The Love Story of a Long time Crush

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The Love Story of a Long time CrushAiyanna Tanner was two years old when she met her babysitter, Miriam Dodson. She lived two houses down from Aiyanna’s family. She was such a loving lady and treated the little girl as though she were her own. Miriam could not conceive due to a rare disease of the uterus she contracted at a young age (21), thus having it removed. it was a very difficult time for Miriam because she wanted c***dren. Having Aiyanna around along with the other neighborhood k**s made things easier.Ms. Dodson was the one who taught Aiyanna her ABCs and 123s since her parents worked all day. She even taught her how to bake cookies at the age of 6. Aiyanna grew quite fond of Ms. Dodson as her personality was so warm and cheery. Not only was her demeanor captivating, but she was also spellbound by the artwork Ms. Dodson had hanging around her house. Ms. Dodson had impeccable taste. The art was rare, finely detailed, and looked rather expensive. It did not seem like artwork from regular stores.Ms. Dodson’s cultivated paintings and sculptures made Aiyanna very interested in art. At the age of 8, she began drawing. She even attempted to copy some of the paintings on the walls. Though she did not master three dimensional drawing at the time, her pictures looked very similar to the paintings. Aiyanna’s art was so superb she passed all of her art classes throughout grade school with flying colours. In seventh grade, she already set the goal of majoring in art in college.Over time, Aiyanna developed a serious crush on Ms. Dodson. She found herself drawing pictures of her. She threw most of the drawings away to keep her attraction under wraps, but kept one which was a 3D pastel of Ms. Dodson holding a gemstone rose. Behind her, in the drawing, the sun shined like a halo.The thing Aiyanna loved most about Ms. Dodson was her touch. Ms. Dodson hugged her when she came over. She always gave Aiyanna a pat on the back whenever she did a good job on something such as gardening or baking. Sometimes, she held Aiyanna’s hand when they had conversations, especially deep ones. At times, she would come up behind Aiyanna and surprise her by playfully wrapping her arms around her waist, lightly squeezing her., Aiyanna loved it because of the feel of Ms. Dodson’s warm body against hers. Also, she loved cuddling. When Aiyanna was little, she would sit on Ms. Dodson’s lap while watching television and fall asleep on her chest. Her heartbeat had the most soothing rhythm. Plus, her breasts seemed to be the softest place on earth…softer than her own pillow. When Aiyanna was 4, out of pure curiosity, she squeezed Ms. Dodson’s breasts, not knowing what they were, and asked, “Ms. Doddy, what are these?”Gently, Ms. Dodson took the little girl’s hands off and laughed while replying, “Honey, you’re a little young for that now.””Will I get those too?” Aiyanna quizzed.”When you’re older, sweetie. Now let’s concentrate on washing these dishes, shall we?”That was the last Aiyanna heard of breasts until she was twelve years old. Then Ms. Dodson and Aiyanna’s mother sat her down and gave her a lesson on having her period, sex, boys, dating, and STDs. Aiyanna was a bit of a late bloomer. She did not start her period until she was 14 and did not develop breasts until she was 17. From age 17 to 18, her breasts sprouted from AA to C. Plus, she went from having no curves at all to having shapely hips, round buttocks, and slim, toned thighs and legs. Standing at 5’6″, many friends and family suggested she try modeling, but Aiyanna was more interested in art and Ms. Dodson than showing off her body to complete strangers.Now, Aiyanna was 21 years old. Instead of majoring in art, she decided on communications in college. She felt she would do art as leisure, not pursue it as a full time career. She scanned her works and put them on MySpace and Facebook for fun, but people were actually interested in purchasing them. Depending on the size of the canvas, Aiyanna sold her watercolour and oil pastel works for as much as $400. Though she worked in a coffee shop, she made better money with her artwork.Aiyanna was very scared to tell Ms. Dodson of her attraction to her. She felt Ms. Dodson wouldn’t be interested, especially due to her age. Ms. Dodson was near 50…47 to be exact, but Aiyanna thought she looked good for her age. She admired her shoulder length curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and creamy skin. Her hair did not have a single strand of grey. She always kept her skin soft and moist. Aiyanna considered herself a plain Jane compared to Ms. Dodson although many thought otherwise. She had honey brown skin, long dark brown hair that came down to her butt, and hypnotic dark brown eyes. Her racial background was a wonderful mix of Arabian, black, Italian, and Asian.Though Ms. Dodson relocated to another house outside of Aiyanna’s old neighborhood, Aiyanna still visited her every now and then to help her with gardening, house cleaning, or they would just have fun together. They visited art galleries that came to the community and have funny debates on which work was better even though Aiyanna though the best work ever made was Ms. Dodson herself. She was the