The Interrogation of Alfredbjunk’s wife

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The Interrogation of Alfredbjunk’s wifeTHE INTERROGATION OF ALFREDBJUNK’S WIFE BY TIM1936.“She is so fucked and abused by over sized insertions, electricity, Ghost Pepper oil and criminal fucking that there is very little semblance of a female young sexy wife left. Hope you like extreme, because that is what prewar Russian OGPU deliver to nubile couriers that they catch carrying sensitive material out of Russia.”CAPTURED AND INTERROGATEDI awoke in a brightly lit environment, I could not focus for the fierceness of the lights and my reeling head would not instantly bring to mind where I was. There was pain from all over my body and I was cold, naked and shivering.I could not move my hands, I realised that they had been fastened together with manacles and that there was a chain, pulled tight, running from a wall hook behind me through the soft creases of my cunt to the manacle, so pulling my hands into my pubis. My legs were spread and fastened to wall bolts with ankle straps.I looked down and could see large blue and purple bruises welling up on my breasts, at least that explained why they hurt and throbbed, I vaguely remember a guard hitting them very hard with his baton, once to the right breast and three times to the left breast: I wanted to rub them and alleviate the pulsating agony.The chaffing chain digging into my cunt did little to mask the pain coming from within my vagina and arse; My brain slowly focused and remembered the cause of these internal sufferings:-A drunken off duty OGPU minor official had fancied me at the bar, he wanted an excuse to sexually m***** a pretty foreign girl, when I had refused to let him finger my cunt he became suspicious and had called for reinforcements, I had been taken to this grimy building, and to a cell deep within its basements, there they had me stripped and held over a table whilst one grunting moron shoved his fingers into my cunt, stretched it and shone a torch in. At this point it was all over, he had seen the micro chip just protruding from within my womb canal, and had brutally extracted it with a pair of long nosed pliers.My arse hole had then been similarly subjected to an internal inspection, when they could find nothing else to incriminate me, they had decided to use me. Eight guards had taken it in turns to fuck my cunt and arsehole, they had forcefully shoved their large ebony rod nightsticks up both of my holes and told me that I would not be any use for my boyfriend after this. They had cracked their nightsticks across my arse. I had at first refused to open my mouth and take their smelly dicks in, but one of the guards used the long nosed pliers to pull on my cunt lips, the pain was excruciating and I let my mouth open and accommodate the filthy dicks. I had then been chained up as I am now.A very smart officer now entered the cell, he called for the guards, such as were still on duty, and was most unhappy with them: That whilst, they had done well to capture a courier, their brutal use of my body had desensitised me to any further pain for the immediate future. Orders were given for me to be given a cell with a bed, blankets (but no clothes), washing and toilet facilities and fed.Without a watch it was hard to tell how time elapsed, but it seemed about two days I was in this cell without any further mishap, but I knew that eventually I would be interrogated as to who had given me the micro chip; This was information that I knew I must not divulge at any cost, the scientists and their families would all suffer horrendous fates if I was to talk – But what was I to endure and how long could I last? This question was about to start being answered.The smart officer returned with two guerrillas, I was roughly seized and denuded of my blanket, to be frog marched naked to my interrogation.The “interview” cell resembled a large medieval torture chamber, with the smell of piss and shit from the last poor soul who had let him or herself go during the extremes of questioning. I has unceremoniously bundled onto a large refectory table in the middle of the room, the guerrillas did not miss an opportunity to rub at my bruised tits and cunt: My hands were drawn out to the edges of the table and fastened to eye bolts in the floor, a rope was fastened over my tummy and under the table thus securing all bodily movement and my legs were spread wide apart with a five foot spreader bar, which in turn was pulled up to the ceiling via a pulley system.My heaving bruised breasts and stretched open exposed cunt were now all on display for the interrogators attention.At first the officer had been quite gentle, fondling my sexual bits as a lover would, massaging my breasts and slowly working his finger over my clitoris and into my vagina to explore my g-spot. I failed to control my bodily feelings and knew that he must have detected my wetness and sexual arousal from his ministrations.The officer explained that he could use truth serums, but he had