The Late Bloomer Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is part 2 of “The Late Bloomer.” You’ll need to read the first one in order to understand this one. This part is told from the Son’s perspective though. As mentioned, the idea for this story started as a custom Bettie Bondage video request, so it’s a bit heavy on expository dialog. Topics include cheating wives, cuckolding, degradation, small penis humiliation, alpha worship, and, of course, incest. So, please skip if you’re not into that.

All characters are above the age of consent.


I woke up to the feeling of my dick being sucked.

Groggily, I picked my head up. “Mom?!”

“Shh. You’ll wake your Father.”

“Jesus, Mom! What are you doing?” I tried to whisper.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She retorted, before putting my cock back into her mouth.

I let out a long exhale. Fuck she was good at this. “Yeah, but Dad-“

“He’s asleep. Plus… What? Do you want me to stop?”

I didn’t. She took my silence as a sign to keep going.

“After today… In the basement… There was no way I was going to make it all the way until tomorrow before getting some more of this amazing cock.” She continued to stroke me as she talked. Her warm breath on my shaft making it throb. “So after your Father fell asleep, I snuck in here… And what did I find? You, already ready for me. I didn’t realize my Son slept naked. And you were so hard. Was my big boy having a dream about his cumslut Mommy?” She slapped my cock against her face a few times before shoving it back down her throat.

I groaned.

“Mommy’s such a good, little, obedient slut for her big, strong boy, isn’t she?” Fondling my balls. “Yeah, Mommy just needs this cock all the time now. Mommy can’t resist her jacked, stud Son’s big, fat cock.”

I wasn’t half-asleep anymore. I was fully alert. But something primal inside of me had woken too. She was trying to get me worked up. Trying to let the beast out. She recklessly threw her head back onto my cock. “Gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck!” Saliva poured down onto my balls. It was working. And I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

“Bring your pussy up here.” I commanded in a low rumble. I thought she might straddle my face, but instead she simply inverted herself. Rotating her body. Walking her legs around to sixty-nine with me. My dick buried half way to her stomach the entire time.

This whore couldn’t bear to give up my cock.

She’d already removed her panties. She never intended for this to end with a blowjob. Greedy. Little. Slut.

I started with a simple kiss, but when I noticed how absolutely fucking soaked her hot, little pussy was, I dove right in. Licking two fingers, thrusting them inside of her, pulling back on her clit with my thumb, and going to town with my tongue.

She paused what she was doing and held my cock deep in her throat. Then she moaned like a bitch in heat. After what she said earlier today — right before I came — I guess she kind of was.

It felt fantastic on my cock and I involuntarily thrust my hips upward. This seemed to drive her even crazier, so I kept it up as my onslaught on her pussy continued.

Sometimes she’d lift her mouth off of my cock for brief bouts of hushed encouragement, “Oh yes. Eat Mommy’s cunt!”

“Lick that pussy so good, baby!”

“Oh, that feels so goddamn nice!”

“God, you’re so fucking amazing at this. I’m going to fucking come soon. I’m going to come on my Son’s face! Oh, fuck.”

Sometimes she just moaned around my cock.

It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar feeling. I pulled my fingers out, leaned my head to the side, and avoided getting drenched by my Mom’s massive orgasm.

Luckily her shriek seemed to be muffled by the tube of flesh stuffed down her throat.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped breathlessly when she finished. She rolled over looking spent.

“Get on your knees.” Rolled out of my mouth like gravel.

“Oh, yes. I love it when you tell me just what to do.”

She climbed onto all fours and there it was. That ass. Lit by the soft night sky streaming in through my window. The ass that had teased me for as long as I could remember. Bending over to get an item from the kitchen cupboard. Tightly cradled in a pair of jeans. Swaying gently side to side as she left a room. I’d lusted after that ass for years. And now… It was mine.

I grabbed two handfuls, plunged my cock deep inside of her, and heard her gasp. A grunt escaped her lips before she caught herself.

She turned around and mouthed to me, “Oh, my fucking God.”

I pulled back and pushed in further. Another moan, but this one was quieter.

“Oh God, you go so deep.”

I wasn’t stopping. I kneaded her butt cheeks as I continued to slide in and out of her.

“Oh, my- Jesus! My stud Son is fucking me and my husband’s in the next room. Fuck that’s so hot!” She talked Magosa Escort to herself in a high pitch whisper. Almost a squeak.

