The Lady of the Manor Ch. 03

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The Lady of the Manor — Chapter 3

Thomas, the Viscountess and Claire enjoy an afternoon of intimacy. This chapter starts exactly where Chapter 2 stopped. I hope you enjoy it. It will be the last in this series. As always, comments and feedback are very welcome.


The Viscountess Baythorpe and I continued to look at each other, me with a slight grin on my face, Caroline’s face red with embarrassment but otherwise impassive.

‘Are you suggesting some sort of group sex Thomas?’ she asked, eventually. ‘A threesome?’

‘Yes,’ I said, simply. ‘Or rather what I’m saying is that if you wanted to try that, I think Claire would go along with it.’ In fact I wasn’t so sure. It was one thing for Claire to say those things while we were making love, it was quite another for her to actually indulge in a threesome with her female, aristocratic and considerably older employer. But one bridge at a time.

Caroline’s breathing had become faster and shallower and I could feel her heartbeat against my chest. She was clearly affected by the idea but how she would respond I couldn’t tell.

‘I don’t know,’ she said, at length. I stroked her hair and kissed her lips and she smiled and traced the line of my sternum with a red-tipped finger. ‘I’m not against the idea, in principle, in fact it’s a very exciting thought. I’ve never… touched another woman in that way. Some of the older girls at boarding school were at it like knives every night, though I never did. But it has been one of my fantasies over the years.’

‘So shall I talk to Claire?’

‘I don’t know,’ she said again. ‘In some ways it would be easier if it were just your girlfriend and I didn’t know her. The idea of… well of having sex with Claire terrifies me.’

‘She’s very fond of you. She’d never do anything to hurt or embarrass you.’

‘I know, but I would be embarrassed. And I know she’s a lovely looking girl and with a great figure and I bet she looks terrific naked and… oh God, Thomas, I want to say yes but I’m frightened.’

It occurred to me, and not for the first time, that I was entering an emotional minefield and I needed to tread carefully and respect the mores and sensibilities of the two ladies involved in this little rural drama. If it all went tits up, Claire would probably be out of a job and Caroline would be deeply hurt. I was toying with the idea of calling the whole thing off when Caroline raised herself on one elbow and looked down at me.

‘Right, I’m a bag of nerves and my stomach is churning but yes. The answer is yes. Talk to Claire. I want this more than I’m frightened of it, I think. She hugged me tightly. ‘It will be alright, won’t it?’

‘It’ll be wonderful,’ I said, my cock hardening at the thought of being on this bed with Claire and Caroline. Watching them make love. It was a scant half-hour since I’d pumped my load into the Viscountess’s anus but now I was rigid again, my glans tender, an angry purple red. ‘But right now I’ve got something to take your mind off things.’

I got to my knees and parted Caroline’s legs. Her pussy was still gaping and pink, the pubic hair slick with her secretions and mixed with the lubrication I’d used on her rosebud. I knelt down and entered her and she groaned and wrapped her stockinged legs around mine and I kissed her as I thrust into her and she responded, mashing her lips against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth, raking her scarlet nails across my back. I flexed as her nails bit into me and pushed harder and she started crying and said: ‘I love you!’

‘I love you too,’ I replied, automatically, although when I thought about it later I realised I probably did love her. But right now I was desperate to have my orgasm; it was maybe my seventh of the weekend and my body was showing some understandable reluctance. I pumped furiously and Caroline had another climax and screamed and writhed beneath me as I staggered past the chequered flag and squirted my final trickle of semen into the Viscountess’s cunt.

We slept like the dead that night, together in her big four-poster bed, not stirring until the sunlight hit the big east facing window and the shadows of the night retreated to their corners. Then it was time for me to leave, before Claire arrived for work.

‘I’m not looking forward to seeing her today,’ admitted Caroline, sitting in bed with a cup of tea Sarıyer escort while I pulled my clothes on. ‘I mean it’ll be a huge elephant in the room, her knowing about us.’

