The Lancaster Twins Pt. 09

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I hope you’re enjoying these stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Keep in mind that these are only fantasies. They aren’t based on real people or real events. They come directly out of my perverted little mind. Also keep in mind that I’m not writing these stories for money or popularity. If you like my stories, I’m glad. You can even email me and talk to me about them (If you can use correct grammar) if you wish. If you don’t like them, move on. For those who like my stories, thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


Jackson drove home that afternoon. The roads were clear, although the temperature continued to be unseasonably cold. His mind was filled with what had happened with his mother and the fact that he had revealed to her his relationship with Jennifer. He found himself driving too fast, wanting to get home and see his wonderful sister. He ran scenarios through his mind as to how he might talk to her about what had happened with their mother. He hadn’t fully decided that he could tell her about it, but he hated keeping secrets from her.

Jennifer had received a text from Jackson that he was on the way home. She couldn’t wait! She knew that they would be having sex as soon as they could manage to be alone. After what had happened with her father the last couple of days, her body was eager for a good fucking – and she knew that her brother would give it to her. She thought that afterwards she might talk to him about what had happened with their dad. She didn’t want to, and wasn’t sure that she could find the words, but she couldn’t imagine keeping the intimate relationship with her twin brother if she started keeping secrets. They had always told each other everything. They were closer in many ways than married couples, she thought.

Things would be different, she reflected. Her father now knew that the twins were having an intimate relationship. Jennifer knew that now, when she and Jackson were alone upstairs, her father would be wondering if they were having sex. And she would be wondering if her father was imagining what they were doing. This, somehow, excited her. To be fucking Jackson, knowing that her father was aware of it was definitely a turn on. She wondered if there was some way that he could watch them. Would Jackson go along with that? She doubted it. She wondered if Tom would tell their mother. And what would she do? Would they try, in some way, to stop them? No, of course not. She and Jackson were adults. They could not be compelled to stop having sex.

Jennifer decided to go downstairs and get some lunch. She wondered if Tom was still out checking on the cows. It was a huge job to feed them when it snowed. She had told him that she would go with him and try to help, but he told her that he could manage. She had heard the tractor several times that morning and knew that Tom was carrying huge, round bales of hay out to the various pastures. She really hated not to be able to help and was the tiniest bit perturbed because she knew that, if Jackson were home, Tom would have insisted on Jackson helping. Jennifer was no weakling and was used to hard, manual labor. She didn’t like the idea that Tom was giving her preferential treatment because she was a woman. But, she thought, she was getting to stay warm and comfortable. Her father was just being good to her.

As she got to the kitchen she looked out the window and saw Tom down near the barn trying to nail some metal sheeting back on a shed. She could see his frozen breath and, occasionally, he would stomp his feet in an effort to keep them warm. Her poor daddy was very cold, she knew. She should prepare him a warm lunch.

She set about warming some chili and making some cheese-toasts for both of them. She made a pot of coffee, then pulled her coat on, along with a pair of galoshes, and trudged down to the barn.


“Honey, it’s too cold for you to be out here. I’ve got this. Go back in,” he yelled.

“I will. I made you some lunch. Come in and warm up!” she smiled.

She was so beautiful, he thought. She was his little girl, despite the fact that she was nearly six feet tall and was very much a full-grown woman. Her brown eyes glittered with happiness and her dark hair reflected the sunlight. Had there ever been a more gorgeous human being that his Jenny?

“I’m about done here, Jen. I’ll be up in a bit. Keep it warm for me. Thank you, Sweetie!”

Jennifer made her way back to the house. She sat at the kitchen table and watched out the window until Tom started toward the house. She quickly prepared them both a bowl of steaming chili, got plates for the cheese-toasts, poured them both a cup of coffee, and got them both a glass of ice water.

Tom stomped the mud off of his boots, then removed them before coming in the house. When he entered the house he saw the meal prepared for them both. He quickly removed his coat and sat down at the table.

“Baby girl, this is great. You’re just like your Mama, and that’s a good thing! This looks delicious,” he bostancı escort bayan said as he started eating the chili.

“I couldn’t stand to see you out there in the cold, Daddy. I wanted to warm you up,” she smiled.

