The Last Temptation Of Chris

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we have to inform you that we are experiencing engine problems. Please remain in your seats and follow the safety guidelines which the cabin-staff will explain to you.”The buxom blonde sitting next to Chris clenched the arm rests tightly when the captain made his announcement. He thought himself quite lucky to be seated next to a beauty for a change. Normally, the universe would show Chris the celestial finger once he boarded a plane, with either loud, large, or lewd seated next to him. Sometimes all three, depending on her (Universe’s) mood.But today was a good day.As usual, he was one of the first to be seated and scanned the row of passengers who shuffled down the narrow passage between the seats in search of their square foot of comfort. When he saw the three-hundred-pound woman squeezing herself down the aisle, he panicked and placed his laptop on the open seat next to his. A feeble attempt he realised, but it made him feel better nonetheless. When she made eye contact with him, she continued to stare at him while she edged closer and closer. When she shuffled past his row, Chris heard himself sigh loudly in relief.He noticed the blonde when she entered the cabin. She was wearing a bright red skirt and jacket outfit which made her long, platinum-blonde hair shine even brighter. When she got a bit closer, Chris twitched in his seat when he caught himself staring at her full lips, also donned in bright red lipstick.‘Wow, she’s a fucking stunner!’ he thought. Against his better judgment, his eyes followed her as she checked row numbers. He felt his heart pounding in his chest when she stopped at the row in front of him. Leaning forward, she lifted her bag and with some effort and shoved it into the luggage hold above. Her double-breast blazer folded open for a second. Enough time for Chris to catch a glimpse of her Victoria Secret-like, lacy bra cupping her fabulous cleavage.Chris was still quietly celebrating the fact that the stunning ‘Lady in red’ would be seated in front of him, when she looked over at him.“Is this B34?” she asked, pointing at the seat next to Chris.“Uhm, yes. Yes it is!” he blurted out, perhaps a little too overeager as some of the other passengers glanced towards him.“Would you prefer the window seat?” he recovered immediately, thinking it the most appropriate, gentleman’s behaviour towards a lady.“Why, thank you! I would love that,” she replied with a big smile, “I love watching the city when we come in for a landing,” she added.Chris unbuckled his safety belt and shimmied out of the seat, wriggling past her so she could slide into the window seat next to him. ‘Thank you, Universe, thank you!’ his eyes gazed upwards in mindful gratitude.“Hi,” the lady in red smiled at him once she got comfortable in her seat, turning herself towards Chris and extending her hand, “I am Greta.”“It is lovely to meet you, Greta,” he smiled and gently squeezed her hand in curtsy, “I’m Chris.”They both settled into their seats, and while Chris paged through the on-board magazine, Greta was frantically typing on her mobile. After the cabin staff did their safety announcements, the plane coasted toward the runway.“Finally!” she suddenly uttered, and immediately looked over to Chris.“I am a little nervous about flying,” she uneasily tried to explain, “Please forgive me. I promise I will not be a pain during the flight.”Chris could see she was tense and her piercing blue eyes looked slightly bewildered. He placed his hand on top of hers and patted her lightly in comfort.“It’s going to be all right, don’t you worry,” he reassured her with his best, macho-hero-voice he could muster.She turned her hand over and gripped his tightly when the large Airbus sped down the runway. When the nose lifted and they left the ground, her nails dug into his flesh. Her eyes were shut tightly and her shoulders tensely pushed back into her seat. Chris squeezed her hand and sat in silence while the aircraft climbed to thirty thousand feet. When the announcement came that they had reached their cruising height and could remove their safety belts, she opened her eyes for the first time. She sheepishly turned to Chris.“Thank you, Chris, you helped me feel better. I’m sorry for grabbing your hand. Oh Lord, look how I scratched you!” she exclaimed in horror, and let his hand go as if it was a hot piece of coal.“It’s ok, don’t worry about it,” Chris replied, “I’m happy to know I could make you feel less anxious. Flying can be a scary experience, so I understand why you are nervous.”“I just get myself so worked up,” she continued, “I used to watch The Black Box on TV when I was younger, to my detriment, because all I think about when I board an airplane, is that it is going to crash,” she explained further, eliciting a nervous giggle on her account.“We will be just fine, Greta,” he once again assured her, “as you probably know, flying is a safer form of transport than pretty much anything else. So the probability of us crashing today is very, very slim.” Chris recited something he read in the airport whilst waiting for the flight.