I picked up speed and was relieved that my bed stayed mostly quiet. Wish I could have said the same for Mom.

“Fuck me hard you big dicked stud.”

I did.

“Pound that pussy. Show me how good you fuck your Mommy.”

I definitely did. She was getting louder by the minute.

“Oh yes! Use those strong arms to slam me back onto your thick cock!”

Happy to oblige.

“Do it! Make me a little whore for that huge cock!”


She was getting too loud now. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back toward me. “Shhh.”

Even louder. “God you know just what to do to me! You’re so fucking perfect!”.

She needed to be quiet. I wrapped my other hand around her throat.

“Yes! Take charge of me!” She shouted.

I squeezed gently to remind her but, of course, it had the opposite effect.

“Oh, you’re gonna make me come! Yes! Fuck my dirty little cunt so hard!”

She was yelling.


She screamed. I pulled out. She squirted all over my legs. I winced. How could my Dad not have heard that? I mean… The neighbors must have.

Not sure that changed anything, I shoved my cock back into her warm, wet pussy. Just as the lights went on.

I froze. Mom just turned her head slowly as if this is what she’d expected all along. My Dad stood in the doorway. His lips moving but nothing coming out. Unable to physically make the words.

“What?!” Mom finally blurted out. And then she turned back to me. “Keep going.”

I just shrugged and resumed fucking her. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but her pussy just felt too good. Plus, I had a massive load I needed to release.

“What the-? This is insane! You’re having sex… with our Son?!” Dad finally managed.

“Yes, and oh my lord does he fuck me so good!” Mom oozed.

My Dad threw his arms up into the air. “You can’t… This isn’t… I’m not going to-“

“WHAT?!” My Mom snapped at him. “You’re not going to ‘what’?!” She glared at him and he seemed to shrink back down. “As if you could do anything about it anyway! Look at him! He’s twice the size of you! In more ways than one. He could hold you down like a little bitch and still fuck me better than you ever have!”

I’m not sure why, but this made me fuck her even harder. OK, that’s a lie. I totally know why.

“Oh, fuck, yes, stud! Fuck me just like that! Nice and hard!”

Dad was back to speechless.

“Admit it! You couldn’t do anything about this even if you wanted to!”

Dad scoffed, but didn’t deny it. A bit of fake outrage on his face that he wasn’t really pulling off.

“In fact, why don’t you pull up a seat and watch? Maybe you could learn a thing or two!” Mom spat toward him.

Dad just stared at her. Totally lost. His brain still trying to connect the pieces. Find a logical next step. Or some rationale for why this was all just some big misunderstanding.


Slowly, he walked over to a chair in the corner of my room. His shoulders were hunched over and he looked small. Smaller than I’d ever seen him. He was wearing pin-stripe pajamas. The kind with matching pants and a shirt that has lapels. Who sleeps with a shirt that has buttons on it? Fucking weird, dude.

“Sit down you weak, little bitch!”

And the he just sat down — I have no clue why — like he was some kind of zombie. He didn’t look away. He didn’t look mad. He looked like a man who realized he was watching the inevitable. As if an asteroid was barrelling down on top of him. He was just this small little speck in the universe, and here was this enormous thing about to land on his fucking head. What could he do? So, he just sat there and watched.

“Fuck, you go so deep, Jason! Oh, I’ve never had a cock go as deep as yours. Your Dad’s little penis is such a joke compared to yours. Look at how deep he goes, Greg! Look how fucking DEEP! Don’t you wish you could go this deep?!”

His mouth shrunk, almost imperceptibly, into a little pout.

“God, you’re stretching out my pussy so good! I’ll never be the same after taking your massive cock. Tiny dicks won’t work anymore. Only big, thick cocks like yours will be able to please me. God, your dick is just so fucking big, Jason!”

As she talked, she alternated her focus between me and Dad. Putting on a show for both of us. God my Mom’s ass looked hot. I stepped one foot to the outside of her leg — for leverage — and really started to dig in.

“Fuck! Fucking fuck, me! Yes! Show your Father how a real man fucks!”

I wrapped my hands around her shoulders and pulled her back onto my cock. Only to slam into her again and again, pushing her forward with my momentum.

“Pound Kıbrıs Escort that pussy! Pound YOUR pussy, Jason! That’s right. That pussy is yours now. Not your Father’s. Not that useless piece of shit’s!”.

Not a peep from Dad.

“Slap my ass, Jason! Show your Father what a submissive, little slut I’ve become for my big, stud Son!”

