The Limo Driver part 2

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Bonnie woke up feeling good and she thought about how much money she had made from the three guys. She also thought about the satisfaction she had gotten from them too. She got up did her coffee, brushed her teeth and jumped into the shower like every morning. But this morning was a different day cause she had the day off.

Wondering what she was going to do on her day off. She toweled herself off and went to the kitchen to get her coffee. She was on her third cup when the phone rang. It was her boss and she only thought he wanted her to work, so she answered the phone anyway.

It was her boss and he wanted her to work, cause it was a special request for her to drive. But the good thing was it wasn’t until tonight they had requested her. Her boss told her the people paid double for her to be the driver. Something about one of the ladies was told about her from her brother.

She was wondering if it was one of the three guys from the other night, who had told his sister about her. And why would she pick a woman. Bonnie didn’t understand it, but thought if she is getting paid double time for this. That she was going to do it and make more money.

She went through her day wondering most of the day about the job tonight. Even when she went to the store to buy food for the week. She just couldn’t get her mind off of why would a bunch of women want her to drive and not some good-Looking guy. Most times when she thought about it, she ended up smiling cause she was going to make the big money again.

That’s why the men who drove the other Limo’s didn’t like her at all. She always got the big tippers and good jobs. She wasn’t the one who calls in and requests her, she just does her job.

She came into work early in anticipation of or maybe curious about these women. She checked out her car and the boss came over to her and said “ you’re my best and most requested driver, so therefore you are going to get the brand new Limo that came in today.

She got really excited because the other guys at work told her she would never get the new one when it came in. There are guys who have been there a lot longer and expected to be assigned the new car. And now they are going to be more pissy towards her. But what the hell she feels she has deserved it working more hours then most of them and never turning down the boss when her asks her to work.

She transferred all her stuff from her old car to the new one with all the guys’ there staring holes in her. This was a double stretch limo and it had everything in it. She thought how much better could it get then being the boss’s number 1 driver.

Bonnie drover to the pick up point and waited. One by one the women showed up. Val was the sister of jack, one of the three guys who showed her a great time and paid her really well. Val was explaining to her that her brother told her all about Bonnie and how she had showed them a good time and all.

Bonnie was wondering if jack had told his sister about the sex too. Cause Val never said anything about it. And Bonnie wasn’t going to say anything to get jack in any trouble either.

When all six women were in the car, they had Bonnie drive them to the Wiltshire Belmont Hotel for a business meeting with reps from all over the country. She had to sit and wait for 2 hours until they were done.

When the women came out they all looked a little pissed about something. Bonnie asked Val if everything was all right and Val told Bonnie that the men had them mad. That the men made them feel like they were idiots and stole their ideals.

Donna, another one of the women wanted to know where they could go to use men around here. Bonnie had just the plan; it’s were she was going to go to tonight on her night off.

Bonnie just smiled as she drove them to a club where tonight it an all male revue. The women got real excited and told Bonnie she is the best. Val asked bonnie if she wants to hang out with them all night and she will be paying anyway.

Bonnie called her boss to find out if she can do another all nighter. Her boss tells her Val is the one paying and if she wants to pay you until next week, it’s fine with him. Val also agreed to pay the car bill and any other bill Bonnie incurs.

brazzers Bonnie thought what a job and followed the other women into the club. They watched all the men do their strip acts and got themselves all worked up. Then sitting there after the show having a few more drinks. They had several guys approach them wanting to join them. Most of the women still pissed from work told the guys to fuck off.

Bonnie got a kick out of hanging with these ladies and realized that she doesn’t get to go out with other women. She thought that she should do this more often.

The women wanted to leave and go to a store to buy some liquor before returning to the hotel they are staying at. So Val talked to the local women and talked them into staying at the hotel all together.

Two of the three local women called home and told their better halves that the had to work all night on this project from work and they were going to do that at the Townsend Hotel where the other women are staying.

Bonnie drove to the liquor store and the women went in and got all types of booze. Then Bonnie drove then to the Townsend and parked the car. She followed the others up to the room on the 8th floor. Then they all went in the room laughing and talking about it’s going to be a slumber party.

Janet said she had extra PJ’s and if anyone wants to use them its fine. So everyone followed Janet into her bedroom and seen all baby-Doll’s. Each one picks out these really skimpy nighties and undressed; only to put these little see-through’s on

They were all still talking about the male strippers and how Bonnie was a genius for taking them there. And how they put those ass hole men in their places for trying to pick them up.

Bonnie looked around the room to see there were two bedrooms in this suite. And a kitchen with an icemaker, she thought how cool was this. The company they work for pays for this too.

