The Maid Pt. 09

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She awoke in the morning to the feel of the butler’s hand stroking gently between her open legs as he lay propped up on his side watching her.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked with a smile.

“Mmmmm.” he replied, sliding a finger in between her pussy lips, still slippery and wet with his cum from the night before. She reached out for his cock as his fingertip found her clit.

In the Upstairs bedroom, their employers had also been busy. Laying in bed, they had decided to watch the tape he had made the previous night of the old lady in the living room. Little did they expect it would turn out to be so arousing. The old woman’s excitement and eagerness to have her cunt fucked by the butler’s big cock was contagious and they were soon madly fondling each other as they watched from their bed.

“Play it again.” she said, the wet pussy between her legs throbbing with desire to see the old woman fucked hard again. He started to rewind the tape with the remote. Distracted for a few seconds, he let it rewind to far.

“Stop!” she yelled excitedly. He pressed the stop button and they both stared at the screen. There frozen on it was the image of the maid starting to unbutton her skirt.

“Play it.” she told him, almost breathless with anticipation of what they were about to watch. Pressing play, the maid came to life on their screen, unbuttoning her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. They watched as she kicked off her shoes and lay on the couch in just her top and panties. Eyes glued to the screen, they watched as she slid her hand down inside her panties and started rubbing her pussy. Watching so intently, the wife didn’t even realise she had slid her own hand down between her parted legs. As the maid stroked her pussy on the screen, the wife mimicked her, rubbing her own wet juicy cunt, her arousal growing in time with the maids. Turned on at the sight of his wife and the maid rubbing themselves, the husband took his hard cock in his hand and started to pull it, leaning over at the same time to suck on the nearest of his wife’s erect nipples.

“That’s it! Rub it, make it cum.” the wife almost yelled at the screen, thrusting two fingers up her cunt, fucking herself, on the verge of cumming. The wife’s hips bucked up hard, her wet glistening fingers pushed deep inside herself as they watched the maid writhe on the couch in orgasm.

“Oh fuck.” said the wife, lying spent, her legs wide open, her chest heaving, rubbing her drenched fingers up and down her soaked spread pussy, her stomach jerking in spasms. Turning her head to her husband, she saw he was still hard, his hand slowly stroking up and down the hard shaft of bahis firmaları his cock.

“Fuck me with that nice hard cock.” she ordered him, rolling over and rising up onto all fours, burying her head in the pillow and raising her rear up, tempting his hard cock with her glistening cunt and large inner lips. Aroused and wanting release, he was quickly in behind her. Just as he was about to push his cock into her drenched pussy, she covered it with her hand leaving just one hole for him to fuck. His pulse raced and his cock quivered with excitement, she wanted him in her tight ass. Gripping the pillow tightly with both hands, she held her breath as he pushed his precum covered head to her puckering brown flower.

“Fuck!” she cried out in pain as he pushed the swollen head on his cock inside her, his hard shaft invading and filling her ass. Gripping her hips, he thrust against her ass, fucking it, intent on cumming.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me.” she yelled, frantically rubbing her clit, driving her ass back hard onto his thrusting cock. It took only seconds, her pussy and ass cumming as he filled her rear with warm cum. Pulling out, he spread her cheeks and watched his thick semen spew out of her pulsating ass and drip down to her dripping wet slit. Still hard, he pushed himself into it, savouring the silky wet warmth inside her as he softened.

Back in the maid’s room, they both sat fully clothed on the bed. The butler held her hands in his and told her just what he felt for her. She squeezed his hands, tears in her eyes. It had been so long since she had felt this way about anyone.

“I’ve had it here, come away with me.” he told her.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t have too much saved.” she replied hopelessly.

” Leave it to me, I have a plan,” he said, and started whispering in her ear.

“I don’t believe it, both of you,” said the wife stunned, as they both stood before her handing in their resignations. “I thought we all got on so well.”

“We do.” said the butler. “We just want to be alone together.”

“In that case, before you go, we will have to have one last farewell party eh.” she replied with a smile, leaving no doubt as to her meaning of ‘party’. Reluctantly, both of them smiled and said they looked forward to it. Secretly though, the maid did want one last taste of pussy the wife’s pussy before they parted company with their bosses.

“That ungrateful little cunt.” she ranted, pacing up and down their bedroom.

“Stop it!” said her husband, “You’re just sorry at losing your little bit of gash on demand, and that huge cock. I know you love pussy more than me and that log between kaçak iddaa the butlers legs, but that’s OK, I just love watching you get off, Just imagine the fun we are going to have auditioning new employees eh. I’m sure we are going to find some very good candidates.”