ultimate masterpiece no matter where she went.On this particular day, Ms. Dodson wanted to look at Aiyanna’s art portfolio and possibly add a piece to the many she had hanging on her walls. Aiyanna became very excited despite having a long day at work and spending a few hours organizing her new apartment. She put on a pair of jeans, a black blouse, and a pair of old sneakers. Then she tied her hair in a ponytail and made her way to Ms. Dodson’s place.It did not take her long to get there as she only lived 30 minutes away. When she arrived, she drove on an unpaved driveway through a set of trees. When she entered the clearing, she saw the big, blue house. Aiyanna drove up to the garage and parked in front of it. The second she stepped out, the potent scent of roses entered her nostrils. With every step she made toward the door, her heart raced faster. To calm down, she closed her eyes and breathed in the rosy scent surrounding her. It encased and warmed her heart causing its hyperactive beating to slow down. Then she opened her eyes and rang the doorbell.Seconds later, there was a hard click and a turn of the knob. When the door opened, Aiyanna swore her heart stopped at the alluring sight she saw. There stood Ms. Dodson. Though she wore a plain pink shirt and black slacks, Aiyanna felt an overwhelming amount of calming, positive energy radiating within Ms. Dodson’s aura. Gently, she took Aiyanna by the hand.”Come in, sweetie.”As she entered Ms. Dodson’s home, Aiyanna was greeted by the warming scent of lavender and vanilla candles. Leading her to the living room, Ms. Dodson hugged her and asked, “How are you, honey?””I am fine, thank you,” Aiyanna replied trying not to let the quiver in her stomach transfer to her vocal cords.Cheerfully, Ms. Dodson said, “That’s good. Why don’t you have a seat here and I’ll get you something to drink? What would you like?”As Aiyanna sat down, she wanted to say “wine”, but she did not want to give Ms. Dodson any clue of her crush. She deterred her answer to “a glass of juice or iced tea with lemon if you have any.””You are just in time, sweetie. I just made a fresh batch of sweet tea. I added some raspberry flavouring if you don’t mind.””I like raspberry. That’s perfect.””Ok. You get comfortable while I get the tea.”As Aiyanna waited, she sank into the couch and took in her surroundings. The atmosphere was very welcoming, not just with the scent in the air, but the couch had absorbed the scent. Plus, it was very comfortable. The window across from her had beautiful, custom made, sky blue d****s with bluebell flower designs at the bottoms. The wall behind her had a painting of a sunny meadow a couple of feet above the couch. The grass looked almost real, the birds and flowers nearly lifelike, especially since the painting was almost 4 feet across. Aiyanna’s mind wandered into the image of her and Ms. Dodson in the meadow, the breeze blowing…”I’ve got your iced tea. I also sliced a few apples if you’d like.”Aiyanna’s imagination shattered like glass revealing Ms. Dodson holding two trays. One contained the two glassed of iced tea. The other had the sliced apples.”Oh, the apples are fine, “Aiyanna said. “And you have the red delicious kind too. My favourite!”Ms. Dodson sat down next to Aiyanna and sipped her tea. “Let’s get down to business, shall we?”:Aiyanna picked up her big, black binder and asked, “Which theme would you like to see?””Hmmm…the gemstone themed pastels.”Aiyanna opened her binder and first showed Ms. Dodson a 3D pastel drawing of a leaf shaped emerald with 3 diamonds shaped like raindrops seeming to run down the leaf. Then she turned to the next drawing which was a sapphire shaped like a bluebell flower. It had leaf shaped emeralds as well as the stem.”I love that one,” Ms. Dodson commented. “It is so beautiful, so lifelike. I almost want to pick that flower. How does $500 sound for the drawing?”Surprisingly, Aiyanna did not want money. She wanted Ms. Dodson herself. The $500 sounded great, but money just didn’t match the attraction she felt.”I’ll lower the price to $250,” she said in protest.Ms. Dodson countered mildly, “I know you’re doing your best to be reasonable with your pricing, but you put a lot of effort and timing into this drawing. I can see the passion in every speck of colour. Actually, a superior work of art like this would be worth about $1200 if you were to auction it.”Flattered but still disinterested in the offer, Aiyanna insisted, “Ms. Dodson, I’ve known you for a long time. I can’t be greedy. $500 sounds good, but don’t you think it’s a bit much? I couldn’t take that from you.”But Ms. Dodson was already writing a check. “Sweetie, you already know money was never an issue with me. You are a great artist and you sacrificed a lot of time to create such a masterpiece. How long did you take to draw this?””About four and a half hours.””Commitment, concentration, precision, and passion deserve to be well compensated.”I’d rather be compensated with you, Aiyanna thought, but she said, “I guess. Thank you, Ms. Doddy.””Call me Miri, sweetie. I know you’re used to calling me Ms. Doddy. You’ve known me since you were a tiny little thing, but you’re all grown up now. I’d like to have more than a friend connection rather than just being your former babysitter.”The first