The Hotel Manager

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To celebrate my Birthday and the first day it was legal to drink, I was sitting in a cocktail bar awaiting the arrival of my friends.

I sat at the Bar enjoying a small cocktail, recommended By the Bar tender. I was a little Bit early. My friends, had arranged to meet me there at 7.30, it was now only 7.15.

I saw a good-looking man, a couple of stools away, looking at me sipping at my drink. He started to make small talk, asking me, if I minded him talking to me, as I was sitting all by myself, and he was also. I replied that I did not mind, but my friends would be joining me shortly. He said he did not want to appear pushy. He told me his name was Tony and that he was the manager of the hotel around the corner. I said that my name was Joanne, and that I knew the hotel. It was a large well-known, upper-class hotel. He said he often came in here for a drink, to get a break from the hotel and that he had not seen me in here before. I told him that today was my 18th Birthday, and to celebrate I was meeting some friends here, before going on to a club

I told him my name was Joanne I preferred Jo, and he said his name was Tony. He wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ and said he was pleased to meet me.

Just then my friends came into the Bar. They came up to me and started to hug and kiss me, and singing ‘Happy Birthday.’ I thanked them for their kindness and presents, and then I said, “This is Tony.” I said he has been keeping me company, whilst I was waiting for them. I introduced them to him. My friends were called Pat and Jane. He said he was delighted to meet them, and asked if he could buy us a drink, to get the celebrations off to a good start. We said we, would, love to have a drink from him. He ordered a drink for the four of us, and another for himself.

Then he said he did not want to spoil my party, so he would leave us to enjoy ourselves. I said there was no need for him to leave, yet, as we would not be long here anyway. He said, Thank you and that he was enjoying our company and would love to stay.

Jo started to ask Tony what it was like, to be manager of such a large hotel, and that it must carry a lot of responsibility.

Tony replied that it did, but with the responsibility, there was the ‘Perks’ of the position. Jane looked him and asked him what he meant.

Tony said, “Oh, there are many advantages he had found in the Jane months, since his promotion.”

This made us all a little curious. We finished our drinks and I said, “Thanks for the drinks and the company, But it was time to move on.”

He said he had enjoyed our company and if we were stuck later on we could always, find a room at his Hotel.

The night went well, we all had a good time, plenty to drink. At about eleven-thirty we decided to call it a night. We left the club, we had enjoyed ourselves and we tried to get a taxi. The first one available, we were told would not be until twelve- thirty. We wondered what to do, to fill in the time. Why not go around to the hotel, I’m sure we will be able to get a drink there, while we wait for the taxi. We agreed that we would do that and phoned the taxi firm up and told them to pick us up there.

We made our way to the hotel. The girl at the reception desk said that it was residents only after eleven p.m. We said that the manager had invited us, back for a drink. She picked up the phone and I heard her say, “Mr Torrinno Sir, three girls are in the lobby and say you invited them, here for a drink.” She put down the phone and told us to wait over By the door to the Bar.

Tony came into the lobby. “Hello Girls” he said to us “I see you have taken up my invitation, come we shall have a drink in the Bar.”

Over a drink he said that it was a pleasant surprise to see us again. Did we require a room for the night, or were we just winding down, after our celebrations? I said that we could not get a taxi until twelve thirty and if he did not mind we would wait for it here.

He said not at all, but first would we sign the register, as the law demanded that only residents were allowed after eleven p.m. He said that he would allocate an empty room as our room number.

We all signed and returned to the Bar.

He ordered drinks for us, and we moved to an alcove in the corner of the Bar. He joined us saying that things were quiet at the moment, so he could keep us company, if we did not mind. Anne. Asked him if he was on duty all night. He replied that he was, but when things were quiet, he spent most of the night in his office and was able to get some sleep He said he worked from 11 p.m. until 8 am and that he enjoyed the night shift as he had all day to himself.

Pat asked him if he had a wife or girlfriend. He said that he had never been married and at the moment he had no girlfriend.