“And besides, I can count my lucky stars that I am seated next to such a beautiful woman as yourself.”Greta smiled.“Thank you, Chris, you are God-sent,” she whispered back.The aircraft had been cruising for about thirty minutes when the plane suddenly shuddered after a loud noise and dipped sharply to the right, into a steep decline. Screaming passengers, panicked about the sudden descent fell around and hung onto each other. Greta grabbed Chris’s hand again and clung to him.“It’s going to be ok,” he told her, leaning over her and trying to hold her, ”it’s probably only some turbulence,” he assured her.“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die,” was all she whimpered repeatedly.When the captain made his announcement about the engine problems they were experiencing, agonizing cries and wailing ensued from the panic-stricken cabin. The cabin staff shouted over the speaker system for people to get back into their seats, buckle up and stay seated. The aircraft’s downward trajectory slowly levelled out and although it felt like they were still losing altitude, it certainly was a relief to feel like they weren’t falling from the sky anymore.“Chris,” Greta suddenly spoke, “if this is our last day, I have a bucket list item I would like to tick,” she looked at him, still with a panicked look but also staring deep into his eyes.“What can I do for you, Greta?” he asked.“I’ve always wanted to be a ‘Mile-High’ club member,” she blurted, giggling nervously at the words which came out her mouth, “Do you think you would be able to get it up for me?”Chris’s facial expression must have been comical because she laughed again.“I know it is a bit strange, I know, but when I get nervous, all that energy flows into my groin, making me extremely horny,” she tried to explain herself, “and I want you to fuck me. Like right now,” she added without so much as blinking an eye. Her bottom lip quivered with nervous tension and she bit down on it in an attempt to keep it still.“Good God, Greta,” Chris eventually replied, his mind milling through a million thoughts which now included fucking Greta.“I would fuck you… in a heartbeat! But this is crazy,” he tried to reason her request.Greta’s hands were already on his crotch, feverishly fondling Chris’s dick through his trousers.“Throw a blanket over me,” she whispered and ducked down onto his lap, pulling the zip down and undoing the trousers. Chris glanced around to find something he could cover her with and used his coat which was the closest. Chris was still trying to spread the coat out when he felt Greta’s hot mouth envelope his flaccid dick.His delighted, yet audible groan disappeared into the cacophony of passenger cries. He glanced around to ascertain any discovery of their actions, but the chaotic atmosphere in the cabin had zero interest in them. He shifted down to offer her better access which she enthusiastically used to suck his full length into her mouth. She held him there for a bit, swirling her tongue around his shaft and waiting for the blood pulses to swell his eager anatomy into her mouth. They both felt how each pulsing beat would further develop the girth and length of his cock against her tongue. Chris’s eyes closed as his head arched backward and his unclenched jaw released moaned exhales with each breath.Greta’s firm grip on his shaft tightened and released in pace with her methodical, yet enthusiastic sucking strokes. She had raised his flaccidity from the dead and the slurping, sucking noises coming from Greta produced a rock-hard erection. Chris’s desire to fuck Greta had passed a point of no return.He slipped one hand around her back and rubbed over her tight ass. Shimmying her tight skirt up to her hips, the warm contact of her skin jolted through his emergent rod. When his fondling fingers reached down between her buttocks, he groaned loudly at the realisation that she was not wearing any underwear. His fingers caressed her smooth mound, tugging at her lips and flicking his fingers against her glowingly hot pussy. He heard her moan, felt it in his cock, when his index and ring fingers parted her folds, and his middle finger plunged into her already wet cunt.Greta’s head popped out from under Chris’s jacket.“I want this cock inside me now,” she purred up at him, licking his juices from her red lips, “follow me to the toilet.”She came up and lifted her leg over Chris’s to get to the aisle. As she moved across his lap, she dipped down and slipped the tip of his cock into her. She grabbed a fistful of Chris’s dark locks and kissed him passionately, driving herself down onto him to take his full length into her.She held him there until she pulled her lips from his, and slowly got up while wedging her tight skirt down from her hips. A mesmerised Chris had to scramble to cover his towering erection which glistened from Greta’s juices. She lifted her other leg over and made her way down the aisle to the toilet.Fortunately, they were only about five rows from it, and bar the turbulence throwing her from side to side, Greta got there fairly quickly. She fell into the cubicle, looking back at Chris who was still doing his trousers. She made a knocking gesture and mouthed, “come” before closing the door behind her.Chris, still seated, was trying to get his mammoth erection into his trousers, eventually just holding his jacket in front of himself as he made his down the aisle toward to toilet. The Airbus dipped heavily to one side again, and Chris fell onto a male passenger who had his eyes closed and mouthing a prayer of some sort. Chris was practically on his lap and when he came back up, the man cringed in horror at the sight of Chris’s erection in front of his face.