The House with Blue Shutters Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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I sent Tuyet “A Happy Lunar New Year” message a few days later. In her reply, she mentioned that her parents would go and visit relatives in the next big city on the fourth or fifth day of the new lunar year and be gone for the night. I couldn’t sleep there, of course, but I knew I could find an excuse for three or four hours in the afternoon. I asked about the neighbors and where to put my motorcycle. I also wanted to be assured again if there was the slightest possibility that her parents would come back early. As great as everything seemed, the thought of her family finding me there was stuff for nightmares.

As I didn’t hear back from her for several days, I thought she must be working on the details. Sure enough, she texted me in the morning of the fourth day that we’d meet at her house. I should go to a café nearby, she suggested, and walk over to her house, since it would look odd if my motorcycle was parked at their house for hours. My wife was at her parents’ place in a nearby village, and the whole town would be quiet, as people were enjoying the biggest holiday of the year.

Around noon, she texted me that her family had left and that I could come over, so I went to the coffee shop by myself to have an excuse to leave the motorcycle there. In a way, meeting at her house was perfect if we didn’t get discovered. We would probably fuck twice today, and we could run around naked for the whole time. Our visit at the hotel had been relatively brief after so many months, and so I felt rather horny again. While I was having coffee, she texted me that her period wasn’t completely over yet, but she didn’t have any pain worth mentioning.

It was only about 500 yards from the coffee shop to her house, but it felt a little strange to be walking, as everyone, including myself, rode everywhere on scooters. Usually. When I had found her house, I tapped the metal sliding door and went in through the small opening that Tuyet had left in anticipation of my arrival. She came down the stairs quickly, went past me, and closed the screeching door.

She was barefoot but wearing school uniform: a light-blue-and-white polo shirt and dark-blue synthetic sweatpants, which looked pretty spiffy. She wasn’t wearing a bra; I had seen her titties bounce as she had been coming down the stairs. I had already seen many high school girls in uniform, but Tuyet wearing her old school outfit now added another twist to the afternoon. After she closed the door, the house was pretty dark and quiet, and I looked around.

The hall was huge with a high ceiling. Straight ahead was the dining area, and a little to the right were the typical large wooden chairs with a big coffee table in between. The stairs were to the left, and there was a somewhat impressive chandelier. I assumed that her room was upstairs. She stepped closer and we kissed. At first, we just nibbled a little but then kissed more passionately. I let my hands run all over the midsection of her body, and when we were done kissing, I had my left hand in her crotch and my right hand between her butt cheeks. I could feel the pad between her legs.

She looked at me with her mouth open. At the first glance, she seemed almost angry; she was panting, too, but it dawned on me that the look meant sheer, carnal lust. The many times we had met before had always been mitigated by us talking first and then planning where to go, and as joyful and rambunctious many of our encounters had been, they had always been buffered by other considerations. Even taking her panties off in public was not fully spontaneous, but more like a subtly orchestrated spiel.

Now, we were able to pursue our bare desires unimpeded. She lifted up her shirt and held it with both hands close to her mouth. Her small round breasts looked marvelous and hot; I squeezed and kissed them, while I reached inside her jogging pants with both hands—one in the back and one in the front—and pushed them down. As I was fondling her butt and her front again, she paused briefly, probably thinking if she could really afford to let her guard down completely, here in the house where she grew up in, where her parents received guests, and where her grandparents lived. She looked grand, though, with her pants down almost to her knees and her white panties. Her bush was heaving slightly, as were her tits, and a tiny portion of her butt flesh was resting on the back of her thighs.

She had made the decision to continue. She took off her shirt, and I helped her out of her pants, as hot as they made me. While I was taking off my clothes, she removed her underwear, too. I saw that there was a little blood on the pad. I reached for her, turned Pendik Escort her around, and moved her against front door, with the back to the room. I told her to hold on to the door. I bent my knees, as she was about a foot shorter than me, and I tried to get in from behind. I fondled her butt and then her pussy, which was moist.

