, the thought of her best friend armed with a camera watching her close up, pleasuring herself was pretty wild. Before she knew it, one hand was caressing her right tit, the other rubbing her crotch. Chrissie closed her eyes and lost herself for a moment, she could feel the warmth grow between her legs, her nipples beginning to swell and catch on the delicate lace of her lingerie.

A slight knock on the door broke Chrissie’s warm thoughts. Shannon hollered that she was ready whenever. Chrissie looked down into the open gym bag to see the toys and lube she had brought for the video, the sight of the massive rubber cock sent another twinge up her spine, she remembered riding it only last night in anticipation of making the video. She made final checks on her makeup, tied her robe shut and grabbed her gym bag.

As Chrissie entered the den she was greeted by Shannon, putting the final touches to her lighting stands and clearing away the extra cushions from the red leather sofa at which all the lights were aimed. The den was fairly small, a work desk at the opposite end to the sofa, and all the bookcases and cabinets sunken into the walls. The lighting was intense, and the slightest warmth reached Chrissie’s face as she stepped into the center of the room.

“Well I hope this is what you had in mind, if not we could organize something else,” said Shannon as she took a sip of water and adjusted her video camera sitting on the work desk.

“This will be great,” responded Chrissie in a warm voice, the lighting added to her semi-aroused state. She felt a surge of confidence run through her; she thought she could do this.

“Okay, so what do you want to do? Do you have any plans? Or are you just going to wing it?” asked Shannon almost formally, she was definitely in her element; anyone would think she had done this kind of thing before.

“No, no real plans, I have some stuff in my bag to try, but I was kind of hoping you could maybe tell me where I’m going with things. I want this to be really erotic, really hot for Brad, so I need to know what you think would turn on a guy,” said Chrissie, she untied her robe and let it fall open a couple of inches to let the warm lights heat her body. Shannon took a brief glance of Chrissie’s nice even tan, and the hint of black lace under her robe, she had obviously put a bit of effort into wardrobe.
“Okay, but I can’t speak for all guys you realize,” laughed Shannon. Chrissie joined in, the laughter seemed to pump her up a little more. “Well I’ll give a few suggestions from behind the camera, and we can edit out my voice later if it’s comes out on the film, otherwise it’s all yours.”

With that Chrissie stepped back next to the sofa, and tucked the gym bag beside it, within reaching distance, but out of sight. She made sure all her toys sat in the open. She then let the robe sash drop completely and let the robe hang loosely from her shoulders, searching for a good starting point. Shannon picked up the camera, made a few adjustments and slotted it into its tripod, already filming Chrissie.

Chrissie relaxed for a moment, took a deep breath and then looked towards Shannon and the camera. She slowly stepped one foot after the other to the centre of the room just in front of the leather sofa, with a look of total innocence on her face, one which drove Brad crazy.

“So darling, I know that you like seeing women playing with themselves on the internet, so I decided that maybe I should put on a little show for you,” Chrissie said in a low seductive escort bursa voice, Shannon zooming in on her.

Chrissie flung open one side of her robe and stepped a leg out to show her smooth skin and lines with just the faintest look at the seductive black lace set she wore underneath.

“Sometimes, you make me feel so damn hot, I just need to get off, and you’re not around. So I end up having to play with myself, and just imagine the things you could do to me,” pouted Chrissie.

She let the other side of the robe fall open, showing the nasty little black bra and thong she had picked out especially for the shoot. They just barely covered up her pussy and tits. Chrissie ran her hand over her left breast and down her side, across her thigh, her bright nails catching the light as they gently kneaded her flesh.

“And today just happens to be one of those days. I’m so horny, and your not here. So I’ll just have to take care of matters myself,” purred Chrissie as she flicked the robe from her shoulders, letting it cascade to the ground.

“That’s great,” offered a slightly amazed Shannon. Chrissie had definitely thought this through, and any guy seeing that little display would be chasing her into bed by now.

Chrissie again ran her hands down her sides, cupping both her ample breasts and squeezing them together, closing her eyes as if on a different planet. She then turned quickly and her sparkling green eyes bore straight into the camera.

“Sometimes I feel so nasty, I just want to really fuck myself,” exclaimed Chrissie in a lusty voice. Shannon was a little shocked at the sudden turn of character. “You have no idea how sometimes I just want to be ridden so hard and fucked so deep, till I just can’t take it anymore. It’s when I’m in those moods that I slip away and I just get myself off, over and over again.”

Chrissie lowered herself onto the edge of the sofa slowly spreading her legs in front of the camera. Her little black thong, transparent in parts, providing a seductive sight. Chrissie began to rub her tits and her pussy through the lace garments, sighing ever so slightly.

“Work your breasts first, and then go for your pussy,” offered Shannon as she continued to operate the camera.

Chrissie moaned softly as she tugged the delicate black lace from the front of her breasts, her cleavage spilling out of the sexy bra. Her nipples were a dark brown, in deep contrast to the more subtle tan of the rest of her body, and the slightly milky flesh of her bra line. Chrissie ran both breasts through her hands, kneading and rolling her areolas and pinching herself gently. She unclasped her bra and let it fall away, her tits hanging out in the open as she continued to tease them for the camera.

Chrissie lifted her right breast to her mouth and licked it with the full extent of her rolled out tongue, graphically and suggestively to her viewer. She then did the same with her left breast, before letting out a deep sigh.

“You know, I can feel myself getting so hot down between my legs,” cooed Chrissie pouting for the camera. She mashed the palm of her right hand down over her mound, moaning as she brought it back over the same spot. “Mmmm, I’m already wet.”

Chrissie dug down under the flimsy lace thong with her long nails and massaged her pussy softly. Her fingers could be seen through the fabric, working themselves across her vagina, Chrissie seductively biting on her bottom lip as she teased herself some more.

She withdrew her hand from under her thong, and pulled it slowly to the side, exposing her well kept pussy for the first time. Only the slightest trace of pubic hair ran down her mound, her labia already engorged and laid out before the camera. Chrissie ran a finger suggestively along her outer most folds, her flesh parting from the pressure she applied.

“What do you think? Do you think I should play with my pussy?” Chrissie asked coyly. For a moment Shannon didn’t know whether Chrissie was really talking to her, or just for the camera, she had been captivated by the seductive display.

“When you take your panties off, sniff them like a wild animal,” whispered Shannon. Chrissie plucked at the thong, easing it down her thighs, whilst keeping a hand seductively placed over her crotch.

Chrissie pulled the tiny thong off and dangled it in front of the camera, then swung it inches from her face, sniffing at it like an animal as Shannon had suggested. The realization that she was obeying her friend’s directions only seemed to add to Chrissie’s lust for the moment.

Chrissie flung the thong across the room as if she had totally lost interest in it; she again focused on her needy loins. She brought one of her well manicured hands up to her mouth and licked her fingers in an erotic manner, making sure the camera could see it all. She then brought her hand back down to her crotch and began to rub her pussy lips, prying them just enough to show the briefest glimpse of her dark entrance.

Chrissie began to trace rough circles around her pussy, picking up pace as she manipulated her folds, letting them expand and contract, all the time teasing her nipples with her free hand. Her breathing became more shallow and frantic. She stopped for a moment to again lick her fingers and then returned to prodding herself.

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