‘So the sooner we’re all in it together the better,’ I smiled.

‘I suppose so,’ she said, reaching for her cigarettes.

‘You’re smoking more,’ I observed.

‘I’m nervous. And don’t nag.’


The following Friday I went round to Claire’s flat in Bath and she cooked us lamb tagliatelle. She also told me about her week at Baythorpe Manor.

‘Talk about awkward. We could hardly make eye contact and that’s really not like Caroline, or me. In the end we just tried to avoid each other.’

We were watching a film and finishing off the bottle of Chianti that we’d started over dinner. My arm was around Claire and she was snuggled up to me, her legs slung over my lap.

‘What did she say when you told her about us?’

I thought for a moment: ‘she said “bloody hell”.’

Claire looked at me. ‘And what did she say when you told her I knew about the two of you?’


‘That’s what she said, “fuck”? Well I’ve never known her use that word before.’

The film finished at ten and we watched the news for a bit then I started kissing Claire and cupping her breasts through her blouse and she got up off the settee and tugged me in the direction of the bedroom where we stripped without much ceremony and climbed in under the duvet.

Claire felt warm and firm and rounded in my arms and my desire rose as I kissed her and tweaked her nipples. She cried out as I took one in my mouth and gently bit down on the little rosy nub. My right hand was parting her thighs and exploring her glorious silky black bush, my fingers seeking her labia, pushing the outer lips apart, sliding into her wetness, finding the centre of her pleasure and stroking it with my fingertip. While I gently masturbated her I told her about last Sunday evening and how I’d used the riding crop on her Ladyship and then taken her roughly from behind, and how I’d then told her to strip and had tied her down and fucked her pussy and her mouth and her anus.

Claire gasped, red-faced and aroused. ‘You had anal intercourse with the Viscountess? Does she like it?’

‘Loves it. She comes when I do it.’

Claire came at that moment as I masturbated her. She said afterwards that it was one of the strongest climaxes she’d ever experienced. As her orgasm shuddered through her I knelt up and slid into her velvet depths and took her slowly but firmly; long, slow, hard thrusts. Withdrawing until my glans almost slid out then sinking all seven inches back in. Claire gasped beneath me, open mouthed and open eyed, her hands on my shoulders, nails digging into my muscles.

‘Go on, fuck me you dirty arse-fucking bastard. Give it to me hard!’

I’d never seen Claire so aroused. There would never be a better time.

‘I bet you’d like to join Caroline and me in bed, wouldn’t you,’ I grunted down at her as I thrust into her tight, black-haired cunt. ‘I bet you’d like her Ladyship to lick your juicy slit wouldn’t you. And then kiss you so you could taste your juices on her lips–‘

It was too much for Claire. She screamed and bucked her hips wildly as her second climax swept over her in a tidal wave of pleasure. I’d been visualising the things I’d been saying and now I exploded inside her, jet after jet of hot spunk pumped into her sopping twat, erotic visions flickering through my brain like sheet lightning.

Afterwards I lay back as Claire mopped herself up with some tissues from the bedside table. Then she rolled over and lay against me, her head on my chest, her raven-black hair tickling my nipple.

‘You certainly know how to turn a girl on, Tom. All that stuff about Caroline. Bloody hell! And you really fucked her up the bum, too?’

‘Yes. And she’s up for a threesome,’ I said, quietly.

‘You are joking!’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘With me?’

‘With us, yes.’

‘You’ve discussed it!?’

‘Briefly. She’s never done anything like it before, she’s as nervous as anything but she’s really, really turned on by the idea.’

‘Christ, so am I!’

‘Have you ever been with a woman before?’ I asked, intensely curious.

‘One or two little fumbles. Nothing serious.’ She looked up at me. ‘So how Escort Silivri is this going to work? I mean she’s my employer, in case you’d forgotten.’

