The Hotel bar

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The Hotel barMy wife and I hadn’t been out for a while due to crappy weather and events with k**s. So when the weather broke a little we took a night off for ourselves and went out to a few of the bars we used to go to just to see what’s changed. So we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the first bar. We knew the bartender for out wild days and pretty much drank for free. So beers and shots were flying and we were getting tipsy so after another round we went to a second bar wich was attached to a hotel. When we got there it was sore of slow. A few people at the bar and a few tables. So we grabbed a table and ordered a pitcher. As soon a s we ordered a old friend walked in my wife used to hang with. This guy is cool, but does some shady stuff. He sat with us for a while and when my wife went to the bathroom he offered me some extacy on him cause he hadn’t seen us in so long. So he left and I showed my wife what he left us. She popped some and ordered a shot. As we drank more people rolled in and she was feeling the effects. She was getting horny. She spotted a guy at the bar and we moved from the table next to him and started talking. illegal bahis siteleri He was from Chicago and was in for a few days and was staying there. He asked if we were stating there and we said we were just out drinking at old hang outs and proceeded to tell him that we have spent a few nights here…lol. A few hours later we were all drunk and she was flirting and my wife asked if he wanted some company for a few hours in his room…guess what he said. So off we went. As soon as we were in his room and the door shut, my wife was srtipped down to her thong and pulling off his clothes. He was a average guy in his 40’s mixed ( I thought she was getting her first black cock) but only was getting half…but he was black in the right area. When she pulled off his pants I swear 9-10″ of cock sprang out. The look on her face was pretty much “Holy Shit”. He smiled at her and said I bet you didn’t expect that, she was shaking her head no. She started sucking his cock while I took off her thong and started working on her pussy, which was already soaking. She got up and layed on the bed and he crawled between her legs and started perabet giriş kissing her while rubbing his cock on her pussy getting his cock all wet. He asked if she wanted him to put a condom on (while he was actually puching the tip of his cock in) she said no and he said good and pushed half way into her. She let out a gasp when he entered her and he started working his cock in and out of her. I kept hearing her say how big he was and he was only half way there. When she adjusted he would push in another inch or so. Within about 10 min he was almost fully inside her and she was moaning away and pulling at the sheets. Thank god she was drunk and on extacy…she would have had a hard time with him. I watched him put her arms over her head and he said to come hold her down. I jumped up and held her arms as he held her legs apart. I had a great view of his long thick cock moving in and out of her. By this time he was taking long deep stroked in and out of her going out to the tip all the was til his balls were resting on her ass. Now that she was able to take his cock he started to pick up the pace and started to perabet güvenilir mi fuck her, harder and faster with each stroke. Her eyes were rolled back in her head as she slurred “fuck me” and “harder”. I was extremely hot seeing his cock slide in her pussy cause his darker complexion. I moved off the bed and watched from the side as she pulled him on her and begged for him to fuck her hard. He was pounding her at this point and she was uncontrollably screaming cumming over and over again. I was watching her tits bounce all over as I heard his cock slapping into her soaked pussy. Then she begged for his cum, “cum in me” she started saying and a few thrustd later he was unloading in her. I heard a squeal come from her as he came in her. then they collapsed. He pulled out of her and a river started coming out of her pussy. SHe couldn’t move, she layed there dripping and panting. I couldn’t take it I jumped on her and fucked her til I blew a huge load in her. After 15 min or so they went at it again in multiple positions as he tossed her aroung like a fuck toy. I think he fucked and came in her at least 4 times before we left. When we got home I undressed her drunk ass and took her to bed. We had sex 2 more times and crashed. The next morning we were hung over and she said how much fun last night was and I said we needed to do that more often. She climbed on top of me and said she totally agrees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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