The Interview

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


The room was well lighted but not extremely bright. Even at that it was somewhat sultry with the décor. It was a side porch with nice flowers outside, nice fragrance and quiet with some bird and neighborhood sounds. Screens around the porch from about couch high up. Small trees that blocked the light. There were two couches, loveseats with low backs.

They were to stretch out on with your back up against the arm, not lying down or sitting up. You could easily put your elbows on the arms on either side of you or lean over against the back. Plush, very comfortable. I wanted his front to be clearly seen if he got excited and his waist wouldn’t be bent double.

I planned to invite him to walk in the garden occasionally so he wouldn’t get, well, I shouldn’t say stiff. Maybe restless would be the word. I also asked him to wear sports shorts, no underwear. I assumed he understood why. He readily agreed.

I had a thin summer dress on. Light would go right through. I chose yellow panties, much darker than my yellow dress so they would be noticeable, very light weight. They were very roomy. Every now and then it would be possible for him to see right up inside my thighs and inside the panties..

I practiced in front of a mirror and could lift my knee and drag my foot up closer and put my writing tablet on my thigh and write while he was looking right up my thighs. I was shaven but all he could actually see inside was my ridges. My clit was hidden along with everything else down in between my ridges. He was welcome to the ridges. Lest I could do.

His name is Ryan. My name is Blue. We’ve never met but I talked with him a couple of times.

He’s 26 years old, 5ft11, rather lithe, floppy hair, reasonable sports muscles. Trustworthy and personable. I know a girl who knows. I’m 24 years old, 5ft8 and slim. Love my boobs. Love my legs. Love my butt. Love my vagina. Nuff said.

He arrived early afternoon about one. We introduced ourselves and I said, “Ryan, if you don’t mind I’d like to give you a close hug so we get off on the right foot.”

He smiled and held out his arms. I softly swept into his arms and planted myself against him and hugged lightly and held it for a three count. We parted and he said, “Thank you Blue. That got me off. I mean on the right foot. Sorry, that came out wrong.”

I wondered how long it would be before he instinctively made a play for me. That was fast and it was vocal rather than bodily, like pushing his crotch out a little while looking somewhere other than at me so I could watch.

We both laughed and I got his hand and took him out to the porch. He slipped his shoes off and settled on the couch, exactly as I hoped. He did have on sports shorts and I could see a little bulge in the front. He knew that was what I wanted and was comfortable with me seeing whatever happened there. No hiding it.

My couch was arranged so I could lean against where the arm and back joined giving him a good view up my thighs, when offered. His was arranged so I had an excellent, clear, slightly side view of his crotch. I was writing a piece and looked for someone that could give me an account of what it feels like for a gentlemen to have sex with a girl.

My creating a sexual atmosphere was to enhance his feelings along the way and hopefully get a more sexual description. I wasn’t a cold fish and expected to wet my pants but he would probably love that. I wet them earlier, with some water, to see what happened and an immediate dark spot appeared. After they dried I slipped them on.

I got us some wine and got started. “Ryan, there are no cameras and no audio recorders. I’m writing a piece that needs some guidance about male intercourse. I might be writing some articles in the future that may need some of this information. I may use a little information in one place and a little in another. I’m not going to write any article about this interview itself, only little bits here and there.

“Thank you very much for volunteering, I very much appreciate it. If you have any questions or concerns let me know at any time. I know this may get very sexual but that is exactly what I want.” Ryan was smiling. There was a fainting couch over near the other corner he lingered on for a moment. The tilt for the back was a perfect angle for two people to intermingle.

He said, “It is a little different for me but I thought it might be fun. Besides, I had to see what you looked like.” Hit on me number two, not bad. He didn’t say if he liked what he saw but he was smiling. We chatted while sipping the wine and got more comfortable with each other. I have to remember he’s 26 years old, not a kid.

“Ryan,” I said, “I assume you don’t think about sex all the time. What turns you on, gives you a sexual feeling, makes you want to have sex?”

“Mostly the need to breed,” he said. “I assume that will fade Pendik Escort into, what you might think of as ‘nailing’ as many, uh, females as possible or convenient. And that will fade into sex when available and then when possible.

