The Long, Hot Hike

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Edited by Angel Love

Michigan winters tend to be long and gray. So when spring hits and the first warm, sunny days kick in, the cure for “cabin fever” is to get out of the house and take in some rays. Maura and I both work inside of offices all day (starting in the dark and going home in the dark during the winter). So when we had a beautiful Saturday, I called her up and asked if she wanted to go for a hike at one of the nearby parks. Naturally, she said yes.

Maura and I met through mutual friends at a party. We got to talking about mutual interests which included reading, cooking, wine, hiking, and sex – not necessarily in that order. We had been on a few dates (only the last one had included sex, although we had talked about it frequently), but had yet to hit the outdoors. This was our first hike together.

Maura is petite, thin with strong, athletic legs, a beautiful ass, and breasts that are on the small side with nipples that pop up prominently through her bra and shirt when she gets aroused. She has a dark complexion with soft skin. She often has a devious smile like she’s got something up her sleeve and wears glasses. Overall, she has the look of a librarian with a devil on her shoulder giving her ideas. She showed up at my house that Saturday wearing khaki shorts, a white, v-neck T-shirt, and well-used hiking boots.

“Okay Dan, Are you ready for the long route at Kenyon?” she asked.

I groaned. Kenyon Park has several trails. The longest one runs seventeen miles back into the furthest parts of the park through rolling hills and small ponds.

“C’mon, it’s my first hike of the year, and it’ll be in the upper 80’s today!”

“You’re just afraid of getting run into the ground by a girl.” The devious smile came out of her. “Just bring plenty of water. I’ll take it easy on you today.”

“Don’t worry. I can take you.”

In the back of my mind, however, I wasn’t too sure if I could. I like taking hikes, but they are usually slow, meandering trips that take a lot of time but not much distance. I like shooting pictures in the parks which slows me down. Maura, I knew, liked to take long expeditions to get away from the rest of the pack and be alone with her thoughts. But now, my manhood was in question and I couldn’t give up. I grabbed my day pack, some water bottles and snack bars for the trip; then we both jumped in my Jeep and headed out to Kenyon, about 45 minutes away.

I took the roof down from the Jeep to let the air blow off the winter blues. The sun was shining, and we had big smiles on our faces – spring at last! The breeze blew her light brown hair around, so she tied it back. Then she reclined the seat so she could take in the sun during the drive. I had to keep looking over at her smooth legs, flat stomach, and nipples that were starting to poke out. As we raced Kurtköy Escort down the expressway, I reached over and massaged the inside of her right thigh. She gave me that smile again, and put her hands behind her head. I’m sure the few truckers and other cars on the road appreciated the view as we passed them by.

After getting our park permit, we drove to the trailhead. I grabbed my pack, and we started out. Maura looked over at me and said “Keep up, if you can!”

And, with that, she was off. I struggled to catch up with her, even with my longer legs. During the winter months, I hit the gym regularly, using the treadmill and hitting the weights as I try to keep my body in the same shape I had for high school football several years ago. Even so, my muscles were not used to the trails just yet.

She was walking slightly ahead of me. As I plodded along behind her, I was given an excellent view of her ass and legs. When we started out, there were several people at the congruence of trailheads – a few couples, some families, and “birders,” those hobbyists who look for the many birds out at Kenyon. But as we moved steadily away from the easy trails, the number of people steadily grew smaller until we only saw and heard nature.

As we crested a small, but steep hill, Maura stopped and turned to me as she took some water. By this time the sun was beating down, we were nearing 90 degrees for the first time this year. “It is so beautiful out today.”

“It certainly is,” I smiled. I was staring at the sweat trickling down her chest and into the “V” of her now damp T-shirt. She smiled knowingly as she could tell where I was looking.

“Somehow, I don’t think we’re talking about the same subject.” Then she turned and took off before I could catch my breath.

The sweat was now coming off both of us and Maura’s shirt was clinging to her wet skin. As I continued walking behind her, I was getting rather sore, but not from the hike. My growing erection was making it difficult to walk comfortably. Fortunately, we hadn’t seen anyone else in the last hour or so.

“How ’bout we take a little break? You’re killing me!”

Maura laughed. “There’s a little pond just over there.” She pointed off the trail about 200 yards away. “We can take a rest and soak up some sun.”

“Finally!” I playfully staggered behind her.

“Wimp,” Maura countered.

We moved off the trail onto a small, secluded grassy spot at the north side of the pond near a strand of trees. I took off my day pack, and took out an insulated water bottle – the ice had not yet melted inside, and the water tasted delicious. Maura turned to the pond as she took a drink from her bottle.

As I stared at her bare legs, I said, “The view is definitely beautiful here.” Then I walked up behind her and grabbed her Pendik Escort waist, pulling her slightly toward me. She immediately responded to my touch, pressing her ass against my cock. “Think anyone can see us out here?”

