The Liberation Of Margaret

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Have you ever thought back to an event in your life and wished you had changed the outcome? Recently, I did just that. When I was much, much younger, I took a job at a major research university in the Midwest. One of the first things I had to do after taking the job was to hire an Administrative Assistant.Margaret was a feisty redhead, in her mid-thirties, with two small kids, and in the process of getting divorced from an abusive husband. She appeared competent.  Not the best-qualified person for the job, but I felt that she needed it more than the other qualifying candidates. Even though I was single at the time, I was a firm believer in not playing where I work, so, for the three years we worked together, I refused to let myself get involved with her. But, I wondered, what if I had?Right from the get-go, Margaret and I hit it off. We shared an offbeat, very adult sense of humor which often lead to what a casual observer might think of as sexual harassment. It was never meant that way, even if it sounded like it, but we both gave and took without a second thought. On more than one occasion,  I wondered if she was coming on to me, but I ignored it.One Friday evening, we were working late and her estranged husband showed up, giving her a hard time. I was in my office working on an annual report. Margaret was at her desk outside my office compiling statistics for the same report. Randy showed up and their words quickly got heated, with him getting verbally abusive.”Listen, you stupid cunt. I ain’t payin’ you shit, so I can see my kids.”I walked into her office asking if there seemed to be a problem. Randy turned on beylikdüzü escort me, “Mind your own fuckin’ business, asshole!” He turned back to Margaret, “This your new stud, bitch?””I’m going to have to ask you to leave, sir,” I said, moving between the two. “And if I don’t?” Randy threatened.”I’ll have to call security and have you arrested,” I said, picking up the phone on Margaret’s desk. Returning his anger at Margaret, he said, “This ain’t over, bitch. You’ll regret this.”I dialed security. Randy saw the futility of his situation and started to leave. He turned one last time and said to me, “You can have the cow. She was a shitty lay anyway.” He stalked out, slamming the door.Margaret burst into tears. I turned, took her in my arms and held her while she sobbed. “I’m so sorry,” she said.”No need to apologize,” I said. “Are you going to be all right? Do you think he’s going to do something stupid?””Oh, I don’t know. He might.””We can finish this Monday. Let’s call it a night. Call your folks, have them keep the kids for the night, and warn them about him. You’re coming with me.””Are you sure? “”Yup.” She looked up at me, smiled, and playfully asked, “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?” I pressed against her and replied, “That, my dear, is not a banana. Now let’s go get something to eat” I took her arm, walked her to my car, and we left for a nice Italian place around the corner. After a pleasant dinner, I drove us a short distance to my place. When we got to the door, she turned, hugged me again, whispering, “Are you sure about this?”My hands gravitated to beylikdüzü escort bayan her backside, I whispered back, “Are you sure about this?”Pressing her hand against the bulge in my pants, she replied,  “He’s still legally my husband,  and I shouldn’t, but, yes, I am.”We proceeded inside where I immediately removed her suit jacket and started to unbutton her blouse, all while kissing her.  She broke the kiss stepped away, pointed to my leather chair. “Sit!” she said. “I’ll take over from here.””Yes, Ma’am!” I sat, watching her slowly untie the bow at her throat and finish unbuttoning her blouse.I was surprised at the amount of cleavage she showed, being used to the proper formality of her usual business attire. She kicked off her shoes and started caressing my now raging hard-on with her stocking covered foot. I looked down at my lap, then up at her face. Her barely controlled lust was evident as the blouse floated to the floor.”I love your taste in lingerie, Margaret,” I said, trying not to stare at her bra-clad breasts.She shimmied for a moment, letting the orbs dance around her chest while unzipping her skirt. It pooled around her ankles. leaving her standing in her bra, matching panties, stockings, and suspenders.”You look good enough to eat!” I moved to get up but was stopped by a foot pressed against my chest.”Unh, unh unh!” she said, wagging a finger at me in mock anger. “This is my treat. For rescuing a damsel in distress.””Hey, if you wanted dessert, we could have ordered it at the restaurant.”I sat back down, as she planted a foot on my crotch and rolled her stocking escort beylikdüzü off.”What I want, they don’t serve at any restaurant. You don’t mind if I take charge, do you?”I shook my head, no, as she repeated with the other foot, grinding her sole against my erection. She straddled the chair, her hips mere inches from my face. I could smell her desire as she reached behind her back, disconnecting her bra, shrugging her shoulders and revealing as perfect a pair of breasts as I had ever seen. Full, round, with puffy nipples. I looked up at them and licked my lips.”Want some?” she asked shimmying again.I watched, mesmerized as her breasts wobbled like ocean waves. She sat down on my lap, grinding against my manhood, nipples level with my eyes. “What are you waiting for?”That was all the permission I needed. I opened my mouth, taking the whole left nipple into my mouth and sucking gently as my tongue rolled over the firm tissue of her nipple. She sighed. I moaned. I let go of the left and attacked the right. I felt her hands on my hand, holding me to her.”God, I love this!” she whimpered, “Randy never let me be in charge.””He was an idiot,”  I mumbled into her breast.  “Go ahead, do your worst. I’m sure I’ll enjoy every minute of it.”She stood up, her panties at eye level again. I could see a lot of dampness in the gusset, my nose confirming what I saw. I went to reach for them and got my hand slapped.She smiled and said, “Remember who’s in charge here.””Yes, Ma’am.”She rolled her panties off, agonizingly slowly, a centimeter at a time. Milky white skin gave way to paprika colored hair, neatly trimmed in the shape of an arrowhead pointing toward her secret place. Her aroma filled my head, making my cock twitch.”You’re killing me here,  Margaret,” I said, resisting the urge to bury my face in her bush.”Did you know that in medieval times it was thought that every time a man orgasmed, it shortened his lifespan?”

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