The initiation of Teacher Carolina

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The initiation of Teacher CarolinaThe initiation of Teacher CarolinaThe story that I will tell you next happened to me two years ago when I turned 23, age when I had decided to leave the country house of my parents for a while to go to the big city to study for a postgraduate degree at the same university where I was half before my career was over. It was not difficult to leave my home again because I did not have loving ties that tied me to my place of origin. Despite having many insistent suitors, I did not want to have a boyfriend until I finished my studies.I did not have problems finding lodging since a sister of my father had a small house that she used to rent, as at that time she did not have tenants and she knew of my need to find where to find me she offered to rent it to me with an almost symbolic monthly payment for being her niece. The house was small but very cozy, my aunt had it furnished with very good taste, especially I loved the room that was completely carpeted cream and leather furniture very comfortable where every night I lay down to watch TV.Although my parents sent me money periodically, I felt the need to work on something to distract me because in the afternoons when I returned from school and after studying and doing my homework, I sometimes got bored. One day looking in the newspaper I found out about a small high school where they needed a teacher to teach. It is not for nothing but I had been a very outstanding student in my middle and high school years and I still remembered with clarity many of the subjects that my teachers used to teach us.I thought I could take the job and it would be fun, so I picked up the phone and called the number on the notice. A very educated young lady answered me and asked about the requirements that I had to meet to get the position. She told me that she was urged by a teacher to teach biology class in a first grade group for three hours a week on the afternoon shift, I wonder if she was interested in an appointment. For me it was an interesting challenge for what I accepted. I knew that I had the ability to speak and that, despite being somewhat shy, I was very social as to live with the c***dren.To not make the story longer, I just want to tell you that after an interview they hired me because they needed urgently who taught that class. It was a Friday and it would start the following Monday afternoon.On Saturday I went shopping, I needed to buy some biology books to review a bit of the material, I also needed some clothes to teach properly, I usually wore jeans, miniskirts and comfortable clothes that would probably not be well seen by my new patterns, so I started looking for something more formal. All day I went from store to store watching outfits, skirts, blouses etc. Finally in the late afternoon and after buying several things I saw in the shop window of a shoe store high black boots with a very nice stiletto that made me ideal to combine with some of the sets I had purchased, so I opted to take them too .Monday afternoon came and I took the bus to my new job, I was very happy and at the same time nervous because I had never before faced a group of young people but I was confident that it would not be much of a problem. When I arrived, Miss Felicia, who was the principal of the school, received me and told me that I would have to have a little patience because it used to be the case that the boys on the afternoon shift were more restless and disordered than those of the morning shift. , especially the group that was going to touch me. I told him that there was nothing to worry about, that I would see to it that everything was fine.We approached the room and in fact there was a lot of disarray and screams, I did not know where I was getting. Miss. Felicia came with me to the classroom and in order to implement the order shout: “Young people, please return to your seats and keep quiet”, the boys, despite having a reputation for being undisciplined, did not hesitate to obey their director. They were very afraid of him.Once everyone was in their places Felicia began to speak: “I present to you Miss Carolina, she will teach from today the biology class and I want you to have a lot of respect, any complaint about you will cause you a problem, I hope that they behave well with her.” The director turned to see me and said: “Miss Carolina, I leave you with your new group, I know you will behave well with you”, with a kind smile I thanked him and left leaving me alone with the boys.Remembering my younger years, I decided to apply methods that my teachers once used with me and my classmates in the first days of school. It cost me a little work to maintain discipline that day since my character was never aggressive or authoritarian, I was rather sweet and spoiled. I started introducing myself and talking a little about myself, then I asked them to tell me their name, their age and the things they liked to do to get me acquainted with them. I discovered that most of them were between 15 and 17 years old and that although the school was mixed, they were all male.The days passed and strangely my relationship with the students turned out to be good, I did not have as many problems as I thought, the strange thing is that other teachers made their lives impossible and even ran away from their classes. On the other hand, it was difficult for anyone not to attend, so I came to imagine that I was very good at giving my subject.After two months the boys and I were really friends, the director and other teachers could not believe that everything was so good between me and them. However, despite the apparent good discipline there was a