step in getting closer,” Aiyanna thought. istanbul escort Calling her by her first name.Suddenly, Aiyanna heard a clicking sound. It came from the front door. Who was coming in Miri’s home? Her confusion only increased when she saw a man in a suit come in the living room carrying a suitcase. He was taller than Miri and had a head full of silver grey hair. Aiyanna finally pieced the puzzle together when she saw Miri’s eyes brighten.”Hi, honey! You’re home!”Miri stood up and pecked the man on the lips. She turned to Aiyanna and said, “This is my husband, Steven. I’ve known you for so long and never got to introduce you to him because he travels so much.”Husband! Aiyanna thought. Husband? Ok how did I miss this from age two to 14? I know Miri mentioned something about a Steve when I was little, but I never knew who she was talking about.Aiyanna’s stomach burned as she stiffly stood and shook Steven’s hand. She smiled weakly as she greeted, “Hi. I’m Aiyanna. Miri used to babysit me.”Steven smiled. “It’s nice to finally meet you for the first time! Miri told me so much about you and she was right. You have blossomed into a very sweet, young woman.””Not only that,” Miri added. “She has the most talented hands ever. I bought us a new addition to our art gallery. Look at this beautiful pastel she drew! Doesn’t it look almost like you want to pick it from the paper?”Steven nodded, looking at Aiyanna’s drawing. “Wow! That is impressive. How much did you pay her, Miri?”Before Miri could say anything, Aiyanna cut in. “Well I offered her $250, but she paid me $500.”Miri added, “And I told her commitment, concentration, precision, and passion deserve to be well compensated. She spent nearly five hours drawing this magnificent piece.””That’s a long time!” Steven gasped. Then he changed the subject. “Miri, honey, would you like for us to head out to dinner? Then we can come back here and spend some quality time together. I have missed you.”Miri obliged, “Certainly, Steve. Would it be a bother if Aiyanna came with us?””Not at all. Aiyanna, would you care to join us for dinner? It will be our treat.””Umm…” Aiyanna hesitated. “I think I should go. Thank you for the check, Miri.””Oh I am sure you are hungry dear,” Miri persisted.Aiyanna lied, “It’s ok. I’m fine. I’m sure you two would like to be alone. Besides, I’m not that hungry–“But her growling stomach proved otherwise.Miri laughed. “Sweetie, you are eating! There is no way I am letting you go hungry. I never let you go home hungry when I babysat you.”Aiyanna had no choice but to accept, but she tried to get out of it once more by protesting, “I’m not dressed.””Honey, you are beautiful,” Miri countered. “It doesn’t matter what you wear. Now quit trying to get out of eating with us. I will put on some slightly better attire and then we will go.”As Miri went to get dressed, Steve said to Aiyanna, “Miri is right, you know. You are beautiful. You have lovely skin. How do you keep it looking so nice?””I just wash with soap every day. Nothing special except I exfoliate once a week with a sea salt scrub. I paid $60 for it. Expensive, but it works.”Steve took Aiyanna gently by the hand and felt the back of it. “I see it does work. Your skin also seems to have a natural glow to it too. You are blessed!”Aiyanna shuddered at his touch. Briefly, she sighed as her eyes wandered to the stairs where they locked on Miri coming down. She looked like an angel gliding down. She wore black dress pants with a sparkling blue floral print blouse with ruffled sleeves.”Are we ready to go?” she asked.Steve took her by the hand. “Of course.””Am I going to be following you guys?” Aiyanna asked. Deep in her mind, she contemplated pretending to follow Steve and Miri, then purposely getting lost, but her plan failed as Steve replied, “You may ride with us. Save yourself the gas, hun.”Reluctantly, Aiyanna slithered into the back seat of Steve’s car. She put on the seatbelt and slouched letting her body sink into the black leather. As she stared out of the window, watching the sunset beyond the winding road, her stomach plummeted at the sounds of Steve and Miri’s cheery conversation and giggles.The arrived at a relatively small Italian restaurant. Steve opened the door where Aiyanna sat, softly took her by the hand, and helped her out of the car. Then he playfully interlocked her arm with his. He had Miri on his other arm.”Let’s go, ladies, ” he chuckled.Miri shook her head in amusement. “Are you a ladies’ man for tonight, sweetheart?”Steve snickered. “I guess so! I must be one lucky man with two beautiful women on my arms!”They walked into the restaurant, Aiyanna feeling like a third wheel. When they were seated, the second Aiyanna opened the menu, she blurted, “I guess the checks will be separate?””No, sweetie,” Steve answered. “I’m treating everyone.”Aiyanna ordered fried calamari along with angel hair pasta in a red sauce with mussels, scallops, and baby shrimp. She started eating quickly until Steve giggled. “Hungry enough or is the food really good?”Embarrassed, Aiyanna’s cheeks reddened. The fact that her redness was visible did not help the situation. Only when blushing did Aiyanna wish her honey brown skin was darker. Miri and Steve were tickled by her blushing. She did not find it funny. In fact, she became