I spanked her. Then I did it again. Each time she squealed with delight.

“Oh, yes. I’m your slut, Jason. Just your little piece of fuck meat. You’re such a jacked stud. I’m so lucky to be fucked by you and your huge muscles and your big cock. Use me however you want. Treat me like your stupid, little cum dumpster. Because that’s all I am. I’m just a cumslut for my boy. I’ll do anything for you. Anything you want. Any time you want it. Just keep giving me that big fucking dick!” Her eyes were locked onto my Dad’s the entire time now.

I spanked her again. Harder and harder. Her ass was turning pink and would be sore in the morning. She loved it.

“Oh, God! You’ going to make me come again, Jason! You’re going to make me come a third time tonight! That’s three more times than that little bitch over there ever has.”

And man, he just kept taking the verbal abuse. Not even looking away.

“ARE YOU HARD?!” I heard my Mom ask. Astonished. “YOU ARE! You little fucking pervert! You’re watching your wife get taken by your Son, and you get turned on?!” One part disgust, one part mockery.

This was the first time the emotion on my Dad’s faced changed from borderline catatonic to something else. It was subtle. Difficult to read. Maybe embarrassment? A little bit of shame. Oddly, maybe a little excitement.

“Take it out.” Mom said. Dad hesitated. “NOW!”

Dad complied.

He awkwardly lifted his butt out of the chair, pulled down his pants, lifted his shirt, and sat back down.

“HA! Look at that Jason! Look at that tiny, little prick! Look at that utter joke of a penis!” I mostly focused on fucking her, but she was right. It was pathetic. “And that’s harder than it’s been in… Years! Maybe ever!”

Dad grimaced and breathed out through his nose.

“Why is your cock so hard, Greg?” Not waiting for an answer. “Did you finally take one of those pills? No. No. Do you like watching your wife get fucked like this?! Is that it?! Do you like watching her pussy get stretched by a real cock? Watch her take a dick deeper than you could ever dream of going?! Watch her totally submit to a superior man?!”

He nodded.

“That’s right! Show him, Jason. Show him how a real man fucks!”

I did.

“YES! YES! YES! This! This is what a real man looks like! Not a little bitch. A real man. Look at how full of muscles he is. Look at his ripped body. Look at his taught stomach. Look at how he uses those muscles to slam his big, beefy cock into my tight, little cunt! LOOK!”

Dad fidgeted in his chair a bit.

“Touch it!”

He stalled.


Dad put his tiny, little nub between his thumb and two fingers and started to rub up and down. It was kind of sad. He didn’t even wrap his hand around it. Maybe he couldn’t? No friction? He didn’t even have enough to stroke. Just pulling the skin back and forth half an inch at a time.

“That’s right. Stroke that little bit of nothing for me!”

Mom hadn’t looked away from him since she had locked on some time ago. Refusing to break eye contact. Every few seconds, he’d meekly look down — not able to handle her intensity — but he always came back. He just couldn’t ignore the sight in front of him.

I grabbed Mom’s arms — pulling them back behind her like wings — as I simultaneously rode her, and held her up from falling on her face. She looked glorious. Ready to take flight. Her tits on display. Her entire body quaking uncontrollably as I thundered into her.

“Oh fuck yes! Take what’s yours stud! Fuck me like the dirty, little bitch I am!”

Dad was rubbing faster now.

“Yes, I love it! Watch, Greg! Watch as your Son uses your wife however the fuck he wants! Watch as he takes what was once yours! Watch him own me like you never would! Watch him make me do what you only wish you could!”

His rapid little stokes were shaking the chair.

“Fuck yes! Shit that’s so fucking good! I’m gonna fucking come! I’m gonna come all over your massive cock you big dicked stud!”

I gently let her arms down and pulled out. She reached down and furiously flicked her clit. Then she came everywhere. Soaking my sheets, my pillow, and the lower half of my body. I kind of had to smile. It was fucking amazing. I had no idea what a sex freak had been living next to me all these years.

Apparently, neither did Dad. His eyes went wide. A complete look of shock all over his face. And then he came. In two little dribbles that rolled down his cock and onto his pin-striped Lefkoşa Escort pajamas. His shoulders slumped and his cock went soft faster than I realized was possible.

“HA HA HA HA HA!” Mom practically cackled. “You pathetic little bitch!”

I think I heard him sob. Fuck it, I wasn’t done yet. I shoved my cock back in, and Mom made a delighted yelp.