Val and Janet said what do you girls want, while they were mixing drinks. And Val suggested they play some drinking games and have fun. All the other girls agreed and the party was going.

After about two hours of heavy drinking they decided to play strip poker between them selves. They were all on their way to being drunk by now anyway. So they sat around the table and started playing. Bonnie thought this was so much fun hanging out with these women like this.

When it got down to two women, Bonnie and Janet had only their panties left on. Val wanted to play another game, everyone is dealt the same amount of card and they turn them over one by one, like the game of war. But this game the one with the lowest number is told to do something by the one with the highest number.

So they agreed to play this game and Donna got the highest and Bonnie got the lowest. Donna dared Bonnie to French kiss Janet. So bonnie moved over beside Janet and threw her arms around Janet and started kissing her, then the big French kiss.

They were all naked except for Janet and Bonnie who only had their panties on. So Val won the next hand and she dare Donna who lost to pull off Janet and Bonnie’s panties with her teeth. Donna went to Janet first and Janet lifted herself to make it easier for Donna to do the deed. Then Donna went to Bonnie to do the same. But she was laughing so hard that she fell into Bonnie’s crotch.

They continued playing and having a great time with all kind of dares. Until Janet won and dared Val to lick Bonnie’s pussy. Bonnie feeling out of place with this one just sat there and couldn’t believe they had dared Val to do that. She thought what am I going to do, I never had a women touch me down there before.

Bonnie was drunk and thought the hell with it, she lost and that’s what she has to do. Val leaned down and started licking Bonnie’s pussy. She would lick up across the clit and back down and push her tongue into Bonnie’s hole. God this feels great Bonnie thought.

Val kept this up for more then a few minutes before the others started complaining that she is doing it too long. So Val has another game to play now. Lets put bonnie on the table and show her the gratitude for showing us a good time. They all agreed that this is what should be done.

As Bonnie lay there with these women cuckold porno all around her licking and sucking on every part of her body, she starts moaning and panting like mad. Janet is sucking on her clit, while Val is tongue fucking her ass. This is driving Bonnie crazy and she is getting close to an orgasm.

Then Bonnie feels something over her, it’s Tammy and she is now sitting on Bonnie’s face. Bonnie starts licking Tammy’s cunt and she is rocking back and forth over Bonnie’s face. Bonnie is feels the orgasm hitting her and her tongue is like a weed wacker on Tammy’s pussy now.

Bonnie lets loose and starts Cumming a big one, while bucking and shaking the whole time. Janet licks her clit at a hundred miles an hour now trying to make Bonnie have the big one. While Val is pushing her tongue deeply into Bonnie’s ass.

Meanwhile Donna brings some vibrators and dildos out of the bedroom and they start using them on Bonnie and each other. Cause by now all the women are horny as hell and wants to lick, suck and fuck each other.

Donna straps on a 10-inch dildo and Val moves away for the show. She then puts some lubricant on it and rubs it all over like she is jerking off a cock. Then she pulls Bonnie’s legs up and pushes at her ass with this dildo. Donna pushes harder and forces it in Bonnie’s ass. Bonnie lets out a whine, because she has never had anything over 5 inches in there before.

After a few minutes of taking her time, Donna starts driving her hips pushing the dildo deeper into Bonnie’s ass. By now Bonnie is liking it and fucking back at Donna. Now Janet reaches down between Bonnie’s legs and inserts an 8-inch vibrator with the flicker on it. This flicker reaches up to the clit and tickles it back and forth while the vibrator is doing its job inside of Bonnie.

About now this is driving Bonnie crazy and with girls sucking on each of her tits she is about to explode with pleasure. Oh God is all she kept saying while the other women kept up with what they were doing.

Bonnie started shaking and jerking around on the table, this excited the other women and they went harder and faster on Bonnie.

Bonnie thought she would never stop Cumming with hoe the others were pleasuring her. She felt like there was no energy left in her body. She has never in her life ever cum like that before.

Now it was Janet’s turn for the same, as each one of them suck, like and fuck Janet’s whole body. They kept it up until Janet was rocking, shaking and jerking around like a fish out of water.

Each one had there turn on each other, until they all had the big one on that table. Then they decided to partner up with one or two of the others. This made Bonnie horny again.

Janet and Val wanted Bonnie for themselves and went into the bedroom together. They all three climbed on the bed and started kissing each other. As Bonnie was kissing Janet, Val went down on her once again and was fingering her ass and licking her cunt. Janet went down to Bonnie’s breasts and started licking and sucking each one over and over.

