The Interview

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My husband needs a secretary at his office. He asked me if I wanted to “interview” for the job. He and I have wanted to have sex on his desk for quite some time, but one of his guys is always around. Finally, last Friday, he scheduled them all to be in the field so that we could conduct the “interview.” It went a little like this:

I had planned my outfit deliberately. I chose a short skirt, a black thong and a tight, white, low-cut blouse that clung to my 40 D tits. I wore a bra, but made sure it didn’t have padding so that my hard nipples poked through my and blouse. I wore high, stiletto heels…with an ankle strap. I wore no hose…

I waited for my husband’s crew to leave, and entered his office.

“Are you Mr. BD?” I asked He smiled a sly, quick smile that told me that I caught him off-guard. “Yes, I am…and you must be (looking down at his paperwork) Miss SK?” “I am.” He eyed me up and down, as if he had never seen me before, as if he didn’t know what large tits and wet pussy was waiting for him. My thong was barely containing my wetness as I saw how he looked at me. “Can I freshen up before the interview?” I asked seductively? “Of course” he said, and pushed himself away from the desk. I could see through his tan khakis that he was hard..

I made my way to the restroom, and checked the mirror. I put red lipstick on, “lip finity.” It doesn’t come off. I had large hoop earrings (his favorite) and my shoulder-length blonde hair was tousled around my shoulders. Was it a little “over-the-top?”….yep! And that was just what I wanted.

I walked back into the office, and he was back at his desk. He looked at my “freshened up” face, and smiled another smile of content. I took the nearest seat. I made sure to remain “in character”, and he followed suit.

“So, sex hikayeleri Miss SK, I am already pleased with what I see,” He began. His eyes moved from my brown eyes and full lips to my breasts. I noticed that the office was colder than it had been when I walked in. My nipples began to harden, and pressed through my blouse. He noticed this.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I like to keep my office cold. I find that it makes for a more pleasurable working experience, if you know what I mean, ” he said, suggestively.

“I don’t mind, sir. I just hope my body doesn’t distract you when I get cold. It becomes somewhat embarrassing, well, right here….” I said, and cupped my hand around my left breast. I pinched my nipple through my shirt, and then looked at him.” I could tell that he was becoming more aroused by seeing me touch myself.

“So, Miss, is their a certain position that you would prefer in my office?” My husband was getting ready to fuck. I wanted to seduce him a little more.

“Well,” I said, placing my finger to my lips, “I am VERY qualified in a LOT of positions. Perhaps I should bring my resume over to your side of the desk, and we could discuss different positions.”

“That would be very nice, ” he said, and motioned to me with his finger. I stood up, making sure to bend forward so that he could see down my blouse. “

“Those are really….nice….” he said, rubbing his hands, and stopping a chill that was going through his body.

As I went around the desk, I could see that he had precum on the front of his khakis. I knew I needed to take care of that soon.

I took a seat…on his lap….and produced a pretend resume. He pretended to look at it, and then threw it on his desk.

“I’m tired of playing with you, sikiş hikayeleri sweetheart…I want to see what you[sic] got…” “Mr. BD!” I feigned astonishment. “What is it you need?”

He pushed me to the floor, and unzipped his pants. His bulging cock sprung out of his pants, and as I had expected, he had precum on the tip. I immediately got on my knees, and licked the head of his dick. I enjoyed the salty taste of what I had made him produce.

I took his cock all the way down my throat, slurping and gulping as I did. I licked the underside of his shaft, and rocked back and forth as I continued to suck. He made moaning noises, and let me know I was doing a great job. I pulled his balls up from his pants, and put them in my mouth. I made my tongue move them around and licked between them. I went back up to the head of his penis and rubbed my tongue around it’s rim. More precum came onto my tongue, and I made sure to make a string from my tongue to his dick so that he could see me. I took another mouthful of dick, as he pushed my head down and made me take more. I opened my throat and took it all.

I knew he was about to cum, so I stood up. I removed my blouse and my bra, exposing my milky white tits and my huge, rock-hard nipples to him. He smiled, and cupped them.

“Miss SK, you are QUITE qualified in that position. Now I want to show you another position I would like to see you filled….I mean fill.”

He touched my back and pushed me down onto his desk. My breasts could feel the coldness of the papers scattered there. I wondered what kind of mess we would make on this pile of business. I still had on my skirt and my black thong. He grabbed the waist of my skirt and pulled it down. Slowly, he worked my thong down over my pussy, my ass, sex hikaye and down my legs to the floor.

Normally, I like to be spanked, and my husband knows this. But, being in character, he decided to say this:

“Miss SK, I think you have been a bad, bad little girl. Normally, I would spank your little tight ass for this, but I don’t believe in doing that to a secretary. Instead, I think I’ll spank you in a different way.”

He took his long, hard dick and slapped my ass with it. He asked me how I liked it, and I told him it felt good. He said “Now it’s time to give it to you the way you want it,” and shoved his dick into my tight hole. He grabbed my hair and began to pump he as hard as he could. Pulling my hair hard enough, I raised a little from the desk. He reached around and grabbed my left nipple and pinched it hard between his fingers.

I thought he was going to finish this way, but he had one more surprise for me.

He knows that one of the ways he gets me to cum while he’s rubbing me is to tell me that I am being forced to sit on the dick of a man whose cock is too large for me. He sat in his chair, and said “Miss SK, I’m really enjoying our fuck. Now I want you to take me a little deeper.”

As he was sitting in the chair, he made me nearly stand on it, my ass toward him. He bit my ass, and told me to put my knees on either side of his legs. I could see his dick, wet with my pussy juices, sticking straight up. He grabbed my shoulders, and placed his dick at my hole. He pushed me down on his shaft, and then lifted his legs to give me all of his long dick. I leaned back on his big chest, and moaned as he pinched my nipples. He came hard this way, and then rubbed my clit until I did, too.

I dismounted and noticed that he had large amounts of cum on his still-hard dick.

“Wow, what are we going to use to clean that up?” I asked, truly innocently. He looked around his desk, and then back at me.

I knew what to do. I got on my knees, and licked the remnants of our “interview” off of his dick.

I think I got the job.

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