Tom thought that she could warm him up in any number of ways, but he didn’t want to dwell on that right now. He was having guilt pangs from what they had done and was also worried about the revelation that this seemingly-innocent young girl was having sex with her twin brother. It was unbelievable. Everything that Tom had ever believed screamed that this was wrong, sinful, awful, an abomination. Nevertheless, thinking about it excited him tremendously. He had masturbated the previous evening, something that he rarely did. He was not thinking so much about what he and Jenny had done, but more about what she and her brother were doing. He knew he should not think this way, but as he was working that morning he kept wondering how he might somehow watch them engage in their incestuous, illicit union.

As Tom dug into his chili with great relish, Jennifer said, “Jackson’s on the way home. He says the roads are clear.”

Tom took a bite of his cheese-toast and wiped his mouth. “Oh, that’s great. I know you’re glad he’s coming home…” he said, then added, “Of course I am too! I just wish your mother was with him.”

“Yeah. I miss Mom. I know you do. And lunch would’ve been a lot better if she had cooked it,” she laughed.

“No way!” he said. “You know I love chili, especially when it’s cold outside. I can’t imagine any lunch that would hit the spot better than this, Jen.”

“I love doing things that please you, Daddy,” she said, knowing that her words could be taken in more than one way.

Tom grinned as he took a sip of his coffee. “Whoa, that’s mighty fine coffee there, girl! You please me very much, Jenny,” he told her. “You always have. I’m very proud of you.”

Jennifer knew that what she had told her father about her and Jackson must be on his mind. “Daddy, I know that I’ve done things that must really disappoint you.”

Tom lay his spoon in his empty bowl. “I’m not disappointed, exactly. I’m not going to give my blessing to this thing – what you and I did or what you and your brother are doing. Let’s be clear about that. But I understand it. I’m glad that we didn’t…”

“But you wanted to, didn’t you?” she whispered. Thinking about being naked with him was turning her on again.

Tom took another sip of coffee. “Of course I did. Do you have to ask? Wasn’t it obvious?”

Jennifer smiled. “That makes me happy. I love to have your approval, Daddy. I need it!”

Tom couldn’t stop himself. “Does Jackson approve of you, Jenny?” He had a mischievous smile on his face. “Does he like your body as much as I do?” Tom knew that he should not be saying such things, that he would regret them later, but he had such an insatiable curiosity that he just had to know more!

“Yes, Daddy. He approves,” she grinned, aware that her father was very curious and turned on by what she and Jackson were doing. Why not tell him? “He loves my body and I love his!”

“So what’s going to happen when he gets home?” he pushed. She would probably not answer this, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

Jennifer regarded him. Should she just avoid the question? Should she just tell him in a general way? Or did she dare give him specifics? “I hope he’ll make love to me,” she whispered as her voice caught.

“Oh Baby,” he whispered, feeling his cock lurch.

“I can’t wait, Daddy,” she blurted, knowing full well the effect it would have on him.

“You’re hot for it, aren’t you honey?” he managed. He couldn’t believe that he could be saying these things to his own daughter, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Is this exciting you, Daddy?” she asked as she got up from her chair and came around the table, reaching to his crotch to feel of his huge, hardening phallus.

Tom allowed his sensual daughter to feel of his cock through his work pants. He suddenly wanted to take them off and let her play with it, lick it, suck it, or anything else she wanted to do with it. “You can tell, can’t you, Jenny?”

Jennifer got on her knees and began to unfasten her father’s pants.

“No, honey. Not in here. Let’s go to the couch!” Tom said as he stood.

He went into the living room and quickly unfastened his work pants. He wrestled them down, along with his insulated underwear. Jennifer assisted him in pulled them down his legs and off. He sat on the couch, his immense truncheon angled out in front of him. Jennifer feverishly fell to her knees and began to lick and kiss it. She fondled his balls and licked his cock wetly from the base to the head, then stretched her cock-hungry lips over the glans. She washed it with her warm tongue, glorying in the smell and taste of her father. There was some pre-cum, coating the head, and she thirstily lapped it up and swallowed it.


By the time that ümraniye escort Jennifer had the dishes washed and put away, she could hear Jackson’s Jeep coming up the driveway. Her entire body was buzzing with anticipation. If she was alone, she would just go ahead and take her clothes off and meet him at the door naked.