group of 5 boys who had problems with their grades so one day I spoke in private with them to put a remedy to the matter. They told me that they had difficulty understanding some issues and that they were worried about an exam that I would apply a few days later.Due to the above, it occurred to me to give them refresher classes over the weekend thinking that school facilities would be available. It was when Benito, the only student of 14 years of the group told me “It is a good idea to review the subject, but I know that this weekend they will not open the school because they will paint the classrooms and give maintenance, as we are going to do? “, Jorge asked” Teacher, and if you give us classes in the morning? “, to which I replied:” I can not k**s, in the mornings I go to university and I can not miss “,” I know !!! ” Jaime exclaimed “and if we met at his house on Saturday?”, upon hearing that proposition, he answered “well …, it had not occurred to me, but I do not know if it is correct because I live alone”, “Teacher teacher Caro! he will want us to reproach “, his words made me feel committed and without getting to analyze the situation much I said” it’s fine, but at four pm, because I have to go to the university in the morning “. So then the appointment was agreed. Although there were never any men entering my house, I did not have to worry because after all they were just young men who seemed to be calm.On Saturday I arrived, I would attend the computer lab of the university to capture a job I had to deliver for a class. When I went to the university I used to dress more comfortably than when I went to work at school, so that day I put on a red Scottish miniskirt with black squares that looked good on me, I also wore a black blouse and finally choosing which shoes I would wear it, it occurred to me to wear the black boots that I used so much with my outfits at work.Surprisingly when looking at myself in the mirror I discovered that with the miniskirt-boots combination I looked pretty sexy, it is not for nothing but I am not anything ugly, I measure 1.65 meters, according to my friends I have a doll’s face, I am big body, my breasts are big and firm, I have thick, well-shaped legs, my skin is huddled, my straight hair reaches below my shoulders, and it is light brown in color, although at that time it was dyed blond. I noticed how the boots made my thighs stand out in a way I had not seen before, I felt provocative and that was not my style so I thought I’d better put on something else but it was too late. Anyway, when I came back from the university I would put something more appropriate to receive my students.Once in the university I noticed how I became the target of the eyes of classmates and friends, they repeated me over and over again how stunning I was with my new look. Julio, one of my most daring companions told me that he had a body of a goddess, but I did not take it very seriously. I really felt so besieged that morning that I almost swore I would not dress like that again to leave. Because of the constant distractions of my classmates I fell behind in the lab so I finished at 3:30 p.m. and not at 2:00 p.m. as I had calculated.I went quickly to take the bus to return to my house, I had my time cut and I still had to change. The truck was slow to pass and I ended up arriving at my house at 4:15, my five students with whom I had been quoted were already waiting for me. I felt embarrassed before them when I arrived dressed as I was, since they used to be used to see me dressed differently.”Teacher Carolina, that looks good!” Said Benito, “Seriously, she’s super pretty,” said Jaime. The other three boys did not comment at all, but they were gawking with their eyes fixed on me. Nervously I said “Excuse me guys, I was late for an earring that I had and also I did not intend to receive them with this outfit, I planned to change when I arrived”. Quickly I took out the keys to open the door and invited them in, once inside I asked them to take a seat in the room while I was going to put something else on. “No teacher, stay here with us now, it does not look bad, it looks super” one of them told me. Then I began to analyze that we had already lost about 20 minutes of review and therefore accept to start.The lessons that had to be reviewed talked about the female and male organs and the reproduction in the human being. I started to touch the subject and ask them to ask me questions. With the passing of the minutes some of their questions became very roguish and daring. Jaime asked me if I had already had a relationship at any time, to which I answered no and I would not have them until I got married some day. In my thoughts about that and I thought about the many times that my colleagues at the university had indirectly proposed to me to sleep with them as they did with several of my friends, I always rejected them because of my morals and the way so straight that I was raised by my parents. But that did not mean that I did not occasionally feel curiosity and curiosity like any other woman, and when that happened I suppressed those desires trying to distract myself with other things, such as reading and studying.The lesson continued and while I was reading a text, I raised my eyes a little, discovering that my five pupils were not taking their eyes off my crossed legs, I pretended not to see them and I continued on my own. Then I realized that with the subject I was exposing and the way I was dressed they were getting excited as little by little they formed bulges between their legs that they tried to disguise by covering themselves with their notebooks. That’s when I realized that it would have been right to change my clothes.I started to feel embarrassed and my