“I suppose I’m fading into the nailing stage now,” he said. “Breeding is for the young. The sex drive itself is purely instinctive. All life forms have the drive to maintain their species. It’s not a conscious decision.”

“Sounds like me,” I said. “I spend a lot of time checking out crotches and scheming how to get in there. Ok, let’s assume you’re excited and interested in sex, how do you proceed?”

“There are thousands of ways,” He said. “For me probably at least a thousand. It depends on the situation, meaning the girl, the atmosphere, the location, dress, body movements, facial expressions, that kind of thing. I don’t think it can be described in detail because an approach can change every two seconds or so. Sooner than you might imagine a clear path emerges and I settle down and pursue that path. It usually works out fine.”

“Let me do a what if,” I said. “A young lady, fairly shy, may or may not be a virgin. You’re out for dinner, dancing, a little wine, early evening. What do you do to get in her pants?”

“I let her get in my pants,” he said. “I touch her as much as I can without being noticed for it. Hand on her back in the door or seating her. Holding hands going into the restaurant or from the car. A kiss on the cheek and a smile. Wall sofa seat so we’re together rather than across a table.

“Dancing I let her brush against me and I totally ignore it. I get a little excited and she notices it when she brushes. I ignore it and she takes advantage and has a little naughty fun. A hand on her back slowly drops to the top of her buns as we’re dancing. I take it off then put it back then take it off then back. A finger on top of her crack now and then.

“She gets used to me high on her butt and she’s putting me in her valley and rubbing my hard dick against her clit, very fleetingly. She gets excited. We’re half way home before the dance number is over. I may say something like, ‘You seem to be such a sensuous dancer. This is so much fun.’. I continue to totally ignore everything going on but I pay attention to her the person.”

“She’s putting out pheromones, I’m putting out pheromones. Our senses are registering all this unconsciously just like it did millions of years ago. Her breeding instincts are as powerful as mine. Identical in fact. She really wants in my pants. It’s a matter of comfort, privacy, location, trust, discretion, and don’t get me pregnant. It’s a fuck but depends on what kind of fuck.”

I notice his dick is up higher, not monstrously yet, if it gets that high. Looks like it might. I’m making notes on my thigh and pull my other knee up comfortably, knee out enough to tease. It pulls my yellow dress up so he can see up my thigh, but that’s all. I give it a moment, writing.

“I think that’s a nice way to get nailed,” I said. “Getting around the social graces and norms does take some work for both of us I guess.” He smiled, I smiled. The sexual atmosphere overshadows his need to make hits on me. “Ok,” I continued. “Your place or her place, how do you get her in bed?”

He said, “Her place if she lives alone or with another girl. She will always be more comfortable and stable in her own place. After a little of this and a little of that I may say, ‘If I don’t get to run my tongue around your nipples I’m going to be a wreck for the next month.’. There’s many phrases to use depending on the particular moment.

“When you get a nipple you’re both nude and on the bed or sofa fairly soon. It’s a great distraction while getting our clothes off and started. I suck hard on a nipple every time I unbutton or unzip or remove something. I get one of her hands on my dick as smoothly as I can. Sucking hard on a nipple and playing with a dick pretty much gets us there.”

Ryan is getting fairly hard. His dick is up against the inside top of his shorts, pointing at his belly button instead of straight up. Entry for him would be perfect at that angle. There’s a hard ridge showing from down in his crotch up to his stomach. It looked to be about eight inches and the shaft wasn’t all that small. I casually raised my knee that had the tablet on the thigh and angled it out.

“A little departure from that particular young lady,” I said. “You’re very hard with pre-cum flowing. She’s very excited with an engorged clit and her lube is running. How do you decide on which position to go with first?”

“Ignoring the one you described for the moment,” he said, “it would depend on the girl,” he said. “If it was a repeat then we would do what we normally do. She may like to get on top first or doggy style or side hip or something else. We may start with a long oral on each other and let it build. Depends on past performance.

“If it’s a first encounter but she was experienced I would almost certainly try oral so Kurtköy Escort she can have a really nice orgasm, or several. I would stay away from her vagina so she builds up some desire there. She may strike a position or I may and we melt into a good passionate fuck, usually involving several positions before orgasms.