Then Janet strapped on the 8-inch dildo while Val put on the 10 inch one. Janet shoved the 8-inch dildo up Bonnie’s ass and then Val shoved the 10 inch one into her pussy. They started rocking with the same tempo and kept up this rhythm for some time, causing Bonnie to have several more orgasms.

Val pulled it out and went up to Bonnie’s mouth and she opened her mouth with pleasure. Janet then reached around Bonnie and started rubbing her clit. Val was now pushing her dildo down into Bonnie’s throat and making bonnie deep throat this big fake cock.

This was a big turn on for all three of them and with the dildo’s strapped on; it was rubbing their clits also. They all were Cumming over and over again.

Then Janet unstrapped the dildo and put it on Bonnie. Bonnie just decided to return the favor and started butt-fucking Janet as hard as she could. Val pushed her dildo up in Janet’s pussy and began fucking her with it.

Bonnie reached around Janet and was playing with her nice tits, while Val was kissing up and down on Janet’s neck. Up to her mouth and frenching her, then back down her neck to where Bonnie was playing to lick the nipples.

czech porno They kept going for a while until they felt it was Val’s turn to get fucked. So Janet and Bonnie switched dildo’s and Bonnie got her chance to kiss Val. She watched how Val had done Janet and tried to do likewise. Kissing up to her mouth, then work her tongue down the neck to Janet’s big tits. Licking and sucking on each one, then back up. All the while pumping the dildo that’s strapped to her in and out of Janet’s sweet hotbox.

When they had done each other over and over they decided it was time for bed. But Bonnie had other plans as she walked into the other bedroom.

Bonnie entered the bedroom and seen two bodies doing a sixty-nine. She went to the end of the bed and lowered her head down to Tammy’s ass. She wondered what it would taste like sticking her tongue into another women’s ass. So she forced her tongue into Tammy’s ass and Tammy went wild with excitement.

Tammy started bucking wildly and having a really big orgasm While Donna and Bonnie were fucking her holes with their tongues.
After Bonnie knew that Tammy was done, she moved around the other side of Donna and drove her tongue into Donna’s ass.
Donna started having a big one now and as she was shaking hard, Bonnie drove her tongue in deeper.

Donna fell over off of Tammy and they told Bonnie that they had to fuck her now. Tammy strapped on a dildo, while Donna grabbed a vibrator and started going to town on Bonnie. Donna was up high enough for Bonnie to suck her tits while these two were ravishing her pussy and ass. Cause Tammy was pounding Bonnie’s ass really hard about now. And Donna was running the vibrator in and out of Bonnie’s cunt and running it up over her clit at times.

Bonnie exploded again and fell over on the bed with exhaustion. Only to wake up in the morning with Tammy eating her pussy. And Donna sucking and licking on her tits.

Wow what a way to wake up to, being done by these two women in her sleep, she thought. So she just lay back and enjoy this morning alarm clock.

After she had her orgasm, she felt she needed to show her gratitude back at these beautiful women who showed her a great time.

So she went down on both Tammy and Donna. She had them put their Asses together and hold their legs back with their arms. Bonnie got in between them and licked down one pussy and licked up the other. She was at this for about 15 minutes, until Janet came in and called the others.

Janet said look at this girl she is like a pro at this showing them new ways to lick each others pussy’s. As the others gathered around to watch Bonnie lick and suck on Tammy and Donna at the same time.

Bonnie also had a hand on each of the girl’s tits and was playing with them. Her tongue ran down across one clit flicking her tongue at it, to the hole. In and out of the hole, down across the ass hole and over to the other ass hole and sticking her tongue in the pussy as it went by up to the clit and repeating this over and over.

This made the girls get more excited as they felt it and watched what they could. And before long both Tammy and Donna were Cumming, with lots of the juices flowing out of them. Bonnie was of course lapping up every drop of cum from these ladies.

Bonnie got up and told all the girls she must shower and go to get the limo back before her boss shits himself. They all laughed and agreed that it would be best.

When Bonnie was ready to leave, when the women each in turn told her they were glad she was their driver and when they come back they will hire only her to be the driver again. Each one gave her cash for a tip and she shoved it in her pocket, as not to give a bad impression of her.

She went to the lobby and out to the limo to drive back to the shop. When she got into the car she counted her money’s to see how much they gave her.

She had fifties and hundreds all in a ball where she shoved it in her pocket. After she got it all out and organized, she counted two thousand three hundred.

Wow she said, these women were great and man this is going to be a good day today.

Bonnie drove back to the shop with a big smile on her face. And thought that no matter what the guys think of her at work, she knows she is her boss’s best driver. Cause none of the others even come close to what she makes now.

She drops the limo off and goes home, still thinking about the night before.

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