irritated. Briefly shutting her eyes, Aiyanna suppressed her embarrassment and her cheeks returned to normal. She ate the rest of her food mostly in silence unless Steve or Miri spoke to her.When the three returned home, Aiyanna announced, “Well, I guess I should be going now. I have to work in the morning. It was nice meeting you, Steve, and thank you for dinner.””I haven’t been to the coffee shop in a while,” said Miri. “Steve, how would you like to have a little coffee date in the morning? It will be a plus with Aiyanna there. She knows exactly what I like!””Definitely!” said Steve. “We’ll see you in the morning, Aiyanna.”Aiyanna politely waved goodbye to Steve and Miri, got into her car, and quickly drove off. As she sped through the dimly lit roads, her chest hurt as though it had been hit by a bowling ball. Her heart felt crushed. She also felt dumb because she didn’t put together the pieces. There was no way Miri could afford the exquisite artwork hanging in her house. Plus, how could Miri afford to throw away $500 and say that money is no issue? Unless Miri’s family was wealthy, which Aiyanna knew they weren’t, those words would have never crossed Miri’s lips.At work the next day, Aiyanna felt sluggish and out of focus. Her concentration went into even more distortion when Steve and Miri floated through the door. They sat at Miri’s same spot by the window in the middle of the cafe. Aiyanna prepared Miri’s hazelnut coffee with a slice of marble cake and a blueberry muffin for Steve. She walked quickly towards their table, but she was so out of focus she did not pay attention to her footing. Aiyanna’s foot seemingly wrapped around the leg of a table before Miri’s, throwing her completely off balance. Instantly, she reached for the empty chair at the end of the table, but she missed. The coffee flew out of her hand as well as the marble cake and blueberry muffin. The two pastries landed on the floor right before Aiyanna fell over like a tree. Her face went into the marble cake slice while the cup of coffee cartwheeled twice causing the lid to come off and the hot liquid to spill out. It all landed on Aiyanna as she slid across the floor and crashed into the leg of the table where Steve and Miri sat.”Ooooohhhh aaaawwww,” she groaned in pain.Immediately, Steve got out of his chair and helped Aiyanna sit up. The coffee shop manager came running to her side.”What happened, Aiyanna?” the manager asked.Miri said, “She was bringing us our orders, but it seemed like she either slipped or tripped. I’m surprised the coffee didn’t burn her, but oh, sweetie, there is a bruise on your arm and…oh my goodness! Your lip is swollen and bleeding!”Not only that, Aiyanna’s entire body ached. Although the coffee did not burn her skin, she felt as through she had been stung by needles. Her head hurt more than anything else.The manager said, “You don’t look like you’re in shape to work any further. Your shift is almost over anyway. Go ahead and clock out early. Besides, your hair and face are a sticky mess now.”Both the manager and Steve helped Aiyanna to her feet.”Go put some ice on that lip, hun,” said Steve. “Drive home safe. I hope you feel better.””I’ll come over to check on you,” Miri said.After wiping the marble cake from her face, Aiyanna got in her car and drove away. On her way home, her emotions went haywire. First came embarrassment from her slip and fall at work, her swollen lip, coffee stained work uniform, face covered in marble cake, and now, sticky, hazelnut smelling hair. Then came anger. How on earth did she let yesterday’s events get to her like that? It was dumb to even think that Miri would ever have any kind of feelings toward her, especially due to the age gap and the fact that she had a rich husband! Aiyanna’s feelings were so intense she didn’t notice the speedometer had gone up to 70 and she was in a 45 mile zone. Snapping out of her trance, she slammed the brakes causing the tires to squeal.”Oh fuck!” she yelled. “Dammit, Aiyanna! Get it together! Get over that woman already!”After regaining some form of composure, she drove the rest of the way home, this time, staying within the speed limit.As soon as she arrived home, she dropped her purse and shoes by the door, stripped off her work uniform, left it in the living room, and jumped into the shower. Each drop of the steaming hot water stung her body, melting her aches and pains away. She washed her hair and body with extra soap to get rid of the embedded smell of hazelnut coffee. When she made sure she was thoroughly clean, she turned off the water and flew open the curtain.”Dammit,” she thought out loud. “I forgot my towel.”Dripping wet and naked, Aiyanna opened the bathroom door and started to make her way to the bedroom, but she nearly screamed seeing a figure sitting in the living room.”WHAT THE FUCK!”It took her a second to realize it was Miri.”Take it easy!” Miri shouted trying to calm Aiyanna down. “It’s me!”Aiyanna shook her head in bewilderment. “Damn, Miri! You couldn’t knock or call? Are you trying to have me go through another slip and fall?””The door was unlocked,” said Miri. “I avcılar escort knocked several times and you didn’t answer. Then I turned the knob and the door opened. That’s when I heard water running, so I knew you were in the shower. I didn’t want to scare you by walking in there, so I waited for you out here. Besides, I said I was going to come over to check on you.Support Lush StoriesPlease consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist”Aiyanna’s mind was in such a twist she nearly forgot she was naked. “Oooooh great! I can’t get any privacy either?”Miri just laughed. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Don’t forget I bathed you and changed your little Pull-ups when you were younger.””Ummmm…yeah but these aren’t baby parts anymore. And I’m dripping water all over the carpet! Uggghhh!” Aiyanna went to her room to get a towel and dry off.”Remember to lock the door next time,” she said to herself.There was a knock on the bedroom door. Then it opened.”I’m not dressed, Miri,” Aiyanna called out. She only wore her pink bra and lace thong set, but Miri came in anyway.”Just wondered if you were ok, sweetie. How’s that arm?””Please don’t touch it.” Aiyanna backed away from Miri and sat on the bed. “My entire body still hurts a little, but I think the shower helped. Now all I need to do is lotion up and I think I’ll take a nap afterward.” She grabbed a bottle of lotion from the floor, but gently, Miri took it from her.”Let me take care of that,” she said. “You’re hurting. You should relax.”Aiyanna retracted. “It’s ok, Miri. I’ll be fine. Thank you for coming by though.”But Miri took her by the shoulder, turned her around, and pushed against her. “I insist. Just lie on your stomach and unwind.”Aiyanna did what Miri said, but she still protested, “Miri, don’t worry. I said I–“The second Miri’s hands begun massaging the lotion into her honey brown legs, Aiyanna fell silent. As Miri’s hands slid up the young woman’s thighs, she bit her lip and bit the pillow fighting to relieve the throbbing in her clit. Then she buried her face in the pillow, not believing what was happening.”Are you ok?” Miri askedInstantly, Aiyanna jerked her head up. “Huh?””You made a noise there. Am I hurting you?””No, you’re fine.”Oh no, not my butt, Aiyanna thought as Miri’s hands glided along her bare bottom. She really wanted to moan out loud then. Miri’s touch was relaxing yet very arousing. Was awakening her libido really Miri’s intention? She did not know nor did she care at this point. The moment became more intense when Miri had her flip over and went from her feet to her flat torso. Aiyanna’s body shifted and slightly shuddered beneath Miri’s delicate touch. She took in very little air as she did not want to show Miri any signs of her arousal, but she knew her racing heart would give her away. Good thing her bra had some padding to it or else Miri would have definitely noticed her hard nipples. Aiyanna flinched when Miri rubbed lotion on her sore, bruised arm.”Ouch!”But even with the pain, the young woman’s arousal did not leave. Before she had the chance to moan out loud, Miri stopped.”Ok. All done, sugar.””Thank you.” Aiyanna’s voice slightly trembled. “I think I should put on some more clothes.” She only threw on a big t-shirt over her underwear.””Feeling any better?” Miri asked.”Yeah that relieved some of the soreness. Thank you. I guess I needed that.””I’m glad you’re ok. That was some fall! It looked like something out of a cartoon. Hey, I see the swelling on your lip came down. That’s good.””I’m surprised it came down so quickly.”The sound of Miri’s cell phone interrupted the moment. She dug it out from her purse.”Oh gee. It’s Steve. We’re supposed to be doing an at-home dinner tonight. Looks like I need to get going. I will call you soon, ok? Take care of that arm for me.””Oh, I don’t want to keep you from Steve,” said Aiyanna. “Go on ahead. Thank you again.” She led Miri to the door.After Miri left, Aiyanna was still aroused. Her clit still tingled. Her thighs felt like jello and her nipples were still erect. She took off her t-shirt and bra, laid back on the bed, and let her body sink into the mattress. As the warmth of her body heat reflecting from her bed cocooned her, Aiyanna closed her eyes and let her libido be her guide. Her hands explored her smooth thighs, soft belly, and delicate breasts. She squeezed them while giving her nipples a light pinch. Shuddering from the sensation, she guided her left hand down between her thighs. While running her right hand across her breasts, her left hand pressed against the fabric of her pink thong and rubbed gently. Then she pushed her thong aside and fumbled for her clit while playing with her nipples. She slid her hand down further and felt her damp, moist folds. As soon as she found her swollen, sensitive button, she pressed harder and lightly quickened her strokes. Minutes later, her vaginal walls contracted as she bit her lip and moaned loudly, feeling the orgasm jolt through her body. She took a minute to let it subside and catch her breath. All the while she thought, Oh my goodness! What did Miri do to me? How did she do it? This is crazy. I can’t be thinking about this! She is married!”Oh, this is dumb!” Aiyanna snapped out loud, rolling her eyes. Rapidly, she rolled out of bed and changed her underwear. Then she dug out her pastel drawing of Miri from under the bed. Taking a lighter, from her desk that she used for candles, she held it under the drawing and laid her thumb against the igniter ready