The Invitation

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Asshole Fucked

Phil and Nance returned to their suite at the Reefer’s Hotel her right foot was tucked in under her, hooked onto the arm of the couch. Her left leg extended down to the grass next to the couch. Her hands reached out in front of her head, displaying her well-tanned and muscular back and flanks.

Phil’s penis grew erect on seeing one breast swelling out along the back of the couch, pushed outward by the sort of straddling position that her breasts made on the couch. Her jet-black hair was long and glossy, and hung down toward the ground completely obscuring her face. Overall, she was obviously tall, trim, strong, and totally exposed. Her stance left her ass cheeks spread and her cunt was open to the couple’s view.

“Phil,” Nancy whispered. “Do you believe this?”

In response, Phil pulled his girlfriend tight against him, being careful not to make any noise.

“What are you doing?” Nancy squeaked, doing her best to remain quiet too.

“She’s naked,” he whispered.

“I can see that,” Nancy laughed quietly then reached behind her to cup his testicles. “Oh my, you are hard, aren’t you?”

“Don’t make me cum, Nance,” he said and she knew he meant it and stopped playing with him, but kept him in her hand, liking the comfort it provided.

They both checked out Jane’s nude body.

“Look, see how wet she is!” Nancy said in a voice suddenly husky with lust.

Phil didn’t answer at first, bur sent his hand under Nancy’s dress in search of her pussy.

“Phil!” she gasped, you better not!”

Before he could answer her, a naked man strolled İstanbul Escort into view and knelt down next to Jane but closer to the pool, putting Jane between himself and the spying couple behind the hedge.

“What’s he doing?” Nancy whispered.

“I’m not sure… it looks… yeah, he’s hooking up a garden hose.”

“Whatever for?” Nancy said aloud.

Phil made no reply, preferring to wait and see.

It didn’t take long before it made sense. Dick, if that’s who it was, had connected the hose to a spigot that was part of the nearby Jacuzzi.

“Jesus, Nance, wait until you see what….”

But Nancy could see for herself. The man directed a stream of hot water from the mouth of the hose directly between Jane’s opened legs.

Nancy’s jaw dropped as she watched enviously as the obviously hot water teasingly splashed over the nude woman’s clitoris and labia. She grabbed Phil’s hand and brought it directly to her clit. “Rub me there!” she croaked.

“Ready?” the man asked.

“Yes, please,” the woman replied and raised her rump ever so slightly as the man put his thumb over the tip of the hose, turning the spray into a more formidable stream that could be seen moving the woman’s flesh around.

“Here it comes,” he told her; and a jet of water opened the tight collar of her asshole, so that the spying couple could plainly see a shimmering black circle under the flowing water.

“Yesssss, baby!” the woman moaned.

The jet moved to her clit momentarily then her pussy.

“Yesssss, baby!”

Her labia flopped around in Bayan Escort the swirling water, reminded Nancy of Phil’s testicles hanging under his cock while he fucked her.

If this weren’t erotic enough, what happened next was even more unexpected.

Dick, Nancy was sure it was Dick, inched further forward, and the tip of his pulsing cock pointed straight ahead like a missile in search of its target. The couch was the perfect height so that his cock could rendezvous with Jane’s open cunt, and he allowed it to be swallowed up into the hot and wet cavity.

Of course, that wasn’t the unusual part; it was what he did with the hose. Joe pulled the head around behind him and held the nozzle with his right hand resting under his ass. It was a little hard to see, but Nancy and Phil could easily imagine where the jet of water was being trained: right onto the juncture of his cock and her cunt.

In this fashion, the spray was simultaneously stimulating her distended clit and splattering onto his balls as well as the sensitive underside of his cock.

As he began to rock back and forth on his feet, his cock plunged deeply into her cunt and then out. The spray of water shot up and around his cock, and formed a kind of misty fountain of steaming spray. His left hand massaged up and down Jane’s slick back, and she started to twist her head back and forth, flipping her wet black hair around in the edges of the halo of spray.

Nancy was grunting from being filled with four of Phil’s fingers.

Phil came from rubbing his erection against Nancy’s ass, shooting Eskort his load into the leaves of the hedge.

The couple fornicating with the hose reached simultaneous climaxes in only a few minutes, and at that point, they began to bounce and shimmy around, accompanied by their loud moans and grunts. Their athleticism was evident as their water-slickened muscles rippled and sparkled in the sunlight. Dick’s head arched back and he screamed out his satisfaction.

Jane reached down to grab her knees and pull her haunches up toward her head on either side of the couch just as Dick pumped a couple of spurts into her, dropping the hose to the ground in the process. He rested his cock at the top of Jane’s ass crease.

Phil and Nancy could see the wide pink head lying at the base of her spine, as several more thick gobs of cum surged out into the small of her back.

“Did you cum, Phil?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah on the hedge.”

“Me too,” she replied.

“You came on the hedge?” he said kidding her. She took him seriously. “No, silly. I came on your hand!”

“Look at them!” he whispered.

Dick was mixing the water and sperm and massaging the creamy substance into Jane’s skin from her ass to her shoulder blades.

Then he gripped her slippery ass cheeks and squeezed them inward, forming an enclosure through which he slid his diminishing erection a few times before pulling it out all the way.

Jane was laughing lewdly when she slid off the back of the couch onto the cushions, and Dick tumbled forward into her arms. Both disappeared from view of the other couple. The hose continued to splatter the wet vinyl and the couple now rolling about on the grassy lawn.

Nancy turned to Phil and said, “Honey, what time is it?”

“It’s three after seven. Shall we go meet Dick and Jane?”

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