cheeks turned red, then my face was red with bursa escort grief. Javier, the most daring of all, asked me: “Teacher, why are you so red, what’s wrong, maybe you’re sorry about the content of the lesson?” I nervously replied that it was not that, but I did not dare to tell him true.The boys, feeling nervous, began to get more excited, I was about to ask them to leave when Jaime said: “Teacher, we did not dare, but we wanted to ask you a favor”, I could not help but ask what it was about. Javier replied: “Look Miss, we do not like books, we would prefer to know things better as they are”, “Yes, we would like to see what women’s organs are like in reality and not through illustrations”, I was about to reprimand them and Run them all but I felt that I was short of breath, I apologized and I quickly went to the kitchen to drink some water since I had been well impressed with his attitude and his comments.I decided to calm down and face things like an adult woman, I would simply reprimand them and continue with the lesson. I opened the door a little to return to the room and was truly astonished and hypnotized to see that in my absence the closures had been opened and they were touching their parts while commenting that often they were jerking off in their houses imagining fantasies with me, fortunately I did not They saw and I went back to the kitchen afraid. Stick my ear to the door and listen to the voice of Benito whispering to his friends “We have to keep our cocks and climb the locks, the Miss will not come and we will discover” to which Rogelio answered “yes, yes not in what problem we get, although I could not stand the urge to mow a bit, this very good Miss Caro. “I did not believe what I saw and heard, it never crossed my mind that at their young ages they could be so hot. I also do not know what happened to me as my temperature increased little by little, perhaps knowing that I was wanted by five little men who were in the room began to excite me against my will until I did not support and as a reflex I settled into a chair and I began to touch myself under the skirt and after two minutes I was also touching my breasts, I did not know myself because I had never done something like this before. I was so focused on my own that I did not hear two of the boys enter the kitchen, surprising me with their hands in the dough. “Teacher, we wanted to see if she gave us a little water,” said little Jorge, before he opened his mouth when he discovered me, as did his partner Javier.I did not know what to do or what to answer, I quickly pulled my hand out of my clothes and feigned dementia, “Do not worry, we saw it, but I think it’s normal, it happens to us sometimes too.” In that the missing boys showed themselves at the door asking what happened to what Javi answered: “It is that without wanting to find Miss Caro caressing herself”. “Please do not say anything about what you saw or your parents or at school,” I pleaded. “Do not worry, miss, but we also want you to cooperate with us,” said Rogelio. “Since you first arrived at school we noticed that it was very good and every day we did not stop talking in the recesses what we would give to see her naked “, Jorge added” We promise you that we will not say anything if you show us your body a little bit “, I was left with my mouth open, I was in a good mess, I asked them to return to the room to reach another different treatment where I had to do such a thing.Already in the room the boys insisted that I show them my parts, I had never taught anything to anyone, why do it with some brats, but I knew that if I did not give way I could get into a worse problem. Through my head passed many thoughts about morality that were finally overcome by the state of excitement and morbidity that I saw in my pupils. Without control of me, and without knowing what I did. “It’s okay,” I said, “but they’ll only see me a little bit and that’s it, and they will not tell anyone about this.” The boys did not think they had gotten away with it. I do not know what happened to me, it was not me, I acted in an abnormal way in me, perhaps finally overcome by so many desires that I had previously repressed with men. I felt a pleasurable morbid knowing that I would expose my charms to the boys, but I was not going to let them touch me.I stood up and without saying anything I nervously lower my white panties that at that time and had something wet, I raised a little the front of my miniskirt leaving them appreciate my beautiful triangle populated with brown hair. “Satisfied?” I asked “Oooh, teacher how beautiful it is, would let us touch it to know it better?”, putting my panties back on and covering my skirt I told them that it would not be possible, that the deal was fulfilled. At that moment I reacted and realized that I had done something wrong without being in my five senses what started to cause me regret and great remorse. Then Javier addressed my “Teacher, thank you anyway for showing us your privacy, I was wondering if you know a male organ” quickly answer “no! Of course not! I said before, I’ve never been with a man “,” And would you like to know how one is? “inside that question caused me more morbid than I already had, but I was not willing to continue with that matter, so I decided to answer no but by the time I opened my mouth two of them had already removed the penis. I must have been horrified, but it was not like that, seeing two penises together and for the first time in my life, I was as bewitched.When I noticed Jaime who was sitting next to me I had placed my hand on his erect sex that had also been released. My first reaction was to withdraw my hand but, guided by a strange force, I took it back and I took it to feel it. “Do you like Miss?”, “Well … it’s interesting” I answered and began to caress him slowly. I was completely stunned, so much so that I did not realize how the rest of the boys were taking off their clothes, by the time I looked up they were already the other four standing in front of me masturbating their sexes. “Teacher, we want to learn to have sex” said one, “But I have never done it” I answered “,” we do not either, but we have seen many movies and we already know more or less what is done, if we want we teach him “From that moment things got hotter and without knowing how I stopped using my head and let myself be carried away by my impulses.I do not know how, but we were all on the biggest sofa, I was still sitting with my legs crossed, Javier, who was behind the chair, put his face to mine and with a tender look told me “Teacher Carolina, since I met her I have had wishes to kiss her. “Without saying more I felt like he kissed his lips with mine, I closed my eyes and I did not say anything, his mouth was warm, he began to kiss me slowly, then he introduced his tongue that I tried to curl with mine, the kisses they became even stronger, little by little from behind the chair where he was began to surround me with his arms.The other guys from the front of the piece of furniture did not waste their time, I felt immediately as if above my clothes they were caressing my breasts and legs. It was ironic, I was so demure I was giving myself to the games of five little men. They undid my leg crossing and while I continued with my eyes closed receiving Javier’s kisses I could feel more than four hands under my skirt stealing my thighs, it felt incredibly delicious.I listened as Benito asked his classmates “We took off his boots?”, “No man” replied Jaime, “Do not you see that it looks so much better?”, “Yes, you have to take everything but your boots and half, I do not know why but seeing it with them I get more excited “I think Rogelio” The same opinion, seeing it like that stops me more, it looks more sexy “said Jorge. When I heard the conversation I related it to the experience I had in college in the morning and something led me to conclude that for certain men the boots that women wear are not just shoes as I always thought, but they are objects of eroticism. Sometime later I started to investigate and I learned that this was called fetishism.I undid the kiss with Javier to feel as some intrusive hands began to lower my white panties, I noticed that it was Jaime who was trying to slide them out. They asked me to lift my butt a little to make the maneuver easier. Two of the boys raised my legs taking me by the boots so that Jaime finished what he had to do. Again, they were released and I kept them together because I was sorry I did not have anything under my skirt. “No Miss Caro, open them,” Jaime said taking me by the knees that I push sideways to separate my thighs.Before the curious look of his companions, the boy leaned before me and again I handle all my legs, after that he began to lick my knees going up little by little until reaching my thighs, I felt like the fever was rising, I had a Spectacular sensation to feel his violent breathing next to my sex, that feeling increased when he began to suck hickeys the inner side of my thighs. I had never experienced anything like that, his tongue was hot and had a texture that shook me when rubbing against me.After repeating that maneuver several times he opened me more by holding my legs with his arms and attacking his final goal. His tongue slid up and down my little pussy to then try to enter it. My juices began to flow and my vulva to dilate. The other boys masturbated watching the scene morbidly until they also demanded their turn. I do not know how long that lasted, they put me on the couch and one after another they applied the same treatment, that’s where I first met what orgasms were, and it’s not for nothing but the boys, despite their virginity and inexperience, seemed to know do things well. It’s amazing what they can learn from the movies that I imagine they see hidden from their parents.What they did to me was fabulous, every time that it was your turn to eat my pussy the others kissed me in the mouth, they licked and rubbed my whole body, a while before I had been stripped of my clothes until leaving me alone in boots . Another wonderful thing was to feel for the first time the massages and suctions on the nipples of my round and firm breasts. In each escutcheon I escaped a sigh, by the excitement my breasts had grown to a size greater than the common one and they were quite hard thing that apparently they liked my guests who did not let them do things. I saw how from time to time someone would put their erect sex between my two protuberances pressing these inwards to rub with them. Every time I felt a tongue trying to sneak into my being I suffered a kind of spasms and writhed with pleasure sinking deeper into the sofa while moaning.After half an hour of receiving caresses and licks I almost lay down on the carpet while I recharged my head on the sofa, the boys turned away from me, and stood around me while shaking their limbs. I was still in clouds after the tremendous groping.Javiercillo addressed to me holding his incredible hot gun saying “Teacher, we saw how he liked to feel our tongues in his little thing, now we would like him to do something similar, I do not know if you knew but we can also feel rich in a woman’s mouth, especially one as beautiful as you are. “For a moment I hesitated to do what they were trying to imply, but I would be very selfish with them if I refused because they had made me pass unforgettable experiences until then, although not as much as those bursa escort bayan that awaited me minutes later.”But