“LOOK AT ME!” Mom ordered.

Dad looked up through dead eyes.

“I can’t believe you came while you watched YOUR SON fuck YOUR WIFE! You really are a joke, you know that, right? Nothing but a little, beta, cuck bitch!”

Dad gave the slightest of nods.

“That’s right you wimp! You weak, little, beta bitch! You’ve known all along haven’t you?! You’ve always known that I was way out of your league and that some day… Some day a real man would take me from you!”

Dad nodded again.

“You just didn’t realize that man would be your own Son! That your own Son would grow up to be a big, jacked, alpha stud, did you?! That he was going to be better than you in every way! EVERY SINGLE WAY!”

Vigorous nodding.

“Look at him! He’s so much better looking than you ever were. Better at fucking. Stronger! More stamina! And — my God — a much better cock!”

Dad was nodding at everything now.

“He’s the alpha you wish you were! But you’re just too feeble and weak! Just a little, cuck beta, and that’s all you’ll ever be!”

“Yes.” I heard him whisper.

“And now… Now he’s going to do what alphas do. Alphas take what they want. Alphas claim it as their own. Alphas spread their seed. So that someday there won’t be any more beta bitches like you. Just big, fat, alpha cocks and their willing cock sleeves, like me.”

A look of confusion on his face.

“That’s right. Your Son is going to claim me. He’s going to impregnate me. Spray my fertile eggs with his potent, young cum!”

Dad just gulped.

“He’s going to use his alpha seed to knock me up like the little, breeding whore that I am! That’s what you want isn’t it?!”

Dad nodded.

“You want him to show you just what a little, cuckie bitch you are, by knocking up your wife and impregnating her with his superior seed, don’t you?!”

“Ye-” was all he could get out before choking on the word. He held back a retch.

“Do it! Do it, Jason! Fill Mommy up with all of your potent cum and make me pregnant, you jacked beast! Breed me and claim my pussy as yours. Forever! Spray my fertile womb with your seed! Mark me! Mark me as yours! Make me take your huge load, you big dicked, alpha stud!”

So I did. I let loose a massive torrent of jizz, deep into my Mother’s womb. I felt the walls of her pussy clench my cock and milk it for all it was worth. Pushing my semen further and further up her birth canal.

“Oh, Fuck! I can feel it! I can feel you filling up my pussy! So hot in my greedy, little cunt! Oh, Greg, it feels so good. So much better than you. Oh, my God, Jason your cum is so much better than your Father’s!”

I let it all go. Everything. It just flowed out of me. And once I did, I was empty. New. Fresh. Unburdened by anything. A reset button had been pushed and nothing would be the same again.

“Oh, I fucking love it! I love when your cum fills me up! I love you, Jason. You’re the one.”

I’d done it I’d claimed her pussy. I’d claimed her. She was mine. Utterly and completely.

Once our orgasms subsided, we looked over to find him still sitting there. Mom rolled over, sat up, and splayed her legs open in front of him. “You see that?!” A giant glob of my cum oozed out of her well-fucked pussy and onto my bed sheets. “That’s more nut than you’ve given me our entire marriage! And there’s a lot more than that still up there. Ohh. He must have gotten me pregnant. Oh, Greg, I’m so excited to be knocked up by a real man…”

His face looked completely crestfallen. But his tiny penis was hard again.

“Twice in one night?! That’s never happened before. You must have really enjoyed watching your wife get fucked. Although, I guess it was the first time, since I don’t think anything we ever did together really qualifies. Not after that.” She teased.

He stood up and pulled his pants up. Then he started to shuffle toward the door.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!” Mom scoffed.

He stopped dead in his tracks, “To bed…” He said, trailing off.

“No, no, no. That’s the master bedroom. Little, cuckie babies don’t sleep there. The head of the house — the alpha — sleeps there. You sleep here. In our dirty, fucking sheets.”

Mom turned her attention to me. Joyous. Without a worry in the world. She knew he’d comply. He couldn’t not. Just didn’t have it in him. “Think you’ve got another round in you? My pussy is a little worn out, but I was really hoping to taste your cum one more time today.” She pleaded, as she took my hand and led me to the door. I just grinned confidently. She put her head on my shoulder and squeezed my muscular arm, “My big, strong man…”

I saw my Dad lay down and curl up into a fetal position on the soiled sheets — the pillow still soaked with Mom’s squirt — as we left my room. My old room.

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