“Blue,” he said. “You understand I’m just giving you the basics. There are volumes I haven’t said. As I mentioned, changing directions every two seconds. It literally happens that way almost every time until you actually start fucking. We pay attention to each other but we both go after what we individually want or need.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “I recognize some of these pivot points. Let’s see, back to the original young lady. May or may not be a virgin. You’ve done your job and she’s ready. Her nipples are hard, she’s a little nervous. Her nostrils are flaring, her breathing is ragged. She’s got her tongue in your mouth and yours in hers.

“You’re twirling her nipple. Playing with her clit. Staying away from her vagina as you mentioned. She’s never had oral. You’re nude, she’s nude. What position are each of you in at this point. How do you get the head of your dick to the entrance and into her vagina and what position would you prefer for that? Also, a little insight here wouldn’t hurt.”

Ryan’s dick flexed twice. He probably doesn’t know or notice. I don’t know the muscle action of his dick other than what his hips do with it. I also wondered how much it would move if it was out of his shorts, loose in the air.

“In that state she’s lost her mind,” he said. “She would probably let me move her into any position that wasn’t radical and let me move her legs into a good entry and fucking position. She’s floating off somewhere waiting for my seed. It sounds sexist but it’s not. It’s imbedded instinct identical to males. After a couple of times that way she’ll settle into fucking because it feels good and she can enjoy herself.

“There’s always moral exceptions. We’re all products of the society we’re born into. She’s on her back mostly, maybe a little tilt towards me. I’m half on her. I move a hand down on her buns and in her crack then pull her into me and lift her thigh so she throws a leg over. She commits to opening her legs without opening them. From there I can lift myself over and let her feel my dick where we both want it.

“She’ll get more excited because she’ll feel like I’m close to entering and her knees will come up and out and she’ll feel like screaming because it’s so intense. I’ve actually felt a vagina quivering on my dick head, probably squeezing rapidly. We’ll bury our tongues in each other’s mouth just as my dick head expands her vagina entrance. I’ll usually move it in and out about an inch or so for the longest time so she will remember the feeling.

“The feeling will spread through her entire middle section like it does mine. I’ll get my entire head in as soon as I can after that because it feels so damn good. I always have the urge to just ram it in as far as I can on the first thrust without stopping. Instinct again. But, I don’t. Mother nature isn’t playing around with this. The urge has been perfected over millions of years and it’s more intensive in a first fuck. First seed.”

“Position,” he said. “The most erotic position is best and that’s right on top. Maximum skin contact. Her around my neck and I have access to everything. I can lock her into position and she can lock me into position. We don’t but we could. I guess it’s being evolutionized out of existence. Takes millions of years.”

“Ok,” I said. “when do you use lube, first time and a repeat?”

“Well, on a first time,” he said. “she’s so excited she’s fully lubed and her vagina also lets loose with a salt solution near the entrance. That’s there mostly to clean the dick head before entry. Another ancient artifact like the hymen. I would prefer to use a commercial lube every time but sometimes it interrupts progress so I don’t. I do if I can. I carry it with me.”

“On a virgin pussy,” I said. “Oh, I haven’t used that term before. Would you prefer I used vagina instead?”

“Pussy is fine,” he said. “Common term.”

He was smiling. He smiled a lot. I shifted my legs a little for him. I think I had a wet spot. I was surprised at how much I was squeezing my butt. “Ok, on a virgin pussy how do you work your dick all the way in?”

“Reaction mostly. She’s no longer a virgin and she’s not screaming in pain or uncomfortable. If those things occurred I would change quickly so she would enjoy the experience. I would thrust in and fully out to the entrance and slide in again. Hopefully to about where I was the last thrust and push in more.

“It’s a matter of pressure I think. If she’s tight I give it more play so she can adjust. It’s fucking so the more the better. No hurry at this point just intense pleasure. I’m feeling about what she is so it’s very intense for me too. If my dick was out it would be dribbling and jumping. I have to pace Ümraniye Escort myself to hold off an orgasm.