always been a great admirer of the old techniques canlı bahis and that he did enjoy having a nubile female body at his disposal. He went on to explain that he could make things very enjoyable for me if I cooperated: But, if I did not cooperate and tell him what he needed to know, then things were going to get very bad for certain parts of my body, and he indicated the instruments of torture laid out on the grimy table next to the one to which I was strapped.I was either feeling brave, stupid or just misread the sadism in the officer, as I spat at him and told him to go to hell. He did not bat an eyelid, he withdrew his finger from my cunt, grabbed the nub of my clitoris and pulled hard on it, he took a safety pin and pushed it right through the tender flesh of my turgid clitoris and then fastened the pin – I let out a howling scream and squirmed as best as I could to alleviate the burning sensation from my poor abused piece of female flesh.At the officer’s instruction one of the guerrillas forced a funnel into my mouth and strapped it tight around my head. The officer then pissed into a bucket and took this piss into a large steel enema syringe, the pointed end of which was then forced into my pee hole, I shrank back as much as I could when I realised his intent, but could do nothing to stop the burning sensation of his piss being forced via my urethera into my own bladder. A three inch long brass spigot bung was then forced into my pee hole and fastened to the safety pin embedded in my clitoris.The officer informed me that all the guards would be instructed to use the funnel in my mouth as a urinal for the next four hours, when he would return to see if I was wanting to be more cooperative.The guards must have all been down the tavern the previous night, as copious amounts of the golden liquid was pissed into the funnel by at least eight guards, and some came back for second leavings, I choked and spluttered and had to swallow all this acrid pungent liquid. Not only did they piss in the funnel, they took this opportunity of mauling my bruised breasts and fingering my cunt with rough hands and scratchy nails.I could see my bladder tumescent like a balloon swelling up in my lower belly, I desperately wanted to relieve myself of the excruciating pressure building up down there, but the only release would be for my urethera to expand and allow the filthy liquid to pass around the spigot, I tried to force a pee and create the required pressure but could not.True to his word, the officer returned and immediately pushed down hard on my bladder, the spigot was thus forced back pulling painfully on my clit, and the required pressure was achieved to allow the filthy liquid to slowly escape and seep around the spigot as my urethera expanded. The officer told me that this would be my first routine of each and every day until I decided to co-operate, he replaced his hands with a 56lb weight and said he would be back after his lunch to interrogate me. The pissy liquid continued to escape pass the spigot and the pain in my bladder eased off to be replaced by the pain of the spigot pulling against my clitoris.When the officer returned, he removed the 56lb weight and pushed the spigot firmly back into my pee hole. He had an electrical rheostat device in his hand, from this I could see five leads hanging down. It was not long before I knew what each lead would do – two with fearsome crocodile clips where attached to each of my nipples, a third was attached to a foot long ‘thumb’ thick stick of plain steel that was then unceremoniously forced all the way into my arse hole, and the fourth was attached to a large steel ball that initially refused to enter my love passage, until one of the guerrillas put all his weight behind it, to force its entrance into my now over expanded vaginal interior. The anal rod was clipped to the safety pin still embeded in my clitoris: And the fifth lead was connected to the electrical ring main.There was a brief buzzing noise, and then my whole body went into paroxysms of pain as my back arched and current surged from my nipples to my cunt and arse. I had never known such pain could exist, even in training for this mission we had not been expected or prepared for this degree of inhuman treatment. I screamed out loud and burst into tears like a helpless baby, the current was turned off, my back relaxed, my nipples throbbed and my poor arse hole and cunt were both on fire.The officer spoke softly explaining to me that this was just a low setting jolt, just to test the apparatus in case more was needed, and that now that I knew what it could do, perhaps I would rather talk than risk having all my sex organs so fucked up by this electrical treatment that I would never be any good for sex with anyone ever again!!I did not believe him, I stupidly thought that the amount of pain I had just experienced must have meant the rheostat was on maximum, and if I could take it once I could probably take it again bets10 and hopefully pass out.I spat at him, and he immediately