The Initiation of Mary Pt. 02

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The Initiation of Mary Part 02

Lunch with The Ladies

Mary nervously rang the doorbell. In a moment Betty, Phil’s wife, answered the door, “Mary! I am so happy for you. Come in! The girls can’t wait to hear all about it!”

Mary was relieved and a lot curious when she walked in. Betty took her to the sunroom where Victoria and Elizabeth were already seated.

The women were all older than Mary although it was difficult to tell. They ranged from pretty to gorgeous and obviously kept themselves fit. They all had grown children as well. Mary was not intimidated by the age difference, much.

Betty showed Mary to her seat, “First things first. Our luncheons include drinking and fun so please relax. You are with friends. Everyone here has participated in Poker Night and we all loved it! We can’t wait to try out Bob.”

Victoria, aka Vicky was fidgeting with excitement, “How does his cock compare to the other guys?”

Betty had a long suffering look on her face, “Vicky! “I am sorry Mary. Vicky gets a little excited.”

Mary laughed. She could see this was going to be fun. Whatever this was. She smirked, “He isn’t Ron, but he is a bit more than Phil.”

Vicky pumped her fists in the air, “Yes!” Seeing the raised eyebrows, she continued, “Oh come on! You all cannot tell me you do not like a big dick!

“Look, I know my husband is the smallest of our guys, but he makes me happy. I could go the rest of my life with only him and be perfectly content. Though occasionally, I like that full feeling a big cock gives me.”

Mary high-fived her, “I bet occasionally means as often as possible.”

Vicky laughed, “You read my mind!”

Betty shook her head, “Oh god Liz, there is two of them now!”

Liz looked at Betty seriously, “Make it three.”

The entire table erupted with laughter.

Betty had laid out luncheon meats, cheeses, and toppings. The women helped themselves to the food. Betty went around the table and filled their glasses from a pitcher of mimosa. When everyone had a seat Betty looked at Mary, “I am sure you have a lot of questions. Let me go over some things that might answer most of them. You obviously know about the Poker Club. It is a lot of fun, but we wives that are not being “pokered” need something to do while the guys are having fun.

“What you may not know is that there is more than one Poker Club. For every Poker Club there is a Wives Club. Sometimes we have events with some or all the other clubs, or we can share resources. The Poker Club meets twice a month. We meet then as well. We also have at least one other event each month.

“The “resources” we use for our parties can be husbands, but most often are not. They are usually male, and all have been thoroughly medically checked. Our events have some sort of theme to them and all them are intended to provide sexual adventure and gratification.

“Excluding Poker Club, no wife is required to attend an event. You do what you are comfortable doing. We all love our husbands, and we make it clear that what we do is no secret from them. Our resources are told that they are forbidden from trying to date a wife. No asking for phone numbers or email addresses. By the same token, the wives are not allowed to use an event to begin an illicit affair. If you, and your husband, want to develop a relationship with a resource that is not a problem. We support anything that adds to your marriage.

“We, and our husbands, want to have fun with sex. We are all solid in our marriages and will not do anything that threatens our relationship with our spouse. You will find that when we have our cookouts, we check on each other. We do that to provide support if needed. The sexual adventures we have had together have made us all remarkably close. We would do almost anything for each other. That includes people we have gotten close to, that decide not to participate anymore. Sometimes couples have all the adventure they need and stop. It is not uncommon.

“I will provide you a schedule of events for the next two months. That is as far ahead as we plan. The schedule can be quit titillating and I review it with my husband. The talks we have in the bedroom about the schedule alone have helped my marriage. The open discussion about what event excites us and why has improved our sex life immeasurably.”

Mary had been nodding along, “I understand everything so far and I am glad that you brought up the relationship stuff. I will not do anything that threatens my marriage and I definitely will be going over the schedule of events with Bob.”

Betty continued, “When a new wife joins our club, we like to dedicate the next event to them. So, if you decide to join us, you will be the guest of honor. We all participate but welcoming you will be the focus.”

Mary had a dubious look on her face, “Sooo, what is the next event?”

The women at the table all grinned. Betty handed the schedule to Mary. As she read down the schedule a flush came up her chest to her face. Her breathing increased and her heart sped up, “Wow, these events gaziantep escort ilanları sound adventurous! It looks like the next event is next Saturday. The event is Mother and Son night. I don’t have a son.”