“Probably not, but then, who cares?” Maura whispered back over her shoulder. I slid my right hand under her shirt to her stomach, feeling the hot, wet skin underneath. I began kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear as my left hand caressed her tit through her T-shirt and bra. I could feel her nipple harden like a rock under my touch.

Maura separated slightly as her right hand reached back and rubbed my hard-on through my shorts. I moved both hands under her shirt and unclasped her bra to release her breasts. I took a handful of each as she arched her back bringing her head tilted. I kissed her on the mouth, our tongues entwining. Then I peeled off Maura’s shirt and bra so I could have full access for my hands to travel over her body. By this point, my cock was straining massively against the fabric of my shorts, looking for a release.

Maura turned around and gave that devious smile. “Dan, you look like you could use a massage after that hike.”

She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts letting them fall to the ground. As I stepped out of them, she grabbed my cock and stroked it through the fabric of my boxers. As I pulled off my own T-shirt, Maura kneeled down and tore off my boxers, fully releasing my manhood to nature.

I took a step back to lean against a maple tree as Maura grabbed my cock and placed it in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the helmet as she took both hands to grip the base and lightly squeeze the shaft. Then her left hand moved down to cup my balls and lightly roll them in her hand. I worked my fingers into her hair as her head bobbed slowly back and forth, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth with each stroke. It’s amazing that a woman, kneeling before you, has absolute control over you.

It didn’t take long before I could feel the fire in my belly signaling an orgasm coming. But I didn’t want it just yet. “I’m going to save this for later,” I said as I pulled her up. “Your turn.” I moved Maura back against the tree. “Hold on to the branch.”

She lifted up her arms to the small branch directly over head. I kissed her, our tongues deep in each other’s hot mouths. Then I moved down her neck to her breasts. I licked those beautiful nipples, salty from the sweat. I bent down and grabbed my ice water and lightly squirted the cold water onto them, making them instantly diamond hard before I took them in my mouth again. I kneeled down as I licked off the drops of water heading down her stomach and into her shorts.

I removed Maura’s hiking shorts, exposing the white, G-string underneath. I took her left leg and lifted Mutlukent Escort it over my shoulder to allow me full access to the hot flesh between her thighs. I pulled the G-string to the side as I darted my tongue in her shaved pussy. I slid my other hand up her thigh to grab her firm ass. As my tongue worked over Maura’s clit, she reached down with her right hand and pulled my head ever closer. Her thighs started moving rhythmically back and forth as my tongue worked its magic. Maura again grabbed the limb above and her thighs squeezed my head. I could feel her right leg buckle as she reached a climax, but I continued working my tongue up and down her lips as the trembling subsided. I stood up, and Maura leaned back against the tree. My cock was ready to complete the task at hand. She gave me the smile and breathed, “C’mon, show me what you can do with that thing.”

Still supporting herself with the branch, I picked up her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Maura was fully lubed, and it didn’t take any effort to move my cock into place. I grabbed her ass to hold her up while she locked her legs behind me. I pumped my cock into her, moving faster inside her, my cock aching from being so engorged. With each thrust, my hands pulled her to me harder and harder as our bodies tensed for the certain ending we craved.

Again, Maura’s body shook as she reached her second orgasm. She moaned softly this time, then abruptly yelled out, “Yes! Yes!” urging me to thrust harder and faster.

I felt the fire again, this time moving quickly from my loins before I finally came inside her in great shuddering bursts and nearly collapsed from the release. I slowed the rhythm down but continued to thrust inside her as the climax receded. I let down her legs as I pulled out. Both our bodies glistened in the sun from the sweat of our latest exertion.

“Oh, my god,” Maura panted. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make it back to the car.”

“You out of shape?” I asked.

She laughed. “I think I need a trainer.”

“Well, I happen to know someone who can offer his training services for a very low price. But he requires a lot of training from his student.”

“Hmm, I’m quite sure we could work out a deal,” she chuckled softly.

We removed our hiking boots and socks and lay in the sun for a few minutes before getting the courage to dip in the still cold pond. We quickly splashed back out after rinsing off dust, sweat, and sex. Then we lay in the sun for a few minutes to dry.

“Don’t get too much,” Maura warned. “You don’t want to walk all the way back with your ass all sunburned.”

I sighed, “We better start heading back before I decide to live here.”

We slowly dressed and made our way back to the Jeep as dusk started to fall. The trip back to the suburbs brought us back to reality. I began to think about all the things I needed to do around the house on Sunday.

As we approached my house, I smiled and turned to Maura, “I understand there are some long trails at Long Lake. What are you doing next Saturday?”

To Be Continued…

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