“Sorry, so sorry,” Chris sheepishly apologised, covering his exposed erection and continued his shuffle towards the toilet door. When he steadied himself against the door, it swung open without him having to knock and he stumbled into the small cubicle.Greta had pulled her skirt up to her hips and immediately dropped down to her knees to take him into her mouth. Chris locked the door behind him and looked down at the stunning blonde’s mouth moving up and down his throbbing cock. It renewed his aching pulses and desire for Greta. Both hands grabbed hold of her blonde hair and he rammed her face against him, eliciting choking sounds as Greta gagged on his aggressive mouth fuck.Chris pulled her off him, lifted her by her hair, and drove his tongue into her dick-soaked mouth. He undid the two buttons from her jacket to expose her large tits cupped by the white lace, underwire bra. He broke away from her mouth and leaned into her chest, roughly pulling the silky material down and sucking one of her dark red nipples into his eager mouth. His right hand rounded her ass and drove two fingers into her soaking pussy, grinding her erect nipple between his teeth.Greta moaned exuberantly when the two fingers entered and stretched her open. Short, high-pitched cries echoed through the toilet cubicle on every penetrative stroke. Chris dropped her tit from his mouth and swung her around with his fingers plunged deep inside her, pushing her forward to lean over the toilet bowl.“Yes, fuck me!” she cried out, looking back at him while he dropped his trousers to the floor and lined himself up against her.“Spread your ass open, he instructed, and Greta stretched back with her arms to pull her cheeks apart, her high heel shoes naturally providing the required lift to present herself to Chris.He stroked his shaft twice and rammed his hard cock into Greta’s anticipating cunt.“Aaaah!” she cried out loudly, oblivious to the sound of the failing engine and passengers’ shrieks and cries due to the aircraft’s turbulent shaking. Chris’s cock slammed into her, his body slapping against hers and the sound of their wet, sticky sex coupled with the ensuing groaning and moaning, resonated in the small space.  “Ladies and gentlemen, for your safety, please remain in your seats,” the captain’s voice came over the speaker system again, followed by a loud bang that made the plane tumble into a steep forward decline.Chris looked out the window and could see smoke coming from the wing.“We’re going to die,” he thought. Greta was leaning against the back wall of the cistern, with Chris leaning on top of her back with almost all of his weight. He placed his left foot against the basin to hold himself up and kept at it, fucking Greta even harder now. She had to use her hands to steady herself. Their bodies rocked and swayed from side to side due to the craft’s turbulent descent. Her eyes were wide open, fearful and wild but her mouth kept uttering more profanities to Chris.“Fuck my dirty whore cunt!”“Damn you!  Fuck me like a real man!”“Come on you limp-cock mother fucker, fuck me harder!”Chris tried to reposition himself when they were thrown into the side wall during another rough aircraft judder. His foot slipped off the toilet bowl and falling forward, heard Greta’s squeal louder than before.“Now you’re talking daddy! Fuck my ass, yes! Fuck it hard, mother fucker!” she screamed back at him, hanging on to the handrail for dear life.Chris looked down and saw he was fully buried inside her ass, which he must have entered when he fell against her. Greta’s cunt juices soaked down her legs and were sufficient lubrication for the full-length, speared entry. But she was enthralled by his hard cock inside her ass, so he steadied himself by pushing against the side walls with his arms, and rocked his hips in and out of Greta’s tantalising tight hole.“Harder fucker. Faster!” she kept screaming at him as her hips started to shake and shudder, her anal-induced orgasm coming on hard while she feverishly rubbed at her clit. She squealed at the top of her voice while she climaxed. Her snug ass constricted tightly around his cock, milking him closer and closer to orgasm.“Cum in my ass, you fucking cunt,” she growled at him as her body shuddered and rocked against his, “Fuck me harder!”He could feel his balls tightening, his head arched upwards, and his eyes shut tight as the sensational ambiance drove him right to the edge of cumming.“Open the door!” You need to open this door now!”Their bubble burst when the loud voice and door banging interrupted their heavenly fuck.“We’re… I am busy!” Chris managed to utter as they froze. Greta’s body jerked involuntarily against Chris’s, his dick twitching inside her ass.

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