Betty laughed, “Yes, but I have the twins and I am sure they would be happy to help out.”

The three women grinned at Mary and her flush deepened. She was not sure exactly what was going to happen but so far, the anticipation was making her very wet. Betty’s twin sons were eye candy of the highest order. It was going to be a long week of anticipation.

The women continued to talk and drink. A few hours into lunch they were all a bit drunk and Vicky was feeling frisky. She turned to Mary, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”


“Wanna give it a try?”

Mary looked at Betty and Liz. The looked back at her with anticipation. Mary turned back to Vicky, “Su…”

She did not get the word out of her mouth before Vicky planted her lips on hers. Mary marveled at how soft her lips were. The kiss felt nice and she leaned into it. Vicky was encouraged and she licked the inside of Mary’s lip with the tip of her tongue. Mary responded by putting her hand on Vicky’s face, her thumb lightly stroked her cheek.

In less than a minute the two were kissing passionately. Mary had one hand on the back of Vicky’s neck and the other cupping her face. Vicky broke the kiss so that she could kiss her way down Mary’s neck. She soon nibbled and nipped her way back up her neck to nibble on her ear. Mary’s arms broke out in goosebumps and her heart was beating a mile a minute. She was not sure where this was going, but she decided that she was enjoying the ride so far.

Vicky’s pulled Mary to her feet. She slid her leg between Mary’s as she melded her body to hers. Her tongue slipped deeply into Mary’s mouth and she grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy against her thigh. The two were kissing madly and Mary’s crotch was getting wetter as Vicky’s leg rubbed against her. She felt Vicky pull away from her slightly and thought that maybe they were done. Mary was not sure she wanted to be done.

Suddenly she felt a second set of hands sliding between her and Vicky. Liz had approached from her back and now she was between the two women. Liz was unbuttoning her blouse and Mary decided she did not have a problem with that.

“Uhm, wait guys. Oh god. Please stop for a second.”

Vicky and Liz both backed away.

“I am sorry. I love what we are doing, but I need to talk to Bob before we go any further.”

Betty smiled at Mary, “I am so glad you said that. Of course, you should call Bill. Down the hall, last room on the right. Close the door if you need to. We will not spy on you.”

Vicky grinned, “As soon as he says it is alright come on back and we can pick up where we left off!”

Mary went into the bedroom and called Bob, “Honey I have a bit of a situation here. We are having a good time. Vicky asked if I had ever been kissed by a girl. Well, one thing led to another and now I think the girls want to fuck me. I told them I needed to talk to you before we went any further.”

“So, you are telling me that you have been making out with three women?”

“Well technically just one so far, but I expect it will be all of them eventually.”

“And, you want to know if it is alright with me if you have sex with them?”

“Yes, I don’t want to do anything that would upset you.”

“Sweetheart, I love you and I definitely do not have a problem with the four of you having fun. I just wish I could watch!”

“I can ask. Hold on a minute.” Mary walked down the hall to the sunroom, “Bob wants to know if he can watch.”

Vicky smiled from ear to ear, “Only if he joins in!”

Betty smiled, “We don’t usually invite the men to our luncheons, but I want to make the exception. What do you think Liz?”

“Hell yes! Get his ass over here!”

Mary spoke to Bob, “Did you hear that?”

“I’m almost at the door”

A laughing Betty answered the door to a slightly out of breath Bob, “Took you long enough.”

Betty escorted Bob to the sunroom where his wife and Vicky were kissing again. Vicky was rubbing Mary’s crotch while Liz was unbuttoning her blouse. Bob was watching with rapt attention, the bulge in his pants obviously growing.

Betty pulled on his arm, “Lean over here for a minute.”

Bob leaned down toward her and she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. At first he was startled, but in a nano second he got over that. He had always had the hots for Korean women. Something about them pushed all the right buttons. If Betty wanted to kiss him, he was damn sure going to kiss her back. Their kiss deepened and they focused on each other for a while.

When they came up for air Mary was down to her panties and Vicky had her hand in them. The two walked over and Vicky pulled her lips from Mary to allow her husband access. He proceeded to kiss his wife deeply, “Are you having fun babe?”

“I am. It will be even more fun if I get to watch you fuck. I want to see your cock sliding in and out of my friends. Is that OK with you?”