to press it, but she couldn’t do it. The drawing was too beautiful and Miri meant so much to her. She dropped the lighter, slid the drawing in its plastic cover, and put it back under the bed in her portfolio. Then she bit her lip in frustration, fighting to rationalize and suppress her feelings.I must be crazy, she thought. Is this a crush or an obsession? I live only 14 miles from her. I work at the coffee shop she’s been going to for years before I even got hired there. I’ve been drawing pictures of her for who knows how long. You’re crazy, Aiyanna. She’s married.She’s married.That’s what Aiyanna kept telling herself, but her emotions didn’t seem to care.As night settled in, Aiyanna was just putting the finishing touches on a sketch of a cardinal sitting in a tree behind her apartment. She laid in her hammock on the deck watching the bird chirp while looking off in the distance. Afterward, she closed her sketch book, covered herself with a blanket, closed her eyes, and let the steady summer breeze rock her to sleep.A warm, tender hand slid up Aiyanna’s thigh beneath the blanket. Not long after, a pair of lips explored her belly up to between her breasts. Aiyanna’s hands felt for the stranger and came upon silky, curly blonde hair. She pushed her hands against the back of the stranger’s neck wanting to look into the mystery lover’s face. She found herself looking into blue eyes. As she smiled, at the angelic face looking upon hers, she lifted her head to kiss the soft lips begging to be devoured….Her cell phone rang.Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Aiyanna looked to the distance.Sunrise. It had to be 7:00am.Damn, she thought. I slept out here all night?The cell phone rang again.”Who the hell is calling me at this hour?” she groaned. She reached for her phone by the foot of the hammock and answered. It was Miri.I dream about this woman and she calls me. Please tell me I am still asleep.”Good morning, sleepyhead,” Miri greeted her cheerfully. “Did I wake you?””Miri, you know I’m not a morning person.””Well, rise and shine, girl. I thought we’d have an early breakfast at 8:30, gardening a 10:00, then a nice outing at the park by 2:00. What do you say?””Where’s Steve? Is he coming?””Steve left early this morning at about 5:45. His flight left a good fifteen minutes ago, I believe. I would like some company if you’re not too busy.”Aiyanna wanted to reject the offer, but it would not have made sense to do so. Besides, what excuse did she have? She could not make up one as it was early in the morning and her mind was not in the clear just yet.”It’s no bother. I just need to shower and get dressed, ok?”When she arrived at Miri’s house, Aiyanna already smelled breakfast cooking. Her stomach gurgled when she went into the kitchen ans saw Miri putting the finishing touches on the food. When she seating herself, Miri turned around and walked toward her. Jokingly, she said, “Now you don’t sit down without giving me a hug.”Aiyanna stood up and hugged her.”I made home fries, eggs, and biscuits with gravy,” said Miri. “I also cooked some sausage. I remember you loved my biscuits and gravy when you were little. You always asked for more, then made the cutest sad face when I said you had to save some for the other k**s.”Aiyanna giggled. “Yeah your biscuits and gravy was my favourite food. You’ve always made such a slamming breakfast! I’d take your home cooking any day over McDonald’s or Burger King.”After the two ate, they went outside to garden. The 10:00am sun caused beads of sweat to pour down Aiyanna’s chest to between her breasts. Luckily, she wore a sports bra and shorts, but that did not stop her abdomen from sweating too. Thoughts raced through her mind as she pulled weeds with a hoe.I wonder why Miri asked me to come over. Was she lonely? Why am I so attracted to her? Steve is one blessed man. I guess some fantasies will have to remain.For a minute or two, she stood and watched Miri use her mini shovel to dig small holes in order to plant her cucumber seeds. The mere presence of her made Aiyanna feel happy inside.Well, if we just remain good friends, I guess that is good enough. As long as I get to be around her, that is all I need.”Are you ok, Aiyanna?” Miri asked, looking up at her.”Oh yeah,” the young woman answered. “It just seems to get hotter by the minute.””Well, we are just about done now. I just have to plant this last seed. Then we’ll head back inside and clean up for our outing at the park.”As soon as they were finished, Aiyanna hurried back inside the house to shower. She made the water lukewarm due to the summer heat radiating from her skin. She washed away the dirt and sweat on her body. Suddenly, she realized she had left her salt scrub and lotion in her car.She called out, “Miri! Will you get my salt scrub and lotion out of my car please? The keys are in the kitchen on the table!””Will do, sweetie!” Miri called back.After Aiyanna scrubbed down, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a şirinevler escort towel around her wet body. She made her way to Miri’s bedroom to dry off an relax, but Miri was already sitting on the bed looking through Aiyanna’s portfolio. Aiyanna froze in horror when Miri pulled out the portrait she had drawn…the angelic portrait she had kept hidden from Miri