She turned to him and smiled. “You are truly a wonderful husband. She said, running her hand over his cheek. : I don’t deserve you.”

“Just go plan your party.” he said, brushing her off but inwardly glowing with the affection she had shown him.

The day had finally come, their last day. The wife had organised a lavish party for just the four of them. Dress was to be roman orgy, neither were surprised. Dressed in togas, they both entered the living room, it had been transformed. It was just like stepping back into ancient Rome.

“I can’t believe you’ve done all this.” the maid gasped, amazed at the lavish stage props.

“Nothing too much for my favourite couple.” said the wife smiling, dressed like a Roman empress. “Come, have some wine.” she continued, pouring two goblets from a huge jug. Taking them, they raised their glasses to the empress and her emperor husband and all settled on roman lounges, the party had begun.

Late in the afternoon with much wine consumed, the wife turned to the maid.

“We have to confess.” she said. “We didn’t get the time to get you a leaving present.”

I’ll get some more wine from the cellar.” said the butler, rising to his feet unsteadily and left the room.

“That’s OK.” replied the maid, “The leaving present I want can’t be bought.”

“And what’s that?” asked the wife, curious.

“A memory,” answered the maid, remembering the plan and pulling her costume up, revealing her lack of underwear and her nice pink shaved pussy. Instantly aroused, her whole attention focused on the maid’s pink slit, the wife moved to sit beside her. Hungry for her, the wife pressed her mouth to the maids. As they kissed, the maids legs fell open and a hand slipped between them, a fingertip parting her lips and seeking out her clit.

“Hmmmmmm, fuck me.” the maid murmured as she kissed the wife hard, her hips pushing up as the wife rubbed her aroused clit. Sliding off the couch, the wife broke off their kiss and licked down over her neck and onto the maids rock hard nipple. Hungry for her cunt, she continued her journey downwards with her mouth, down between the open thighs, down till she could smell and taste what she was craving. The maid groaned with pleasure and arched her back as the wife licked right up between her lips, licking at her opening and lapping at her aching clit.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” moaned the kaçak bahis maid, sliding her fingers through the wife’s hair and forcing her face hard down on her throbbing cunt. Sitting back, with a huge tent pole in hi toga, the husband wanted so badly to reef up the back of his wife’s Roman dress and ram his hard cock inside her. Instead, he just sat there, his cock pulsating. It was the really the maid he wanted, wanted her sweet cunt. As soon as his wife was done, she was his.

“Oh fuck!” cried the maid, cumming, her hips pushed up hard against the wifes face and her legs trembling, Almost there herself, the wife scrambled onto the couch, standing on it and thrusting her aching cunt into the maid’s face.

“Eat it, fuck you!” she creamed, ramming her drenched cunt against the maid’s mouth, Hungry for her, the maid sucked and lapped at her like a woman possessed until the wife, with her hands on the maid’s shoulders came, thrusting herself against the maid’s mouth, grinding her cunt all over her face. “Fuck that’s so nice.” thought the maid, rubbing that wet cunt, the smell, the taste, sooooo good.

Just then, the butler emerged with a tray of wine bottles.

“Just in time,” rounded the wife, lust in her eyes, throbbing between the legs and wanting cock inside her. He had hardly put the tray down and she had crossed the room and was upon him. Drunkenly, she pulled up his toga and thrust her mouth down on his cock, sucking it hard as she caressed his balls and stroked his shaft, In the background, the maid cried out in pleasure as the husband drove his hard cock deep inside her.

With the sounds of the maid being fucked by the husband filling the room, the butler flung the wife onto her back, pushed her legs wide apart and fell between them. Without warning or any foreplay, he lunged hi huge hard cock inside her. She screamed out but it went unheard, mercilessly, he fucked her, driving his hard cock as deep in her as he could. Cumming and begging him to stop had no effect, When he was done, she was like rag doll on the floor, moaning, her whole body in spasms. Find someone that can do that he thought.

They stood waist deep, clinging on to each other in the clear blue water of the South Pacific Island, kissing as the sun set.

“How can we afford all this?” she asked

“You remember the old couple they had for dinner?” he asked


“I knew they were making tapes to blackmail them into a business deal.”

“Go on.”

“As planned, while you had them all, busy fucking the wife, I was upstairs liberating the tape. You wouldn’t believe how much the old man paid to get it.”

“My clever man.” she said, kissing him and releasing the grip on his cock she had under the water, “Come and take care of you new rich wife.” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and lowering herself onto his nice rigid cock.

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