Bob smiled, “Yep, I think I can work with that.”

Betty grabbed his hand and began to lead him out of the room, “Follow me everyone. Let’s get comfortable and by that, I mean let’s get naked!”

Betty led them to the master bedroom. Much of the room was taken up by the giant bed. Two king size mattresses had been joined seamlessly. Mary thought the sheets and blankets must have been custom made. They certainly were not a size she had ever heard of. Her bed linen thoughts were interrupted when Vicky and Liz pulled her onto the bed.

“Hold on a minute! Everyone off the bed. I need to take that quilt off before you all juice it up! Why don’t you all get naked while I do that?”

Ten seconds later the naked group was watching Betty, “Fine then. You guys fold the quilt, and I will get naked.”

Bob took her hand, “I would like to help you with that.”

“Oh hell yes!”

Bob pulled her close and kissed her. Soon their tongues were dancing. He slowly stripped her, touching and caressing as he went. He wanted to discover her body, to touch every inch of it. Her skin felt wonderful under his fingers. He kissed and caressed his way from her hand to her shoulder. Her neck and then her ear were treated to the same. He returned to her mouth and kissed her deeply.

He worked his way slowly down her body to her stomach, bypassing her center and kissing his way down her leg. He kissed and licked his way back up the inside of her other leg. Betty spread her legs to invite him in.

Betty loved the teasing. It had built her up until she was on fire with lust. Still she really wanted him to eat her pussy. Finally, she felt his tongue begin to explore. He was lapping his tongue up her crotch. The action of his tongue served to spread her labia. When his tongue tapped against her clit, she let out a moan and reached for his head. She intended to grab him, pull him in, and hold him there. Then, he was gone. Her eyes snapped open.

Vicky pulled on Bob’s arm to get his attention. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Bob, I want your cock. lay on your back and she can sit on your face.”

Bob being the cooperative fellow he was immediately lay back. Betty got the hint just as quickly and straddled his face. She ground her drenched pussy against his mouth. Bob grabbed her hips and took control so that his tongue could continue to dance. Betty relaxed enough to stop grinding and let him do his thing. A very, very, good thing as it turned out. Betty’s orgasm was explosive. She could not help but grind against his face for a moment before settling back down for more.

Meanwhile, Vicky was paying homage to his cock. She rubbed the head across her lips before licking it with her tongue. By the time she had licked it down to his balls his cock was rock hard. Her mouth engulfed his cock, her hand pumping, and her tongue working. Vicky would love to suck this wonderful cock until she could swallow his cum. Some other time. Right now, she wanted that cock in her drenched pussy.

She straddled his hips and gripped his cock, guiding it into her waiting pussy. She lowered herself slowly onto his cock. She sighed ach time another inch penetrated her. When she finally managed to take him fully and she began to grind her clit against his pelvis, sliding his cock in and out as she did. She came almost immediately, crying out her joy before settling in for more. Soon she was sliding up and down his body as she fucked herself on his cock, driving it as deep within her as she could stand. When she orgasmed the second time, she collapsed against Betty, who by this point, needed some support as well.

Vicky rolled off Bob and onto the bed. She looked stunned and Bob thought she might need a while to recover. That suited Bob fine. He pulled Betty off his face and had her lay down beneath him. He looked into her eyes as he slowly slid his cock into the petite beauty. Soon he was slowly fucking her.

She looked down her body and watched his cock sliding in and out. It made her hot watching that big dick moving in and out. She looked back up into his eyes and pulled his head down into a kiss. Their tongues danced and his pace increased. Soon both needed their mouths for breathing. Their eyes met as they both felt their orgasms approaching. Bob groaned, “I’m going to cum.”

“I want you to. I want you to cum in me.”

A final thrust and he stiffened as his cum shot into her. He began sporadically pumping again while continuing to shoot over and over. He was not sure he had ever cum so hard.

Betty was busy with her own orgasm. When she felt his cum spurting into her it pushed her over the edge. She thrust herself against him and wrapped her arms around his neck while her orgasm pulsed within her. Like all orgasms, theirs was regretfully soon over. They lay still connected. Bob held her close and kissed her face, then her lips. He looked into her eyes, his face showing his adoration, “That was wonderful.”

She looked back at him, showing her adoration as well, “Yes. Yes, it was.”