for a good number of years.”When did you draw this, Aiyanna?” Miri asked.”When I was sixteen,” Aiyanna replied, her voice trembling.”This is the most beautiful drawing I have ever seen! I took your portfolio out of the car so your pastels wouldn’t get ruined by the heat. Wow! This picture is so amazing! You have every single detail of my facial features here! Eyes, hair, lips, everything! It’s almost like I’m looking into a mirror. Five years and you never told me or showed me? Why not? Why did you keep this picture such a secret? I would have loved to have this.”Aiyanna still stood frozen. That drawing was a special, yet hidden part of her…the love and appreciation she had for Miri. The crush that never went away. Now it was revealed plain as day. Aiyanna had no idea whether to be scared or upset. Finally, she said, “You’re special to me, Miri. I have always loved your aura and you are such a positive person. You have a good heart. I wish there were more people like you in the world.”Miri took Aiyanna by the hand and sat her down next to her on the bed. “I can see it in your drawing. You mean a lot to me, too. From the very first day I saw you, I had to take you under my wing. You went from a sweet, little girl to a beautiful, wise young woman. I truly believe more people like you need to be in the world. You have the whole package: looks, brains, and personality. I can’t imagine why no man has whisked you away. You deserve a good man in your life.”Miri then planted several small kisses upon Aiyanna’s cheek. She paused for a moment, then kissed Aiyanna’s other cheek several time again, but a lot slower this time.Aiyanna jittered even more. So much so, her hands were visibly shaking. She was frozen stiff.”Oh, honey, you’re shaking,” Miri pointed out. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?””Oh, Miri, I’ve been attracted to you for so long ever since I was a teenager. I kept that from you all these years because I didn’t think you’d be interested. Plus, you’re married to a rich man. What would you want with a working class girl like me?””Aiyanna, Steve knows that I like women too and he is ok with it. I haven’t been with a woman for a while now. I had this friend with benefits when you were younger, but she moved. Steve is gone for quite a few months out of the year. Sometimes, dildos and masturbating to porn doesn’t help. Now I will never have sex with another man ever. Steve is my one and only. I’d like to have a lady friend too. You seem like the perfect fit. We’ve known each other forever. I trust you and I hope that you trust me. We are adults now, so let’s take this friendship to the next level. Are you comfortable with that? I don’t want you just for sex whenever I get horny. I want you around for company. I want us to continue all of the things we always do together. Steve already knows how I feel about you.”Aiyanna was very surprised. “You told him?””Yes and Steve said it was a wonderful thing since we’ve known each other for so long. Ever since you turned 18, I couldn’t get over your stunning beauty inside and out.Aiyanna was floored. “I was so afraid you wouldn’t feel the same way.”Miri kissed her on the cheek again. “Hmmm…why don’t you lay back and take that towel off? I’ll lotion you up.”Still nervous, Aiyanna laid back, but she didn’t take the towel off. Miri opened it, exposing the young woman’s honey brown body.”Well, your body definitely doesn’t look the way it was when you were two,” Miri joked. “Your body looks delicious now. Tell me something, honey. Has someone ever touched and caressed your body to the point of orgasms?””Ummm…no,” Aiyanna gulped.”Well I am glad to be your first. You don’t have to do anything. You will love the way I touch you. I promise.”Miri squeezed a little bit of lotion into the palm of her hand. Instantly, Aiyanna melted the second the older woman’s hands were placed on her body. Miri began at her feet and worked up to her neck. She also ran her hands through Aiyanna’s long silky hair. Miri knew Aiyanna was getting wet by her heavy pants and shivering, but never did she touch between her legs, nor did she touch the woman’s rock hard nipples. She continued rubbing her legs, thighs, torso, chest, and next. Meanwhile, she seduced Aiyanna with her voice.”You are aroused by my touch. I can see your body quaking. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go, sweetie. Mmmm….your skin is so soft. I can’t stop touching it.”Aiyanna became wetter by the minute while Miri’s creamy white hands slid all over her honey brown skin. The sound of Miri’s voice and her touch had Aiyanna shaking so hard. Soon, all she could let out were moans and sighs.”Mmmmm….oh my God, Miri, yes!”No matter how much she fought, Aiyanna’s body was under a deep spell. She had no other choice but to give herself totally to Miri. At that very moment, one of the most powerful orgasms came through her like a strong storm. She screamed loudly, her body stiffening from such unique pleasure.”Mmmm…turn over, honey,” Miri whispered softly.Aiyanna grabbed the pillow and bit into it as Miri’s sweet caress went from the back of her legs to her shoulders. Her pussy began dripping when Miri deeply massaged her round bottom. Just the feel of her loosening muscles made Aiyanna have yet another roaring orgasm. But