turned the handle right round and kept it there as I screamed and jerked up and done, nearly ripping the pin out of my clitoris before I did pass out.I quickly came to as a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me. The burning pain between my legs was as if someone was still there applying a gas torch to my cunt, I managed to blubber to the effect that I could not take any more. He told me that if I did take another full powered jolt my sex bits would be so fried and scarred as to be useless for their intended purpose.He got his note book out and I started to give him names, some false and some minor players who hopefully would have had enough sense to skip the country once they knew I had been caught. He seemed pleased with this and I was released from the anal steel, the nipple crocodile clamps, the peehole spigot and pin in my clitoris: But the steel ball in my cunt was going to be a different matter, brutish fingers delved between my legs to rotate the ball to a position that it had a screw thread running into it and a long bolt was introduced into my cunt and screwed into the ball, a handle was screwed onto the bolt, the guerrilla put his booted foot to my arse and heaved on the handle, I screamed yet again, and the ball came out nearly prolapsing and inverting my love tube with it.I was to be left strapped to the table, legs spread and raised, while he went to check on the names I had given him. I lay there a terrified wracked bundle of nerves, I wanted to rub my sore nipples, I desperately wanted something to soothe the burning between my legs in both holes, and to massage my over extended pussy sphincter back to some semblance of a tight cunt hole that I used to have. I hoped that the officer would be satisfied with the information and stop the interrogation. A senior guard came in and said something in their own language, which I very quickly learnt meant that I was sexually available to any and all guards, surprisingly enough their rough use of my cunt and arse hole actually gave me some of the soothing massage I had so desperately craved: All eight guards had me one way or the other, I could feel their discharge oozing out of my holes.The officer came back and informed me that the names had been sent to a higher authority for checking, but I was to be of further use to him that night.A group of five gang criminals in a cell had been promised female flesh for a night if they had co-operated with their criminal investigation: They had co-operated and guess who was going to spend the night naked in their cell as their reward. I was released from the table and roughly dragged from the interrogation room only to be thrown into the cell full of criminals.All night long I was forced to endure their smelly cheesy unwashed cocks in my mouth and in my macerated bruised cunt and arse, I was cold, tired and effectively a limp rag doll in their hands: They did not just fuck me , they abused my body in every way conceivable, I was cunt and anally fisted and made to lick their hands clean, I was pissed on and in, and even had to piss on some of them to their sexual gratification. Two took great delight in whipping me with their belts, especially right across my cunt as the other three held me in a leg spread position to give them access to their target. Both my holes endured the insertion of whatever rags and implements that they had in their cell. I lost all resistance and let them do whatever they wanted to me, I was not even aware when morning came and realised that it was a guard who had put his fist in my cunt to drag me out of the criminal’s cell and into a shower block.I was chained spread-eagled in the middle of the shower room, arms to ceiling ankles to floor. A guard then turned on a high pressure hose and proceeded to hose me down with cold water as if he was cleaning out a pig sty: The water pressure was, in itself, painful enough, but even more so when it came in contact with the bruises on my tits and arse. Then the inevitable happened, the jet of water was directed into my over fucked and sore cunt, I wriggled about but to no avail, the freezing water burst within me, hit my womb and rushed back out again, the same was then done to my arse hole, I tried to scream, but managed little more than a hoarse grunt.I was unshackled and given a dirty piss smelling towel to rub myself dry, I was put in a cell with a dirty mattress on the floor, a carrot was forced into my arse hole and I was told that this, with a cup of water, was my breakfast. I lay there shivering and crying, I did not even have the energy to take the carrot out of my abused arse.No one bothered me for what seemed like a whole day and night: I had been given a thick army trench coat to keep me warm and some bread and thin watery soup, that tasted as if someone had pissed in it. I tried to eat, drink and sleep bets10 giriş in an effort to recoup my strength.I must have managed to doze off, as I woke up to rough hands pulling me to my feet, the coat was ripped from my body and I was bundled