I’ve never done that, guys, maybe if they tell me how …” I commented, “Sure Miss, we showed her, we’ve seen it in videos”, I was about to tell them how many stings to see that they were so small but I suddenly remembered what I was doing and preferred to keep quiet. “It’s okay” I said, “what do I do?” I asked, the truth is that I was too innocent to know beyond what the school texts said.”Now we will sit on the sofa with our legs apart and you will kneel on the carpet in front of us”, without asking, I got up from the carpet to allow them to settle into the furniture, as it was a very long sofa the five could sit down, then I kneel slowly in front of them. “Wait teacher,” they said, and began to discuss who would be the first lucky to feel my mouth.They were still very immature, I was perplexed to see that they raffled their turn playing “stone, paper and scissors”, Despite their c***dishness and their short statures that exceeded me very slightly (except for Benito), their bodies were already beginning to marked by the sport they practiced in their spare time, they were becoming men, their members were so perfect and great despite their ages that I could swear that this part no longer had it as c***dren of the illustrations of school supplies.Javier took me out of my thoughts by exclaiming that he would touch him first and explained to me in detail how he should give her pleasure. After listening to his little chair I prepared to put into practice his instructions. The other guys masturbated while watching excited as surrounded with my smooth hands that huge phallus bringing my warm lips to the glans, I sincerely hesitated to do that, it gave me some disgust at first, so I hesitated to continue until I heard as the boy I was anxiously hurrying, “Miss, I can not stand it!” said the boy.I took a deep breath and got closer, then with the tip of my tongue I gave him a quick little peck as he had indicated, the sensation made him jump with a loud sigh. Slowly surround with my tongue the entire tip making the boy shudder and emit a great moan. “Follow Miss, please continue” he begged, then I began to give him slow and slow blowjob, Javier closed his eyes and clenched his teeth.Little by little I increased the speed of my movements and following the instructions that the other boys were giving me, let that phallus slip further inside my mouth until after a few seconds it reached my throat. Three of the boys had their sexuality of a size that they considered large for their age but within normal limits. However, Javier, who was the eldest, had the largest member. I calculated that easily exceeded 17 cm, and had a thickness that made it difficult for me to put it in my mouth, in fact I had a piece always on the outside. It was as they say out there, a gifted for the years he had. As for Benito, he still had a body and a c***d memberIntensify my suctions more and more by combining them with licks along that long trunk, watching as the boy almost left his soul. He took me by the nape of the neck and began to move my head to the rhythm he wanted until minutes later something happened that at least by then I did not expect, he had a great cumshot that filled my mouth with semen to the point that much slipped away from her . It was something new to me, wise weird, like salty, I was so confused that I did not know whether to spit it and feel disgusted or pass it on.”Take it Miss, you will see that rich, it will not hurt”, trusting in what they told me I managed to swallow it and then wipe my mouth with a napkin. I observed how the teenager’s member was all muddied with the semen that had splattered on him and I proposed to clean it with a little paper to which he requested that he please clean it with my tongue. I obediently obeyed, I had already taken a liking to being his slave and letting myself be carried away by his desires and intentions which strangely excited me a lot.That did not end the thing, the other four members paraded in turns between my lips giving them a treatment more or less similar to that of his partner with the difference that I did not accept new ejaculations, at least not in my mouth, because although that experience I totally dislike it left me a little scared. However, what I lost the disgust and took pleasure in was to give them oral sex.It took us about 20 minutes playing with the language, they taught me things like a position they call 69 and they also licked me while I did the same with one of their classmates, so we continued until they indicated that it was time to the best. I did not ask but obviously I knew what was going on, I reflected and thought that I was in danger of getting pregnant because we were not taking any precaution for what I said: “Guys, I think we have done enough, I can also get pregnant, I think it would be a good idea to leave things like that. ” When I said this, I thought it would sound logical and acceptable for what would be freed from being deflowered.To my surprise Benito insisted “No Miss, we are not satisfied, I really want to get it” commented with the sincerity of a teenager, “There will be no problem Miss” continued Javier, always charge with some contraceptive pills and condoms that I take my sister if one day they would come to offer. Upon hearing that, the other boys insisted more and I do not know how, but when I realized they had already given me a pill and I was lying on the sofa again with the hormone in an uproar, from behind the couch Jaime, stretching out an arm, took me from one of the boots lifting one of my legs and with his other hand began to frantically rub my thighs occasionally putting fingers in my small area. While that was happening, the other boys were standing in front of the sofa eating me with