When Jackson came in the back door she embraced him and kissed his cheek. “I missed you so much!” she whispered, not really caring what her father heard, anymore. She casually dropped one hand to his crotch and grasped his flaccid cock through his jeans, before stepping back to allow Jackson to walk to the living room to greet Tom.

Tom was reading the newspaper in his recliner. Jackson sat down and began telling him about Bill’s condition and the status of the roads. Jennifer stood in the doorway listening to them as the subject was, inevitably, turned to sports and politics. She would normally have sat down and engaged in the conversation, since she was intensely interested in such topics, but her body was craving what only her twin brother could give her. She walked upstairs to take a shower, knowing that Jackson would be upstairs soon.


Bill was resting more comfortably. Even without the pain pills, his leg wasn’t hurting too bad as long as he stayed propped up in bed. He was not accustomed to staying indoors, though. He had worked outdoors all of his life and was terribly bored if forced to stay indoors. He enjoyed reading, but couldn’t stay focused for more than an hour or so. He liked to watch TV, but considered it a huge waste of time to watch it all day. He was thankful that Shana was there, not only to assist him physically, but to talk with. Shana was knowledgeable on any number of topics and they never ran out of things to talk about.

They talked about sports, history, politics, their family, but Bill eventually dozed off. When he awakened he rang his bell for Shana to assist him to the bathroom. He told her that he wanted to try to wash off, so she had him sit on the toilet, removed all his clothes (although he protested) and bathed him.

The sight of her well-built father totally naked sent a surge of lust through Shana’s body. Her father wasn’t well-hung like her son or husband, but still – it was her father and she had always been turned on by him.

When she started to wash his cock, he said, “Shana, let me wash myself. At least down there. You should not do that. It’s embarrassing.”

Shana smiled at her father. “I want to, Daddy. Let me?” She rubbed the bar of soap gently on his nuts and his cock-shaft as it began to stiffen. Then she ran her hand up and down his shaft as if she were jerking him off. She giggled as it began hardening quickly. “Oh my, Daddy! You’re like a teenager!” She knew full-well, from very recent experience, exactly how a teen cock behaved.

“Shana, Honey. Stop.” He looked at her pleadingly, but didn’t try to stop her.

Shana rinsed his cock and balls carefully, then dipped her head and licked the head. “You like that, Daddy? Does that make the pain go away?”

“Shana… it feels good, yes, Baby,” he sighed. Hell yes, it felt good. The only sex he ever got was an occasional masturbation session in which he would think back on either when he had fucked his own daughter some months previously, or when he had viewed the incestuous behavior of his twin grandchildren.

Shana swiped her tongue around her father’s glans a few times, then continued his bath. She washed him as well as she could, then dried him off and led him, still naked, to the bed with the aid of crutches.

When she got him lain down in the bed and comfortable, she began to take her clothes off as her father watched her, hungrily.

When she took her bra off, revealing her bountiful, young-looking breasts to his view, he said, “Shana, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me.”

Shana stepped out of her panties and, being very careful not to hit his injured leg, straddled him. She eased herself down and inserted his enraged penis into her flooded pussy. She very slowly sat completely down, allowing him to slide deep inside her. Bill grasped her breasts as she leaned forward.

“Oh, Daddy, I love this. I’ve been wanting to do it again ever since last time!” she moaned as she began to undulate herself on his stiff member. She leaned forward and pressed her breasts to her father’s face.

Bill eagerly began to suckle and lick his daughter’s perfect breasts. In his mind, she was a young teenager again. He remembered well how she displayed her young body to him back in those days. Of course he never tried to take advantage of her, but he had wanted her, and he thought that she probably would have given herself to him.

“Oh, Daddy. Just like that! Suck them. They need you so bad, Daddy. They’ve always wanted you to do this. When I was a girl I used to imagine you sucking them just like this!” she groaned.

Bill stopped long enough to comment. “Do you think it escort kartal would have been this good if we had done this when you were a girl?”

“Mmmmmmm! I love thinking about that, Daddy. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to share a bed and make love every night?”