As I was worried that we couldn’t do it like that here—after all, how long would I be able to fuck with my knees bent?!—she turned around and motioned with her chin over to the big wooden chairs. We walked across the hall naked, and she got on one of those chairs on her knees. She put some cushions on the seat and leaned forward. Her ass was protruding in the hottest fashion and I moved my glans inside her pussy, which felt like velvet with the tissue and blood her body was discharging. I moved in further and started thrusting.

She seemed to be seriously horny, as she was trying to pull me closer and holding her ass up, so that I could fuck her more easily and deeper. Her shrieking became more intense, and it was amplified by the sheer size of the room. All her screaming, squealing, panting, and yelling bounced off and across the walls multiple times. To please her fully, I was fucking her as hard as I could. She was sucking air through her clenched teeth, and even the sound of my thighs smacking her ass was heightened and intensified by the 25-foot ceiling.

By now, we had long passed the point of being worried about what could be heard outside. She put up one leg on the coffee table, as I was still pounding her from behind. I was holding on to her little tits, and finally switched to longer strokes. I pulled my dick almost fully out, before I went back in the full length. Her back was a heaving little landscape, and now she was coughing and gasping. I told her to sit on the dinner table and spread her legs, as I wanted to see her titties and her face while I was fucking her.

Of course, we both wanted this to be over and, at the same time, to never end. Her thighs were parallel to the edge of the dinner table and I already knew that eating dinner at her house would never be the same again for her. I held the underside of her thighs close to her knees and thrusted some more. At some point, I was worried that my thrusts would knock her off the table surface. Before I came, I could almost feel my sperm being summoned, then travel together, and eventually I shot seven or eight times up in her. I was holding on to her breasts when my dick got limp, and we disconnected.

She got off the table and fell into my arms as the fruit basket fell on the floor. My dick was between her bush and her bellybutton, leaving a small mark of cum there. A little bit of pink cum had also landed near the dinner table. She said: “Let’s go upstairs and lie down!” We cleaned ourselves, plus the floor, put the fruit back up onto the table, and looked around to check for any signs of depravity. We picked up our clothes and sauntered upstairs like two debilitated warriors after winning a battle. Somehow, we made it into her bedroom and collapsed on her surprisingly big bed.

Neither of us could say anything. When we finally had somewhat recovered our senses, I asked her about the bed. She explained that her parents had bought a new one not too long ago, so she got the older, queen-size bed. I liked the symbolism of that: as she became sexually mature, she got a bigger bed to receive visitors. Nice. As we both were knackered, Tuyet asked if I wanted something to eat. Neither of us had eaten lunch yet, so that was great idea. Passing the bathroom, though, we decided to take a very quick shower together.

Under the warm water, we relaxed and soaped each other. Our souls brightened up and our interactions became tender again. We were touching each other like children, and I admired her breasts in particular. Both, my dick and her pussy needed some rest, but her round little tits were one of the most endearing set I had ever encountered. I twiddled them and they bounced nicely. I asked if her boyfriend was also fond of them.

“Yeah, I think so. He plays with them just like you do,” she told me.

“What does he say about the rest of your body?” I wanted to know.

“That I’m too skinny,” she giggled.

“Well, you’d be skinny if you tried to be super slim. Like staying on a diet or so. But I think your tender body is just genetics. You couldn’t be fat even if you tried.”

“I actually eat quite a bit,” Tuyet admitted.

“Well, let’s go down to the kitchen then” I said, shutting off the water.

We dried ourselves and went back to the bedroom to put on some clothes. Not that we really needed to Kurtköy Escort wear anything, as it was warm, but right now was intermission time. And, of course, we didn’t wanna get caught naked downstairs. Literally. I didn’t bother to wear underwear or to button my shirt, though; she just reached for a thin, blue-black-and-white-checked summer dress.