Jane. Asked him, if he always worked nights. He replied that there were three shifts. But he preferred either to work either, the 5 p.m. until 11-p.m. shift, or the shift he was now working. There were some things on these gaziantep escort ilanları shifts that were more entertaining

Jo asked him what he meant by more entertaining. He smiled and replied that there could be, something’s that went on in a large hotel, that would make my hair stand on end.

Pat asked him what sort of things?

He replied many especially, when the newly-weds came to visit. In fact he said we have a newly wed couple, here tonight. And, they had just gone up to the ‘Honey Moon Suite’.

Jane started to giggle and said. ”I wonder how they are getting on?”

Tony said that if things were going to form, they should

Be now be drinking the complimentary Champagne and preparing themselves for their ‘nuptials’.

Pat asked, “What the Hell are those”

Tony asked if she had ever been with a man, before.

Pat, blushing said that it was none of his Business.

Tony smiled and said he was sorry, he did not mean to pry.

“How do you know what will be happening?” I asked.

He replied that he had often watched, from the private room, next to the ‘Honey Moon Suite’

“You mean you spy on them?” Pat said.

Tony smiling said. “I told you that we had perks, didn’t I, in fact that was what I was doing when you came in.”

Jo Blushed and said “You lucky thing. Sorry to have spoilt your evening”

Tony said, “Would you like to see, ‘ The newly-weds’ enjoy their wedding night?

Jane said, “That I would love to see.”

By now we were all feeling, more than a little bit tipsy. I looked at my friends, and they all nodded, and said that it could be a good laugh.

Tony said to follow him. He asked us the name of the Taxi Company, so that he could cancel the car. He picked up the phone, on the reception desk and called the taxi firm.

He then led us to the lift. We got in and Tony pressed the Button and the lift took us up to the top floor.

He led us to a room along the passageway and putting his finger to his lips led us into the room. It was a large room; there was a large ‘King-size’ Bed in the centre of the room, and a settee facing the wall with an electric fire and surround. The rest of the furnishings were not unusual. But there was a large mirror along the wall with the fire surround.

Tony told us to take a seat on a settee that was facing the mirror. He turned the lights down low and said to sit on the settee.

He went to the side of the fire and opened a small cupboard.

The mirror came to life.

In the mirror we could see, the Bride and Groom. She was still dressed in her Bridal gown. Complete with the veil on her head.

They were sitting on the end of the Bed drinking their Champagne.

I started to giggle, and asked Tony, if they knew they were being watched.

Tony said “Of course not and. It is a one-way mirror. And, although they could not hear us, we would have to be very quiet.” Do you agree?” We all nodded our. “ Good not a sound when the show gets under way.” He said.

We sat there watching, spellbound.

The excitement made me want the to use the toilet. I asked Tony if it was all right to use the Bathroom, he said, “Feel free girls, after all we have all night. Make yourselves comfortable. There is a great show in store, for us.”

When I came back from the toilet. Tony said. “Now you promised me that you would all be very quiet so now, I will make the show more interesting.”

We all nodded. Tony then got up and went back to the little cupboard, and pressed a Button. Suddenly I heard the voice of the man.

The entertainment had started.

We heard the men say. “Now my darling, now you have finished your Champagne, come let us celebrate our wedding night, in the correct way.

“He kissed her on the lips, a long lingering kiss. She started to kiss him back, long lingering kisses. He said “You’re trembling, my darling, don’t Be afraid.”

“Oh darling, please be gentle with me, as you know I am a virgin and have been saving myself for you just for tonight.”

“My darling, Have I not, all this time honoured your wishes and have not attempted to force myself upon you. Tonight we will, fly to the moon and we will experience the pleasures of our first union. I will instruct you in all the ways of achieving the greatest pleasures you have only dreamt of.”

“Now come here sit next to me, my Beautiful, wife.”

He started to kiss her again and his hand started to feel her Breast. He then started, ever so slowly, started to rub and squeeze her Breast. She opened her mouth and she, started to moan. “Oh my darling that feels so nice.”

He rubbed and squeezed a while longer, then his hands started to open the fastenings on her dress. Slowly the top of her dress opened. Her head moved Back and he started to move his lips to her neck. Kissing her neck his hand moved done to her Breast. The dress started to slip down her Body, the sight of her frilly Bra, made me gasp His head lowered to her partially exposed Breast, and he started to kiss the swell of her globes.