Mary and Liz had been getting closely acquainted while Vicky, Betty, and Bob were getting busy. When Vicky had focused in on Bob’s cock and moved over, Liz had lain down next to Mary. The combination of their contrasting skins and their beauty made the two resemble models from a high-end erotic photo. Liz was slightly taller than Mary. She had a runway model’s looks and body. The only thing that had kept her from modeling was that her breasts were too large. Modeling agencies did not want someone as exotic looking as she was to have tits larger than a B cup. She had breasts that were perfectly proportioned for her figure, just not for runway modeling. Mary thought she was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Her brown skin looked like velvet and Mary very much wanted to caress it.

They started out kissing, but not long after that Liz decided that Mary needed something more. She licked her way down Mary’s body and was soon giving Mary’s pussy her undivided attention. If her moans were any indication Mary was very appreciative of her efforts. Soon her moans became louder until she lost control of her voice and her body. Her first orgasm with a woman was unforgettable. The memory would pop into her head at odd moments for the rest of her life. When those moments occurred, her face would flush, and she would smile mischievously.

Liz slid back up Mary’s body and the two kissed deeply. Mary looked deeply into Liz’s eyes, “I want to do that to you. I want to make you feel what I just felt. But you have to tell me if I am doing it wrong.”

“Just do to me what you like done to you. I guarantee I will like it.”

Mary licked her way to her breasts and began to lick and bite her nipples. Liz’s nipples were fully erect when Mary licked her way down to her shaven pussy. Mary started tentatively. When she saw how well Liz responded, her confidence grew. She did the things she liked and soon Liz was clamping her head between her thighs. Mary’s efforts were soon rewarded by the warm wetness running from her friend’s pussy. When she looked up from her crotch Liz was smiling languidly.

Liz stroked Mary’s hair, “Sweetheart that was amazing. You don’t have anything to learn.”

Mary was excited and moved up to kiss Liz, “Really? I was a bit nervous at first. You are so beautiful and sexy it is a bit intimidating. I did not want to disappoint you.”

Liz again looked deep in Mary’s eyes, “I want to be close to you. I want to spend time with you and your husband, but especially you.”

Mary held onto her tight as she kissed her hard, “I want that very much too.”

Vicky was playing with Bob’s semi-hard cock, “If you guys are done being all lovey dovey, how about helping me get this dick hard?” Mary and Liz laughed, then rolled over to help. It was not long before the attentions of the three ladies had him standing at attention. Liz straddled his waist. Mary positioned his cock and Liz lowered herself onto him. Liz kissed him, “You have a really nice cock. Now if you don’t mind, I am going to fuck myself into a coma on it.” Before the two of them were done she had nearly accomplished her goal.

Two hours later Phil walked into the room. He chuckled to himself as he saw the mound of sexually satiated people sleeping on the bed, “Hey, it’s after six. Do you all feel like eating dinner?”

It was as if someone had flipped a switch. The word “dinner” got them all going. Fun sex had made them all hungry. Betty showed them to a bathroom with shower and bath facilities that rivaled the bed in size. Not only could all of them shower together, but there was enough room that they could have a fun time while they did it. Bob was not quite up to another round, but he did enjoy cleaning the women’s bodies.

Soon after Bob and Mary returned home to dress for dinner. The four couples went out and had a lovely evening.

Mother and Son Night

Mary arrived at Vicky’s house promptly at seven. Vicky invited her in and walked her downstairs. The room they entered was a typical rec-room that included a large screen television, a pool table, and dart board. Couches formed a “U” shape in front of the television. Vicky walked to a door that Mary thought probably led to the laundry room. When she walked through, she realized that she was assuredly not in a laundry room. On the end near her was a bar that could seat six. Instead of two king mattresses, the room was scattered with couches, chaise lounges and dozens of pillows. The floor was bouncy to her feet and was covered with a silky soft carpet. She realized the whole room was one giant bed.

Liz and Betty were sipping on cocktails. One of Betty’s twins was stationed beside her, caressing his mother in ways that sons normally do not. She playfully slapped his hands away and turned him towards Mary, “This is my son Brent.” Brent, and his twin Brian, had a nice mix of features from their parents. Their Korean heritage was obvious. They had their father’s build, but where their father was in good shape, they were in awesome shape. Mary did not think there was an ounce of body fat between them.

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