Down in the kitchen, she found some noodles and vegetables and made a quick stir fry. Her movements were nimble and elegant, and soon the pleasant smell of the food was filling the room. When done, we put everything in one big bowl and went back upstairs.

She was wearing the skimpy dress but nothing else. I got out of my clothes again to lie down on the bed. We ate quietly at first but then started feeding each other. I asked her to lift up her dress as I wanted to dip a piece of meat in her pussy. There was a small chance that I would get some cum and some blood or tissue, too, but I had to try. And we had showered already. She laughed and said should dip everything in her pussy before I ate it.

“We need to do that before we fuck, though,” I said. “Now, there might still be some cum oozing out. And it’s also the last day of your period,” I added.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Do you know what’s really good with pussy juice?” I asked her.

“Fruit?” she guessed.

“Yeah, fruit and, even better, sashimi. Raw fish,” I said.

“We’ll buy some, yeah.” She had latched on to the idea. “Do you wanna hear something funny?”


“Remember Ngoc, the sporty girl from our lunches? The one who always had her tennis rackets in her bag?” Tuyet asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I remember her. She has nice, muscular legs. A nice body, actually,” I admitted.

“But no tits,” Tuyet laughed. “Anyway, she is still a virgin, and her friends keep teasing her about it.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” I just said. “There must be someone who wants to fuck her. I mean I would,” I said, hoping that I hadn’t divulged too much.

“Well, I met her yesterday, and she asked me about my sex-life,” Tuyet giggled. “I mentioned that I’m good for now. So, we talked a little more, and she said she suspected we, the two of us, are having a fling.”

“I guess we haven’t been hiding it well, huh?” I surmised. “Did you deny it, at least?”

“No, at this point, it’s pretty much an open secret among the lunch group,” Tuyet knew.

As I wanted to dip another piece of meat in her pussy, I gently pushed her legs open and suggested she take her dress off. She removed it without further ado and then leaned back on the pillow with her legs wide open. Her arms were stretched out too, all along the headrest behind her. Gorgeous. She seemed completely at ease and just kept talking.

“Now, Ngoc has asked me to meet at their house. We could fuck there, she said, but she wants in on the action.”

Tuyet looked at me as if it was my decision. Now, talking about these matters was already hot, but I didn’t want to offend Tuyet by agreeing readily that I would fuck the other girl.

As I was still mulling over the idea, she asked: “Have you ever done a threesome?”

I didn’t feel like lying to her and said: “Yes, three times, actually. Once in Thailand and twice here in town with a woman I’ve had an affair with. Her coworker, who was about 30, wanted to experience sex, similar to Ngoc. So, we met at that lady’s house twice last year.”

“Wow. So, you fucked both of them?” Tuyet asked.

“Well, yeah. Not to the end, though. But, yes, I fucked one for a while and then moved on to the other. The first time, I ended up coming inside the other woman, as it was her first time. But the next time, I fucked Nguyet, the woman I was having an affair with. It was great fun. Both times,” I added. “Are you up to fucking at Ngoc’s house?”

“It does sound kinda cool. And it’s definitely something that you can’t do very often. I like her,” Tuyet admitted. “What about you?” she asked.

“I like her too. She has a pretty sexy body. So that’s a ‘yes’? We’ll do it?”

“I’m not sure if I wanna be there and just watch when you fuck her,” she cautioned. “I could come an hour later, when you’re done and then you fuck me, with her watching.”

“You don’t have to be passive and just watch. You can get in on the action. That’s the whole point of a threesome. You could sit on Ngoc’s face and get your pussy licked, while I’m fucking her. Or you lie on your back and she licks your pussy, while I’m fucking her from behind.”

“Phew,” Tuyet said, “This is turning me on. Keep going.”

“We could also get fresh fish and eat it with her pussy juice. And yours, of course,” I spun the story Maltepe Escort further.

“I don’t know if I wanna eat her pussy juice, but, yeah, we could try.”

“And just imagine: she’s on a chair, like you were downstairs an hour ago, presenting her ass. Her ass is really nice, as you know. Can you imagine licking and eating it?” Now, I was on a roll.