I’d thought about this quite a lot but now I paused, pretending to consider the matter. ‘I think,’ I said, slowly, ‘that the best way for it to work is if I’m in charge and telling you both what to do. I think that’ll be the best way to avoid too much awkwardness.’

Claire laughed. ‘And it’s the best solution for your male ego, right?’

I laughed too and kissed her mouth. ‘Well if you’ve got a better idea…’

She was silent for a few minutes. ‘No,’ she said at last, ‘I haven’t.’


Caroline and I didn’t sleep together that next weekend but I did see her on Sunday afternoon at a garden party thrown by the tedious Margery Jameson whom I’d met at Baythorpe Manor the first time I’d been invited there and who now invited me to all her charity events and fundraising campaigns. I usually found an excuse not to go, but I knew the Viscountess would be attending on Sunday so I went and endured Margery’s blethering about the Womens’ Institute for half an hour before I saw Caroline and excused myself.

Ms Jameson’s garden was large and parts of it were quite wild so Caroline and I were able to find a bit of peace and quiet on an old wooden bench behind a clump of laurel bushes.

‘Don’t keep me in suspense,’ said Caroline as soon as we’d sat down and she’d lit a cigarette. ‘What did she say?’

‘Oh, she said the over sixties Bring and Buy was a great success and they’re going to hold another one before Christmas.’

‘What!? No, not what did Margery say, idiot. What did Claire say?’ She laughed and dug me in the ribs.

‘Claire is very, very much up for it,’ I smiled at her.

‘Is she? Oh God, now I’m really nervous.’ She drew hard on her cigarette and took the smoke down deep into her lungs. ‘How’s it going to work?’ she asked, echoing Claire. So I told her and she smoked another cigarette and finally relaxed a bit, or at least enough to join the rest of the party.

As we walked across the lawn to the other guests on the patio I said quietly: ‘did you mean what you said the other day, about loving me?’

‘Yes,’ she said simply. ‘Did you mean it too, or was it just a reflex action?’

‘No,’ I said, I meant it too.’

‘What about Claire?’ asked Caroline, a touch cattily I fancied. ‘Do you love her too?’

‘We’ve only been going out for a few weeks. But yes, I think I could fall in love with her.’

Caroline smiled that lovely wide-mouthed smile. ‘Life could get quite complicated for you couldn’t it, Thomas darling.’


D Day was the following weekend, on the Saturday afternoon. The week inched by, deliberately slowly it seemed. During the day I found it difficult to concentrate at work and found myself staring out of the window, lost in erotic thought. In the evenings I was torn between an intense desire to masturbate and a wish to save it for the weekend. I did order some more stuff from the online sex shop, which I discussed with Claire but not with her Ladyship. It arrived on Friday.

Claire knocked on my door just after midday on the Saturday. It was the end of a hot, dry spell and there were black cumulonimbus clouds hanging over the fields and a distant rumble of thunder, which I tried not to interpret as a bad omen. She was dressed in jeans and a roll-neck sweater but she had an overnight bag with her and she disappeared into my bedroom, emerging half an hour later, transformed. She had made her face up with care and with more than her usual minimal amount of make-up. Her eyes seemed huge within the eyeshadow and liner and her face, with its high cheekbones, looked long, and sensual, framed by her raven-wing hair. Her full lips were a tarty scarlet and she’d painted her fingernails to match. But it was her lingerie that I couldn’t take my eyes off: she was wearing black, seamed stockings with a matching suspender belt and black silk french knickers. Her legs were one of her best features and encased in black nylon they looked like the legs of a woman on a Pop-Art poster. A black, lacy bra and black patent high heels completed the picture. She looked divine. She clearly didn’t feel one hundred percent comfortable.

‘Is this a bit too much do you think?’ she asked, Topkapı escort bayan doubtfully.

‘No way. You look ravishing. Her Ladyship will be drooling over the Axminster.’