their eyes while shaking their phalluses preparing them for something new for both them and me.Again they began to discuss who would be the lucky one who would deflower me, to which I commented that it would be preferable to start with the one that had the smallest member so that they would not hurt me. Although they were not very satisfied with my request, they reluctantly agreed. “So first Benito,” said Rogelio, “How lucky are those who do not bathe” added “Javier who would logically be the last.Benito happy and with a morbid face approached me, as I commented before was the smallest of them. My moral thought that this could not be happening, but my desires were stronger and they betrayed me. “Miss, lie on the carpet face up,” he asked me with his voice even as a c***d. I got up from the chair, he was in front of me, he was the only one that had a lesser depth to mine, about 2 cm less. The others removed the coffee table to make room, after doing so the place was wide enough to carry out its purposes.I was about to go to bed when Jorge said “wait, what do you think if we handcuff the Miss like in the movie we saw last Friday at Pepe’s house?”. “Yes, yes !!!, but where did we get some handcuffs?” They asked him, “I brought a couple thinking about that, they are in my backpack” I reply “I go for them”. I could not understand what they wanted to do so I asked what their intentions were to what they answered “Nothing bad Miss, we just put them on so little that they do not use their hands and after a while we take them off.” I trusted them and let them put them by grabbing my wrists behind my back, after hearing the “click” I knelt slowly in order to go to bed, finally I did it in the center of the room looking at the ceiling with my knees bent and thighs together.The boys sat in a circle around me, from my position I could see that they had much more stops their battle weapons that did not stop playing as they got closer and closer to my body. Javier took me by an ankle, Jaime did the same with the other one, they kissed me and licked my boots and finally they separated my legs raising them in the air. Rogelio and Jorge took me with one hand by the shoulders and with the other they played with my breasts. “Go Beni, we do not have your time!” Benito, somewhat nervous, like me, knelt between my legs, took his penis about 9 cm that was not as thick as his friends and guided him to my enclosure . I had about to burst and a reddish tone, through the hole of the glans slipped a little lubricant that took the opportunity to rub it muddy messing my head up and down in my closed room. The vaginal lips began to swell and every time I touched my clitoris I felt again spasms giving me the desire to touch me, which the wives prevented me from doing so I had nothing left but to writhe while moaning closing my eyes.”Go Uncle, it’s already good lubricant” hurried him. Benito sweaty began to push his head in me, but apparently I could not get an inch, I knew that because it was my first chance it would be difficult for me to penetrate. The boy tried again and again but only managed to put pressure on me, causing me some pain from the pellets. “He he, Benito can not !!” said his companions in a mocking tone. The boy started to push harder and harder, this time my lips began to give way and he entered the middle of his head which slid back out as soon as he stopped pressing. “he wants to go in, he wants to go in” he said while I moaned in each attempt, part pain and part for pleasure because of the rubbing. “Go ahead, the teacher is enjoying it, teach her you can do more” Javier said, which is why I gave him a reproachful look.The boy tried again, this time I achieved too much effort to put the glans completely but then it did not happen, I felt a sharp pain so I began to beg to scream that I did it more slowly since it hurt me a lot, it seemed that my suffering He was more upset because the more he begged for mercy he doubled his efforts until he began to exclaim victorious “He’s coming in, he’s coming in !!!, now yeah !!!, boys are coming in !!!”, the small bar of hot meat slid very Slowly but firmly opening my gap causing contractions and pain, it seemed that now nothing would stop him, as he was advancing I shouted more and more. Rogelio leaned over to my head and began to kiss me like crazy in the mouth to quell my cries.Finally Beni achieved his goal, he had it all inside me, he remained quiet for a few moments exclaiming joyfully “Miss Caro, how rich you feel! It’s tight and warm, I with my mouth and hands busy I could not answer. Beni heaved a big sigh and said “now the good starts!”, I felt like his member was starting to slip out now, again the pain came but the rubbing started to cause me incredible pleasure. Inside only the head, I immediately went back to penetrate slowly, its operation was repeated again and again increasing the speed.The pain but persisted was becoming more tolerable and my pleasure was increasing. Until that moment, I reflected that I was no longer a virgin, and that nothing would ever be the same again. The movements became furious thrusts that forced me to undo the kiss with Javier to be able to scream. With my great moans and laments the atmosphere became more and more, fortunately the houses on the sides were not inhabited yet, so I do not think anyone would have heard anything. Benito continued with his task for about 6 or 7 minutes until he began to shout “I come, I come, I come !!!”, I saw how he gritted his teeth and turned his head up closing his eyes. Internally I felt a jet of hot liquid escort bursa flooding me under pressure.”I continue, I follow!” Rogelio shouted, Beni slowly pulled out his organ, which drained that milky white liquid mixed with a