“Now, my darling, please me by loosening your Bra for me, so that I can taste the delights of your Beautiful Body.”

She stood up and loosened the rest of the fastenings of her dress. It fell open to her waist. Her Bra was a delicate frilly white number. Her hands reached around her Back, and released the fastener. Her Breasts burst into view. The sight of her large, firm looking Breasts took my Breath away.

I heard Jane gasp, and I heard a shuffling from the direction of Pat. I looked around and to my surprise; Tony had his arm around her and was fondling her Breast. I looked away, embarrassed at what was happening, But Jane was not struggling or trying to stop Tony. My eyes were once more riveted to the mirror.

Now the man was holding her Breast, his lips took her nipple into his mouth and she started to moan out loud. He then took the other Breast and started to lick and massage it. He then moved his hand down across her stomach. He then stood up and pushed her down on her Back, onto the Bed. He moved down, so that he was kneeling on the floor. His hands started to move up and under her dress. It was raised so that I could see her white panties. He started to move his hand up her leg, until he reached her panties. She laid back and her legs opened for him; ever so gently he started to rub his finger over the crotch of her panties. She lay back, her mouth was open and I could hear her breathing heavily. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs, just watching them. He then eased the side of her panties to one side and his head moved, lower, and lower until his mouth found its target. She started to moan and let out a sudden soft scream. He rose his head and said “My Darling, you taste so sweet, it is like nectar. Is that giving you the pleasure it is giving me?”

“Oh Yes my darling. I never thought that anything could bring as much pleasure as that.”

“That is only the Beginning of our journey, my darling”

I heard a moan form Jane. I glanced at her. Tony had opened the top of her trousers and had his hand inside her panties. She was lying with her head Back, her mouth was open and seemed to be enjoying herself.

My eyes returned again to the mirror.

He eased her slightly off the Bed. His hands started to remove her panties. Her legs and her mound were now in my view. She had trimmed dark hair there. And her legs were open to my view.

He once again moved down to the Bottom of the Bed. He put both hands onto her slit, and started to prize apart the lips. His mouth found her honey pot and he started to lap at it, like a cat lapping at its cream. Her legs started to shake and she let out a scream.

“My God, she shouted that was amazing, I have heard about an organism but I have never before experienced one.”

That, my darling, was just the first. You will experience many more tonight, I promise you.”

He stood up and told her to sit up He stood in front of her, then he said “Now, my darling, I want you to remove my clothes. It’s time for you to see your wedding present that I have for you.”

I gazed in anticipation

I heard another shuffle from Jane, I glanced at her, her trousers were now down to the floor and Tony was playing with her pussy. I looked at her in awe, this should not be happening.

Tony stood up and moved away, he came back with a glass of something for the three of us. “Drink this and you will enjoy the show all the Better,” he said. I did not think anything about that. I sipped at the drink, as I was feeling thirsty, from the excitement of watching the couple in the next room. I wondered what the drink was. I did not recognise the taste.

She had taken off his shirt, his muscled Body looked in good condition, then she started to lower his trousers. He kicked them off and first turning his Back on her, he stood there stood, in full view of the rest of us, wearing only his shorts. A huge Bulge was more than apparent, and he slowly turned to face her.

He moved towards her, her hands grabbed at his shorts, she pulled them down and he turning to the side kicked them off. My God it was huge. He turned towards her and she gasped with surprise, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

He moved towards her. “Now, my darling, give your present a nice kiss, to say how pleases you are to meet him.” He took hold of her head and started to pull her towards it. She started to resist.

“Please. Please darling, do not make me do such a thing. I could not do that.”

“Oh. He said Well now what shall we do now. I know we will make it more appealing to you, shall we?”

He turned away from her, giving us a good view of the thing that terrified her, and from the table poured a glass of Champagne. He turned to her and gave her a sip of it. Smiling he asked her if that was Better. She said it was. “You like the taste of Champagne, don’t you?” She nodded.

Well then, look.” “We will have to make it easier for you.”