“I’ve never done it, but if you’re there and I can get fucked a little too eventually, we’ll give it a try.”

“And now imagine standing next to me when I’m about to enter her pussy from behind. Her ass and her pussy must be a beautiful sight to behold. Now enter my dick, pulsating, its purple tip throbbing, wet, ready to …”

“Stop it,” she said laughing. “Yes, we’ll do it. I’ll ask her one more time if her parents won’t be at home, and if she really wants it.”

“Can you do me one favor, though: Ask her about her cycle. Not her bicycle, but her period. I’d rather fuck her without a condom. If she’s in the middle between two periods, I’ll fuck her for a while, but then come inside you.”

“Sure. I’ll do that. Now, shall we get it on one more time?” she asked, as she lied back down closer to me and started stroking my dick, which got half-stiff pretty quickly. She lifted her ass over my chest and presented her wide-open pussy right in my face. Her pussy framed by her flawless, long, light legs was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever enjoyed. My dick started swelling, and those ten minutes reminded me of our very first encounter at the old house in the countryside.

“I wanna fuck without a condom as often as we can while I’m on holiday, so come inside me again,” Tuyet said, as she was lying down next to me. Her head was at the foot end of the bed, but when I tried to reposition myself, I thought it better to go and pee first. When I got back, her head was dangling off the bed. Her neck was on the edge of the mattress and she was looking at me upside down as I got back into her bedroom. My cock was half-stiff, so I just kneeled down on the floor and put it in her mouth.

She sucked my dick for a little bit, but then the position became too uncomfortable for both of us. We took a minute to put ourselves where we needed to be, and I pushed my dick inside her in the missionary position, with my torso propped up on my elbows. As she had said multiple times how much she liked my naked dick inside her, I wasn’t in a hurry to finish. Our carnal lust had been consumed downstairs and now fucking was more like communicating on a different level.

At one point, we put a pillow under her little ass, and she wrapped her legs around me. A little later, she opened them up again and I asked her to put my legs outside hers. As slim as she was, it was easy to hold her legs like a vice, and another minute later, I reached under her head like an excavator and lifted her up, closer to my chest. The whole time, I kept thrusting at medium speed.

She had a wanton look on her face and was whimpering quietly now. Obviously, it wasn’t the insane array of noises that had filled the hall downstairs. We were in for a long ride and even talked a little bit as we were fucking. I kissed her hair and forehead when I knew that in about ten more strokes I would explore inside her once more. There was the cum; not as much as the first time, but still respectable. She asked me not to pull my dick out, and so we rolled over to the side with her legs still between mine. And my dick still between her lips.

She didn’t seem to have any desire to loosen the arrangement. Her eyes were still closed, but when she opened her mouth, I kissed her. Her head was buried in my arm, chest, and shoulder, while my other hand rested on her butt. Her skin felt cool and soft. When I started caressing her legs and butt cheeks with my fingertips, she got goosebumps and opened her eyes.

“This all feels so wonderful,” was the first thing she said.

“It does.”

Now, she needed to pee, so we disentangled. She looked glorious when she came back. She jumped onto the bed and laughed.

“Well, we finally did it,” Tuyet said.

“Did what?”

“Fucked here in my house and on my bed,” she clarified.

“Yeah, I guess that’s special. You’ll never think of that bed—and the dinner table downstairs—the same.”

“I guess so,” she giggled.

To decompress, we reminisced a little about the various adventures we had last summer. But then I had to go, as my wife was coming back from her parents’ house around 5. I hadn’t kept track of time, but it must have been 4 o’clock at least, I thought. I asked Tuyet and what her plans were for tonight. She checked her phone and said it was half past 4 and that she would go to a friend’s house for dinner. We got dressed and went downstairs together, checking for any signs of misconduct or debauchery. We kissed, she let me out, and I walked back to the café. The parking lot attendant didn’t seem surprised to see me.

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