Miri did not stop there. She kissed the back of Aiyanna’s neck, down her spine to her luscious ass. She focused there for a moment, then kissed down to Aiyanna’s calves. Miri kissed more deeply, going back up to the woman’s bottom. She bit each of her butt cheeks then spread her thighs to see her glistening pussy soaked in juices. As Miri’s hand crept to her drenched area, Aiyanna’s entire body convulsed.”Oh, sweetie, you’re so wet,” whispered Miri. “It is so slippery down there. Baby, your clit is so swollen. I feel it poking out of its little hood.”As her sensitive button received small amounts of stimulation, Aiyanna moaned and clenched the sheets tightly. She had never experienced this type of pleasure before. Every touch upon her clit made her toes curl and caused her teeth to clench harder. As she had another orgasm, she bit into the pillow and screamed into it. She then turned over to see Miri’s angelic smile above her. Miri stripped off her shirt and bra, lowered herself onto the young woman’s body, and slowly kissed her while holding her in a loving embrace.Breaking the long kiss, Aiyanna whispered, “Miri, are you sure this is right? How do you know this won’t ruin our friendship?””It’s so much more than a friendship, honey. I don’t just like you. I love you and I know you love me too.”As Miri’s lips totally encased hers once again, Aiyanna smiled inside. Here she was doing beyond what she dreamed of ever since she was a teen. The tiny hairs on her body stood on end from the feel of Miri’s tongue slithering into her mouth. With her body almost hypersensitive, the second Miri’s lips and tongue touched her neck, Aiyanna moaned loudly, “Oh, God that feels so good!”She had to take in a deep breath when Miri’s warm mouth wrapped around her sensitive, hard nipple. She murmured softly, reacting to Miri’s slow and gentle sucking. With Miri lovingly holding the young woman’s body in place, Aiyanna quivered at the feel of her lips on her bare torso. Each deep kiss and wet lick made her surrender her body even more.”I love the way you are giving yourself to me,” said Miri. “I love how every inch of your body responds to my touches and kisses. I can tell you are ready for me to taste you.”Miri kissed and nibbled each of Aiyanna’s inner thighs before breathing on her pussy which was still soaked. Her tongue slid up and down the young woman’s wet slit causing her to arch her back and bite her lower lip.”You taste as good as I anticipated,” Miri said. “I don’t see how anyone could have passed you up. Whoever your future husband is, he does not know what he is missing.”Aiyanna didn’t care. She focused on the moment at hand, which was Miri’s lips and tongue between her thighs. With every lap on her clit, every thrust inside, every tickle of her outer lips, large amounts of tingling and warm sensations channeled through Aiyanna’s body. She could barely watch Miri as the sight of her led to a sensory overload, but it was beautiful. The sensations through her body became stronger. Minutes later Aiyanna found herself screaming as she had an orgasm that caused her body to go into a brief shock. Everything in her body seemed to stop. Heart, lungs, brain, everything. Then Aiyanna came back to life, sucking in huge amounts of air, trying to get her body back to a normal state.”What was that?” she panted heavily. “Did I just die?”Miri came beside Aiyanna and pecked her on the cheek. “For a second there, it seemed like you did. You just had an intense orgasm. You came so beautifully. I wanted to cum myself from watching you.”Aiyanna laid there recovering from her orgasm with Miri planting kisses on her face and touching her. Soon, she became tired, but she did not want to sleep just yet. Without warning, she gently pulled Miri’s face to hers and kissed her lips. She then rolled on top of Miri and kissed her way to the older woman’s soft neck. Rapidly, she made her way to Miri’s breasts Her nipples were already erect, waiting for a mouth to embrace them. Gladly, Aiyanna obliged and slowly savoured each one. Meanwhile, Miri ran her fingers through the young woman’s hair and tenderly murmured, “Your mouth feels so good on my nipples, baby. You can suck a little harder.”Aiyanna wasted no time guiding her head to between Miri’s thighs. She could see her pussy shimmering, begging to be tasted. Her lips and tongue circled her labia, causing Miri to moan in response. The circling became smaller and faster when Aiyanna found Miri’s sensitive pearl which already poked out of the hood. The second Miri felt her little mouth closing in on her clit, she shouted, “Oh yes, honey! Right there!”It wasn’t long before Aiyanna felt Miri coming close to a climax. Just when Miri’s orgasm kicked in, Aiyanna slid a finger inside, making her cum harder.”Oh my God, you’re good!” Miri said through heavy breathing. “Come here, sweetie.”She pulled Aiyanna up from between her legs and gave her another passionate kiss. They cuddled together for a moment. Then Aiyanna asked, “So now what?”Miri just laughed. “Nothing yet. Let’s just hold each other for now. I hope the future holds many good times like this for us.”With that, Aiyanna rested her head on Miri’s bare chest, the older woman’s heartbeat comforting her.The End

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