He then poured some Champagne over his monstrous thing, and wet with it said. “Now lick it clean, you will find it tastes just like just to your liking.”

She reluctantly, licked at it as he drew her head to it. She licked and he pushed it slowly against her lips.

“Now open your mouth and put in.,” he said “After all, you liked me to lick you, didn’t you and it is time to repay me for that pleasure.”

I could see her mouth start to open. I watched, transfixed as I had only read about such things, as he slowly pushed it into her mouth. She started to gag, but he did not leave go of her head. He started to pump her head against his thing, and then he let out a roar. Her head moved away from him. I could see her face was covered with wet stuff. She started to spit out the fluid. “That was not so bad was it, darling. You see pleasure must be shared by both of us. You may find that at first, there will be things you will not want to do, but we will find a way to share each other. Now you may if you wish, you may use the Bathroom to wash your mouth out. Now I have shot my load I will need a short while to regain my stamina. But we have all night for our exploration of our Bodies.”

She got up, her legs shaking and went to the Bathroom.

I felt as thought I had wet myself, my panties felt so wet. I got up and started to go to the Bathroom. My eyes could not believe what I saw. Jane was on her knees and she had taken Tony’s thing deep into her mouth, she was bobbing her head up and down like a piston engine. I went into the Bathroom, my legs felt like rubber, I must have had top much to drink, I thought, as I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. Pat came into the Bathroom, and said had I seen the things Jane was doing to Tony. I said I had But she was her own Boss and did not seem to be objecting to his attentions. She said she new she was not a virgin and enjoyed sex. She said watching them and the couple in the mirror; she was feeling quite funny. I said I was feeling the same, she then for no reason, gave me a kiss. “This could turn out to be one hell of a Birthday.” She said. I nodded and said I was certainly enjoying myself, But I was feeling rather light-headed. We returned to the room and Jane and Tony were now both, on the Bed and were fondling each other all over.

In the mirror, the Bride had returned. I could see that she was looking at him rather nervously.

“Feeling a little refreshed, darling? Come and sit by your husband.”

She sat down on the Bed Beside him. He lay down on his Back, his legs hanging over the Bottom of the Bed.

“Now darling, why not wake up the source of your pleasure, come and give my cock, as I call it, a nice good-morning wake up call. Kiss it and ask it if it has had a nice rest, if you wake it up properly, you be rewarded with still more pleasures.”

She knelt down in front of him and took hold his cock, then she slipped it in her mouth, and it went in easier this time, as he was still limp.

He grabbed her head and lifted her head away from his cock.

“I did not hear you ask him if he was ready to be woken up yet, my darling, do the job right and I’m sure you will get your reward.”

She looked at him and said “Good-morning Mr Cock are you ready to

Wake up yet?” His cock started to grow. “Oh I see you are nearly ready, Mr Cock I wonder what surprises you have in store for me now?”

I thought that she had flipped her top, talking like that.

“Now, my darling, you have earned the right to ask him what you would like him to do to you next”

“I do not know, my husband, I do not know what is expected of me, will you please show me the secrets you promised me?”

“Of Course my love, As long as you trust me and do everything I say. Will you?”

“I will,” she said for the second time that day.

“Good, very shortly we shall be floating on a cloud. Come and lie down beside me.” They both lay down on the Bed and started to caress each other.

I felt a hand on my leg. I saw that it belonged to Tony. Jane was lying on the Bed watching the view in the mirror, her hand was between her legs and she was masturbating herself.

Tony knelt on the floor in front of me and his hand moved up my leg. I tried to push him away, but I could not find the energy to resist. His hands started to pull down my pants. He removed them and then I could feel his Breath moving up towards my pussy. I wanted to shout but I could not. Next I felt him licking my pussy, I had never been licked there before, and it felt nice. It was not long before he started to remove the rest of my clothes. I felt helpless but relaxed. When I was naked he took me to the Bed and I lay down next to Jane. I could make out him approaching Pat. It was not long before she was also naked on the Bed with us.

The position of the Bed meant that we could still see and hear everything that was going on in the other room.

Now the Bride was stroking his cock, with slow easy motions, it had grown to its full length again. His hand was slowly massaging her pussy.

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