“I wouldn’t have done that, Shana. I mean…of course I desired you, but I wouldn’t have done that to you for fear that it might damage you in some way. Does that make sense?” he asked as she continued to very slowly move her hips, keeping him deep inside her.

“I wanted you so bad, Daddy. You have no idea!” she admitted, her body tingling with lust as they discussed this.

“So you really would have let me if I had tried?” he asked, in between his kisses and licks of her wonderful breasts.

“Yesssssss! I didn’t have the nerve to try to seduce you, but if you had ever tried to do anything, I would have given you everything! I loved you! I love you, now, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Is it because I’m your father?”

Shana moved her hips a bit more quickly and shuddered from the pleasure of her dad’s oral ministrations of her breasts. “That’s part of it, for sure. But the way you took care of me after Mama left and the honorable way you lived your life – your kindness, your humility, your patience – those are the qualities that I’ve always wanted in a man.”

“Thank you, Shana. You have made my life worth living,” he said as tears unexpectedly came to his eyes.

“Did you desire me because I was your daughter?” she asked, a gleam in her eye.

“I think I desired you because you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he laughed. “But, yes, I think that the fact that you are my biological daughter makes it more of a turn-on. I can’t explain that, but it seems that incest is a fantasy that most people have in one degree or another,” he opined.

Shana placed both of her feet flat on the bed and began to slowly raise herself up and then back down onto her father’s throbbing phallus. “I hope you’re not about to cum because I love talking about things like this while having sex,” she laughed.

“If you want it to last, you need to stop that, Baby,” he laughed. “I’m going to blow my load. You’re milking that thing!”

Shana carefully stretched her legs out toward the foot of the bed. She was careful to make sure he didn’t slip out of her as she lay between his legs, her own legs pressed together. She was also very careful not to hurt his injured leg. Bill now lay with his legs spread, his daughter lying flat between them, with his cock lodged deep inside her. He placed his hands on her soft, firm buttocks. Her breasts were now pressed into his own chest and her cheek was pressed against his own. Their mouths were now in close proximity to each other’s ears. They had to but whisper to communicate.

“So, Daddy, you liked thinking about fucking your little girl?” she whispered.

“Yes, your daddy wanted to devour your hot little body,” Bill told her.

“That’s so hot, Daddy. I wish we had. I would have let you lick me between my legs and suck my little tits.”

“By the time your mother left, your tits were not little, Shana. You always had the most beautiful breasts of anyone I knew. I loved it when I got a glimpse of them!”

“This is driving me crazy, Daddy. I’m going to cum so good…but not yet! I want this to last. It’s SO GOOD!” she told him.

“You ever think about anyone else in that way?” he asked.

“Like what?”

“Incest…” he let the word hang in the air. He had wondered if Shana had any clue as to what was going on between Jenny and Jackson.

Shana propped herself up in order to look in his eyes. “You mean…Jackson? Or who?” Did he know about what she had done with Jackson?

“Well, have you?” He met her eyes.

“I think he’s extremely sexy, so yes,” she said, tentatively.

“Do you think that your twins have those kinds of thoughts? After all, they’re alone a lot. And they’re extremely close,” he offered.

“Daddy, do you know something you’re not telling me?”

“Don’t get upset, Baby. I’m just asking. I mean, look at them. How would they not find each other attractive? Add to that what we’ve just been talking about – that most people have these kinds of fantasies – and it’s the perfect storm,” he explained.

“What did you see, Daddy? There’s something you’re not telling me.”

“I don’t think it’s for me to say, but I think there’s something going on…and I hate to be the one to tell you. It’s not my place.”

Shana sighed. “I know all about it, Daddy. Jackson told me.”

“Have you tried to stop them? Does Tom know this?”

“Jackson just told me a couple of days ago. I haven’t discussed it with Tom. What can we do, Daddy? They’re legally adults.”

“I saw them. I watched them,” he stated. He almost came as he thought back to the hottest thing he had ever witnessed in his life – his lovely granddaughter, Jenny, fucking her twin brother, Jackson.

“What? How? Daddy! Tell me!”

“Does it turn you on, Shana?” he asked in what he meant to be an accusatory tone.

“I could ask the same thing, Daddy! Did it turn YOU on?” she demanded, aware that her orgasm was going to overtake her soon, despite any effort she might take to prolong it.

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