back into the interrogation room.The smart officer was there and he did not look very happy, he indicated for me to be fastened to the table in the same manner as I had been fastened the last time he questioned me. I lay there feeling the cold air between my legs and dreading what was coming next – I could sense the guards looking at my cunt.The officer ran his fingers over my bruised breasts and arse cheeks, he lightly ran his finger up and down between the creased wrinkly lips of my cunt and toyed with my poor pierced clit. He spoke softly and told me it was such a shame that such a beautiful piece of woman would never have the thrill of a G spot orgasm again, I did not understand what he meant by this, but it scared me just imagining what it could mean.A “T” shaped device was brought from the metal table of implements, I could see that the long end of the “T” had a screw thread on it. The Officer put on a mask and thick gloves, he reached into a wooden box and took out a metal ball shaped pomander, this he turned onto the screw end of the “T” bar, and I instantly knew where it was going next!!As he was forcing the pomander into my cunt, the officer informed me that the pomander was filled with crushed ‘Ghost Pepper’ mixed with extra ‘Capsaicin’ oil, and that collectively this was a thousand times hotter than Tabasco!! Once he was satisfied that the pomander was deeply encunted he took off his gloves and mask, and, using leather straps, the top of the “T” was fastened to my thighs. He said he would be back in an hour to see how I was getting on with learning the error of my ways.At first it did not seem too bad, the guards felt my breasts and fingered my tight arse hole, made rude jokes about my female bits and what they would do to me later. The heat in my cunt was really quite bearable; But as the time wore on and the juices in the pomander started to seep out, I very soon realised that this was going to get very hot indeed.Within half an hour it felt like the inside of my cunt was being washed out with boiling water, I clenched my pelvic muscles to try and stop the burning sensation, but to no avail, it got hotter and hotter – I started screaming at the guards for god sake take that fucking thing out of me, I lost all control, I was in tears, I pissed everywhere, much to the amusement of the guards. I now knew that whatever was asked of me I was going to say anything just to get that pomander out of my cunt.When the officer returned, I was a heaving wrecked broken woman, covered in sweat and blathering incoherently in between screams. Vaguely thinking that the torture of piss and electricity would be fun compared to this. My ankles and tummy, where the straps went, were sore from my exertions at trying to squirm and dislodge the burning device buried in my cunt.The officer asked if I was ready to give up the names of the real players in making the micro chip they had found in my cervix. He informed me that the ‘capsaicin’ oil would have killed off any future feelings I was ever going to get from my G spot or indeed anywhere in side my cunt for that matter, and that I would spend the rest of my miserable life trying to pleasure myself by rubbing at what was left of my clitoris, but that too could be excised in a clitorectomy and that would be the end of my ever having sexual pleasure again. I nodded my agreement.The officer put his gloves and mask back on and proceeded to take the pomander out of my cunt, the burning continued, I could not feel if the pomander was in or out of my cunt, I could feel the thigh straps had been removed and so presumed the pomander must be out. I could smell a petrolific substance and realised that my cunt was being given a douche with Tractor Vaporising Oil, I was then washed out with warm soapy water and an unction of Aloe Vera was internally applied to the inside of my overheated cunt. The burning of the pepper oils started to abate, I had stopped screaming and merely heaved with sobs.He produced a hot electric soldering iron and went between my legs with it: He drew the hot tip across my inner thighs and I screamed and pulled at my restraints, it traced another line parallel to the first and I screamed again. I could smell the acrid odour of my charred flesh. He then told me that he had just applied the soldering iron to my G spot but I had not reacted, he touched it to my clitoris and I let out a shriek as loud as any Irish banshee could muster, and he told me that he had proved his point. I was ready to talk and hardly understood his point at all, only if I was ready to talk why was he still torturing me.The threat of the peppered pomander going back inside my cunt was enough, I blabbed everything I knew.I spent the next ten years, along with two other girls, as the personal sexual playthings of the guards, until a change of political regime and a swap of agents ended my nightmare in this hell hole.THE ENDPlease see the three picture of his abused wife that accompany this text.

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