“She lets me know what to do by her moans and body movements. If she moans she loves it. If she thrusts up she loves it. If she grabs my hips and works me up and down she loves it. At that point we both want to crawl inside each other. There’ll never be enough sex to satisfy our wants and needs. All this time I’m moving in and as soon as my balls hit her butt I’m there, right at her cervix.”

“Ryan,” I said, “It’s up to you of course but I was wondering if I might see the state of your dick. How hard it is and the shape and like that. I imagine I might be adding my own descriptive adjectives at some point and it might help.”

“I’ll swap you,” he said. “I’ll slide my pants down if you slide yours down. I’ll take mine off if you’ll take yours off. It’ll probably make me harder. You should also probably take a little time and explore and see what it feels like. If you want too.”

Now I didn’t know what the hell to do. I absolutely wanted to get his pants down or off. I absolutely wanted to get my pants down or off. They had to be wet. If I took them off, or even down, I wouldn’t put them back on. He was very patient.

I said, “Ok.” I put my tablet down and planted both feet and pulled my dress over my knees into my lap and pulled my panties down and off. There was a big wet spot right where it should be and he was seeing it all this time. I looked and he was smiling so I did. Very good smile too. I left them on the back of the loveseat, wet spot prominently showing.

He picked his middle up and slid his sport pants down and off. His dick sprang up out of those shorts and swung up and down for the longest time. Of course he was getting settled down again. I spread my legs wide out, pulled my dress up to my boobs and let him absorb the sight. I was already stretched out like he was.

He looked intently through my thighs and wet his lips. I would have given my left nut to know what was going through his mind. If I had one I mean.

I stared at his dick and he stared at my pussy and if our eye pictures could have met somewhere between us we would have fucked in midair. I got off the loveseat, went over and knelt down right beside his dick and took a look. It was very large. Lots of black pubic hair all around. It was pointed up towards his belly button and his balls were firm and tight.

I thought his balls were poised to send out the semen considering his condition. I was wondering how long he could hold a hard on like this, time I mean. He had some black hair on the top of his thighs and a thin trickle from his stomach running down. Very sexy and masculine. I could maybe match the sexy except he was an outie and I was an innie.

I looked up into his eyes and he was casually smiling, waiting. I reached over almost to his balls and stopped and looked at him again. He was still smiling the same but nodded his head a little. I looked at his balls and wrapped a hand around the front with my fingers underneath. It was soft but irregular.

I flexed my fingers and felt his testicles inside. I kneaded them every so softly then slid my hand down towards his butt, in the gap, and felt him up, as they say. Then up to the shaft, immediately above his balls. I ran two fingers up and down and then around a little bit. I looked at him again then back and wrapped my hand around. I had to squeeze a little to touch my fingers.

I let go and tilted my head up to see the top. There was a slit there and the head was very smooth and slick, pre-cum for sure. A big ridge with skin folded around under it. There was a lot of blood veins all over it just under the skin. That’s probably how it got hard. I didn’t touch the top. It’s supposed to be very sensitive like my clit.

I said, “Is it possible to get some idea of how you physically thrust when you’re inside a vagina? The position that allows you to thrust for a long time and how you do that.”

He said, “Sure.” He turned over on his stomach with his weight on his elbows and feet across the arm on the other end of the loveseat. He said, “I’m going to lift up. Put your hand around the shaft with your top finger just under the ridge. When I lower back down just hold your hand steady.”

When he lifted I wrapped his dick. It was wonderful. He settled and smiled and said, “Here we go, don’t let go, just hold steady like a vagina.”

His butt tilted and he pushed. I felt his dick go right through my hand and all his skin went with my hand down to his balls almost. Then he pulled back. He did this slow a few times then picked up speed. I felt his middle lift up a little more for room. He was fucking my hand and it was very real.

He said, “Hold still.” He started going faster and his dick moved backwards more and all of a sudden the head was in and out of my hand covering me with pre-cum. About a minute I guess and he slowed down and stopped.

I stood up and said, “Thank you. It’s very exciting to see and feel, very stimulating.” I sat down and lay back into my previous position, keeping my legs down and closed. He sat up and put his sports pants on and reclined. I was getting my breathing under control. I was also keeping an eye on his dick to see if it went down any.

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