‘I feel a bit self-conscious. And that’s before we’ve even got there! Will she be dressed in stockings too?’

‘Oh yes.’

‘And you’ve talked to her and she wants us to do those things? Spank her and tie her down and everything?’

‘Yes,’ I said again. ‘Relax.’ Although I was almost as nervous as Claire. ‘Let’s have a drink before we go. That’ll help.’

I opened a bottle of Merlot and poured two generous glasses and we sat in my tiny sitting room and sipped them in silence. Actually I sipped, Claire gulped, draining her glass in about three mouthfuls. I went to pour her some more.

‘I’d better not, I’m driving.’

‘I’ll drive,’ I said, filling her glass, and she gave me a relieved look.

With the bottle three-quarters empty, we looked at each other, hugged and got into Claire’s car for the drive to Baythorpe Manor; Claire was now wearing a black cocktail dress over her stockings. The journey was short and in no time we were standing together under the portico and ringing the bell. Caroline, the Viscountess Baythorpe, answered the door about thirty seconds later. She too was wearing a black cocktail dress and I saw the two ladies eye each other. We exchanged tense hellos and went in and Caroline shut the door and we stood looking at each other for a moment, uncertain what to do.

‘Come upstairs,’ said Caroline, leading the way. ‘I expect that we could all do with a drink. I know I could.’ Following her up the wide staircase I could see Claire looking at her Ladyship’s legs and rear end. Caroline too had been careful with her make-up, and at fifty-eight it was always going to be more of a challenge than for Claire in her early thirties. But she looked good, exuding a sensual and sexy mature aura, her ash-blonde hair shining, her lips a dark red and her nails a rich plum colour.

Inside her rooms she asked what we wanted and Claire opted for gin and tonic. I asked for a whisky and water. There was evidence on the coffee table that Caroline had started the party early: an ashtray with three or four butts and a tumbler half full of a clear liquid and with a slice of lemon. As Caroline put our drinks in front of us I stood and pulled her towards me, roughly, putting my hand behind her head and forcing her mouth against mine. I wanted to start off as I meant the afternoon to progress. Behind me Claire watched silently, wide-eyed. The Viscountess tasted of gin, cigarettes and mouthwash.

‘You’ve been smoking, haven’t you?’ I said, sternly. It was a bit of a stupid thing to say with the ashtray on the table but it was all part of the game.

‘I’m sorry, Thomas, I was nervous.’

‘Go and brush your teeth. And bring the handcuffs back with you.’

‘Yes,’ whispered Caroline, and disappeared through her bedroom door.

I looked around at Claire who had already finished her industrial strength G there was no way she’d leave them in place all week to be discovered by her maid when she cleaned the room.

‘Right,’ I said briskly to Claire, ‘strap her Ladyship down on the bed and make sure she’s tightly secured.’

Claire barely hesitated. It was clear that she was very excited. Her pupils were dilated and her breathing rate was heightened; pink spots glowed on her cheeks. She took the arm Caroline was holding in front of her breasts and pulled her to the big four-poster bed with its wine-red drapery. Neither lady said anything as Caroline climbed onto the bed and obediently lay down on her back, one hand still covering her pubic bush. Claire got onto the bed with her and secured straps around her employer’s slim ankles before clipping them to the straps on the bedposts. Caroline put up some resistance to stop Claire from pulling her hand from between her legs but it was a token effort and a minute later both the Viscountesses arms were secured above her head and Claire was going round the buckles and pulling each one tight so her Ladyship was spreadeagled on her bed..

I helped Claire off the bed and started to undress her, slowly and tantalisingly, aware of Caroline looking at us, unable to move. I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, rustling over her stockings. She stepped out of it and shed her high-heels and I kissed her and reached around to unclip her bra. Cupping her small, rounded breasts I suckled on one nipple and Claire moaned, crying out as I gently bit down. On the bed Caroline was enthralled, breathing quickly and flexing her thigh muscles as though to stimulate herself.

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