little bit of blood, perhaps coming from the rupture of my hymen, I saw it slowly becoming flabby until it became In a little thing that seemed nothing like what I had seen before, Beni was so satisfied that he let himself fall lying on the side breathing deeply while he smiled a pleasant smile on his lips, in fact he soon fell asleep.Although I felt a lot of pleasure with my first lover, I did not reach the climax, I hoped that one of the other guys would satisfy me. Rogelio was ready, he asked his companions to release my ankles since he would be the one who would grab them to control my opening to his liking. It also cost him a bit of work at the beginning but not so much since they had saved him some of the work. I penetrated the few attempts, I thought it would hurt less after the previous fucked but it was not, his member was three or four inches longer and much thicker than Beni. He knew how to better control his movements and his breathing, making me stay even longer.I moaned while the others groped me, Rogelio continued to penetrate me and at the same time I played with my legs opening them and closing them, lifting them up and lowering them by holding my ankles tightly. In one of those when I closed my eyes to scream I felt like a bulky member was entering my mouth, it was Javier’s, “Excuse Miss, but it’s my turn until the last and while I have to put up with something”, “Mmhhh, mmmh “It’s the only thing I could answer. This oral sex was different, instead of moving me, Javier moved like he was fucking in my mouth.So we continued for ten minutes until Rogelio felt his run, for me it was more pleasant than Beni’s. This time if I reach an orgasm, almost at the same time as him. I thought that Javier was going to run in my mouth but he withdrew his cock and said he wanted to reserve for when his time came. I was already quite sore, I asked them for a break, they removed my handcuffs and we rested for around 20 minutes.In the recess we commented on how well we were having fun and laughed while they told me colored jokes that in another situation would have intimidated me. Take the opportunity to go to the bathroom to cleanse the semen that I had left. When I returned I saw Benito already recovered. Once relaxed and I with a little less pain, we decided to continue.The turn would now be Jorge’s, as I mentioned before, they were following their turns based on the size of their cocks. “Miss, I’d like to do it in another position,” he said as he sat in one of the chairs. I take firmly his lustrous and erect lance of pleasure of about 14 cms pointing it upwards. Javier took me by the arm and directed me to where his partner waited impatiently, then I stood facing him with his back with what Jorge took advantage of to massage my hips and my big butt.”Now put your hands on the arms of the chair and start to sit Miss”, I tried to obey and I tried to sit down bending back, Jorgillo put his arm around my hip and my flat abdomen pulling me gradually towards him. The moment came when I felt his hot head touching my vulva, I stopped a little while I felt that I was fitting the member correctly. “Get off Miss,” I crouched a little more and felt the pressure of the organ on me. The tip of the glans tried to enter, Jorge hugged me with both arms and pulled more, I felt with pain as my own weight to slide that instrument of love inside me until I had everything inside. Following his instructions, I started to climb up and down slowly, leaning my arms on the chair and the tips of my boots on the floor. The lover in turn did the same moving also up and down her hips. Our rhythms increased until we beat our bodies with frenzy against each other.From time to time he asked me to stop and move around in a circular way. The position was taken advantage of by the boy to rub my breasts and thighs, even introducing a finger while continuing his penetration. Meanwhile, Jaime, who was on the side of the chair, ran my long hair between his fingers and gave me tender kisses and licks on his ears and neck. So much pleasure did not allow me to speak or comment and apparently to Jorge either because we just moan, scream and sigh. Inevitably my student arrived at his climax just like me. Once I recovered my breath, I noticed that Jaime was lying on his back on the carpet. “I’m still Miss, I’d love something similar to what he did right now with Jorge, but here on the carpet with me lying down.” I sighed with a smile, tired as I was, I slowly got up from the chair feeling the member leave me no longer so stiff Jorge, then slowly walk until you’re practically standing on Jaime.He was standing on his body with one foot on each side of his hips, some distance below me, his sex vibrated in anticipation of great sensations, he looked shiny because he had smeared Vaseline that he had found on a trip to the bathroom . “How stunning you can see from here below Miss” he said to me, whimsically, to which I timidly thanked him with a smile. Seconds later I began to sit astride the inserting it. It cost me more work than with Jorge because his penis was much bigger and thicker, which made my advances gradual and slow due to pain.I cost some effort but I achieve it. This time I felt something different, that member seemed to fill too much the walls of my cavity in addition to getting to the bottom. For the same reason, it was more difficult for me to apply the same treatment to Jorge. We enjoyed like crazy, after 20 minutes the boy still did not let me go, and while we were giving ourselves to that game he rubbed my breasts and my legs that were on the sides of his trunk. So much fucked me was irritating the inside of my vagina so I wanted to finish so I asked him to hurry because there was still Javier waiting. “Do not worry Miss Caro,” Jaime told me, Javier and I agreed to do something “,” What thing? “I ask.” Come up to tell her in my ear, it’s a little secret, “sitting on the top of my chest. our heads together “What is that secret?” I asked in a low voice, “A double penetration,” I whisper.When I heard that I opened my eyes, but when I tried to react to get up, Jaime hugged me tightly against him and began to kiss me frantically without letting me reply. I opened my eyes even more when I felt a finger smear something on my anal region. Thanks to a wall with a mirror that was nearby I could see how Javier put his fingers to his tongue and then delicately smeared me with saliva.While Jaime was fucking me and kissing me, I tried to take care of myself, waving and moaning but I could not because the boy was stronger than me. I watched in horror as Javier rubbed his monstrous member with petroleum jelly and then smeared a little in my tight little hole. I did not think that this place could be penetrated and I was afraid that they would hurt me.I was able to free my mouth from Jaime’s kiss and yell at Javier “Do not even think about doing that, for what you want most!”, “Nothing bad will happen to her, Teacher, on the contrary”, she was about to insist that They let me go when I felt an intruder finger enter a little. The sensation left me paralyzed, “you see miss ?, is rich” replied my little r****t. “At that point he began to put and remove his finger smeared with lubricant which caused a whiff of pleasure to come out. I was feeling, and now it was not a single finger, but two or maybe three.That followed was a torment, I felt like the big head of Javier’s penis was trying desperately to enter my back, my anus to feel the pushes contracted sliding It was more than twenty attempts, until I felt like the pressure was starting to open, causing me a pain greater than the vaginal but at the same time a pleasant sensation indescribable. Fat and long organ in me The boys who did not participate in the penetration cheered on their classmates while they masturbated in astonishment at the spectacle in front of their eyes.After a long time of screaming and sweating Javier stopped, had introduced half and knew that it would be dangerous to try more so he began to slowly remove what he had already gotten. The out and over was repeated again and again slowly until the lubrication allowed him to do it faster. I felt that I fainted when I felt those two big cocks enter and leave me.”Let’s finish with a flourish, join!” Jaime shouted to the others. I watched as Rogelio leaned in front of my head and rubbed his big thing on my face to finally put it in my mouth. Benito and Jorge, who no longer had anywhere to enter, sat down on each side of me to play with my breasts. Later they stepped aside to allow my penetrators to get out and make maneuvers to change position, putting me first on my side and finally on my back, leaving Jaime on top of me and Javier on the bottom. As Rogelio took out in that rearrangement his penis from my mouth I could keep screaming but now it was not for pain, but for the most intense pleasure I have ever felt in my life. My cries were soon drowned again with the member of Rogelio. The attacks of the three boys increased to a frantic level until the four of us reached the maximum pleasure. On the other hand, Benito and Jorge had also been blasted on me by the excitement. After exhaling loud sighs we all stayed asleep as exhausted as we were. Inside of me I felt like the boys returned to their flaccidity. Later we broke the hugs and we separated.My body was full of sweat and semen that mischievously anointed me to give me one last grope. I allowed them to use the bathroom to clean themselves lying on the carpet and completely alone. There I tried to use logic to try to understand everything that had happened, but what mattered, I was super satisfied after experiencing that unplanned orgy. Not even my most daring friends had experienced something like that. Of course they never knew, in fact nobody knew until now. Pacte with the boys that what happened would be our secret, they accepted and thanked me for having allowed them to fulfill in me their fantasies.Days later using false pretexts I gave up my position in the school because I did not think it was right to continue living with the k**s who started me and because of the fear that something new would happen. Even though my experience was fantastic, I did not let a man touch me until I got married, because I would not want to stray further. For a long time when I was alone I remembered those experiences with the k**s and in fact I still remember them causing a lot of excitement. Later on I was able to buy a PC and I learned to calm my momentum by using cybersex and anonymity online.Today I am happily married, at first I had decided not to tell my husband anything, but with the confidence that he gives me and our great relationship I have ended up confessing. To my surprise he has never reproached me, instead of that he asks me every so often to tell him again details of my adventure with what he gets crazy, he dressed me with boots and although he can not do the work of five It provides a great pleasure that makes up for it. I thought it would be exciting to share the story they are finishing reading and that’s why I posted it on the internet. My husband also confessed to me some of his experiences as a bachelor and several of his current fantasies, he says that he gets very hot when he imagines that he watches me while I am possessed by one or more strangers. He invited me to make his fantasy come true, but I have not decided, if I do that, it will be … another story

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